45 Ways To Get Paid To Workout: Best Fitness Apps & Side Gigs

best ways to get paid to workout 45 fitness apps and side gigs to make money exercising

Are there ways to combine the opportunity to make money with the chance to get paid to workout? It turns out there are:

Nowadays, you can improve the condition of your bank account while working to stay vibrant and healthy. Now, how can you do that?

The answer is simple – you can start using websites and apps that will pay you to exercise. Many companies that pay you to workout will make your physical activities worthwhile.

Whether you have a traditional nine-to-five job or work from home, staying active through the day has many health benefits. No matter how busy you are, you should find the time to take care of your body and mind through a workout.

Do you have fitness goals you want to meet? Furthermore, do you plan to take a certain number of steps daily?

Assuming you do, using apps that will give you rewards for working out is a great way to stay motivated. These apps will let you earn for different activities, such as walking, running, biking, swimming, lifting weights, etc.

In this article, I’ll show you the best apps to get paid to work out. In addition, I’ll introduce you to other ways to make money exercising.

This post contains affiliate links – read my affiliate disclaimer for more info.

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Best Apps That Pay You To Workout

Can you think of something better than getting in shape while earning extra money? Many fitness apps will allow you to earn an extra income for taking care of your health.

Making money for physical activity might be the extra motivation to start a healthy lifestyle. Here are the most popular legit apps that will boost your bank account for working out:

1) Healthy Wage

healthy wage

No other fitness app can motivate you to lose weight like HealthyWage will:

HealthyWage is a free app that will pay you to achieve your personal weight loss goals by betting on your abilities. In other words, you can use the app to invest your own money as a bet on your weight loss journey.

Once you create a HealthyWage account, use the app’s calculator to see how much extra cash you can win if you hit your weight loss goals within the set time frame. Members can pick a time frame of 6-18 months and must bet on losing at least 10% of their body fat.

Don’t sign up for HealthyWage if you can’t commit to achieving your personal goals – the app asks all its users to verify at the start and finish by uploading videos on the official website.

At the time of writing, many HealthyWage bets can bring you thousands of dollars, and the app runs $10,000 team challenges. As you can guess, the more weight you lose in a short time, the more money you can win. Feel free to bet any amount of money between $100-$995 monthly.

2) Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is one of the most popular apps to get paid to workout. It’s a cryptocurrency-based platform that will reward your physical activities with Sweatcoins.

Using Sweatcoin is easy – the app will start measuring your steps once you install it (Sweatcoin works on iOS and Android devices).

According to Sweatcoin, every 1,000 outdoor steps you take will bring you 0.95 Sweatcoins. You can exchange your Sweatcoins for Amazon gift cards, workout classes, and donations to a charity of your choice.

Above all, Sweatcoin is a great option if you want a free app that will increase your physical activity and get you some cool rewards for the effort.

3) StepBet

Similarly to HealthyWage, StepBet will let you win money by betting on yourself. Most bets will cost you around $40.

StepBet users must bet money to participate in a fitness challenge with other players. Assuming you meet your goals, you’ll split the pot with the other winners. That means you’ll get the money you bet back and receive additional profit.

Expect to earn $5-$20 each time you win a StepBet game. While $20 is not much money, getting it is free cash.

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4) DietBet

If you want an excellent app to get paid to workout, look no further than DietBet.

DietBet is an app that will pay you cash rewards for achieving your weight loss goals. Bet between $20-$50, lose the weight, get your cash back, and receive money from people who didn’t achieve their goals.

All winners split the pot of cash. Additionally, DietBet will let you join monthly sweepstakes to earn extra money for your fitness routine.

5) Evidation (Formerly Achievement App)

Evidation is a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. The application will pay you for physical activities like walking and exercising.

Expect to earn $10 for every 10,000 steps you take. Users receive their earnings via PayPal or direct deposit.

Anyone using Evidation has additional options to make money, including taking surveys and earning cash while sleeping.

6) Charity Miles

charity miles is one of the best apps to get paid to workout

Charity Miles won’t allow you to get paid to workout. Instead, the earnings the app will generate for your activities will go to dozens of charities.

In other words, working out while using the Charity Miles app will not benefit you but charity organizations that aim to help others. Walk a mile, and $0.25 will go to a charity of your choice.

Some of the charities the app supports are Feeding America, Wounded Worriers, Autism Speaks, and Stand Up To Cancer.

7) MyWalgreens (Formerly Walgreens Balance Rewards)

MyWalgreens rewards its users with points (Balance Rewards Points) for different activities, such as walking, exercising, and even shopping online. People purchasing products through the app (online or in-store) earn cashback (1%-10%) each time they shop.

Feel free to use your rewards to pay for products or services like doctor appointments, gym memberships, and counseling sessions.

Besides, MyWalgreens will allow you to participate in challenges to hit lifestyle and health goals.

8) HealthyWager

At the time of writing, HealthyWager is probably the most lucrative app you can download to get paid to workout. That app will allow you to earn up to $10,000 if you take part in a team challenge bet.

Of course, you can also win min through an individual weight loss bet. Either way, prepare to receive financial incentives once you commit to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

By all means, being able to make that much money is an excellent way to keep your motivation.

9) LifeCoin

What do your fitness goals look like? Do they include staying fit through walking and jogging?

Assuming many of you prefer these physical activities to others, Life Coin is a mobile app that will reward you for doing them.

LifeCoin is a free app that tracks your steps and offers points (LifeCoins) you can exchange to buy products and services from brands like Apple and Amazon.

10) Rover

Rover combines the opportunity to make money working out with getting paid to look after pets. Once you sign up with Rover, the app will connect you with pet owners looking for sitters in your area.

There are many advantages to using an app that will pay you to walk like Rover. For instance, pet sitters choose their hours according to their schedules and pay rates.

Currently, Rover is available in over ten countries and has more than 10 million users.

11) CashWalk


Unfortunately, CashWalk will not reward your workout sessions with cash prizes. Instead, the app will offer you free gift cards for walking daily:

What number of steps do you have to hit each day to receive CashWalk rewards? The answer is 10,000 – that many steps will bring you a gift card of $5-$10 every month.

Additional ways to earn via the CashWalk app are downloading apps and taking surveys.

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12) Lympo

Are you familiar with Lympo? Chances are, many of you are not, considering Lympo is a new paid-workout app that pays its users with digital money.

Lympo is a partner with many brands and businesses in the digital, health, and fitness industry. Some of these businesses set fitness challenges for users who want to earn more coins for staying healthy and fit.

Most Lympo reviews online are positive – it seems like many people using the app have great experiences.

13) PK Rewards

The creative way in which PK Rewards allows you to get paid to workout is impressive:

You must connect the PK Rewards App to an Apple Watch (or supported Bluetooth trackers) before you begin your exercise sessions. Once you do that, the app will monitor your physical activities and track your health progress.

Swimming, surfing, golfing, skating, and spinning are some of the activities that will earn you PK Rewards coins. Convert your coins into gift cards and products from companies like Nike and Starbucks.

14) WinWalk

WinWalk is a free app that operates as a pedometer, step tracker, and health application. That app offers coins for physical activities ( you get one coin for every hundred steps you take).

Coins can become gift cards once you are ready to redeem them. Other ways to earn coins are taking surveys, downloading mobile apps, and watching ads.

While the Winwalk app doesn’t offer hard cash, using it tracks your overall health.

15) Pact (Formerly GymPact)

Pact works similarly to most apps to get paid to workout:

People can download the application, set weight loss goals, and bet on reaching them. If they achieve their goals, they get paid.

Of course, winning the bet will return your investment and earn you extra cash. The app is free to download.

16) Earth Miles

best ways to get paid to workout use the earth miles app

Earth Miles is a rewards program you can join to earn points for walking, running, biking, or swimming. Users can redeem their points for exclusive offers and products at lower prices.

More often than not, the products you can purchase with your Earth Miles points are nutrition, wellness, fitness products, and supplements.

Overall, Earth Miles is a great health app that provides extra motivation to eat healthily and lead an active lifestyle.

17) Runtopia

As the name suggests, Runtopia is a get paid to run app. To be more specific, the app is a step counter and running tracker.

Everyone using Runtopia should pay attention to the smart tracker that provides essential information about your heart rate and calories.

Assuming at least one of you is an extreme fitness enthusiast, download Runtopia and connect with millions of members to motivate each other.

18) Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards is one of the best apps to get paid to workout. You can use the app to make money by completing surveys and earning passive income each time you achieve a step goal.

Anyone using Carrot Rewards receives points for meeting their daily step goals. Users can earn bonus points if they achieve their daily step goals for consecutive days.

While the app won’t make you rich, using it offers a fun way to earn an extra income for exercising.

19) FitPotato

At the time of writing, FitPotato is one of the most popular fitness apps available for download. FitPotato works similarly to the rest of the companies that pay you to workout above:

Users bet on challenges they have to complete by the end of the week. If they succeed, they get their betting amount back plus additional profits. In case you’re the only winner, you’ll receive the grand prize of the challenge.

I have to mention that FitPotato contains a fitness tracker that will register the daily steps you take while walking, running, or working out.

20) PaidWorkout

PaidWorkout has established itself as one of the leading workout apps for health enthusiasts.

Anyone using the app can earn cash prizes from $50 to $1 million. I know that might be hard to believe, but PaidWorkout is willing to pay that much money to its members.

Bike riding, running, walking, and weight lifting are activities you must do to make money exercising with PaidWorkout.

21) Strava


Strava is the one app to get if you want to take your workout activities to the next level:

At the time of writing, Strava offers many challenges to fitness enthusiasts, including April 10K and the Paris Marathon.

People who download the app should use its pace calculator to calculate the finish time of running challenges based on their pace.

22) MapMyFitness

If you have a group of friends who love exercising as much as you do, don’t hesitate to get the MapMyFitness app.

MapMyFitness is an excellent app you can use to achieve your fitness goals. It will help you create workout routines and training plans.

Most people using the app rely on it to map out their runs, new exercise routes, and hikes.

23) Gig Economy Apps

The gig economy is becoming more popular each year. Using gig economy apps will allow you to earn extra money by completing small tasks (gigs) for other people.

Such apps will pay you to walk around the city, go on a bike ride, spend time behind the wheel, and do other activities that will keep your body moving.

Nowadays, popular gig economy apps include the following companies:

  • DoorDash: Dashers (DoorDash drivers) earn money by delivering food via a bike, scooter, car, or on foot. Learn all about becoming a DoorDash driver when you have a minute.
  • Instacart: That app will pay you to shop for other people in your spare time.
  • Shipt: Similar to Instacart, Shipt will provide you with a job that requires going to grocery stores.
  • Uber Eats: Another popular app that pays for food delivery is Uber Eats.
  • TaskRabbit: Working with TaskRabbit entails completing jobs like painting someone’s house or helping people move to a new home. See more about the company in my TaskRabbit review.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Workout Online

24) Oppizi

Oppizi is an online platform you can join to earn by distributing flyers to people in your town. At the time of writing, Oppizi pays $23 per hour in the USA.

I should mention that Oppizi is available in over ten countries. Using this great app comes with many perks, such as choosing your schedule and deciding how many hours you want to work.

Each Oppizi shift (a mission) goes for three hours. Expect to earn over $50 during a shift. Also, increase your Oppizi earnings by becoming a Brand Ambassador for the company.

25) Step Younger App

Step Younger is a health app that uses a pedometer to track your steps. Millions of people use the app to monitor their physical activities and track water intake, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Unfortunately, Step Younger pays its users only via free Amazon gift cards. These cards can have a value of up to $100.

Find the app on Google Play (iOS users can get it from the App Store).

26) Higi

higi is one of the companies that pay you to workout

Higi is one of the lesser-known exercise apps you can use each time you grab your fitness gear.

Whether you’re working out in fitness studios or at home, the app will track your activity and prompt you to achieve your weekly goals.

It’s a good thing that Higi operates locally as well – you can search for a Higi Station in your area.

27) FitForBucks

FitForBucks is next on my list of fitness apps you can download to get paid to workout. That app will allow you to earn points you can redeem for gift cards, rewards, and merchandise from popular brands.

Using a free fitness app like FitForBucks has many advantages – the app will help you stay healthy, track your food intake, and monitor your weight loss progress.

As I already mentioned, Fit For Bucks is a free application – there is no need to use your credit card to download the app.

28) YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. What does this tell you? Let me spill it out for you:

Starting a YouTube channel that will accommodate your fitness instruction videos and workout routines is a profitable way to make money online. Experts who can showcase their skills in yoga, Pilates, and weightlifting should consider the opportunity.

Once your YouTube channel attracts a large audience, think about monetizing its content. You can do that by displaying ads, promoting fitness programs, and even selling your workout plans as digital products.

29) Instagram

First and foremost, you can’t get paid to workout directly from Instagram – that’s not how the platform works. However, Instagram offers many monetary options for people who want to help others reach their fitness goals:

How do you feel about becoming a fitness or wellness Instagram influencer? Hopefully, you like the idea, considering such a career path can make you wealthy:

Many health and wellness brands are willing to pay influencers to promote their health and wellness products. Since Instagram accepts image and video content, you must put in lots of hard work to build up a large following before you monetize a social media account on Instagram.

30) Mystery Shopping Apps

Have you ever used a mystery shopping app? If you haven’t, you’re missing an easy way to boost your monthly income:

Mystery shopping apps will pay you for doing tasks in your city. For example, you might have to visit a local store, check a product’s price, or inspect an apartment building.

Popular apps you can use as a mystery shopper are Field Agent and Premise.

Best Offline Ways To Get Paid To Exercise

31) Offer Tours As A Guide

work as a tour guide to get paid to exercise

One of the best ways to get paid to exercise is by becoming a tour guide and offering tours in your hometown. If you live in a city with thriving tourism, providing tours will be an excellent way to make extra money.

Such a side hustle can earn you a couple of hundreds of dollars per tour – your earnings depend on the number of people who will sign up for the activity.

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32) Become A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can become a lucrative work-at-home job if you put in some thought and effort. Personal trainers help other people lead a healthy lifestyle and lose as much weight as they want.

Generally speaking, the best part about being a personal trainer is the opportunity to work from home or the gym. Don’t hesitate to become a personal trainer to earn more than a little extra money.

33) Referee Athletic Events

We all know that constantly moving your body has many health benefits, especially for your mental health. Why not get paid to do it by keeping busy as a referee?

Basketball, football, soccer, and hockey events need referees – that could be you!

34) Create A Fitness Boot Camp

Most people don’t like the idea of joining boot camps since such places won’t go easy on them. Nevertheless, individuals ready to reduce their body weight and get into the best shape of their lives will participate in a boot camp.

If you want to earn well, consider creating a fitness boot – you can charge up to hundreds of dollars per person.

35) Join The Military

Speaking of boot camps, no other place will put pressure on your muscles like the military. Joining the military will help you improve your physical condition and assist you with getting into perfect shape.

Of course, becoming a part of the military comes with a paycheck too!

36) Offer Landscape Services

offer landscaping services

Another way to get paid to workout is by getting a landscape job. Do you think providing landscaping services doesn’t entail enough movement?

You’re wrong – landscaping involves hours of hard work that will eliminate the need to make any other training plans.

37) Get A Job At A Warehouse

Can you manage hours of lifting and hauling? Assuming you can do that, consider working at a warehouse.

While most warehouses don’t pay that much money, working at one will bring you extra income while you improve your upper body strength.

38) Offer Snowboarding Or Skiing Lessons

Are you good at winter sports? Furthermore, do you live in immediate proximity to a ski resort?

If you do, giving skiing or snowboarding lessons will be an easy way to get paid to work out.

39) Babysitting

Do you enjoy watching over kids? How do you feel about getting a babysitting gig?

Those with experience in taking care of children know the amount of movement and exercise the job requires. Visit Care.com to find a suitable babysitting gig near you.

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Alternative Ways To Get Paid To Workout From Home

  • Become a sports coach
  • Work at summer sports camps
  • Teach yoga classes to individuals or groups of people
  • Build an online health club
  • Explore new exercise routes by leading by leading hikes or other outdoor activities

Best Ways To Get Paid To Workout FAQs

Can I Get Paid To Workout?

Anyone can get paid to work out by using apps or doing side gigs. While using apps that will pay you to exercise will allow you to earn passively, doing side jobs requires work and effort.

What App Pays You To Run?

Best Apps That Will Pay You To Run:

  • Charity Miles
  • AARP Rewards
  • Earth Miles
  • Runtopia
  • FitPotato
  • PaidToGo

Can I Make Money In The Fitness Industry?

Many ways exist to make money in the fitness industry. For example, you can create workout plans, fitness routines, and other fitness products to sell to a worldwide audience.

Is Online Fitness Coaching Profitable?

Online fitness coaching can become a profitable business if you find a lucrative niche, market it, and use professional tools and technology to scale your venture.

Can You Make 6 Figures As A Personal Trainer?

Making six figures as a personal trainer is possible. However, reaching such an income requires hard work, dedication, and an in-depth business plan.

My Closing

So far, we have talked about the best and most lucrative apps to get paid to workout. Still, an article such as the one above is never done:

I’ll add more entries to the list in the future.

I would like to hear from you until that happens:

What questions do you have about today’s topic? Which app that pays you to exercise is your favorite and why?

Take a moment to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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