How To Make Money With Pinterest Without a Blog

how to make money with Pinterest without a blog

If you don’t want to learn how to make money with Pinterest without a blog, you must not be aware of all earning possibilities Pinterest provides.

Are you using Pinterest as a tool to kill some time or to find a sewing pattern you can manage?

While there is nothing wrong with being on Pinterest as a reader, consuming Pinterest content instead of creating it will not earn you money.

Considering making money with Pinterest is better than the alternative, finding out how to do that is worth the time and effort.

That statement has an even larger impact, given that you can make money with Pinterest without a blog.

Yes, earning money from Pinterest is possible without starting a website.

And today, I’ll show you how to do it while I cover a handful of essential topics:

  • How to make money on Pinterest without a website?
  • Can I make money on Pinterest without a blog?
  • Should you do Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog?
  • What are the best ways to monetize Pinterest without a blog?

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How To Make Money With Pinterest Without A Blog

Before I dive into all the ways you can earn on Pinterest, I would like to offer my two cents on the platform as a whole.

Chances are, you already know that bloggers and marketers utilize the power of Pinterest to advance their businesses.

Basically, business owners use Pinterest as a source of organic traffic to their offers. Once that traffic starts to convert, a business will increase the number of email subscribers, affiliate sales, and product sales.

So far, Pinterest seems like an invaluable platform that allows brands to boost their reach and awareness.

Since Pinterest is a search engine, gaining knowledge about its algorithm is how website owners are able to display their content in front of millions of viewers and potential buyers.

how to make money on pinterest without a blog affiliate marketing on pinterest

Now, that rule applies to everyone willing to learn how to use the platform to the best of their advantage. And yes, that includes people who don’t own a blog and have no intention to launch one.

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How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog (10 Ways That Work)

Alright, it’s time to begin the conversation about making money with Pinterest without having to build a site.

These days, you can monetize Pinterest without a blog in many ways.

Here they are:

1) Do Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without A Blog

There is a reason why I start my list of earning methods on Pinterest with affiliate marketing:

By all means, using that business model is the easiest way to earn on Pinterest.

Why doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest is simple?

Well, affiliate marketing requires promoting someone else’s products or services for a commission. To clarify, you don’t have to create any products yourself.

More importantly, Pinterest allows affiliate marketers to earn on the platform even if they don’t own a blog.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without A Website

how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website

Quite frankly, even first-time Pinterest users will manage to do affiliate promotions on the platform.

Beware, though:

You need to have a Pinterest Business Account to be able to upload affiliate pins. Likewise, if you have a personal account at the moment, you should convert it into a business one.

Assuming that you own a Pinterest account for business, you can start using affiliate marketing to earn money by going through a couple of steps:

  • Choose A Niche: Make sure that the niche you’ll work within is one of the most profitable for Pinterest. Some of the niches that do extremely on the platform are parenting, recipes, home decor, crafts, DIY projects, art, and others.
  • Join Relevant Affiliate Programs: I’ll show you the best affiliate programs for Pinterest without a website in a second.
  • Create Affiliate Pins: If you want your pin to reach as many people as possible, create a beautiful graphic with easy-to-read fonts.
  • Promote Your Pins: Publish your affiliate pins to relevant Pinterest Boards. Don’t forget to add keywords in your pin’s title and description.

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest Without A Website

Generally speaking, hundreds of affiliate programs will allow you to promote products that will sell well on Pinterest.

Depending on your niche, join the affiliate programs that offer high payouts and recurring commissions (when possible).

Meanwhile, you won’t take a misstep if you choose to work with the affiliate programs of Etsy, Amazon, and Share A Sale, to name a few.

What You Should Know About Doing Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog

  • Publishing Affiliate Pins Requires A Disclosure: Pinterest requires marketers to add a disclosure if they pin an affiliate pin. Therefore, you have to add #affpin or #affiliatepin at the end of your pin’s description.
  • The Platform Prohibits The Usage Of Cloaking Or Link-Shortening Tools: Plugins like Thirsty Affiliates marketers rely on to cloak their affiliate links have no place on Pinterest.
  • Amazon Now Allows You To Use Affiliate Links On Pinterest: Previously, inserting Amazon affiliate links into pins was not an option. Nowadays, however, it is!

Those of you who have no idea how to do affiliate marketing efficiently should go through professional training. I recommend this one – it’s perfect for beginners, and everyone can start it free of charge.

2) Make Money With Pinterest Without A Blog By Selling Physical Products

make money with Pinterest without a blog by selling physical products

For starters, there is more than one way to sell physical products on Pinterest.

You can create pins for products your sell in your e-commerce store (like a Shopify store) or a store you have on another platform (Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Instagram, etc.)

Feel free to insert a product’s image into a pin and link that pin to any of the platforms that host your online shop.

Some of the physical products with millions of buyers on Pinterest are handmade, beauty, decor, and clothing items.

With that said, don’t despair if your store works in a different niche:

Currently, Pinterest has nearly 500 million monthly active users, and 90% of them state that they use the platform to plan a purchase.

Say what you will, but that is an enormous pool of potential customers, regardless of the type of products you sell.

3) Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products on Pinterest is way easier than offering physical one.

Why would that be?

Firstly, creating any type of digital product to sell doesn’t require keeping an inventory, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

Secondly, working with digital products comes with lower expenses since you won’t have to face any shipping fees.

Lastly, selling a digital product will let you build a passive income stream – you can make money from the same product for years.

The process of selling digital products on Pinterest is the same as physical ones – just link to whatever platform you use to host your products.

Digital products that are a fast sale are eBooks, courses, planners, organizers, worksheets, and pin templates.

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4) Sell Pin Templates

sell pin templates

Speaking of pin templates, I believe they deserve a separate paragraph in an article that teaches people how to make money with Pinterest without a blog.

Just think about it for a minute:

Is there a better market for pin templates than Pinterest itself?

Before you start arguing that you can’t sell pin templates because you’re not a graphic designer, I’ll interrupt you to tell you that you don’t have to be:

It might be hard to believe, but you don’t need to have impressive graphic design skills to manage the creation of pin templates.

Currently, Canva will give you access to tons of pin templates you can edit, transform into your own, and sell at a good price.

Here is a course I highly recommend for everyone who wants to earn a lot through pin templates.

5) Market And Sell Services

Are you willing to begin offering your services in exchange for money? Isn’t that a great side hustle idea to earn money?

Do you possess expertise in a specific area you can turn into service many people need?

Great, then look no further than Pinterest – the platform is more than a suitable place to market the services you provide.

Some of the services that sell well on Pinterest are virtual assistance, freelance writing, proofreading, and transcription.

Of course, you’ll find the right customers if you happen to offer different services as well.

Skills You Can Master And Turn Into High-Paying Services:

6) Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog Via Sponsorships

get paid to pin by brands

Next on my list of ways to monetize Pinterest without a website are sponsorships.

To sum up, sponsorship is a process where a brand will reward you through cash or a free product to promote it.

More often than not, you’ll have to pin a brand’s product image or promotion to a well-performing Pinterest board of yours.

How To Get Paid To Pin By Brands?

First and foremost, securing a sponsorship deal will not happen for people with brand new Pinterest accounts.

However, if your Pinterest profile attracts millions of monthly views and tons of outbound clicks, you have a good chance of snatching a sponsorship.

Pro Tip:

Don’t wait for brands to discover you. Instead, approach them yourself.

You can do that by contacting their manager, sending an email to a representative, etc.

7) Earn Money From Pinterest By Joining The Pinterest Creator Program

For the longest time, pinners weren’t able to get paid from Pinterest directly. But now they can – through the Pinterest Creator Program.

According to statistics, that program comes with a fund of $20 million.

Looking at the numbers it’s safe to say that joining the Pinterest Creator Program is worth the effort!

Requirements To Become A Paid Pinterest Creator (And Play And Earn With Pinterest)

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have 1,000 followers or more (Use MiloTree to grow your following fast)
  • Create original content
  • Your account contains at least three idea pins

Right now, only USA-based creators are eligible to join the program. However, the Pinterest Creator Program will go global in the future.

More Ways To Earn From Home:

Make Money With Pinterest Without A Blog – Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Money On Pinterest With A Blog?

There are a couple of steps to go through if you want to earn on Pinterest with a blog – start a website, create a Pinterest business account, optimize it with relevant keywords, and fill it with boards and pins.

Should You Rely On Pinterest Affiliate Marketing To Earn Money?

Yes, doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to earn an online income.

Even more, you don’t have to launch a blog to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

And How To Use Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog?

Here is how you can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing without a website:

  • Sign up for Pinterest Business Account
  • Join Affiliate Programs
  • Create affiliate pins that link to products you promote
  • Make money when a reader buys something through your affiliate link

What Are The Best Ways To Monetize Pinterest Without A Blog?

These days, the best ways to monetize Pinterest traffic are by selling digital or physical products and by doing affiliate marketing on the platform.

Is There Such Thing As Passive Income Through Pinterest?

Currently, there are a couple of ways to earn passive income through Pinterest.

For example, you can create a digital product and market it on Pinterest. Such a product will sell itself over and over again once you reach the right audience.

Does Pinterest Pay Pinners?

The only avenue you can use to earn money directly from Pinterest is by joining the Pinterest Creator Program.

How Do Beginners Make Money On Pinterest?

Beginners can make money on Pinterest by signing up for a business account, building up their profile, and creating pins that link to content with affiliate promotions.

Make Money With Pinterest Without A Blog -My Closing

Alright, this is all I have for you on this topic today.

With that said, Pinterest is constantly changing and evolving, and so are the ways to earn on the platform.

As a result, I’ll keep updating this article with more relevant information in the future.

Until then, I would like to hear from you:

What are your favorite ways to make money on Pinterest without a website?

Is there anything you would like to share on the subject?

Drop your comments in the section below, and I’ll be more than happy to reply to them.

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