110 Magazines That Pay Writers: Earn Up To $1,250 Per Article

a massive list of magazines that pay writers get paid to write

The magazines that pay writers for articles are gaining more popularity each day.

Is there anything about this fact that surprises you, though?

Making money on the side is a necessity for millions of people these days.

Typing words seems like a great way to secure that extra cash you most likely need.

And you will:

Currently, tons of magazines are accepting submissions and will gladly pay you for them – even if you’re a first-time writer.

Today, I’ll share with you my massive list of online magazines looking for writers.

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A Word About The Magazines That Accept Freelance Submissions

Before I introduce you to each magazine one by one, I would like to prepare you a bit.

After all, I’m wondering what’s the best way to help you consume all of the information that is about to follow!

I mean, should I just list every magazine I believe deserves your attention?

Sure, I can do that. But it doesn’t seem very efficient, in my opinion:

If you’re trying to make money writing for the first time, looking at 100 different names will be overwhelming, to say the least.

To avoid confusing you in any kind of way, I’ll place every magazine into its respective category or niche.

Constructing the article this way will help you absorb the info without losing your mind, isn’t that right?

110 magazines that pay writers earn up to $1,250 per article

Let’s do this then, shall we?

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Magazines That Pay Writers For News/General Info Articles


NEXUS is a magazine that covers a wild variety of international news.

You can offer content on pretty much any topic you can think of – environment, health, science, and even conspiracy theories.

From what I can see, they prefer longer articles – aim for at least 5,000 words and include footnotes and references.

Expect to earn around $200 if your article contains no less than 4,000 words.

2) Readers Digest Asia

Readers Digest Asia prefers electronic submissions that fit in four categories:

  • Kindness of strangers (Up to $150)
  • Anecdotes and jokes ( $50-$100)
  • Your deepest wish ( Up to $200)
  • Smart animals ( Up to $100)

The platform wants articles that are between 800-1000 words.

3) The World

Unsurprisingly, The World is all about global news, features, and interviews.

Right now, the magazine is actively looking for stories about immigrant communities in the USA.

However, other content about immigration will most likely get through the approval process.

Pitch a story of 200 words – the pay rate begins from $300.

4) AlterNet

There are so many things you can write about if you decide to submit content to AlterNet.

For example, the site accepts stories on investigations, politics, expert analysis, and success stories.

You can earn around $200 if your story is good enough in its eyes.

5) The Vietnamese

magazines that pay writers the Vietnamese magazine

This online magazine cares a lot about Vietnam’s politics and human rights.

Subsequently, your pitch should be on that topic.

If the editors like what they see, you’ll receive $200 for 1,500 words of written content and $200 for video clips ( about 10 minutes long).

6) Jewish Currents

As that name of the magazine suggests, your pitch must be on a Jewish subject.

Maybe you have an interest in the Jewish culture or activism?

That’s great – submit your content and get between $200-$300 when it makes it on the site’s pages.

See how to pitch your story when you have a minute.

7) Douglas Magazine

Do you live in Vancouver or close?

Then you should consider writing for the Douglas Magazine.

Offering news and tips about Vancouver will pay you about $0.40 per word.

Careful, though – the magazine will give you a deadline you’ll have to manage!

8) VOX

Quite frankly, VOX is one of the most popular magazines that pay writers for submissions.

I can’t tell you how much you’ll earn if they accept your article – the platform doesn’t reveal such information.

Producing high-quality content on the latest global news will help you find out!



WIRED is one of my favorite magazines, I have no intentions to hide that fact!

It publishes news articles about the latest developments in the world of technologies.

Don’t offer them over 1,000 words – the platform doesn’t want that.

Be ready to get up to $2 per word – that pay rate is great, in my opinion.

10) IoT For All

In case you’re passionate about artificial intelligence and virtual reality, look no further for magazines that accept freelance submissions:

IoT For All would be the perfect place to showcase your writing skills.

Keep in mind – the site is looking for posts that are up to 2,000 words.

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Historical Magazines That Pay Writers

11) Wartime

To sum up, Wartime is a print magazine with a focus on Australian history during wartimes.

You can test your submission even if you’re a newbie writer.

The pay rate is $300 per 1,000 words.

12) True West Magazine

Believe it or not, True West has existed since the 1950s.

Writers are welcome to submit stories about a historical figure or event that stands out in American Western history.

Your work should be about 300 words, and you’ll earn $0.25 per word.

13) Early American Life

As you can guess, Early American Life is also looking to hire historical writers.

Articles about travel, architecture, antiques, and history are centerpieces on this magazine’s pages.

Create a historical content of up to 2,500 words, and you’ll grab $500 if you’re a first-time writer.

14) History Magazine

History Magazine cares more about the journey than a specific person or event.

Meaning, your articles have to push the readers to see a story from an entirely different angle.

Manage to achieve that, and you’ll earn $0.08 per word on every 2,000 words you submit.

15) Western Pennsylvania History Magazine

Both current and historical events are the talk this magazine likes to create.

Don’t submit your article until it reaches at least 3,000 words.

Once it does, you’ll be able to earn $250.

Religious Magazines That Pay Writers

16) Compass Magazine

online magazines that pay writers the compass magazine

Here, we’re talking about a magazine that deals with the issues in the global church and society.

Compass is open for submissions that cover that field.

According to the submission guidelines, you’ll receive $200 for 800-1,500 words.

17) Adventures In Odyssey Clubhouse

How do you feel about writing for a Christian children’s magazine?

Hopefully, you like the idea:

Adventures In Odyssey Clubhouse will send you $200 for short stories and $150 for non-fiction.

18) Adventist World

Coming from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Adventist World will pay you quite well.

Currently, you can get $50-$100 for unsolicited articles, $75-$300 for solicited ones, and $15 per photo if the magazine decides to use it.

Produce articles on interesting global and church topics to see that happen.

19) Group Magazine

The Group Magazine publishes articles for churches that assist individuals with developing their religious side.

Reading the submissions guidelines will tell you that you’ll receive money only for articles that get published.

Stories of 300-1,000 words will bring $80 in your pocket.

20) Clubhouse

Basically, the target audience of the Clubhouse is young children who are eager to understand what being a Christian means.

Feel free to create both fiction and non-fiction articles.

Depending on the type of posts you offer, the pay rate will vary between $0.15-$0.25 per word. See the submission guidelines here.

21) Church Health Reader

These days, the Church Health Reder is one of the magazines that pay writers very well:

This digital Christian magazine will allow you to earn up to $200 per single article.

Make sure that your stories are well-researched if you want to see them published.

22) Psychology For Living

In my opinion, Psychology For Living is one of the most interesting Christian psychology magazines out there right now.

Lengthy articles will earn you more money – $200 for 1,200-1,700 words. However, you can get $125 for a story that contains less than 1,200 words.

There is more to learn about the pay rate – have a look at the submission guidelines when you find a free second.

23) Connect

Generally, the audience of Connect is people who spend their time working with kids and teens in ministries.

If you want to write on such a topic, you can create short features or longer posts.

Shorter works will earn you $50 and the longer ones $200.

24) Catholic Digest

magazines that accept freelance submissions catholic digest

Nowadays, Catholic Digest covers a wide range of broad topics like life, family, and relationships.

Of course, your content has to come from a Catholic point of view.

Write a story about global, communal, or personal faith of 1,500 words, and you’ll earn $500 for publication.

25) InSite

InSite happens to be about the fun going on in Christian camping and ministries.

Do you have insightful knowledge on that topic?

Great, submit a story of 1,500 words to earn $0.20 per word.

26) Revive Social

Next on my list of magazines looking for freelance writers is Revive Social.

The main focus of the platform falls on Social Media.

If you have something valuable to say on this topic, you’ll earn between $100-$200 per piece of content.

27) Learn About GXP

Have a look at the type of articles Learn About GXP would like you to deliver:

  • Medical Device Industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical

In case you have the knowledge to spread on any of the subjects, you can make $200-$500 per article.

28) iWorkWell

iWorkWell publishes content on all things human resources.

With that said, you need to be an expert professional in the area if you want to see your post on the magazine’s pages.

Expect to earn around $200 per article.

29) School Transportation News

Evidently, the School Transportation News magazine covers student transportation in North America.

Unless you know a bit about K-12 education, don’t bother reaching to the platform.

But if you do, you can make up to $300 per writing piece.

30) Harvard Medical School

These days, Harvard Medical School is a popular source of postgraduate online medical education.

Being a health care professional will allow you to write for the website.

Your content should be at least 400 words long to earn $200.

31) From Day One

From Day One cares about improving the relationship between companies, employees, and customers.

As far as I know, they’ll let you write for them if you’re a freelance journalist.

An article of 1,000 words will deliver $200-$300 to your bank account.

Find out more about the requirements here.

popular mechanics

There are so many topics you can write about if you choose to submit content to Popular Mechanics.

For example, you can cover electronics, communication, science, technology, etc.

Potential earnings may vary, but you’ll most likely make between $300-$1,000 per post.

33) Bitcoin Tech Weekly

Yes, you’ll have to cover cryptocurrencies while producing content for Bitcoin Tech Weekly.

Whether you can deliver updates or feature articles, the magazine is open to your contribution.

And it will pay you between $20-$200 per piece!

34) The Tilt

OK, it seems like it’s time for a magazine that is all about content marketing.

That’s what The Tilt is – the platform’s editors will check how much you know about content marketing before they accept your article.

Once they do, you’ll receive $200.

Lifestyle Online Magazines Looking For Writers

35) Sasee

Sasee is your typical lifestyle magazine for women.

It accepts 500-1,000 word stories that are non-fiction and cover humor, satire, and personal experiences.

The pay rate is between $100-$200 per article – see more about the submission guidelines.

36) AmeriForce Media

This platform is always looking for interesting stories about education, veteran transitions, and salute to spouses.

Chances are, you understand that writing for the magazine requires an insight look into military families.

If you have something to offer on the subject, you can make $75-$200 per post.

37) Oh Reader

Considering the magazine’s name gives away the nature of its content, I don’t have to explain further that the platform is all about reading.

I have to mention that Oh Reader publishes freelance submissions only a few times per year.

They pay $200 per piece of content if it makes it to their pages.

38) ILY

Do you want to write about love?

ILY will allow you to do that – the magazine accepts poetry, photography, and other forms of love art.

Pitch a love or dating story, and you can earn up to $200 per article.

39) British Cinematographer

Now, let’s talk about the British Cinematographer – a magazine that focuses on international cinematography.

Is that your area of expertise?

Then offer your article and earn $300 for it!

40) The Barefoot Writer

popular magazines that pay writers the barefoot writer magazine

Are you going to be surprised when I tell you that the Barefoot Writer is hiring freelance writers looking for a job?

Probably not – the name of the magazine speaks for itself.

Create an article for the Barefoot Writer, and you may earn $100-$300 for a piece of content.

High-Paying Magazines For Essay Writers

41) New York Times

Most of you are probably familiar with the New York Times.

But do you know that publishing an essay on its pages may lead to grabbing a book deal?

Come up with a dating, marriage, or parenting story, type up to 1,700 words, and make around $300 for your work.

42) The Sun

Basically, The Sun is one of the most popular magazines that pay writers these days.

According to the submission guidelines, personal or fictional essays can earn you between $300-$2,000.

The pay rate for poetry is around $100-$250.

43) VQR

Are you good with poetry or non-fiction stories?

Because VQR will take them – as long as they’re on a good enough level.

Type up to 9,000 words to have the chance to make between $100-$1,000 for your piece.

44) Slice

Another magazine looking for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry submissions is Slice.

Both experienced and first-time writers are welcome to test their creative skills on the magazine’s pages.

Checking the guidelines will tell you that you can earn up to $400 for a piece of content.

Online Magazines For Travel Writers

45) Let’s Travel

Alright, it’s time to transition to online travel magazines, and the first one is Let’s Travel.

First-time writers can earn $300 per article, but experienced ones will probably make around $500.

Write about your experience while visiting South Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and Europe.

46) Hidden Compass

Hidden Compass cares more about your voice than places to eat while traveling.

If that’s the way you craft your stories, try writing for the magazine.

It’s not always open for submissions, but when it is, you can earn up to $300 per article.

47) Transition Abroad

transitions abroad magazine

Transition Abroad is an online magazine that focuses on working, teaching, and studying abroad.

Currently, you can offer articles that will fit into any of the categories the magazine maintains.

Create content of over 1,000 words to earn between $75-$150.

48) Rider Magazine

Quite frankly, Rider Magazine is not your typical online platform that covers traveling abroad.

No, the magazine invests mostly in features and travel stories about motorcycling.

You can make up to $200 of your story gets approval for publishing.

49) MotorHome

As you can imagine, MotorHome is all about motorhomes!

Even short articles of 100 words have a chance to see the light of the day with this magazine. Chances are, you may earn up to $900 per piece of content.

Have a look at the guidelines when you have a second.

50) Escapees Magazine

Another online platform that cares about RVing is Escapees Magazine.

While most of its content comes from members of Escapees RV Club, freelance writers can submit stories as well.

According to the submission guidelines, you’ll earn up to $200 per post.

51) Rova

Apparently, I have more to tell you about RV traveling and living the road trip lifestyle:

Rova is one of the magazines that pay writers with the main focus on van life in the USA.

Browsing through the submission page will show you that you’ll get $200 for an article or essay.

52) Pathfinders

Basically, Pathfinders centers its content around the African American community.

If you have interesting ideas about travel, share them on the platform’s pages.

An article of 1,000 words may earn you $150+$20 per photo if the magazine accepts it.

Read more about the submission guidelines here.

53) National Geographic Traveler

Heads up – National Geographic Traveler publishes around eight times per year.

The magazine is looking for features on cheap traveling options in the USA and abroad.

Prepare an article of up to 2,500 words – the pay rate varies.

54) Outpost

top magazines that pay writers the outpost

For those who don’t know, Outpost publishes guides and feature stories about travel.

These days, you’ll have to contact the magazine to agree on a pay rate.

Your content should be between 800-5,000 words.

Online Magazines For Outdoor Writers

55) Alpinist

In my opinion, it’s hard not to fall in love with Alpinist.

After all, the magazine exists to transport its readers into the magic of climbing.

Feel free to submit an article of up to 1,000 words – the pay rate is $0.25 per word.

56) Scouting

To sum up, Scouting publishes content that will excite its young male audience.

Unsurprisingly, the articles you’re working on have to be about outdoor activities.

Get ready to receive $1 per word if you offer posts of 500-1,000 words.

57) Backcountry Magazine

Here, we have a platform that is more than happy to explore little-known destinations.

If you have something interesting to share, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it!

Nowadays, the pay rate the magazine offers to its writers is around $0.35 per word.

58) Alternatives Journal

Both academic articles and general content will often find a place on the pages of Alternatives Journal.

With that said, do your best to write on a journalist level – that’s what the magazine will require if you want to earn $0.10 per word.

Submit articles between 1,000-4,000 words.

59) AMC Outdoors

AMC Outdoors works a bit differently than the rest of the magazines that pay writers:

They prefer to hire content creators for feature stories months in advance.

Looking at the submission guidelines will tell you to expect $150-$350 for short articles and $750 for feature stories.

60) Passagemaker

the passage maker

Generally, Passagemaker publishes mostly content about ocean motorboats.

Keep in mind – the magazine would like you to share personal experiences and not just technical content.

More often than not, you’ll earn up to $950 when you write for the magazine and up to $400 when you offer newsletter articles.

61) Sail Magazine

Sail Magazine accepts both articles and photography on all things sailing.

Don’t try to write for this magazine unless you can offer somewhat of a unique point of view.

If you can do that, you may earn between $200-$800 per piece of content.

62) WoodenBoat

It doesn’t take a genius to see that WoodenBoat publishes content for owners, builders, and designers of wooden boats.

They are mostly looking for informative and educational articles.

The pay rate is around $300 for 1,000 words.

63) Gripped

Gripped is next on my list of magazines that pay writers.

This online platform publishes content about famous climbers and climbing gear.

Writing for it can make you $250 for features and $20-$200 per photo.

64) SSAA

SSAA is short for Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia.

You can submit your reviews and stories to earn $0.25 per word per photo.

Actually, there is a lot more you should know about the submission guidelines, so read them when you find a free minute.

65) Fly Tyer

Do you like fishing? If you do, are you open to writing about it?

Fly Tyer is looking for content about catching panfish, bass, or trout.

Offer a feature of 2,500 words or 2,000 words for a column to earn $450 per feature and $200-$400 for a shorter article.

66) American Angler

A magazine that publishes articles about fly fishing happens to be the American Angler.

Features will pay you $450-$600, and shorter posts will bring you $200-$400.

Also, the magazine will pay you $600 for an essay about expeditions or waterlines – see the guidelines for more info.

67) Tail Fly Fishing Magazine

Is there anyone who doesn’t get that this magazine also covers fishing?

Well, it does – it’s all about fly fishing in saltwater.

Nowadays, the magazine is willing to pay for tons of different content – read all about it on this page.

68) Whitetails Unlimited Magazine

magazines hiring outdoor writers the whitetails unlimited

Now, how about hunting?

The Whitetails Unlimited Magazine is all over that.

Expect to get up to $350 per feature with photos and up to $200 for a short article without a photo.

69) Shotgun Sports

Shotgun Sports will hire you if you create an article about hunting or trap shooting.

It will pay you between $50-$200 per post – content without photos will earn you less than that.

Have a look at the submission guidelines for the full scoop.

Magazines That Pay Writers For Farm And Gardening Content

70) Acres USA

Acres USA exists to serve people with an interest in sustainable and organic agriculture.

If you have the knowledge to share about different farming techniques, the magazine will pay you $300 for an article of 1,000 words.

Learn more about this opportunity by reading the submission guidelines.

71) The American Gardener

Here, we have an online magazine that targets newbie gardeners.

From what I can see, most of its content comes from freelance writers.

American Gardener will pay you different amounts of money for the content you’re planning to offer – see the details here.

72) Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms is an online publication that uploads articles for small farmers.

Currently, the magazine pays around $300 for features, but there is an option to negotiate your pay.

See for yourself – these are the submission guidelines.

73) Bee Culture

As you can predict, Bee Culture is a platform that covers American beekeeping.

A lot of its content is a creative work of freelance writers – there is room for you as well!

The pay rate is between $150-$200 for features – see the submission guidelines.

74) 2 Million Blossoms

2 Million Blossoms will work with anyone who can offer content about pollination and pollinators.

Both shorter and longer stories will find a place on the magazine’s pages.

Top Magazines For Hobbies And Crafts Writers

75) OGR Magazine

the ogr magazine

To become a writer for OGR, you must have trains on your mind a lot!

That’s the platform publishes about, and it will pay you well for the effort:

Depending on the type of content you’ll create, you’ll earn up to $400.

76) Antique DOLL Collector Magazine

Antique DOLL Collector will pay you if you’re ready to write about antique and vintage dolls.

Preferably, your article should contain 1,000 words.

More often than not, posts will make you between $200-$500.

Online Magazines That Pay Writers For Articles About Pets

77) Reptiles Magazine

Basically, Reptiles is looking for content that covers animals’ health.

If that’s your area of expertise, unleash your writing skills to the fullest.

Doing so will earn you $300 for an article of 2,000-2,500 words.

78) AKC Magazine

AKC Magazine wants articles in a very specific niche – managing behavior problems of your dog.

Most of its columns contain posts about health care, nutrition, and natural therapies.

Write between 1,000-3,000 words, and you’ll make up to $500.

79) Dogs Naturally

As you can probably guess, Dogs Naturally exists to help dog owners.

Everything about nutrition, holistic health care, and homeopathy will find its place on the magazine’s pages.

The pay rate is between $50-$200 per article – see the submission guidelines here.

80) Clean Run

Do you have something to say about dog training or competing in sports?

Hopefully, you do because Clean Run will pay you between $75-$300 for a post that has at least 1,000 words.

Learn more about the opportunity when you have a free second.

The Best Magazines That Pay Writers In The Parenting Niche

81) Family Fun

Family Fun is one of these old magazines that still find a way to engage its loyal audience.

To clarify, that audience is mostly families with kids up to 12-years old.

Checking the submission guidelines will tell you that you can earn $1.25 per word for any article that contains up to 3,000 words.

82) Stork Guide

Stork Guide publishes helpful content for mothers-to-be.

Even if you’re not a parent yourself, you can still submit your article to the magazine.

Aim for at least 700 words if you want to receive $50 for the effort.

83) Her View From Home

magazines that pay writers in the parenting niche her view from home

Now, Her View From Home works a bit differently than the rest of the magazines that pay writers.

You’ll not receive payment for a specific count of words. Instead, the money you’ll earn will depend on the number of page views your content receives in the first month of its publication.

Still, you can expect to make $5 for less than 500 page views and around $100 for over 4,000 page views.

84) Alaska Parent

Generally, Alaska Parent is your Alaska-exclusive source on all things parenting.

Sharing thoughts on the topic may earn you up to $200 per piece of content.

Find out more about that by reading the submission guidelines.

85) Minnesota Parent

Nowadays, Minnesota Parent will allow you to offer both short features and essays.

However, I can’t tell you what the pay rate of the magazine is:

You need to get in touch with an editor to negotiate it.

86) Carolina Parent

How do you feel about creating an essay that is relevant to N.C.?

Submit between 600-1,200 words if you want to see your content on the magazine’s pages.

Depending on the word count, you can make up to $300 per post.

Popular Magazines That Pay Writers In The Health/Wellness Niche

87) Wellbeing

Quite frankly, Wellbeing publishes content on many topics other than health.

Currently, the magazine will hire you if you want to create a feature, special report, or travel article. Also, you can submit a post where you share a personal experience.

They want a piece of up to 2,000 words – see the submission guidelines here.

88) Healthy Living

In case wellness is what you’re passionate about, consider writing for Healthy Living.

There is a waiting period of six days after submitting an article of up to 3,000 words.

The pay rate here is $150 per post.

89) Vibrant Life

These days, Vibrant Life is one of the most popular magazines that pay writers for content on different wellness topics.

For example, you can write about spirituality, mental clarity, and physical health.

Up to 1,000 words will bring between $100-$300 into your pocket.

90) Whole LifeTimes

the whole lifetimes

Basically, Whole LifeTimes cares about the holistic community worldwide.

You can share a story about green living, yoga, organic food, etc.

According to the guidelines, you’ll earn up to $150 for 800-1,000 words.

91) Common Ground

Common Ground will publish your work if it’s about personal growth, health, and wellness.

Keep in mind – the magazine would like you to submit an inquiry before you start writing a whole article.

They pay $0.10 per word – feel free to offer between 600-2,500 words.

Food And Drinks Magazines That Pay Writers

92) Edible Seattle

If you want to write for the people living in Washington State, you can do that on the pages of Edible Seattle.

The topics the magazine cares about are liquid assets, kitchen, farm to table, road trip, and others.

Expect to earn around $0.30 per word.

93) Eating Well

Unsurprisingly, Eating Well is a magazine that focuses on healthy eating.

Creating content on a topic from that department will help you make $1 per word.

For more info, take the time to go through the submission guidelines.

94) Eaten

Eaten is a magazine that publishes content about food history.

Both recipes and stories about growing and cooking your own food are more than welcome on the platform’s pages.

A story of 1,000 words may earn you $200.

95) Radish

Radish would like you to write about healthy lifestyle and natural foods.

If the magazine likes what you have to offer, it will pay you $50-$150 per piece.

Get the full scoop here.

96) Pipette Magazine

Pipette wants to see what the writer inside of you can do on the topic of natural wine.

These days, the magazine publishes content only three times per year.

Expect to earn up to $350 per post – you can contact the platform here.

97) Brew Your Own

As you can imagine, Brew Your Own is a magazine about home brewing.

If you want to write about that topic, you’ll need to create an article of 1,500-3,000 words.

Once you do that, you’ll make $200 upon publication.

Canadian Magazines That Pay Writers

98) Inuit Art

the best magazines that pay writers the inuit art magazine

To sum up, Inuit Art is a magazine that publishes content about circumpolar arts.

Writing for it will earn you $1,250 for feature articles, $250 for reviews, and $200 for web editorials.

These are the submission guidelines if you want to learn more about the opportunity.

99) Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil is a Canadian magazine that publishes articles four times a year.

It focuses on comics and zines.

Expect to earn between $30-$300 per post – learn more about that here.

100) Canadian Healthcare Technology

In short, this is a magazine that writes about healthcare technology in Canada.

While it only publishes content only eight times per year, you can still offer an article and see it on the magazine’s pages.

A post of 900 words will earn you $300 – read the submission guidelines.

101) HiHostels

HiHostels is looking for travel stories, tips, guidelines, opinions, and lists about hostels.

If you create such an article, you may earn between $70-$200 for it.

Check the submission guidelines if you want to write for this magazine.

102) Triathlon Magazine

Triathlon Magazine cares about triathlon training and events.

They will consider articles from athletes, coaches, writers, photographers, and enthusiasts.

You can make between $50-$200 per post.

Regional Magazines That Pay Writers

103) Nevada Magazine

Nevada Magazine wants features about the Silver State.

Chances are, you might have to submit a query first.

Articles of 500-1,500 words will make you $250.

104) Smokey Mountain Living Magazine

Here, we’re talking about a platform that publishes content about the Southern Appalachians.

Currently, the magazine will allow you to offer all kinds of content, and the pay rate depends on that.

For more info, read the submission guidelines.

105) Lake Superior Magazine

Lake Superior Magazine is all about the Lake Superior Region – that goes without saying.

Right now, the magazine prefers manuscripts.

If that’s something you would like to do, see the submission guidelines to learn more about the opportunity.

106) Charleston Style And Design

The Charleston Style And Design Magazine publishes articles about the architecture, business, travel, and fashion in Charleston.

Heads up – they want personal essays that will voice a strong opinion.

Give them what they want, and they’ll pay you $200 per piece.

107) Outdoor Oklahoma

Basically, Outdoor Oklahoma is the magazine of the Oklahoma Department Of Wildlife Conservation.

As such, they want features and short stories on that matter.

The pay rate varies – see the submission guidelines.

108) Long Island Woman

Long Island Woman covers all areas of a woman’s life.

For example, you can offer articles about health, fitness, business, home decoration, travel, and entertainment.

You can earn between $70-$200 for a post of 500-2,250 words.

109) Oregon Humanities

Oregon Humanities helps Oregonians to improve their lives.

It won’t come as a surprise that the magazine prefers to hire local writers.

Learn more about that here.

110) Art And Culture Texas

Arts And Culture Texas would like you to submit content about the effect of visual and performing arts on the life of the people of Texas.

Feel free to submit interviews, reviews, and articles.

According to the guidelines, you can earn $200 for content of 850 words.

My Closing

Make no mistake – this article about magazines that pay writers is not over.

Well, it is for now!

But I’ll update it with more options as time goes by.

Until then, the word is yours:

What do you think about today’s topic?

Are you planning to write about any of the magazines on this list?

If yes, which one?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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