How To Make Money Online For Beginners: 50 Ways To Earn Online

how to make money online for beginners 50 ways to earn online

How to make money online for beginners?

Isn’t that what everyone wants to know these days?

Whether you have some experience working on the web or not, the concept of earning a full-time income from home must sound enticing to you.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Being able to make money without leaving the house is the ultimate dream for millions of people.

Is such a goal reachable, though?

Sure it is! You just have to pick an opportunity to earn from home and stick to you for long enough until you make it work.

Today, you’ll discover tons of ways to make money online. We’ll talk about all of the following topics:

  • What are the best ways to make money online?
  • Can you make money online for free?
  • How to make money online without investment?
  • And how to make money online from anywhere in the world?

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How To Make Money Online For Beginners If You Have No Experience

how to make money online for beginners

Someone has to say it, and let it be me:

Chances are, a couple of questions are still bugging you right now.

If I have to guess, you’re wondering if earning online is possible for real.

“But can I really make money online? Furthermore, will I be able to find legitimate ways to make extra money or reliable work-at-home jobs that pay well?”

Let me assure you one more time:

Yes, you can find a suitable and valid source of online income. Moreover, you’ll discover such an online job that might as well replace your current full-time employment.

Make no mistake – starting a job online is not the difficult task you must achieve. On the contrary – putting the time and effort into it is!

Assuming that you’re ready to do that, let the side hustling begin!

How To Make Money Online From Anywhere In The World?

Here is the deal:

It doesn’t matter where you currently live – your geographical location is not a factor in the make money online game.

As long as you have a laptop and a decent Wi-Fi connection, you’re good to go.

Honestly, addressing that question is a bit redundant now that I think about it!

Anyhow, there is no need to dwell on your country of residence anymore.

Instead, how about we focus on things that matter?

For example, what do you expect from your future online venture?

Do you want to earn just a bit of extra cash on the side, like the amount of money you’ll get from clicking on ads?

Or you’re aiming higher?

Actually, there is no need to answer that question yet:

Going through all the ways to earn online will help you make your mind up!

How To Make Money Online For Beginners – 50 Ways To Earn Online

I don’t want to stall you any longer from the reason you’re here on this page.

So, have a look at the best ways to make money from home for beginners:

1) Start A Blogging Business

start a blogging business

Is there anyone surprised that I’m starting this list with blogging?

If you’re, you must be not paying enough attention to what’s happening on the web:

Launching a website is still one of the best online businesses you can dive into.

While having a site will not earn you tons of cash fast, it’s worth considering it as a source of income in the long run.

Once you develop your blog, you can monetize it in so many ways.

For example, you can do affiliate marketing, secure sponsored posts, or display ads to make money blogging.

Some of the most profitable blog niches are health/wellness, beauty, fashion, parenting, gardening, food/drinks, and personal finance.

These days, you can start a blog for little to no money:

Get hosting with BigScoots, choose your domain name, and begin building content!

2) Do Affiliate Marketing

Basically, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular business models you can use to earn online.

It requires recommending products and services to your readers. When a person buys something through your affiliate link, you’ll make a commission.

Nowadays, you can do affiliate marketing with or without a website.

You’ll have to decide which one makes more sense for you on your own.

Mastering the field is not as easy as it may sound at a first glance.

Therefore, I suggest taking advantage of this top-notch marketing training you can begin free of charge.

3) Create A YouTube Channel

Speaking of affiliate marketing – do you know that you can do it on YouTube as well?

Yes, affiliate marketing is one of the models you can use to monetize a YouTube channel.

Of course, you can make money on YouTube in many other ways.

Does the thought of becoming a vlogger intimidate you?

In case it does, maybe you should get over yourself:

By all means, you don’t have to show your face or even use your voice to build a profitable YouTube channel.

Products like Speechelo will create amazing voice-overs for your videos.

4) Start A Podcast

start a podcast to make money online

Podcasting is the newer, hotter cousin of vlogging – let’s put it that way!

With every day that goes by, podcasts are gaining more popularity among the worldwide audience.

Is there any specific topic you love to talk about and discuss for hours?

Great, then why not turn it into the main subject of your podcast?

Believe it or not, podcasting is one of the easiest answers to the question of how to make money online for beginners.

You can learn how to make the best of it from tons of free tutorials on YouTube and Google.

5) Make Money Online For Beginners By Chatting

Since podcasting will require you to chat a lot, why shouldn’t I introduce you to a similar way to earn from home?

I’m talking about the possibility to get paid to chat:

Such an opportunity is great for newbies, doesn’t require previous experience, and won’t take a lot of your time.

More importantly, chatting online may earn you as much as $50 per hour.

How do you feel about that?

Assuming that you enjoy the idea, I think reading about the best chat jobs will be worth a few minutes of your time.

6) Work As An Online Friend

Well, what do you know – here comes one more chance to make money chatting online!

Working as an online pal is a kind of new form of employment from home.

Chances are, you might not even be aware of it yet.

However, if this is the first time you’re reading about it, you’re missing a lot:

Being an online friend is a lucrative side hustle:

Expect to make around $50 per hour just for being friendly from your computer.

Learn how to start working as a virtual friend when you have a minute.

7) Become A Virtual Assistant

Until we’re still on the subject of virtual services, I have to talk to you about the position of the virtual assistant.

With that said, what does a virtual assistant do?

To sum up, VAs are professionals who work for businesses without being physically present at their locations:

You’ll have to provide your services without ever leaving your home.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll work on websites, Social Media, e-commerce, or other finance sectors.

The job is suitable for beginners and pays well – you can earn over $100/hour.

8) Do Voice-Overs

work as a voice over artist

Similar to the VAs, voice-over actors can do the job without meeting their employers in person.

Before you start thinking that this opportunity is not for you, maybe you should stop for a second:

These days, ordinary people are finding voice-over gigs all the time.

You don’t have to be a famous actor or musician to secure such a job as well.

No, you just need to have a nice enough voice that will suit the needs of the company that will hire you. is such a company. Working for it might result in a paycheck of $5,000 for a month of work.

9) Work As A Social Media Manager

Next, we’ll talk about the position of a social media manager as an answer to the question of how to make money online for beginners.

What does a social media manager do?

Well, it goes without saying that such a professional works to develop social media channels for clients.

This job requires taking care of different tasks, all of which aim to increase someone’s presence on social media.

Does the possibility excite you?

OK then, you can learn how to become a social media manager when you decide to do so.

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10) Do Freelance Writing

Chances are, many of you don’t think they can be freelance writers.

You probably believe you need to go through a professional course to become one.

Actually, you can find an online writing job even without previous experience in the field:

Tons of websites are looking to hire both newbies and experienced writers.

By all means, don’t underestimate this possibility:

Some magazines pay up to $1,250 per article!

11) Create Slogans For Companies

Speaking of writing, what do you say about coming up with slogans?

To clarify, a slogan is a specific saying a company uses to build its whole branding on it.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the connection between Nike and Just Do It?

I don’t think so!

With that said, you can earn online by creating professional slogans too.

Take the time to get familiar with how to make money online for beginners while using Slogan Seller.

12) Write And Sell eBooks

Until we’re still covering the writing portion of this list, let’s discuss eBooks.

Nowadays, creating eBooks is easier than ever.

Tools like Sqribble will basically do most of the work for you.

But why should you choose this money-making idea above all the others?

Personally, I think writing eBooks to sell is an excellent way to create a passive income stream.

After all, you’ll work to finish your eBook once, and then it can sell thousands of times!

13) Sell eBooks Without Creating Them

how to make money online for beginners sell eBooks

Yes, I have more to tell you about eBooks, so we’re not moving on just yet.

Right now, you can earn online by selling eBooks without having to write them yourself.

Before you start thinking that this is impossible, I’ll tell you that it isn’t:

Read all about the K Money Mastery, and you’ll see it on your own!

14) Correct Mistakes Online

Now, let me introduce you to the possibility of making money proofreading.

As most of you know, a proofreader is a person who corrects mistakes in written documents.

Choosing to work as one means that you’ll have to polish the grammar, spelling, and punctuation in a text.

The best proofreading jobs pay around $50 per hour.

However, you’ll need professional training to become an in-demand proofreader.

I recommend signing up for Caitlin Pyle’s Free Proofreading Workshop – most high-paid proofreaders these days happen to be her students.

15) Work With Court Documents

Somewhat of a new online job, editing court documents online is gaining tons of popularity now.

Why wouldn’t it be?

You can do it from home, and you’ll earn more than well – about $50,000/year.

May I remind it – that’s a side income.

If you want to learn more about that, spare a minute to read this article.

16) Do Photography Jobs Online

First and foremost, selling high-quality images online is not a brand new job.

People have been earning from it for years.

Are you aware of the fact that you can do that too?

Yes, you can – even if you’re not a professional photographer.

Choose an online photography job and take it from there!

17) Sell Feet Pics Online

While selling all kinds of photography online works, selling foot images specifically sometimes does better.

There is nothing wrong with this job:

These kinds of images are not explicit or illegal content.

Be ready to earn around $2,000 per month if you decide to sell feet pics online.

18) Make And Sell Crafts Online

For those of you that are handy, selling DIY crafts on the web will be the perfect new venture.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what projects you enjoy creating:

By all means, there is a large enough pool of potential customers buying all things DIY.

Don’t postpone giving this opportunity a try:

It may replace your current full-time job if you put enough effort to develop it.

19) Start A Print-On-Demand Business

start a print on demand business

Alright, I’m taking this post about how to make money online for beginners to the next level:

We’ll have a look at the print-on-demand business.

In short, print-on-demand is the type of business where you’ll create designs that go on T-shirts, mugs, pillows, and many other products.

Redbubble and Teespring are two of the most popular platforms where you can list your designs for sale.

And Canva will let you create beautiful designs for free.

20) Get Into Dropshipping – How To Make Money Online For Beginners

Now, let’s talk about dropshipping, shall we?

Basically, dropshipping is a business model that doesn’t require keeping an inventory. Instead, your dropshipping supplier will fulfill every order customers place in your online store.

As you can imagine, dropshipping is one of the most profitable online businesses you can start these days.

Even better, you can do it with no investment at all:

Shopify will let you create an online store free of charge.

Take advantage of its free trial to launch a kick-ass online shop today!

21) Offer Coaching Services

Have you thought about becoming a coach?

If you haven’t, maybe you should give this money-making idea a try:

Helping other businesses to grow is a great way to earn online.

You don’t even have to work with companies if that’s not what you want.

No, you can work as a life, relationships, or health coach if any of these niches is closer to your heart.

22) Create Online Courses

Speaking of coaching, why not take your teaching skills to the next level?

I’m talking about the opportunity to share your expertise with people and wrap it into an online course.

Being an online course creator is quite a lucrative career.

Depending on the size of your audience and a few other factors, the income you can generate from a course might surpass your expectations.

23) Teach English Online

teach English online to kids

Considering the idea of teaching is still fresh in your mind, let’s discuss securing a tutoring job online.

One of the most popular tutoring jobs is teaching English to kids on the web.

In most cases, you’ll be able to do it without a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Check these four companies that hire English teachers online, and I suggest starting with VIPKID.

24) Do Transcription Jobs

To sum up, transcription is a process where you convert an audio or video file into a written document.

It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t require an enormous skill set or previous experience.

Handling transcription is a popular source of income for all ages. Likewise, transcription jobs are the preferred choice of employment for college students.

GoTranscript is one of the oldest companies offering transcription positions. Working for it will bring you at least an extra $1,000 a month.

25) Develop A Mobile App

For starters, I understand that not everyone would be able to develop a mobile app.

After all, that will require the skills of a developer.

Still, if you can do it, don’t hesitate to complete the process:

Developing a mobile application will deliver a brand new source of passive income for you.

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26) Get Into Graphic Design – How To Make Money Online For Beginners

Let’s face it:

Learning basic graphic design skills is easier than ever.

Nowadays, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and Google that will assist you in becoming a professional graphic designer.

Most of the time, graphic designers create logos, flyers, brochures, etc.

None of that seems like something you wouldn’t be able to manage, does it?

Once you polish your skills, do research to decide the pay rate you’ll charge your future customers.

27) Video Editing

Platforms like YouTube attract millions of users every day.

But that’s not what you should care about:

The number of YouTube creators is increasing rapidly as well.

Many of them might need help with editing their content.

That’s where you and your video editing skills will come in!

By the way, most video editors charge as much as $25 per hour.

28) Give Music Lessons Online

how to make money online for beginners give music lessons

YouTube is all about video content. A lot of it happens to be music videos.

So many aspiring singers start uploading their music on the platform, hoping for their big break.

Chances are, some of them will need a person to help them polish their skills.

If you have a talent in the area, consider teaching people on sites like LessonFace or TakeLessons.

29) Listen To Music To Earn Online

Up until now, the conversation was about teaching musical skills to others.

Not everyone can manage that, though.

However, you won’t have a problem making money by listening to music, isn’t that correct?

Slice The Pie will pay you to do exactly that.

While you won’t earn a fortune, you can still make a bit of extra cash on the side.

30) Offer Services On Fiverr

Generally, Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects businesses with workers.

You can create a free account and start offering different kinds of services.

By all means, there isn’t a person who doesn’t have some sort of skill.

Don’t expect to earn thousands of dollars immediately, though:

It might take a while before you receive your first order.

31) Buy And Sell Domain Names

Yes, you can purchase a domain and resell it at a higher price for profit.

This is not a brand new way to earn online, but it’s still popular today.

Keep in mind, though:

You may have to hold on to the domain names you purchase for a while.

Reselling them right after buying will reduce your chance for bigger profits in the long run.

32) Flip Websites

Speaking of domain names, how about we extend the conversation to whole sites?

Buying an existing website and flipping it for a profit is not just a vague possibility.

On the contrary, people who are doing it earn more than well for the effort.

I suggest researching the topic well before you invest any money into flipping sites.

Once you complete that, you can visit Flippa and browse around the available options.

33) Get Into Digital Marketing – How To Make Money Online For Beginners

start digital marketing business

With all this talk about sites and domains, I feel like I have to mention digital marketing as well.

Right now, the digital marketing jobs are some of the highest-paying jobs you can do as part-time or full-time employment.

If you want to become an in-demand digital marketing professional, you’ll need a decent education first.

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint is an excellent course. It’s more than worth giving it a try.

34) Sell Insurance Online

First thing first – you don’t need to have years of experience to successfully sell insurance policies in your spare time.

These days, you can learn how to do that faster than you may think.

Sure, the job is not as exciting as most of you probably would like it to be.

But it will help you earn some decent cash on the side, and that’s what matters, right?

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35) Sell Recipes Online

Selling recipes online will be a suitable side hustle for those of you who love to cook.

Share your passion with other food enthusiasts and earn money while doing so.

You can post your recipes on your Social Media channels to attract customers.

Or you can even publish a recipes eBook and sell it on Amazon for larger exposure.

36) Become An Online Personal Trainer

People around the world care more and more about living a healthier lifestyle.

That’s why online trainers are some of the busiest workers at the moment.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to take a class and receive a certification as a personal trainer.

As you can guess, that will require a bit of investment on your part.

37) Sell Things You Don’t Use Anymore

Everyone has things at home that are just left in the dust.

Why not get rid of them and earn some cash in the process?

Evaluate everything you own and decide which items you’ll be comfortable to part ways with.

Then list them for selling online – there are many sites and platforms that will help you do that.

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38) How To Make Money Online For Beginners – Use Pinterest

how to make money online for beginners use Pinterest

Now, let’s talk about one of the most popular Social Media platforms these days – Pinterest.

Actually, Pinterest is more of a search engine than Social Media.

Thousands of people use the platform to make money easily. You can do so as well without having to start a blog.

See how to make money on Pinterest without a website when you can.

39) Participate In Online Research

Respondent is one of the biggest companies that will pay to take part in research studies.

Believe it or not, such a part-time job pays more than well:

Expect to earn as much as $300 per study.

Here is an article about making money with Respondent.

40) Do Data Entry Jobs

It doesn’t take a genius to handle a data entry job:

Basically, data entry clerks type in data from one source to another.

Such work will bring you around $17 per hour.

I know – it’s not a lot, but it will do for an extra income on the side!

How To Make Money Online For Beginners – 10 Extra Ways

  • Sell Tickets Online: Ticket brokers are not the most popular online workers yet. But I see that changing soon – the income potential of the job is more than lucrative.
  • Website Testing: Testing websites will not make you a millionaire. Still, it’s worth spending a bit of time on it.
  • Do Live Streams On Twitch: The lovers of video games will appreciate this opportunity!
  • Become An Influencer On Instagram: I’m pretty sure you don’t need any explanation why you should give Instagram a try.
  • Take Surveys For Cash: Here, I have to mention that not every survey platform has your best interest at heart. For example, avoid Survey Money Machines at all costs.
  • Create Original Meme Packs: We all love memes, but that’s not the point! No, the idea here is to create a whole pack of them and sell it on Fiverr.
  • Design And Sell Phone Cases: Alright, I know not everyone is good at designing. If you can design phone cases, consider selling them online.
  • Sell 3D Models: Creating and selling SD Models in a great way to earn online. In case you can handle it, don’t hesitate to give it a try.
  • Work As An SEO Consultant: Search Engine Optimization is crucial for ranking content on Google. Managing that will result in tons of money in your bank account.
  • Build A Membership Community: Going in that direction means that you’ll receive monthly recurring fees from the members of your community.

How To Make Money Online For Beginners – My Closing

Make no mistake – there are so many other ways to make money online than the ones you see in this article.

No worries, though:

I’ll keep updating the post with fresh opportunities all the time.

Until I do that, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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