Make Money On Amazon: 23 Best Methods Proven To Work

make money on amazon top strategies that work

Do you want to learn how to make money on Amazon?

Sure you do:

According to the statistics, Amazon makes nearly $640 million in revenue each day.

It’s hard to close your eyes and ignore such numbers.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to grab their fair share from profits of millions of dollars?

Beware, though:

Due to tons of formidable competition, earning lots of money on Amazon is not as easy as you might think initially.

Today, I’ll show you the best ways to earn on Amazon, and you’ll discover plenty of valuable information:

  • What are the most profitable ways to earn on Amazon?
  • Can you really make money on Amazon FBA?
  • Should you try to make money with Amazon Affiliate?
  • How to make money on Amazon without selling?

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Ways To Make Money On Amazon

1) Sell Your Own Branded (Private Label) Products On Amazon

sell your own private label products on amazon

In my opinion, selling your own Private Label products is the best way to earn on Amazon nowadays.

Using the Amazon Brand Registry Program allows anyone to rebrand, create, and establish a new product on the platform.

Currently, the majority of Amazon Sellers (nearly 70%) build their businesses by utilizing the power of private labeling.

To clarify, the Private Label business model requires working with an existing item. You’ll choose an item, make some improvements, rebrand it with your business logo, and offer it to the buyers as your own.

Long story short, we’re talking about getting into the business of brand creation.

How To Start Selling Your Branded Products On Amazon

Before you decide that selling Private Label products on Amazon is going to be your new business, you should get familiar with the working process such business requires.

Firstly, you need to have a brand name with an active trademark. Registering the trademark is a must.

Secondly, you have to live in the USA, UK, or Australia (visit the Brand Registry Page of Amazon to see which other countries have approval for this business model).

Lastly, you should prepare a list of categories to which your products will belong.

Once you do that, it’s time to do in-depth research. Carefully examine the number of sales a product like yours will get on Amazon. Then decide on a platform that will manufacture your product (Alibaba comes to mind).

Next, you’re ready to begin selling your product.

Uploading stunning product images and writing effective descriptions will help you get ahead of the competition you’ll face on the platform.

2) Sell Wholesale Goods On Amazon

Quite frankly, becoming a wholesale seller is probably the most popular way to make money on Amazon.

Basically, doing a wholesale business will put you in a position where you have to buy products in bulk quantities.

Due to the large quantities, you’ll be able to get the products at a huge discount.

At a first glance, getting products with enormous discounts promises a lucrative profit margin. However, that might not be the case:

These days, most wholesale sellers tend to offer products at the lowest prices possible in an attempt to beat the competition. If you decide to do the same, that will negatively affect your business revenue.

Storing your products in Amazon’s warehouse might give you a better chance for success.

Let’s not forget that doing wholesale business requires a large upfront investment since you have to pay for the product you’ll sell later.

3) How To Make Money On Amazon FBA (Sell Through Fulfillment By Amazon)

ways to make money on amazon sell through fulfillment by amazon

Since we’re on the subject of storing products in Amazon’s warehouse, we should continue the conversation by covering Amazon FBA.

By all means, starting an Amazon FBA business is one of the top ways to make money online for beginners.

After all, this business model will free you from tons of working operations. Allow me to explain:

Getting into the Amazon FBA business means that you’ll store your products in an Amazon Warehouse that will package and deliver the products once an order comes in.

Assuming that your listings get the Prime Badge, your products will reach the buyers way faster.

Can You Really Make Money On Amazon FBA?

Yes, you can earn more than well if you choose Amazon FBA as a business to build and develop.

At its core, Amazon FBA is a service that will let you use the platform’s resources to the fullest as a seller.

With that said, working with Amazon FBA will come at a certain cost for you.

For example, you’ll have to take care of the fulfillment fees.

Also, you’ll need to pay monthly storage fees if your products don’t manage to sell.

4) Flip Products With Retail Arbitrage

Don’t let the term arbitrage confuse you:

Flipping products with retail arbitrage for profit is a simple process.

Doing retail arbitrage requires finding products you like, buying them at a discount, and reselling them for a higher price.

In my opinion, developing a retail arbitrage business is worth the effort.

However, thousands of people are working in that field, so the competition will be fierce.

Still, retail arbitrage is possible without a large upfront investment.

5) Online Arbitrage

do online arbitrage

As you can probably guess, online arbitrage works similarly to the retail one.

The key difference between the two is that with online arbitrage you’ll be buying the products you plan to resell online instead of in person.

And that’s what makes online arbitrage a preferable option for a business:

Who wants to waste time visiting retail stores when they can find the items they need from the comfort of their home?

I suggest searching for products on eBay. More often than not, eBay will let you discover cheaper items you can resell for more money on Amazon.

6) Make Money On Amazon With Dropshipping

Quite frankly, doing dropshipping on Amazon is one of the best and easiest ways to earn on the platform.

Dropshipping is a business model where you’ll sell products without keeping them in inventory. When an order comes in, a manufacturer or wholesaler will ship the product on your behalf.

Long story short, we’re talking about an online business where a third party will handle most of the work for you.

However, there is a downside of doing dropshipping on Amazon too:

Your suppliers will cut a huge piece of your profit margin, so you have to keep that in mind.

If you want to do dropshipping with your own online store and not on Amazon, I recommend Shopify as a platform to build and host an online shop. Shopify has a 14-day free trial, so you can test it without paying anything upfront.

7) Sell Old Items On Amazon

Another option to make money on Amazon you might not think about right now is selling old items you no longer need.

Believe it or not, old belongings are some of the products that tend to sell more than well on Amazon.

While you can always create things to sell, offering items you already have is also a valid business idea.

Keep in mind, though, that such a business will not succeed if you’re not big on transparency:

Accurately describing the current condition of the old items you list for sale is crucial to avoid complaints and returns.

8) Use Amazon Handmade To Sell Online

how to make money on amazon use amazon handmade to sell online

Are you a creative person who constantly amazes the people around you with things you create from almost nothing?

In case you’re, Amazon Handmade will be the perfect fit for your abilities.

These days, there is a large market for handmade goods. Thousands of people don’t mind paying more for products that are unique in their nature.

Depending on the cost of the materials you use and the time you spend creating handmade items, set prices that will make your effort worth a while.

Getting your handmade goods on Amazon will showcase your products to a massive audience of potential buyers.

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9) Sell Print-On-Demand Product Through Merch By Amazon

To sum up, Merch By Amazon is a print-on-demand service that is available only to Amazon sellers.

Relying on this service will allow you to place your unique designs on plenty of different products for sale.

For example, you can upload stunning designs on T-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, and any other type of product you like.

Starting such a business is relatively easy. But you should be aware that Merch By Amazon is one of the most competitive fields right now.

Consider building a following on Social Media and creating truly unique designs to stay ahead of your competitors.

10) Sell On Amazon Ignite

Yes, selling educational materials is also an option for those who want to make money on Amazon.

Currently, teachers and educational professionals have the chance to monetize their knowledge by using Amazon Ignite.

Long story short, Amazon Ignite allows teachers to make money by selling lesson plans, course printables, and other educational content.

Not everyone will be able to take advantage of this opportunity, though:

Unfortunately, Amazon Ignite is a platform that operates through the principle of invitation only.

However, getting an invitation is not as difficult as you may think.

I have to mention that Amazon will charge you a $0.30 fee for every teaching material that costs less than $3.

11) Publish Your Own Books On Kindle Direct Publishing

use kindle direct publishing

Unsurprisingly, Kindle Direct Publishing is an opportunity thousand, maybe even millions of people take advantage of daily.

Why wouldn’t they? Who would say no to the chance of becoming a published author?

Well, Kindle Publishing will allow you to do that.

With that said, the desire to be a writer is not enough to succeed in the field – you need to develop your writing skills on a professional level as well.

Right now, KDP will let you publish an eBook version of your fiction or non-fiction too.

The more books you publish, the more opportunities for sales you’ll have.

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12) Make Money With Amazon Affiliates

Without a doubt, one of the most popular ways to make money on Amazon is by joining its affiliate program – Amazon Associates.

Doing affiliate marketing has plenty of advantages, such as the fact that no product creation is necessary.

If you have an online audience already, you should begin promoting the products you like and believe will add value to the life of your readers.

Generally, the commissions Amazon offers to marketers are between 4-10%.

While that’s not a lot, it will quickly add up if your offers and promotions reach a massive audience of engaged readers.

Before you start working as an affiliate marketer, make sure that you understand the business model and how to make the best of it. This training is free and will help you build an affiliate marketing business online.

13) Launch An Amazon Niche Blog

By all means, doing affiliate marketing is possible without starting a blog via platforms like 12 Minute Affiliate, for example.

Be that as it may, owning a website is always the better option if you plan to earn your living as an affiliate marketer.

Subsequently, building a site where you’ll publish product reviews and how-to guides that cover Amazon items is a great way to earn on the platform.

And affiliate marketing is not the only way to monetize an Amazon niche site. No, you can also display ads, secure sponsored posts, offer services, etc.

Nowadays, you can start a blog in less than ten minutes and with an upfront cost of a couple of dollars for a reliable hosting provider.

14) Apply For Amazon Launchpad

top ways to make money on amazon apply for amazon launchpad

Do you consider the products you’re selling more than innovative? Does your brand stand proud and tall on the shoulders of a fascinating story?

In case you can answer positively to both of these questions, I believe you’re ready to apply for Amazon Launchpad.

Sure, no one can guarantee you’ll manage to get into the program, but it’s worth the try:

Amazon Launchpad will give you access to more selling features and the assistance of a manager who will help you develop your business.

Seeing your brand on the Amazon Launchpad Homepage won’t hurt either.

15) Make Money On Amazon With Mechanical Turk

Quite frankly, joining Mechanical Turk will not replace your full-time job since its earning potential is on the modest side.

Those of you who need a bit of extra cash should see what this crowdsourcing marketplace has to offer:

Expect to earn money by completing small tasks and odd jobs, such as taking surveys, offering feedback, participating in research, data entry, etc.

MTurk has its advantages, but there are way better paying online activities you can do these days.

16) Join The Amazon Influencer Program

Are there any Social Media influencers reading this article right now?

Maybe you’re not one yet, but becoming an influencer is how you want to earn your living?

Great, then joining the Amazon Influencer Program is a natural step to reaching your goal.

The process of getting into this program might take longer than you expect:

Amazon wants to manually verify some aspects of your stand on Social Media before you get approval.

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

17) Deliver Goods For Amazon Via Amazon Flex

deliver goods for amazon

Alright, I think it’s time to show you a way to earn with Amazon that won’t be happening online – working as a delivery.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Amazon has its own delivery service by now – Amazon Flex.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you can become a delivery driver for Amazon and earn your income that way.

Using the Amazon Flex program will allow you to make between $18-$25 per hour.

Such a job will allow you to work as an independent contractor. And we all know that being one comes with tons of perks.

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18) Work From Home As An Amazon Rep

Another work-at-home job you can make possible with Amazon is the position of a rep.

According to statistics, Amazon employs over 1,600,000 people.

Some of them work full-time while others work part-time jobs.

The number of employees Amazon needs is even higher during the holiday season due to the increase in the number of incoming orders.

Long story short, the odds are in your favor if you want to get a job as an Amazon rep at some point in time.

19) Offer Services Through Amazon Services

Well, what do you know – Amazon now has a developing interest in the gig and side hustle industry on top of everything else!

Are you familiar with Amazon Services?

In case you’re not, I’ll tell you that Amazon Services exists to assist entrepreneurs with offering different types of services online.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what kind of skill set you have:

Signing up for Amazon Services will help you monetize them.

20) Get A Seasonal Job With Amazon CamperForce

get a seasonal job at amazon camperforce

To sum up, Amazon CamperForce is a job opportunity for RV Drivers.

Taking advantage of that opportunity means that you’ll be able to drive around the country, complete a job in an Amazon Warehouse, get your money, and take off to the next RV vacation location.

Workers for CamperForce choose their hours and assignments.

More often than not, their responsibilities are packing, picking, and receiving.

21) Work In Amazon Distribution Or Fulfillment Centers

Next on my list of Amazon jobs you can do that don’t require selling is a position in one of the many Amazon distribution or fulfillment centers.

Such a job doesn’t involve driving or delivering goods to an address.

No, it’s more about packing, storing, and shipping items for Amazon and third-party sellers.

22) Use Amazon’s Trade-In Program

To be honest, the trade-in program I’ll tell you about doesn’t exactly provide a way to make money on Amazon.

However, it will allow you to earn Amazon Credit by trading things and items you no longer need.

Old devices will suddenly become valuable once you exchange them for Amazon Gift Cards.

Expect to receive around 30% of the original price of the item you’re willing to trade.

23) Do Freelance Work For Sellers On Amazon

Let’s think together for a second and try to imagine the working load of Amazon Sellers, shall we?

I think we can agree that these are quite busy people. Likewise, many of them will need help with managing different aspects of their businesses.

What if you’re the one to get paid for providing such help?

From virtual assistance to photography services, the ways to make money helping Amazon Seller are literally countless.

Consider creating a free account on Fiverr and finding clients willing to pay well for the valuable help you’ll provide to their business.

Make Money On Amazon – My Closing

By all means, these are probably not the only ways to earn on Amazon.

The platform is constantly evolving, and so do the work opportunities it provides.

I’ll update this article with more relevant information as soon as such appears.

Until then, I’ll give the word to you:

Do you have any questions on this topic?

And what are your favorite ways to make money on Amazon?

Let me know!

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