20 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk: Make Money Walking!

get paid to walk 20 free apps that pay you to walk

Clean up your phone, the apps that pay you to walk require a bit of space!

And before you get all mobile-protective on me, I should probably get this one out as fast as possible:

Making money for simply walking is real.

Not only you can earn some actual cash for an activity that you're doing every day anyway.

But you'll be able to grab rewards and other awesome perks as well.

Assuming that these facts managed to pick your interest, here is an overview of what to expect from this article:

Today, I'll introduce you to the best apps that pay you to walk and I'll show you how they work.

You'll learn what each of the apps that pay you to exercise is able to deliver so you can decide which ones to go for.

Is that enough of an introduction?  Shall I get to the point already?

Alrighty then!

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Top Apps That Pay You To Walk 

First thing first, let's make something clear from the start:

Is the app that pays you to walk real?  It's a big fat yes on that.

Will this app bring you total financial independence and allow you to quit your current full-time job?

That's a no.

In other words, don't expect to earn a fortune while using any of those apps or even all of them at the same time.

While they'll certainly make you some nice extra cash, that's all you can expect from them money-wise.

I mean, you didn't really think that getting paid to walk will become the ultimate way to earn a living, did you?

With that being said, it's time for my list of the best apps that pay you to walk!

free apps that pay you to walk

1) Sweatcoin

If you're even just a bit familiar with the walking money-making apps, then you understand why I'm starting with Sweatcoin:

Currently, this app occupies the N.1 spot of a fitness app in so many countries (according to App Store and Google Play).

To be honest, I think the way the app works is quite interesting:

Every 2,000 steps you take can be converted into the app's own cryptocurrency - the sweatcoin.

There are 2 types of memberships - free and upgraded.

The free one will allow you to earn 5 sweatcoins a day for every 5,000 steps you take.

Even better, the upgraded one will let you score 10 sweatcoins per day as soon as you've completed 10,000 steps.

Plus, you'll see 5 sweatcoins added to your account for every person you refer to the app.

Don't worry if you don't know a thing about cryptocurrencies:

Your sweatcoins can be exchanged for rewards (fitness products, Apple watches, music downloads, gift cards, etc.) and cash:

Once you have 20,000 sweatcoins, you'll see $1,000 delivered in your PayPal account.

While it will take you some time to hit this goal, I believe the amount of cash you'll earn is worth the effort to stay fit and healthy, do you agree?

2) Lifecoin

A similar name, not so similar functionality though:

Yes, just like Sweatcoin, Lifecoin will pay you with its own currency every time you take a walk or you hit the ground running - the lifecoin.

However, the lifecoins can't be exchanged for cash - you'll be able to redeem them for free e-gifts cards, sporting goods, or electronics.

If that's OK with you, then Lifecoin is a wonderful choice of an app that will pay you to walk.

Keep in mind, to make Lifecoin work, you'll have to do your walking or running outside because the app uses your phone's GPS system to track your steps.

This app is available for both Apple and Android.

3) Lympo

apps that pay you to walk the lympo app

Placing Lympo third on the list of apps that pay you to walk is probably not fair:

Lympo will do wonders if the lack of motivation is something you know too well.

And will achieve that by transforming each move you make as a stepping stone to nail a challenge.

So, if you manage to complete your daily or weekly challenge, you'll earn LYM Tokens (the app's own cryptocurrency).

These tokens can be used for different purchases (Amazon gift cards, electronics, clothes, and even shoes) on the Lympo marketplace.

It's worth to mention that Lympo can be used together with apps such as iHealth and Google Fit - this will allow you to have a fuller view of your activity indoors and outdoors.

4) Walgreens Balance Rewards

Do you enjoy shopping at Walgreens?

If you do, then the Walgreens Balance Rewards program will be particularly useful to you.

To clarify, it will give you Balance Rewards points every time you walk and you can redeem them at Walgreens.com ($1 for 1,000 points).

Here is what you need to do to start using WBR:

  1. Create an account on the official Walgreens Balance Rewards website.
  2. Sign up into the app.
  3. Link a fitness tracker (there are plenty of choices to go with).

20 Balance Rewards points will be yours for every mile you walk.

There is a limit on how many points you can get per month (1,000).

5) StepBet

In case betting is in your blood, then you should look carefully into the next of the apps that pay you to walk - StepBet.

What makes StepBet exciting is that it will push you to set fitness goals and then to bet on yourself.

More interesting facts about this app:

  1. StepBet will assist you when setting your goals by establishing your current fitness level.
  2. Meet your goals and you earn money, fail to reach them and you'll lose some!
  3. You'll have to reach your goals every week (for a 6-week period) or you'll lose money.
  4. Basically, the app will suggest you bet $40 on your goals and yourself.

Correct me if I'm wrong, by isn't the thought of losing cash one of the biggest motivators ever?

The app can be easily linked to plenty of fitness trackers.

6) FitPotato

the fitpotato mobile application

Generally, that's the coolest name of an app I've ever heard, don't you think?

Especially considering using it means that you'll be allowed to challenge fellow FitPotato members to a weekly walking or exercise sessions.

Anyway, if you want to get paid from FitPotato, you'll need to try harder and win the challenge you're participating in.

When the challenge is done, the winners actually share the prize money.

FitPotato will suit you just fine if the way you enjoy to exercise is walking on your own, walking with your dog, or running.

So far, the app is available to IOS users only.

7) Higi

Quite frankly, Higi is so much more than just one of the apps that pay you to walk.

Simply because this app cares about your health on an entirely new level:

The company has done an amazing job placing health tracking stations all over the USA - they'll measure your blood pressure, weight, body fat, etc.

As soon as you complete a combination of a health check and exercise, Higi will reward you.

You can take part in challenges on a weekly and monthly basis.

Plus, you'll earn points if you walk up to a mile every day.

Now, Higi won't give you cash when you're exchanging your points, but it will get you rewards instead.

However, these rewards include deals on gear most of the time - and the deals require you to purchase something quite often.

Chances are, you might want to keep this in mind before you download Higi!

8) Charity Miles

Alright, here is what you need to know about Charity Miles:

  1. This app counts not only your outdoor activity but the indoors as well (treadmill, anyone?).
  2. It uses the GPS system and the motion sensors on your mobile to track your daily exercises.
  3. Charity Miles won't work if you forget about it and leave it to run in the background - you'll have to physically open the app.

Most importantly, the app won't pay you to walk, but it will pay a charity you would like to support - more than 40 options to choose from.

What better way to do something good for others while you're doing something good for your health?

9) MapMyFitness

apps that pay you to walk mapmyfitness app

In my opinion, Under Armour has done a terrific job with MapMyFitness:

Believe it or not, this app will get really close to your fitness routine, counting your pace, calories burned, heart rate, etc.

Taking advantage of MapMyFitness will let you participate in different challenges and compete in contests that offer cool prizes.

There is no opportunity to earn cash here.

Still, the prizes are totally worthy of their own!

10) PK Rewards

You're looking at a simple idea with PK Rewards:

Connect the app to a fitness tracker, let it track your exercises, and receive your awards.

The awards will come in the form of coins.

Needless to say, once you have enough coins, you'll be able to redeem them.

Don't expect cash - get excited about prizes from some really cool brands!

11) Winwalk

If you can't see yourself taking 1,000 steps each day for some reason, no worries:

There are apps that will reward you even for 100 steps!

Such as Winwalk - a totally free pedometer that will track your steps and reward you with points.

Every 100 steps you take will deliver you coins and you can use them to receive free e-gift cards.

Another thing you should know about Winwalk is that there is a limit:

No more than 10,000 steps where earnings are being concerned.

12) Runtopia

OK, the next in line of the coolest apps that pay you to walk is Runtopia.

Heads up, Runtopia is not your average mobile application that will reward you for exercising.

No, this app will push you as hard as possible to improve your fitness routine.

And will do that by helping you set goals for walking and running.

By the way, you'll have the opportunity to be audio coached while using Runtopia, isn't that great?

The app also comes with built-in programs to help you warm-up, stretch, lose weight, etc.

Now, completing daily tasks and taking part in the Runtopia's community is what you'll have to do to earn Sports Coins.  They can be redeemed for coupons, products, free memberships, and PayPal cash.

13) Earth Miles

the earth miles app

In my opinion, there is a very smart idea behind the way Earth Miles operates:

By all means, the harder you work, the better you earn.

Isn't that how the universe is supposed to work?

So, exercising more with Earth Miles will get you more out of it.

For instance, 1 km walking = 1 Earthmile, 1 km of cycling = 3 Earthmiles, and 1 km of running = 5 Earthmiles.

As soon as you earn enough Earthmiles, you can exchange them for rewards.

New ones are being added every single week - you'll be pleasantly surprised when you grab pretty good deals on health products, supplements, and services.

14) Fit For Bucks

Clean, neat, and working really well - that's what Fit For Bucks is all about!

Obviously, this app will let you earn for everything that keeps you moving - walking, running, hiking, etc.

When you've taken enough steps, you'll be ready to redeem them for different awards.

Some of those awards will take the form of massages, smoothies, cups of coffee, and other similar perks.

Alternative Apps That Pay You To Walk

By all means, there are mobile applications that will reward you for slightly different activities than walking.

Considering you'll still have to use your legs, I thought there is a place for them on this list:

15) Gigwalk

Well, I think it's time to expand the research beyond the apps that pay you to walk.

Meaning, we're going to discuss mobile applications that will reward you for other activities that require you to keep moving.

Starting with Gigwalk:

That app will let you earn if you're up for completing a variety of tasks (gigs).

Some of them will be visits to local restaurants, running errands for small businesses, taking pictures, and even mystery shopping.

According to the official website, your gigs can earn you anywhere between $3 to $100/task and you'll receive that cash via PayPal.

16) Wag!

Any dog lovers here?

Great, because Wag will pay you to walk dogs every time their owners are unavailable to do that.

Here is what you need to do to start earning with this app:

  1. Sign up to become a Wag walker.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Once you're approved, check regularly your Wag feed so you won't miss any jobs.

On average, you'll make $12 (possibly more) for a 30-minute walk.

17) Rover

the rover company

Still on the topic of dog walking jobs...

Basically, Rover is a company that will help you find such a job.

It pays well (around $20 for a short walk) and it's a great way to boost your income without spending too much of your time.

Rover is probably the most popular company that offers dog walking jobs and it has great reviews online.

You can become a dog walker by signing up on the official website or downloading the app.

18) Healthy Wage

Quite frankly, Healthy Wage happens to be my favorite from the apps that pay you to walk.

Simply because this app is about so much more than just walking!

If you're not familiar with it, you're probably wondering what's the deal with it, yeah?

Well, here it is:

Healthy Wage will offer you financial rewards if you put in the effort and stay really fit.

The way it works is you set a weight loss goal and bet on yourself that you'll kill that goal no matter what.

And as long as you keep reaching your goals, you'll keep getting paid.

Just so you know, the biggest prize you can go for is $10,000!

And you'll be allowed to take part in up to 10 challenges at the same time.

Check how much you can earn with the Healthy Wage Prize Calculator.

19) Postmates 

To be honest, this app will require from you a bit more than just walking.

It's about receiving orders and delivering food with your bicycle, car, or on foot.

Hey, as long as it keeps you moving and paying for that, it's all good, right?
If you have some free time during lunch or dinner time, you shouldn't think twice about it:

Sign up for Postmates, deliver the meals, and grab your extra income!

Need More Than Extra Income? Read My Free Guide To Starting A Business Online

20) Doordash

Kind of similar to Postmates, Doordash is also a food delivery app that will pay you for bringing meals to people who have ordered takeaway.

Just visit the official website and sign up to become a "dasher".

There is an approval process.

Once you're in, you'll have the freedom to set up your working hours and decide how you'll get the job done:

By bicycle, car, and your own feet!

My Closing On The Apps That Pay You To Walk

What can I say, other than I truly hope my list of apps that pay you to walk will be quite useful to you?

Personally, I think all of these 20 options offer great possibilities to earn cash while walking.

Now, it's up to you to decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

Why choose just one, though?
Maybe you can try at least a couple?

Let me know and share your experience in the comments section below!

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