Photography Jobs Online: Scam Or Real Paycheck For Your Photos?

photography jobs online scam

What's up, everyone?  Looking for a decent opportunity to earn some money on the side?  Who doesn't?  Well, if you're good with the camera, selling photos online sounds like a great idea, doesn't?  And that's why we're going to talk about Photography Jobs Online today.

Personally, capturing moments with a camera is not an activity that gets me over-excited.

However, I'll be the first to tell you that this activity has the potential to become a well-paid online job.

So, let's look into one particular website that offers photography jobs and see what we'll find out!

Photography Jobs Online - The Basics


Owner:  Who knows?

Price: 7-day $1 trial, $27 monthly fee once the trial is over

Cash Embrace Says:

Just Don't!

photography jobs online introduction

For starters, this is a website that promises to pay you handsomely in exchange for your photos.  To clarify, you can expect to cash in anywhere between $2K-$13K/month.

Wow, the thought of that much much money certainly makes it hard for you to skip their sales page, doesn't?  Also, the good news doesn't stop here:

Firstly, it looks like PJO is not just a place that will reward you for your photography skills, but a whole step-by-step training program.  Subsequently, even if you don't know how to profit from your camera, the system will teach you everything you're supposed to know.

Secondly, in case you're not happy with the training and you don't make a nice income out of it, you'll receive your money back, no questions asked.

By all means, this product presents itself like an offer no one with a love for photography and some common sense wouldn't wish to miss on, right?

Be that as it may, I'm here to make sure that you're fully aware of what exactly you're getting if you purchase the program.

What Is Photography Jobs Online?

As I already said, this product claims that you're going to make lots of money month after month for simply uploading your photos.

According to their website, there is no limit where expected earnings are being concerned.  Meaning, the more images you send their way on a daily basis, the more cash you'll make.

Also, anyone can take advantage of this offer - it's not necessary for you to be living in the USA.  Because as long as you have access to the Internet, you can earn an income from your work.

In addition, you don't have to create your own website.  Once you submit your photos to PJO, they will be hosted for you.

On top of that, the money-back guarantee is making sure that there is no way for you to lose money while trying out the program.

So far, so good, agree?

photography jobs online from home

However, let's take a look at how Photography Jobs Online does its business before you make a purchasing decision.

How Does The Product Work?

Well, looking at their sales pitch, it shouldn't be hard at all.

Apparently, this is what you'll need to do to start monetizing your photography skills:

how does photography jobs online work

Here, it's worth to mention that you don't have to be a professional photographer.  No experience is required in order to use the product.

To clarify, you have almost total freedom when choosing a category.  Health and fitness, landscape, abstract, digital arts, pets, travel... the possibilities are countless.

Next, the sales page will tell you that you can choose your own working schedule and set your own hours in any way you see fit.

Lastly, PJO will gladly inform you that more than 8 million people are already taking advantage of their services.

And all that should be enough to make your mind up, right?

Actually, you may want to read what I was able to find out before you put your credit card to use!

How Does The Product Really Work?

Now, expect at least a couple of surprises here and none of them are going to be pleasant!

Unfortunately, to make money with Photography Jobs Online, you'll have to go through a bit more than just "submit a photo and get paid".

You see, the program presents itself as the middleman between you and all of these fine "high-paying corporations":

companies paying for photos

Honestly, that statement is not completely wrong.  Because PJO really will connect you with all of them.

However, what the sales page conveniently failed to mention is that all of the product's links leading you to those websites are affiliate links.  Meaning, Photography Jobs Online will make a commission for every single photo you manage to sell to the shown above websites.

Believe it or not, that's just a tiny piece of the puzzle and not the whole reason why I have a problem with this product:

Firstly, it turns out that you won't make money as soon as you submit your photo - that's what the sales page promised you, remember?  I reality, once you connect with your chosen photobank you'll have to wait until you sell enough images to be allowed to receive your earnings.  And that will most likely take months.

Secondly, the highly advertised "step-by-step training" that you're supposed to receive is anything but worthy is my opinion.  Once you log into the members' area, you'll find out that your training is actually access to a few outdated e-books.

Basically, you can learn much more about online photography jobs from Google and YouTube than from these book's content.

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What I Like About Photography Jobs Online

Generally, this part of my review is going be a very short one...

I mean, there isn't much that I can say if the product I'm writing about is of such poor quality, right?

So, let's see...Except for the money-back guarantee, I can't think of anything else, can you?

Actually, the fact that you have so many of the photo banks gathered at one place for your convenience is worth to mention.

Then again, is that enough to make you purchase the product and pay a membership fee month after month?

I don't think so!

What I Don't Like About Photography Jobs Online

Now, here I have much more to say:

1) Misleading sales page - the way the product's presentation is crafted is completely wrong.  You see, the company wants you to believe that all you have to do is upload a photo and you'll get paid instantly.  However, you already know that this can't be further from the truth!

2) The main reason behind the program's existence is to earn from you - Photography Jobs Online is over-loaded with affiliate links.  Basically, they will earn from each of the photo banks they're sending you to.

3) You don't really need the product - you can connect and sell your image to all of the photo banks on your own.

4) Outdated training - if you can even call it that...  Ultimately, you can find much better and up-to-date guidance on how to sell your photos on YouTube or Google.  In reality, any source of information on the matter will do better than the product's e-book.

5) Quite expensive - forget about the $1 trial you'll have access to for 7 days.  Because afterward, you'll have to pay $27 each month in order to keep using the product.  What for exactly?

6) Untrustworthy testimonials - a simple Google Image search will tell you that the photos of people supposedly giving testimonials are just randomly selected, free to use images.

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Is Photography Jobs Online A Scam?

To be honest, I can't really call it a scam considering you're getting something in exchange for your money.

That being said, what you're getting is a very low-quality product that won't do you any good.

thumb down

Also, I need to acknowledge the fact that Photography Jobs Online is a clone product.

I mean, if the sales pages of Gold Opinions and Writing Jobs Online look familiar to you, that's not a coincidence - all of these programs share the same owner.  And no one knows who that person really is!

Now, if photography is your biggest passion for real, you can learn all about the different types of high-quality photography jobs at

My Closing

Well, this is it for today.  It looks like there is nothing left to say about Photography Jobs Online.

Because you already know that this product won't improve your online income, not at all!

If you would like to share your opinion about it, you can do so in the comments section below.

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