Social Sale Rep Review – Another Scam?

social sale rep review - another scam

Huge fans of Social Media, online pals?  Addicted to likes, shares, comments, etc.?  Nothing wrong with that, but so not the point of my Social Sale Rep review!

Before I lay this whole article in front of your eyes, here is a warm-up question:

As awesome as Social Media may be in its full glory, are you using it to the best of your advantage?

Meaning, are your Social Media accounts making you real money online?

Because if they're not yet, there is a room for improvement where your Social Media skills are being concerned.

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Social Sale Rep - The Basics

Product Name:  Social Sale Rep


Price:  $27

Cash Embrace Says:

You Won't Regret It!

social sale rep review - introduction of the product

In short, Social Sale Rep is an online platform that will teach you how to monetize your Social Media accounts and channels.

If you've never tried to do that before and the thought is over-whelming you, you can sigh with relief:

Basically, this product won't just show you how to make money with Social Media.

On the contrary, it will provide you with all the training and necessary tools you need to succeed.

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Why You Should Use Social Media To Earn Online

Honestly, I believe the better question here is why shouldn't you?

Let's face it, the majority of the world's population has a presence on Social Media, at least to some degree.

I mean, who doesn't have a Facebook nowadays?  OK, I bet some people are keeping their distance from this network.

Then again, if you won't find them there, you probably will on Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

The bottom line is, Social Media is a part of our daily routine and activities, that's just what our life looks like in 2019.

That being said, we can all agree that the days when people were using it just to connect with each other are long gone.

make money on social media

Currently, thousands of experienced marketers are well-aware of the power of Social Media.  Likewise, it's an irreplaceable tool that advances their businesses and allows them to reach billions of users.

As a result, establishing Social Media as a source of sustainable online income is not just an idea, is already a reality.

Now, let's find out how Social Sale Rep fits into the picture, shall we?

What Is Social Sale Rep?

According to the website, this product will "train you to use your social media skills, along with the platform's technology, to get paid to spread the word about some of the fastest-selling products online".

Simply put, the platform acts as the middleman, connecting people who own products (vendors) and those who would like to promote them.

Considering that you'll belong to the latter category, what exactly that mean for you?

Well, it means that the program will give you the chance to earn by promoting products, using the affiliate marketing business model.

Affiliate marketing is a legit and quite popular way to make money online nowadays.  It doesn't require you to create and sell your own products.

The way it works is pretty simple - a company provides you with a unique affiliate link and when people use it to buy a product, you're getting paid an affiliate commission.

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How Does The Product Work?

OK, it's time for my Social Sale Rep review to get some real job done!

So, here is what your working process is going to look like:

Basically, you'll be giving away free eBooks.  Pretty cool, isn't?

Needless to say, tons of companies are using eBooks to further their businesses.  And for a very good reason - they're quite an effective promotional tool.

By the looks of it, you have plenty of categories to choose your eBook from:

social sale rep review - categories to choose an ebook from

Now, this is the blueprint of the steps you'll need to follow:

  1. Sign up to Social Sale Rep as a remote worker
  2. Access your account with your password (you'll have total control over them)
  3. Start your training
  4. Choose a product to promote (more than 100 high-quality products are currently available, you'll find them on the platform's marketplace)
  5. Once you've made your choice, the eBook will get rebranded with your own unique affiliate link
  6. Promote the eBook on your Social Media Accounts
  7. As soon as a person buys the product being promoted with your eBook, you're getting paid a commission

What Does The Training Look Like?

To be honest, don't expect from the training to reveal some super-exclusive secrets about making money promoting on Social Media.

After all, the whole concept of is fairly basic - reach as large audience as possible and earn once a purchase has been made.

That being said, the product uses Viral Multiplier Technology (VMT) and that's a tool worth mentioning.

training of social sale rep

Basically, the VMT contains 2 essential parts - Promotional Tool Re-brander and Social Share Multiplier.

Evident from its name, the Promotional Tool Re-brander is all about re-branding a product, but will also help you to install tracking links.  Plus, it will allow the people from your audience to read the free promotional report.

To help the PTR, here comes the Social Share Multiplier.  

Actually, the way this tool works is pretty smart and it aims to give you a much better chance for affiliate success:

Once a person downloads your link, the SSM will encourage him to share that link with his own contacts.

In other words, if you have a large enough audience, the Social Share Multiplier might as well has an avalanche effect.

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What I Like About The Product

Honestly, this Social Sale Rep review will never be complete unless there is a pros and cons list, right?

So, let's start with the pros:

  • Completely Legit And Real Way To Make Money Online - as I already said, affiliate marketing is a common way to earn online.  Moreover, it doesn't require from you to come up with your own product to sell.
  • Steady And Trust-Worthy Product - Social Sale Rep has been selling for years, its website is regularly supported and updated.
  • There Is A Training Available - it will help you gain the skills required to use Social Media as a source of income.  Meanwhile, Viral Multiplier Technology will push those skills even further.
  • Quality Products To Work With - the products you'll be promoting are a having high-conversion rate and are proven to sell well worldwide.
  • High Commissions - to be exact, the amount of your commissions is 75%.
  • Technical Support - you can get assistance 24/7.
  • Affordable Price - Social Sale Rep costs only $27.
  • 60-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee - in case you're not satisfied with the product, you'll receive your cash back.

What I Don't Like About The Product

Considering there is no such thing as a perfect product, let's have a look at the disadvantages of this one:

  • It Costs Money - unfortunately, you can't have the product for free.  However, given the training and tools you'll be provided with, $27 is more than a reasonable price.
  • You Need A Huge Following On Social Media - this product won't really work for you if your Social Media accounts are almost non-existent.  In order to earn decent affiliate commissions, your offers need to reach as many people as possible. 

Who Will Benefit The Most From This Product?

In my opinion, you should definitely go for this program if you:

  • enjoy tons of love on Social Media
  • have already well-established blog
  • own a big fat email list
get popular on social media

Basically, the bottom line of my Social Sale Rep review is quite simple:

Above all, to make a good amount of money thanks to this product, the one thing you need is access to a large audience.

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Is Social Sale Rep A Scam?

No, Social Sale Rep is not a scam.

On the contrary, it's a completely legit product that will teach you how to make money through your Social Media networks.

thumb up

To be honest, this platform may not be the greatest one that has ever been made.

However, it will allow you to earn well online if you manage to build an impressive following.

My Closing

Well, it looks that there isn't much left to say in this Social Sale Rep review.

But if you would like an alternative way to make money online, I would suggest for you to read my Free Guide.

To sum up, this guide will show you all of the necessary steps you'll need to take in order to start a successful business online.  No matter what your interests are!

Now, do you have any experience with Social Sale Rep that you would like to share?  Or maybe there are questions that are left unanswered?

Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Social Sale Rep Review – Another Scam?”

  1. This was all sounding pretty good until I realized that it relies on selling to family, friends and contacts which is something I hate. I like the idea of promoting a range of free e-books but not through spamming Facebook etc. Think I’ll keep looking although your recommendation does look intriguing. Is membership really free or is that just to get you in the door?

    1. Hey, Mike.
      Actually, Social Sale Rep does not rely only on your family and friends.
      On the contrary, it’s suitable for everyone who has a huge following on Social Media.
      About the price – there is a one-time fee of $27 dollars which is the cost of the product.
      You won’t have to pay for anything else.
      Hope that helps.
      Let me know if you have more questions.

  2. Hi. I never heard of Social Sale Rep, but it sounds like a legit thing. Eventually when I grow my audience on social media I would like to give it a go. Thanks for sharing. All the best.

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