44 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly (Some Even Daily)

the best online jobs that pay weekly

Are you on the lookout for the best online jobs that pay weekly? Currently, more and more people are looking in that direction.

It’s understandable, to say the least:

Securing a source of extra income can get a lot of financial pressure off your shoulders. If not else, it will help you pay some bills or give you another option to manage your debt.

With that said, you can’t trust every opportunity for extra cash that comes your way. Not every work-from-home job you’ll hear about deserves your time and effort.

But the ones on this list most certainly do:

Today, I’ll introduce you to legitimate online jobs offering weekly payments.  So, grab a cup of coffee, make some room for reading in your day, and let the search for a suitable online job begin!

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Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly Worldwide

Before we begin with the list of jobs that pay weekly, I have to clarify something:

Sometimes, one or more of the opportunities you’ll see below may not be available. It’s possible for a company hiring not to be looking for workers at this precise moment.

When that happens, you can check for openings later or ask the company to notify you when there is a vacancy.

1) Offer Freelance Services

offer freelance services

Offering freelance services online is a great way to earn extra cash. Anyone can provide different services for money, such as translation, logo creation, digital marketing, tutoring, etc.

Working as an independent contractor has many advantages, like a flexible schedule and more time for loved ones. Service providers pick their pay rate and choose the projects they want to do.

Fiverr and Upwork are the best places to list freelance services for sale. Create an account on each platform and describe your services to reach more potential clients.

2) Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the best online jobs that pay weekly. People with no experience or background in the industry can become professional freelance writers.

How much money can you make as a freelance writer? The pay rate for writers varies, depending on the project you accept or the companies that hire writers.

For instance, over 130 magazines pay for writing submissions (some offer over $1,200 per article), and many websites hiring content creators will send up to $150 per piece to your bank account. Meanwhile, writing reviews will bring you $50.

Booking high-paying online writing jobs can happen faster if you complete a writing course. My Freelance Paycheck will help you earn $3,000 monthly as a freelance writer (read my in-depth Freelance Paycheck review for more info).

3) Remote Typing Jobs

Getting paid to type is another great opportunity to earn extra income. These days, most online typing jobs pay over $20 an hour.

A remote typing position is a suitable work-at-home job for individuals with fast typing skills and excellent grammar abilities. You can do such a job full-time, as a side hustle, or a weekend job.

Where can you find flexible work that pays you to type? Here are 17 typing jobs you can do from home.

4) Proofreader

Proofreading provides flexible hours and the chance to earn much more than a minimum wage – most online proofreading jobs pay at least $50 an hour.

Proofreaders find and correct errors in text. They must have above-average knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

While you can become a proofreader alone, completing this Free Proofreading Workshop will help you get there faster. I recommend taking the full Proofread Anywhere course since proofreading is not easy work to do.

5) Blogger

blogging is one of the most profitable online jobs that pay weekly

Blogging is one of the most lucrative online jobs that pay weekly – the opportunities to make money online will arrive once you develop your website.

When can you monetize a blog? After you choose a blog topic, pick a memorable domain name, and secure a reliable hosting provider (BigScoots), you must publish valuable content that helps readers. Once your blog posts attract a large enough audience, you can generate blogging revenue.

Common ways to earn money blogging are affiliate marketing, ad placement, sponsored posts, and selling products or services.

6) Mobile App Designer

We all know that some mobile apps allow users to earn real money for simple activities like playing games or watching ads. However, that’s not the only option to earn if you enjoy the world of mobile applications:

Mobile app designers create the interface and work to achieve a specific look. There are plenty of opportunities for such professionals, and they pay more than well:

According to statistics, the average pay for mobile app design services is $53 an hour, but that is more of a starting rate. The top earners in the field receive an hourly rate of $64-$67.

7) Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is another perfect opportunity to receive weekly payments. Most experienced bookkeepers earn over $70 an hour.

While you don’t need a college degree to work as an online bookkeeper, doing the job requires the necessary knowledge and expertise. But what does a bookkeeper do?

Generally, bookkeepers assist companies or other small businesses with their financial operations and records – they deal with recording sales, paying bills, processing invoices, etc.

8) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is one of the most lucrative online jobs that pay weekly. It belongs to most lists of high-paying online jobs anyone can do.

You don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree to get paid as a virtual assistant. Instead, you must learn to manage different tasks from the comfort of your home:

A VA is an administrative assistant who helps business owners by completing short tasks, such as scheduling appointments, answering emails, researching/creating content, or making appointments. Read this step-by-step guide to becoming a virtual assistant for more info.

9) Transcriptionist

work as a transcriptionist

How about I explain what a transcriptionist does for those who don’t know? Transcriptionists (or transcribers) are remote workers who listen to video or audio files and write down the content they hear.

Typically, most transcription jobs pay per audio minute. However, some transcription companies pay per audio hour. Feel free to look for a well-paying remote position at the following companies:

  • Allegis: Allegis hires online transcribers and pays via check or direct deposit.
  • Babbletype: Babbletype offers transcription home jobs and remote translation positions.
  • QuickTate: Earn extra money by transcribing voicemails, memos, and other documents.
  • Rev: Rev is a transcription company that pays weekly via PayPal.
  • GoTranscript: Read my GoTranscript review to see how to earn over $1,000 per month working for the company.

10) Interpreter

Are you wondering what does an interpreter do? There is no need to wonder about the nature of this work – get an explanation below:

An interpreter aids the communication between two individuals speaking different languages. Subsequently, you can’t book such a gig unless you’re fluent in both languages.

Where can you work as an interpreter? Language Line provides interpreter online jobs that pay weekly.

11) Translator

Chances are, some of you might see interpreting and translating as the same job, but that’s not true:

Translators must know at least two languages in spoken and written form. Online translators convert written text from one language to another.

And how much money can you make as a remote translator? While first-time translators earn around $20 an hour, the more experienced professionals receive up to $35.

12) Teach English Online

Another excellent opportunity to earn a full-time income and work on your own schedule is teaching the English language to others online. These days, most remote English teachers get paid to teach the language to young Chinese students.

VIPKID is the most reputable company hiring online English teachers. Unfortunately, you can’t join this job board without a Bachelor’s Degree in English.

However, many other companies hire online English teachers who don’t have a degree. Most of them pay an hourly rate of $20.

13) Online Tutoring Jobs

tutoring is one of the top online jobs that pay weekly

Remote tutors can earn money by teaching various subjects (science, math, art, etc.). They’re constantly in high demand whether they work full or part-time.

Here are the best platforms to visit if you’re looking for tutoring gigs:

14) Phone Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

As you can guess, the jobs you’re about to see require making phone calls. Those who want to stick with non-phone jobs should skip this paragraph.

Working as a customer service rep or live chat agent has certain advantages – you can do the job part-time or full-time.

  • UpCall: UpCall prefers to hire people who don’t mind working at least eight hours per week.
  • BlueZebra: BlueZebra provides work-from-home opportunities for anyone who enjoys making cold calls or setting appointments.
  • Humanatic: Your job working for Humanatic entails listening to recorded phone calls and categorizing them.

15) Customer Service Gigs

Providing customer online service from home doesn’t always require talking with strangers on the phone. Many customer service gigs are about offering assistance via chat or email.

In other words, you can work flexible hours while getting paid to text. Most online chat jobs pay over $15 an hour.

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16) Mystery Shopper

Generally speaking, mystery shopping may seem like one of these odd jobs that pay well. I don’t find it weird at all:

A mystery shopper is someone who works for brands or small businesses. The job requires visiting a place of business, taking notes about product or service quality, and offering in-depth feedback.

Where can you find mystery shopping gigs? Search for your first mystery shopping job at MarketForce or Field Agent.

17) Social Media Manager

manage social media accounts for clients

Social media managers work for brands, companies, and small business owners. They handle social media accounts for other businesses or individuals.

Each social media manager works to increase online presence and brand awareness. Some of the work tasks a professional gets paid for are engaging with people on social media, answering comments, creating strategies, etc.

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a social media manager. Don’t hesitate to read it to see how to make money managing social media networks.

18) Graphic Designer

Graphic design is another example of online jobs that pay weekly. Should I explain what a graphic designer does for those who don’t know?

Generally, graphic designers work to create a look, feel, or vibe for their clients. These clients might be different companies or individuals who need someone to craft a whole website or specific aspects of it.

While you can develop graphic design skills alone, taking an online course that teaches the job might be a better call for newbies with no experience. Nowadays, the average salary of graphic designers in the USA is $22 an hour.

19) Sell Online Courses

Since I’ve just mentioned going through an online course, I want to bring your attention to the opposite side of the scale – creating that course.

Course creators don’t earn cash weekly. Instead, they can make money each time a new student signs up for their digital product.

Creating, marketing, and selling high-quality online courses requires hard work and patience. On the bright side, they are excellent passive income sources.

20) YouTuber

Speaking of passive income, how about I show you another opportunity to earn it? Starting a YouTube channel will help you do that:

Is there a topic that excites you like nothing else does? Can you think of a subject you typically can’t shut up about? Assuming there is, why shouldn’t you build a YouTube channel around it?

You need 4,000 watch hours and at least 1,000 subscribers in the last year to monetize your YouTube channel via Google Adsense. Other ways to make money as a YouTuber are affiliate marketing, sponsored videos, and selling your products or services.

21) Stream On Twitch

Twitch is a popular online platform for anyone who wants to monetize a hobby. That hobby might be playing video games, crocheting, or almost anything else you can think of.

Hopefully, you’re comfortable streaming yourself in front of a worldwide audience. Many ways exist to earn on Twitch.

For instance, most Twitch streamers include affiliate links in their profiles, sell merchandise, and accept sponsorships and donations.

22) Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online jobs that pay weekly

In my opinion, affiliate marketing deserves a spot on every list of online jobs that pay weekly. Let me elaborate on that:

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require creating products or services. Marketers focus on one goal – promoting someone else’s products to a large audience.

An affiliate receives a commission each time a reader (or viewer) buys something through their affiliate link. Making thousands of dollars from affiliate sales is possible, but you have to learn the business model inside and out first.

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23) Data Entry Jobs

What does a data entry clerk do? Data entry professionals take data from different sources to type it into computerized systems.

Does the job sound too complicated for you? Redears who can handle it will be glad to learn that many remote data entry jobs have no registration fees:

Successful candidates can earn $17-$20 an hour. Fast and accurate typing skills will turn you into such a candidate!

24) Sell Handmade Crafts

How many of you know your way around crafts? Hopefully, most readers are creative individuals:

Selling handmade products is one of the best ways to supplement your income or build a successful business (if you have enough time to devote). This money-making idea can bring you income on both weekends and business days.

You’ll earn each time someone buys any of your products. Consider selling them on online platforms like Etsy or through your Shopify store (starting one will only cost you $1).

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25) Online Ticket Broker

Buying tickets and reselling them at higher prices is an excellent way to profit from home. More importantly, you don’t need a degree to become a professional ticket broker.

However, starting a ticket-flipping side hustle or online business requires investment. If you have around $500, that would be enough to get you started in the ticket-selling industry.

Easy Online Jobs That Pay Weekly No Experience Required

26) Get Paid To Complete Short Tasks Online

complete small tasks for extra cash

Completing short tasks for extra cash is probably the easiest earning home opportunity. Don’t expect a lot of work once you join these online platforms:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: Amazon MTurk pays users for small tasks like data entry and image tagging.
  • Clickworker: Clickworker will allow you to earn in different ways, such as copy editing or photo capturing.
  • CrowdSurf: CrowdSurf hires people to caption videos to make money from home.
  • OneSpace: Visit OneSpace to get paid for translation, editing, or writing.

27) Website Testing Gigs That Pay Weekly

Working as a website tester is another excellent opportunity to work from home – get such a job on these sites:

  • UserTesting: UserTesing pays people to test websites and mobile apps.
  • UserFeel: UserFeel offers up to $30 per test (payments are available via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards).

28) Take Online Surveys

Completing surveys online is another easy way to make extra cash. Overall, the best survey sites won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time to complete a survey.

29) Review Music

Listening to new tracks in your free time is not enough to earn – you’ll have to provide feedback and write short reviews, too.

Slice The Pie is the most popular company that pays users for listening and reviewing music (you can read my in-depth SliceThePie review). However, you have other options:

See nearly 30 ways to earn cash listening to music in your free time.

30) Participate In Focus Groups

participate in focus groups

Market research is another example of online jobs that pay weekly. Many companies pay focus group participants for their insights into products.

Joining Respondent will allow you to earn over $100 an hour (read my Respondent review for the full scoop).

31) Work As An Online Friend

It might be hard to believe, but online friendship is a well-paying side gig nowadays. Most people working as online pals make over $50 an hour.

Being an online friend doesn’t require meetings in person. On the contrary, all exchanges happen strictly online – you don’t have to worry about your safety.

32) Become A Feet Pic Seller

Selling feet pics online is more lucrative than you think – thousands earn a full-time income by offering feet images.

How about I give you enough related content to get you started?

33) Click On Ads

Clicking on ads is not the most popular entry on that list since it’s not the best-paying one. Be that as it may, I still want to present you with the option:

Everyone can earn cash by watching and clicking on ads. While each click won’t deliver much, your earnings will accumulate over time.

Online Jobs That Pay Weekly Near Me

While this article is about online jobs and home opportunities to earn every week, I think you’ll benefit from seeing well-paying jobs near you.

Here is a legitimate work you can find in your location (or nearby):

34) Personal Shopper

online jobs that pay weekly near me personal shopper

Nowadays, there is plenty of work for personal shoppers, considering many prefer to hire someone to help them with simple tasks like shopping.

Grocery shopping is the most popular activity to earn from while doing it for others. However, you can be a personal shopper for clothes, home decor, makeup, etc.

35) Delivery Driver

Delivering food is the perfect money-making idea for anyone who loves spending time behind the wheel. More importantly, delivery drivers get paid on a weekly basis.

Each delivery driver must have a valid driver’s license – you might have to go through a background check, too. Well-paying companies hiring delivery drivers are:

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36) Chauffeur

Working as a chauffeur is another opportunity to earn quick money. As most of you probably know, a chauffeur offers transport services to people or businesses.

Getting paid as a chauffeur can be a full-time job or a side hustle you do in your free time. Start working as one by joining companies like Uber.

37) Pet Sitting And Dog Walking

Isn’t it time for a job any animal lover will appreciate? I think it is:

Walking someone else’s dog or another pet is a great way to earn side money. There is no need to quit your current full-time employment:

Instead, companies like Rover will help you find clients in your area and work without disrupting your everyday schedule.

38) Real Estate Agent

By all means, you can’t become a real estate agent without getting a realtor license first. Do you plan to do that?

Hopefully, some of you do since real estate agents earn more than $1,000 weekly. According to statistics, real estate agents in the United States make around $100,000 annually.

More Jobs Offering Weekly Payments

39) Bartender

Bartending is also a job that can pay you weekly. Can you manage mixing drinks and dealing with customers from behind the bar?

People can become excellent bartenders even if they don’t have previous experience. Anyone who enjoys working in such a setting should get a bartending gig.

40) Barista

What about making and serving coffee? Is allowing your love for hot beverages to become an income source a good idea?

I think it is – earning cash for making lattes and streaming milk can be even more fun today than the previous week!

41) Restaurant Server

local jobs that pay weekly restaurant server

Quite frankly, serving strangers in a restaurant is probably the dream job for most people. However, you may have to do it sometime:

Working as a server at a local restaurant is not the worst way to take care of emergency bills or save up for something you want to purchase.

42) Nanny/Caregiver

Whether you want to get paid to look after small kids or older people, working as a professional caregiver is the way to do it.

You can find available jobs for both positions once you register at Care.com.

43) Electrician

Installing and maintaining electrical systems is not for everybody – you must know what you’re doing to your and everyone else’s safety.

On average, the USA-based electricians earn over $60,000 annually – their hourly pay rate is nearly $30.

44) Roofer

So, what do most roofers do? They get paid for minor or extensive roof repairs on different buildings.

That job pays less than most entries above – expect to make around $800 weekly.

How To Choose An Online Job

Quite frankly, choosing a legit work-from-home job you can do on the side is not as easy as it may seem at first. After all, what will make one job a preferable choice over another?

Considering every job has certain advantages and disadvantages, it’s safe to say that there is no such thing as perfect employment from home. However, there might be a working option that may be perfect for you.

Depending on a few factors, everyone is in a position to discover an online working opportunity that will be a great fit. You’re the only one who can decide which job will satisfy your needs.

To help you make the right decision for you, I’ll direct your attention to a couple of factors to keep in mind while you’re job hunting:

  • Flexibility: Does the job you’re currently eyeing come with flexible hours?
  • Skills Level: Is the job something you can handle? Do you have what it takes experience-wise to complete it?
  • Potential For Growth: Where will that job lead you? In other words, is it short-term employment or an advancement opportunity?
  • Pay Rate: How much you’ll be able to earn?
  • Fun: No job is worth a shot unless you’ll enjoy it!

My Closing

While there is always room for more online jobs that pay weekly, that would be it from this article for now.

I’ll keep you updated when new opportunities for online income appear.

Do you have any questions on that topic?

Write them down, and I’ll answer them the first chance I get.

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