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My name is Boryana Stefanova. Currently, I’m a full-time blogger, freelance writer, and marketer.

But it wasn’t always like that:

Why Does Cash Embrace Exist?

Well, the reason why I started this blog is nothing out of the ordinary:

I was looking for ways to earn my living from home, just like millions of other people nowadays.

Working 40 hours a week (or 80, in my case) was not good enough – even more when your daily job doesn’t challenge you in any way other than the physical one.

Who wants to spend their life doing that?

After wasting weeks looking for sustainable sources of online income, I decided that I’ll create one of my own:

I launched Cash Embrace in 2018 to share my newly-founded knowledge of the best ways to make money online if you’re a beginner.

Does any of that ring close to home?

If it does, you’re in the same boat I was not that long ago.

Assuming you don’t want to stay there, let’s talk about making money, shall we?

About Cash Embrace

As the name suggests, this blog aims to help you discover suitable ways to improve your financial situation by increasing your monthly cash flow.

Here are a couple of money-making ideas you can use to earn money without leaving your home:

Do you have any questions?

You’re always welcome to contact me at boryana@cashembrace.com.

For those impatient to begin, here is a link to My Homepage – it’s where the best money-making options are.

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