30 Online Chat Jobs You Can Do From Home (Hiring Now)

online chat jobs: 30 remote chat agent jobs to make money from home

No worries, the online chat jobs we’ll discuss today will not make you stay on the phone. You won’t be wrong to think of the best remote chat jobs as non-phone jobs because that’s what they are.

As you probably already know, the number of people working from home increases constantly. An online job has many perks, such as spending more time with loved ones, the luxury of wearing comfy clothes, and flexible working hours.

If you have good communication skills and enjoy helping people, paid online chat jobs might be your true career calling. An online chatting job pays around $19 an hour, but you can make as much as $30.

Today, I’ll introduce you to online work-from-home chat jobs you can get, even if you have no previous experience.

Are you ready to start working as a chat support agent? Assuming you are, let the conversation about chat support jobs no phone begin!

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What Does An Online Chat Agent Do?

online chat support job description what does an online chat agent do

Shall we cover the basics, so you would know what to expect from a remote chat job?

Generally speaking, an online chat agent is a person who provides customer support without using the phone. Online chat operators assist clients by participating in text (chat or email) discussions.

Many people mistake work-from-home chat support jobs with virtual assistance positions.

Virtual assistants have many responsibilities, such as customer support services like fulfilling orders or answering emails. Chat online jobs from home require primarily providing customer assistance.

While most operators prefer online chat-only jobs, some workers don’t mind being phone-based customer service agents. So, if you enjoy talking more than typing, phone chat jobs are probably better for you.

Work From Home No Experience Chat Agent Requirements

As mentioned earlier, chat-at-home jobs are perfect for beginners. However, there are certain requirements you should know about before you start looking for jobs in online chat support.

These requirements are:

  • Professional spelling, grammar, and punctuation communication skills: All chat jobs working from home require an excellent writing knowledge of the English language. Considering you’ll be texting people for a living, you can’t afford typos and misspellings that will confuse the clients.
  • Multitasking abilities: Don’t expect to get at-home chat jobs if you can’t handle multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • Computer and Internet connection: Online customer service chat jobs are not location-dependent occupations. Even though you’ll work from home, you’ll still need at least a laptop and access to the internet. If you choose to do phone online chat jobs, you must have a telephone and headset.

Depending on the online chat support job you choose, you might also need to have enough knowledge of the business you’re working for and the platform where that business operates.

Newbie chat agents should research online chat companies that offer training and don’t require previous experience.

Are Remote Chat Positions The Right Job For You?

Do you think you’ll enjoy doing online chat jobs from home? Is getting an online chatter job the best work opportunity for you?

Here are a couple of pointers that will help you answer these questions:

  • Which area do you prefer – customer service to sales?
  • Are you a parent looking for flexible working hours?
  • Can you imagine earning a living by chatting with people who need assistance?
  • Does the idea of wearing comfy clothes all the time bring a smile to your face?
  • Will you appreciate a non-phone job?

If you’re silently nodding in agreement to all these questions, you’re already an online chat agent at heart.

Now that we cleared that out, it’s time to discuss companies offering live chat customer service jobs:

The Best Places To Find Online Chat Jobs And Get Paid To Chat: Chat Jobs Hiring Now

Enough about the general job description of an online chat agent – let’s talk about potential employers instead.

Basically, each company you’re about to see is on this list for a reason.

I aim to provide the most respected and well-known places looking to hire chat agents.

Since I can’t control when they open and close positions, you may stumble upon a company not hiring now.

In that case, I suggest you come back to this list later and keep checking for new work-from-home chat support openings.

1) Arise

arise offers one of the best online chat jobs

As the first entry on my list of online chat jobs, Arise offers one of the top work from home chat jobs you can find online.

Arise is looking to hire online chat agents that will satisfy the needs of the company’s clients. Your responsibilities will be handling troubleshooting for customers and providing them with real-time support.

Many companies rely on Arise to hire live chat agents – the platform is known for offering support to Fortune 500 companies.

While Arise will connect you with these companies, you’ll still work as an independent contractor. So, joining Arise means you’ll be able to get independent contractor chat jobs.

Such jobs offer the opportunity to pick your working hours and enjoy a flexible schedule.

It’s worth mentioning that Arise offers support for its new agents.  Take advantage of it via an online video in case you need it.

2) The Chat Shop

Unfortunately, not everyone can get a chat online job with The Chat Shop:

The company only hires native English-speaking live chat agents that reside in Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

Other factors to consider before you apply for The Chat Shop jobs are your skills – the platform wants chat operators with excellent grammar and typing skills.

Hopefully, you’re an accomplished multitasker considering The Chat Shop expects you to work up to 40 hours a week.

Chat agents who start working for The Chat Shop must have access to dual monitors and an external keyboard.

3) Amazon

These days, Amazon hires independent contractors to work as Customer Service Associates. Anyone who gets the job will earn $15 an hour, plus benefits.

Working as a Customer Service Associate for Amazon will take between 20-30 hours a week from your time. However, Amazon would prefer if you could commit 60 hours a week to the job.

Before you join Amazon, you should know Customer Service Associates help clients in many ways, such as chat, email, and phone.

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4) Apple (Apple At Home Advisors)

In my opinion, Apple provides one of the best online chat jobs you can get nowadays:

If you become one of the Apple At Home Advisors, you’ll receive a great pay rate and plenty of perks. Some of these perks are product discounts, paid time off, and reimbursement of your internet costs.

Being a member of the Apple At Home Advisors team means you’ll have to answer questions customers have and offer online chat support.

There is no need to pay for an iMac and headset – Apple will provide them for you. Having experience with the company’s products is preferable but not mandatory.

Apple offers part-time and full-time work at home chat jobs. You’ll get training that will help you with the technical aspect of the job.

5) Concentrix

the concentrix company

Previously known as Convergys, Concentrix will offer you a full-time chat job and benefits. But you can get a part-time chat support job with the company too.

Expect to work a maximum of 40 hours a week. Concentrix will pay you every two weeks.

One of the best things about the company is that it provides online and in-person training (both of them are free). Once you complete the training, Concentrix will evaluate whether you’re ready to work with customers.

Since Concentrix is partnering with many companies, specific clients will probably have different requirements for the chat agents.

Generally speaking, you’ll take care of the technical support and customer service.

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6) Accolade Support

Next on my list of companies offering paid online chat jobs is Accolade Support. Accolade Support is hiring chat agents to work as independent contractors.

That means there is no health insurance, 401(k) plan, paid time off, or any other job benefits. On the plus side, Accolade Support will allow you to choose your working hours.

Here are some of the requirements to get work from home chat jobs with Accolade Support:

  • Satisfying tech support skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • An American accent

Also, you’ll need access to a PC (not Mac), an Internet connection, and a telephone with a headset.

7) OutPLEX Work From Home Jobs

Quite frankly, the job you’ll have to do for OutPLEX is a bit different:

Working here means you’ll recommend a product’s features to customers and deal with consultant sales.

In other words, OutPLEX online chat jobs entail resolving client issues via text, email, live chat, and sometimes phone.

At this time, OutPLEX accepts job applications from USA residents only.

Other requirements the company has are:

  • A computer that is hardwired to the internet
  • Windows operating system (you can’t work for OutPLEX on an Apple computer)
  • GED or high school education
  • Excellent grammar and communication skills
  • Outstanding typing skills: you’ll need to be able to type up to 50 words a minute with no errors

8) Best Buy

Currently, Best Buy hires customer support and client service agents to answer questions and troubleshoot issues. You’ll have to deal with clients via chat, social media platforms, Best Buy forums, and sometimes phone.

Although having an experience with chat support online jobs is recommended, Best Buy might hire you even without it.

Best Buy’s chat agents earn around $12 an hour.

In case Best Buy is your choice of a company to work with, they might ask you to be available at night and even on weekends.

9) Asurion

top chat support companies to find online chat support jobs no experience asurion

Primarily known as a phone insurance company, Asurion now offers work-from-home chat and email support jobs. Chat agents must answer technical questions and help clients to process claims.

With that said, have a look at what you need to secure a job with Asurion:

  • A high school diploma
  • Desire to work on holidays, evenings, and weekends
  • Willingness to go through a background check or drug test
  • At least six months of experience in customer service

Yes, Asurion takes the job very seriously, and so should you.

The company will provide you with all the necessary equipment an online chat agent needs.

10) Uber

Right now, Uber hires people worldwide to work as Community Support Representatives. Workers must have great communication skills considering they will support riders and drivers via email, chat, and phone.

Your chances of getting a job as an Uber chat agent will increase if you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, English, Communications, or Business.

Don’t look for online chat jobs in Uber – the company offers full-time office positions, not customer service chat jobs from home.

Another factor to consider before you apply for a job with Uber is that you’ll have to work at night and on weekends since that’s the busiest time for Uber.

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11) LiveWorld

Basically, LiveWorld will be a great fit for people who enjoy working with Social Media. In many ways, LiveWorld chat agents operate as social media managers:

Once you start working for LiveWorld, you’ll have to engage with user content on social media and respond to social media posts clients upload.

Chat agents must be fluent in at least two languages (the language you provide support in and English).

LiveWorld offers both part-time and full-time chat operator positions. Sometimes, you might have to work on holidays and weekends.

To clarify, LiveWorld provides work from home chat jobs no phone – workers should prepare to do lots of writing.

12) ModSquad

ModSquad is known for its online chat jobs from home international approach – the company hires social media moderators worldwide.

As a ModSquad chat agent, your job is to provide customer service support and engage with clients on social media.

There are many advantages of working for ModSquad, such as the opportunity to pick your projects and set your working hours.

The company pays per chat – expect to earn up to $15 an hour.

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13) Sutherland Global

sutherland global

Sutherland Global represents plenty of brands always looking to hire online customer service agents.

On the downside, you’ll have to use the phone from time to time.

But on the upside, that will rarely happen since most jobs require writing emails and participating in a chat.

You can get both part-time and full-time online chat support jobs from home with Sutherland Global.

14) TeleTech

Similarly to Sutherland Global, TeleTech will require you to use the phone while you do chat based work from home jobs.

So, get your own headset because TeleTech has quite a lot to offer.

For example, you’ll list the hours you’re available to work for the company during the application process.

Once you make the cut, TeleTech will find you a project that will work for your schedule.

If you have a high school diploma and you want to work at least 20 hours a week, TeleTech is worth the look.

15) Source Solve

Previously Televated, Source Solve is hiring chat support work from home operators. Chat agents working for the company will have to complete different tasks.

Source Solve will pay you to provide customer service support online.

Your responsibilities as a chat agent for the company will include managing orders, dealing with clients, and answering questions.

You’ll communicate with customers via chat and email.

16) SiteStaff

Heads up – SiteStaff will ask you to manage a couple of conversations at the same time.

In addition, the company would like to see that you can type up to 75 words per minute without any errors.

It goes without saying that your grammar and spelling skills have to be excellent.

SiteStaff’s primary line of work is providing boutique chat services to businesses.

As one of their chat agents, you’ll take care of servicing the needs of each customer.

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17) Needle

needle offers remote chat agent jobs

Needle offers one of the best live chat operator jobs from home, in my opinion:

Chat agents can earn rewards and products from the brands they work for.

All available positions are about chat services, so you don’t have to worry about using the phone.

Choose your hours, and you’ll get paid depending on how long you chat with customers.

18) Square

Formerly known as Weebly, Square is a platform looking to hire people for different positions.

One of those positions is the job of an online chat agent.

Surprisingly enough, you can find a variety of job openings on the official site.

Square is hiring USA-based people and remote workers as well.

You can work as an intern or on a full-time basis.

19) LivePerson

LivePerson will offer you one of those online chat jobs that require your undivided attention.

How does managing portfolios of enterprise customers sound to you?

If it sounds good, prepare to join forces with the customer’s team while working.

Don’t take this job lightly – LivePerson won’t tolerate workers who don’t bother to become experts in the live chat jobs field– you have to try this one!

Show a Bachelor’s degree and at least seven years of account managing experience to get a job at LivePerson.

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20) Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands will be the perfect fit for those who prefer virtual chat assistant jobs to traditional online chat support jobs from home.

Working as a virtual assistant for Fancy Hands will allow you to pick your hours.

Feel free to see Fancy Hands as a platform that will pay you to complete virtual assistance microtasks.

The number of your earnings will depend on different factors, such as your level of experience, how difficult the tasks are, how fast you’ll complete them, etc.

21) Paperless Pipeline

paperless pipeline

OK, Paperless Pipeline doesn’t offer online chat jobs all the time.

Be that as it may, it won’t hurt to keep an eye on the company.

Occasionally, you can find work at home chat support position on Paperless Pipeline:

Expect to assist the company’s customers while they’re trying to send digital documents to other businesses.

Sometimes, clients will need you to help them complete a specific task, so you’ll have to answer all their questions.

22) Support.com

My list of paid online chat jobs isn’t over yet – more platforms hiring now are coming your way.

One of those platforms is Support.com.

Here, we’re talking about a company that focuses on providing tech support services to clients via chat and phone.

If you have good tech skills, don’t hesitate to join Support.com.

By doing so, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits:

  • paid time off
  • health insurance
  • training (also paid)
  • tuition reimbursement
  • access to a content library to improve your skills

Nowadays, more and more data is moving to the cloud. So, there is a chance for you to join the Support cloud team.

23) Operator

For those who don’t know, Operator is an app where shoppers connect with an operator.

That agent does research and provides shopping recommendations.

In case you want this operator position, your job will be guiding online shoppers.

Also, you’ll be able to share your own experience with the product.

Since Operator is an app that aims to increase online sales, you can also earn commissions for the sales you’ll make.

24) Sedgwick

Sedgwick works with clients from nearly 70 countries, so that’s the company to check if you live outside the USA.

With that said, Sedgwick deals with compensation and insurance claims.

That’s what you’ll deal with as well if you become a chat agent for the company.

25) Freshworks

freshworks offer high-paying online chat jobs

Are you familiar with Freshworks?

Hopefully, you are – the company is hiring Customer Success Managers to work with Software As A Service.

As one, you’ll work to support the whole suite of Freshworks solutions.

Unfortunately, Freshworks doesn’t provide remote chat jobs.

But if you live in San Mateo, California, I suggest giving Freshworks a try.

26) Site5 Internet Chat Jobs

One more online chat job that requires experience is the position you’ll secure if you start working for Site5.

To clarify, you must know a lot about web hosting to join the company.

As expected, you’ll help clients with any technical issues they have.

This job is strictly about providing support by chat or email – no phone!

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Online Chat Jobs Websites You Can Join To Find More Clients

So far, we’ve talked about specific places offering remote online jobs.

But these places are not the only ones to help you find an online chat agent job.

If you don’t mind increasing your client base on your own, you should take the time to search through freelance job sites.

I have the biggest and most popular ones below:


Freelancer is an online platform that acts as a bridge between clients and freelancers.

Generally speaking, clients are looking to hire people to complete all sorts of tasks.

The process of getting on Freelancer is straightforward:

  1. Create a profile (and get your gift of 15 euros)
  2. List your skills and experience
  3. Find a job you would like to do
  4. Place a bid for this job

Once your bid is accepted, you’ll complete the task and receive your payment.

After you complete a few jobs, increase your rates and place more bids.

Now, you need to pay a small fee to be able to access job offerings on Freelancer.

$0.99 per month is how much it will cost you to be allowed to place 15 bids and list 30 skills.

Upgrading your membership will give you access to more features and the possibility to place more bids.


online chat jobs websites to join to find more clients fiverr

Arguably the most popular on this list of online chat jobs, I doubt Fiverr needs any introduction.

Still, let me cover it quickly in case some of you are not familiar with the site:

Fiverr is a large online platform where you can sell any skill for money.

No matter what service you would like to provide or a job you want to do, Fiverr is the place to visit.

There is nothing complicated about getting yourself on the site:

Just sign up, create your profile, and list the chat agent services you’re offering (or any other).

You’ll start connecting with potential clients, discuss prices, and receive your earnings – you can price your services from $5 to $995.


Upwork works similarly to Fiverr and Freelancer – visit the site, create your profile, and search for online chat jobs.

The platform will try to help you find a job as much as possible:

Expect to see emails in your inbox when new jobs appear.

While you’re on Upwork, pitch your services to the client offering a job you would like to get.

I have to mention that creating a profile on this platform is free.

However, Upwork will charge you a commission once you begin making money.

See for yourself how much your earnings will get a reduction:

  • 20% of the first $500 you received from a client
  • 10% of lifelong billings with a client ($500-$10,000)
  • 5% on lifetime billings beyond $10,000

On top of all that, you’ll pay $0,15 each time you make a connection with a potential customer.

Yeah, maybe Upwork is not the best place to search for remote chat jobs!

Other Online Jobs You Might Want To Avoid:

Presto Experts

And the last entry on my list of online chat support jobs sites goes to Presto Experts.

This online platform and Fiverr have a lot in common.

To start using Presto Experts, sign up, set up your profile, and list the chat services you’re providing.

Maybe you would like to list other services while you’re on the platform?

Feel free to do so – you can offer tutoring, transcription, business, technology, and many other services.

You’ll get your earnings once your client pays Presto Experts first.

Best Online Chat Jobs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do The Online Chat Support Jobs Pay Well?

Depending on the company you’ll work with, and the hours you’ll put in, your earnings as a chat operator may vary.

Also, you have to factor in other financial aspects when working as a chat agent.

For instance, you’ll save lots of cash you would otherwise spend if you work an office-based job.

How Much Can You Earn As An Online Chat Agent?

On average, online chat agents earn between $8-$15 an hour.

While chat work from home jobs don’t offer the most lucrative pay rate, doing these jobs will help you make extra money.

Although many chat support companies offer full-time positions, you can choose to do the job as a side hustle.

Do All Remote Chat Jobs Provide Benefits?

Many companies that offer chat support jobs provide benefits.

Whether you’ll receive benefits depends on the company you choose as an employer.

Do You Need A College Degree To Work As An Online Chat Agent?

Some clients and chat support companies will ask to see a Bachelor’s degree.

But that applies mainly to chat jobs that will ask you to go above and beyond while providing tech services.

With that said, most of the entries on this list are jobs hiring people without a college degree.

Can I Find An Online Chat Job If I Don’t Live In The USA?

Yes, you can find chat jobs from home if you don’t live in the USA.

Plenty of companies hiring chat agents work with clients from different countries.

To make sure that you’ll be able to work no matter where you live always read the company’s policy.

My Closing

What do you have to say about this list of online chat jobs?

Do you love the idea of working as a chat operator from home?

Are you planning to join any of the chat support job companies you see above?

Let me know in the comments section – I would love to read your opinion on the topic.

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