50 Best Weekend Jobs To Earn Extra Money In 2024

50 best weekend jobs to earn extra money and boost your income

Why should you look into the best weekend jobs nowadays? There are many reasons to get a weekend job:

What if the income you receive from your nine-to-five occupation is not enough to handle the cost of life? We all know how expensive life is getting with every day that goes by.

Finding a weekend job is a suitable way to make extra money for people from all walks of life. No matter what you do for a living, you can always sneak in a side gig to do each Sunday.

The gig economy is huge right now. Likewise, many weekend jobs are available for individuals with a different set of skills and levels of education.

Retail, real estate, hospitality industry, and travel are popular to find a well-paying weekend job. Of course, other markets will welcome you on the weekends, too.

Today, I’ll show you many weekend jobs that offer lucrative pay rates and flexible schedules. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Best Weekend Jobs To Make Extra Money

1) Freelance Writer

freelance writing is one of the best weekend jobs nowadays

Freelance writing is one of the most profitable part-time jobs you can do at night or on the weekends. Many professional freelance writers earn six figures a year.

Getting a high-paying writing gig will not be an issue if you develop the necessary skills to produce high-quality content. While writing can bring you a full-time income, reaching that level in the field requires effort and education.

My Freelance Paycheck is an affordable writing course that will show you how to start making at least $3,000 monthly as a freelance writer (read the full Freelance Paycheck review when you have a minute).

Once you’re ready to get paid to write, you’ll be ready to book freelance writing jobs. Over a hundred websites hire freelance writers. Additionally, online magazines will pay you to write (you can earn over $1,000 per article).

See how to become a professional freelance writer without any experience in the field.

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2) Proofreader

Proofreading is a job that requires correcting mistakes in texts. Proofreaders find and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in written documents.

You don’t need a degree to become a become a proofreader. However, you must develop the necessary skills to book high-paying proofreading jobs:

Proofread Anywhere is a free introductory workshop by Caitlin Pyle. Her workshop will help you decide if proofreading is the right fit for you.

On average, a proofreading job pays around $50 an hour. Give this option a try if you don’t mind correcting mistakes at the end of the week.

3) Online Tutor

Don’t worry – you don’t have to teach English online if you don’t want to. Instead, you can tutor many other subjects, such as math or science.

Remote tutoring is the perfect weekend job for people who enjoy teaching a subject to others. You can do the work from the comfort of your living room while drinking your third cup of coffee.

Where do you find potential clients for your tutoring services? Feel free to look for clients on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, you can find your next tutoring job on any of these websites:

4) Offer Transcription Services

Transcribers convert video or audio files into text. Does transcription sound like a side gig you’ll enjoy doing in your free time?

Transcribing files might not be the most exciting way to earn extra income. Be that as it may, converting files into text is a part-time work with many advantages.

For instance, transcription is a great opportunity to make money from home. You’ll work as an independent contractor for small businesses and other companies.

GoTranscript is one of the best transcription platforms you can join. It offers transcription and editing positions you can book while taking the training the platform provides (read the full GoTranscript review to learn more about the company).

5) Offer Services On Fiverr

Fiverr is a global marketplace you can join for free. Becoming a Fiverr seller is an excellent way to make money online:

People offer different services on Fiverr. Doing the same will be the perfect fit for anyone who wants to earn extra money for weekend work.

Services you can offer as a Fiverr seller are:

6) Take Online Surveys

take online surveys

Taking surveys for money is one of the best weekend jobs for millions of people. Why shouldn’t it be:

An online survey will allow you to earn cash in less time. It takes around 15 minutes to complete a survey that will pay you between $1-$10.

Many survey sites will help you make extra money on the weekends, such as:

7) Virtual Assistant

If you want a weekend job with a flexible schedule, virtual assistance is the type of work you should look into. But what does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants perform different tasks from a remote location. Your responsibilities as a VA will largely depend on the needs of the business that hires you.

Typically, virtual assistants schedule appointments, make phone calls, and answer emails. Experienced VAs earn up to $100 an hour.

See how to become a virtual assistant and work as an independent contractor from home.

8) Complete Short Tasks

There is no doubt that completing short tasks is one of the best weekend jobs you can get. So, what’s the best thing about doing small tasks online?

Joining the best short-task sites is a great option to earn money in your spare time. It provides complete control over your working hours and will help you achieve a great work-life balance.

With that said, what kind of short tasks you’ll have to complete to make money? That depends on the site you’ll join.

Expect to do work activities like translation, transcription, playing video games, clicking on ads, watching TV, etc.

Other Short Tasks You Can Do For Extra Money:

9) Online Selling

People who want to become small business owners should seriously consider getting into online selling. Most eBay and Amazon sellers don’t have to work during the week:

More often than not, they might have to deal with potential customers on weekdays. However, online sellers can leave creating listings and packaging orders for Saturdays and Sundays.

Amazon and eBay will charge you fees for selling on their platforms. These fees can be up to 15% of the product prices.

What can you sell on Amazon? You can sell your products, other people’s products, and flip products you find in thrift stores and flea markets.

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10) Online Store Owner

Let’s discuss another of the best weekend jobs you can start – dropshipping. Dropshipping is a good idea for anyone who wants to build their own business.

Once you join the dropshipping industry, you’ll quickly realize that you don’t have to keep products in stock. Instead, you’ll work with a manufacturer or drop shipping supplier who will ship the products to the customers on your behalf.

How do you start an online store? You can do that through Shopify.

Shopify is the industry leader in the dropshipping field. The platform will allow you to build an online shop if you invest $1.

11) Blogger

best online jobs to make money from home blogger

Starting a blog is probably the best way to exchange your free time for money. Many website owners get into blogging while looking at it as a part-time job.

However, blogging is an online business that is easy to scale once you gain enough knowledge and expertise. Thousands of bloggers earn a full-time income from their sites.

Affiliate marketing, ad placement, and sponsored content are popular ways to monetize a blog. Of course, you can make money blogging in other ways.

When you decide what your blog should be about, choose a domain name that will become your brand. Then, pick a reliable web hosting provider that offers affordable plans and fast loading time, such as BigScoots.

12) Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the high-paying weekend jobs you can start without extensive experience. Everything you need to know about graphic design is available for free on Google and YouTube.

Who hires graphic designers? Your potential customers will be brands, companies, and individuals who need someone to create a professionally-looking website, eBook cover, and even a Pinterest pin.

Millions of websites come to life on the web every single month. Subsequently, graphic designers will hardly ever be without a job.

According to statistics, the average hourly rate of graphic designers is $25. Such a pay rate can make a big difference in your life if you’re a full-time student, teen, or a stay-at-home mom looking for a source of extra income.

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13) Social Media Manager

First and foremost, how much time do you spend on social media daily? Assuming that some of you devote hours of your days to social media, I only have to ask – why not make money out of it?

Social media is the one aspect where almost every online business can use help. How do you feel about providing such part-time help?

Nowadays, social media management is a high-paying work-at-home job that doesn’t require a college degree or extensive training. Anyone can become a social media manager without spending a fortune on online courses.

In-demand social media managers make $35-$50 an hour.

More Ways To Make Money On Social Media:

14) Online Coach

Is there an area you’re an expert on? Do you have in-depth knowledge on a subject thousands of people might find valuable?

If there is, creating an online course is something to consider. Launching and selling an online course is a flexible way to build a passive income stream.

Online course creation probably seems like a difficult task to tackle. But it isn’t:

Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare will make your work as easy as it can get. You can create an online course and turn it into a successful business around any topic.

15) Search Engine Evaluator

By all means, Google’s algorithm decides which results to show up on its first page. That algorithm is complex and goes through updates at least twice a year.

Do you know that real people work behind the scenes to ensure the accuracy of the search results you see each time you surf the internet? The work they do is crucial for the quality and value search engines provide.

Who can work as a search engine evaluator? It might be hard to believe, but everyone can manage the job:

Most companies hiring search engine evaluators accept people with the necessary knowledge, even if they don’t have a high school diploma.

Best Weekend Side Hustles

16) Rideshare Driver

rideshare driver

Rideshare driving is one of the most popular weekend jobs. Working as a rideshare driver has many advantages, including flexible hours and having your own schedule.

Most people looking into rideshare driving go straight to Uber. However, Uber is not the only company where you can get a job as a rideshare driver:

Lyft is another good option to consider. That rideshare company constantly hires drivers looking for a great weekend job to supplement their income.

Your vehicle has to meet requirements if you want to work for Lyft. Also, you’ll need to pass a background check to become a rideshare driver for the company.

17) Delivery Driver

Assuming you enjoy working as a rideshare driver, how do you feel about monetizing your driving skills in another way? I’m talking about the opportunity to earn extra cash for delivering food.

Delivery drivers are always in demand, considering most people don’t have time to go to the grocery store. Can anyone make money as a delivery driver?

Are you 18 years old or older? If you are, you can join any of the following companies to start working as a delivery driver:

18) Local Tour Guide

Next on my list of best weekend jobs is the local tour guide. Do you see yourself doing that?

People with in-depth knowledge of their city should think about becoming tour guides. They can monetize that knowledge and make extra money.

Is your town a great place to live? What makes it a one-of-a-kind city everyone should visit?

On average, tour guides earn between $50 and $70 an hour.

19) Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness fanatic? More importantly, is fitness something you do to get into great shape and take care of your health?

Hopefully, your fitness aspirations go beyond that – why should you make a difference only in your life when you can do that in the personal lives of many others?

Fitness instructors get paid to workout while doing what they love. Don’t you want the same?

According to statistics, the median hourly pay rate of fitness instructors in the United States is nearly $20.

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20) Wedding Photographer Or Videographer

We all know that weddings mostly happen on weekends. Subsequently, one may argue that wedding photographer is one of the best weekend jobs nowadays:

Recent data shows that wedding photographers earn around $2,000 per wedding. That’s a lot of money for a day of work.

You’ll have to factor in the additional work you’ll need to do before you produce a video recording of a wedding. Meeting with the clients before their wedding takes place for a discussion will most likely take place during the week.

Still, making thousands of dollars on a Sunday is worth the effort.

21) Ski Instructor

ski instructor is one of the best weekend jobs to earn extra cash

Can you teach others to ski? Those of you who can ski particularly well should think about sharing their expertise with others:

Ski instructors must show their students the techniques that will allow them to enjoy the winter sport without any injuries. Patience and the ability to communicate well will make you a good ski instructor.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to do such a job:

A certification is necessary to find a ski instructing position.

22) Sell Photos Online

Selling photos online is one of the best weekend jobs for many reasons. Firstly, some photography jobs will pay you better than you expect.

Secondly, many places will buy your stock images if they are of high quality. Lastly, selling feet pics online is one of the most lucrative side hustles you can do these days.

Alternative Part-Time Weekend Jobs

23) Call Center Representative

If you’re a fan of non-phone jobs, working as a call center representative will not be the perfect weekend job for you. After all, phone call representatives answer inbound phone calls to assist a company’s clients.

There are no specific requirements you’ll have to meet to become a phone call representative. The job is suitable for anyone who doesn’t mind talking to strangers on the phone.

24) Customer Service Representative

Generally speaking, what does a customer service representative do? Customer service representatives engage with clients on the phone to assist them with solving their problems.

Additionally, they might have to explain the best way to use the products or services of the company they work for.

25) Content Moderator

What does a content moderator do? Content moderators have different responsibilities, depending on the business they work for.

For instance, a content moderator might have to offer general support, answer questions, and engage with readers. Additionally, content moderation may include flagging or deleting harmful content on social media.

26) Content Creator

Chances are, you don’t need me to clarify something, but I’ll do it anyway – content creation and content moderation are not the same jobs.

Content creators produce content for local businesses and other organizations. Lucrative fields in the content creation industry are social media and digital marketing.

27) Travel Agent

It might be hard to believe, but you can work as a travel agent from home. As a result, a travel agent is one of the best weekend jobs you can do online these days.

Typically, travel agents research and book travel reservations for individuals or businesses. Such a job is an excellent option for people who want to work on their own hours.

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28) Event Planner

First and foremost, event planning might become a full-time job if you want to have your own business and not only a side job you do at the end of the week. Nowadays, getting into the event planning industry can earn you more than a full-time income.

According to statistics, the average event planner’s salary in the United States is $74,000 a year. How about that?

29) Mystery Shopping

mystery shopping

What does a mystery shopper do? Mystery shoppers might have different responsibilities, such as visiting local stores and checking the prices of products.

Field Agent is the best place to find a mystery shopper position. Some mystery shopping assignments can earn you up to $75.

30) Sell Concert Venue Tickets

Selling tickets online is still a lesser-known remote job. However, the line of work is slowly gaining more popularity:

You can become a ticket broker and make money selling tickets from home. Read this step-by-step guide to becoming a ticket broker to learn more.

Best Weekend Jobs Near Me

31) Restaurant Server

Generally speaking, anyone can get a job as a restaurant server. After all, serving at a restaurant is the type of job that doesn’t require a college degree or special education:

As long as you’re polite with the customers and wait on them with a smile, serving at your local restaurant will be a suitable part-time job for you. The best thing about that job is the opportunity to earn good money from tips.

32) Busser

By all means, working as a busser is not the most glamorous job you can do on the weekends. Still, that kind of work will help you earn extra income when you need it urgently.

A busser is a person who cleans and sets up tables. People who do that are always in high demand since most restaurants need help during rush hour.

33) Dishwasher

Chances are, you don’t picture dishes when you think of the perfect weekend job. Be that as it may, washing dishes is not a bad way to earn money in your free time:

According to statistics, dishwashers make between $12-$17 an hour in the United States. Why shouldn’t you put in some weekend hours to earn that much money?

34) Barista

What does a barista do? Most of you already know that baristas make and serve hot beverages like coffee or tea.

Can you see yourself working as a barista? Hopefully, you can, considering a barista is one of the best weekend jobs you can find near you.

35) Bartender

Speaking of people making beverages, let’s continue the conversation with professionals who know how to mix drinks:

Bars attract way more clients on the weekends. Take advantage of that and get a part-time job as a bartender to earn extra money at the end of the week.

36) Food Runner

Do you mind bringing hot food to hungry customers as fast as you can? Assuming you don’t, working as a food runner might be a good option for a weekend job.

Food runners can earn extra cash by helping busy restaurants in their area. On average, a food runner makes around $16 an hour.

37) Line Cook

best weekend jobs near me line cook

First and foremost, what your responsibilities will be as a line cook? Let me answer that for those who don’t know:

Line cooks are the professionals who set up the necessary supplies for preparing food. That kind of work requires in-depth knowledge of the essential food ingredients.

38) Prep Cook

While the positions sound the same, the jobs of line and prep cooks entail different operations. You’ll need more experience and expertise to work as a prep cook in your free time:

Prep cooks wash, measure, and chop the ingredients the head chef needs for a specific meal. In addition, they might have to bake bread, create sauces, and prepare salads.

39) Cashier

No customer can leave a restaurant without taking care of the bill first. That’s where you can come in:

Cashiers will always be in demand – not every establishment believes in self-checkout machines yet!

40) Babysitter

Babysitting is one of the best weekend jobs almost anyone can get. As long as you enjoy taking care of kids, babysitting will be a great fit for you.

Find a suitable babysitting position in your area by joining platforms like Care.com. Expect to earn $15-$20 an hour babysitting on weekends.

41) Weekend Receptionist

Receptionist is the type of job many people do full-time. If you don’t want to do that, look for local businesses that can use a receptionist on the weekend days.

While such a job doesn’t offer much flexibility, it will bring you a steady income you can rely on.

42) Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

The animal lovers reading this article about the best weekend jobs should pay attention now – we’ll talk about dog walking and pet sitting.

Care.com and Rover are two platforms where you can find jobs for pet sitters and dog walkers. These jobs sometimes pay up to $30 for a half-hour walk.

43) Clean Houses

Cleaning someone’s house is a flexible way to supplement your income. Can you spare your Sunday to do that?

Many people don’t have the time to clean their own homes. Look for potential clients in your area who need a housekeeper for the weekend.

44) Retail Sales Worker

retail sales worker

Do you do most of your shopping on the weekend? Well, most people do the same.

As a result, many stores hire retail sales workers to help them handle the extra traffic on Sundays. Don’t hesitate to check if your local store needs a retail sales clerk to work at the end of the week.

45) Handyperson

How many of you can do home repairs? Most people looking for a handyperson prefer to hire one on the weekends when they are at home.

Assuming you can manage such a job, expect an hourly pay rate of $60. Of course, some handypersons charge more for their services.

46) Wedding Musician Or DJ

I already mentioned wedding photography earlier on my list of best weekend jobs. However, I have to cover the part-time job of wedding musicians or DJs as well:

Working as a wedding DJ or musician can bring you a lot of money for a few hours. These days, such a job can make you over $4,000 per event.

47) Nurse

Are you a registered nurse? Do you want to work as one on the weekends?

It might be hard to believe, but nurses taking weekend shifts can sometimes make up to $100 per hour.

48) Golf Caddy

What does golf caddying entail? A golf caddy is someone who has to walk and stand for hours – that job is suitable for people in great physical shape who can carry golf clubs and bags for hours.

Most golf courses attract extra participants on the weekends. That’s why caddying is one of the best weekend jobs for golf enthusiasts.

49) Rent Out Your Space

How many of you own a space they don’t use? Don’t you think it’s a great idea to rent that space out to earn extra money?

Companies like Neighbor will help you rent your basement, shed, garage, or warehouse. And the best part is you can pick your prices!

50) Advertise On Your Car

Quite frankly, advertising on your car shouldn’t even be on this list of best weekend jobs. After all, the opportunity doesn’t feel like working:

Everyone who needs extra cash can wrap their car in advertisements and earn money passively. See all the ways to get paid to advertise on your car.

My Closing

Do you like this list of best weekend jobs? Which job do you think you’ll start?

What questions do you have on today’s topic? Is there something you want to ask me about it?

Use the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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