Decluttr Review: How Much Can You Make Selling Stuff In 2024?

Decluttr review how to make money selling unwanted items online

Do you have tons of things you want to remove from your living space but have no idea how to do it? Then, this Decluttr Review is the read you need.

Decluttr is a popular online platform to sell all kinds of unwanted items, like old CDs, DVDs, video games, tech gadgets, movies, and even books.

Anyone can use Decluttr for free – becoming a seller on the platform won’t cost you anything. Plus, people who want to sell things on the platform can do it through the official website or the mobile app.

Once you create a Decluttr account, you can list any item you want to sell, and the site will offer you a first price you can accept or reject. Selling old things you no longer need on Decluttr is as easy as it is convenient:

As soon as you’re ready to part ways with certain items, Decluttr will take care of all shipping costs. Moreover, the platform will do a lot to assist you with managing your listings.

Does this sound like something you would like to do? If it does, keep reading this article to learn everything there is to know about Decluttr.

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What Is Decluttr?

decluttr review introduction to the platform

Decluttr is a website millions of people use to sell their unwanted items. It’s the first place you should visit if you want to get rid of your old CDs, DVDs, books, video games, and many other items.

The Decluttr website was established in 2014. These days, most users visit the platform through the Decluttr app.

Anyone can create a free Decluttr account to sell or buy old stuff. Using the platform to make money fast is cheaper than relying on other places.

Is Decluttr Legit?

An easy way to check the legitimacy of any website or online platform is to look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Decluttr is accredited by BBB at the time of writing and has an A rating.

If you visit Decluttr’s Trustpilot profile, you’ll see that the company has over 27,000 customer reviews and excellent ratings of 4.3.

So far, Decluttr has paid over $300 million to users worldwide. Most of these people state that the selling process is simple and payments are fast.

How Decluttr Works?

what is decluttr and how does it work

By all means, one of the best things about using Decluttr’s website is the simplicity of the selling process. The company takes care of most of the work, so sellers don’t have to deal with product listings or shipping.

Follow these steps to start selling your old junk on Decluttr:

1) Visit The Decluttr Website Or Download The Decluttr App

Assuming this is your first time trying to sell items through Declutter, you have a choice to make before you begin:

You can create a Decluttr account on your laptop by visiting the official website or downloading the Declutter app. That app is free – you can find it on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use the desktop version or the smartphone app. Sign up at Declutter with your email address and provide some personal data to complete your account.

2) Get An Offer

What do you plan to sell on Decluttr? Do you want to exchange old tech devices or unwanted media like music CDs for cash?

You need to have at least one tech item or ten media items to complete an order on Decluttr. Also, the total order value of the things you want to sell must be $5 or more.

I recommend using the Decluttr app since the application will transform your phone’s camera into a barcode scanner. Those visiting the website will need barcodes for some products and model names (or numbers) for others.

How To Create Decluttr Order

First and foremost, don’t let all the details about selling items confuse you – my Decluttr review will explain the process:

The site will give you an instant evaluation of the things you want to sell. You’ll have to choose one option that best describes your item’s condition:

  • Excellent Condition (items without any big damage that work properly)
  • Poor Condition (things that work well but have scratching or scuffs)
  • Faulty Condition (devices that don’t work well or at all due to physical damage, software problems, cracked screens, etc.)

Crushed items and devices with missing components are not eligible for sale on Decluttr. Also, if the platform decides the devices you offer differ from the description you provide, it will give you a revised offer price you can accept or decline.

Sellers who reject revised offer prices receive their items back for free. However, once Decluttr accepts your item, you get an instant offer.

3) Package And Ship Your Items

Is there a Decluttr offer on the table you are ready to accept? Great, the next step of the selling process is packaging and shipping your items:

Decluttr will send you a welcome kit with a prepaid shipping label. Find a box to place your goods, print out your free shipping label, and ship the items through any UPS store.

According to the official website, sellers should protect the good condition of their products by using cardboard boxes and bubble wrap if they don’t have the original packaging. All items are fully insured during the transit, so Decluttr has you covered in case your package gets lost.

4) Receive Your Payment

How do you get your earnings from the items you sell on Decluttr? There is an easy way to receive your profits – the platform makes sure of that:

As soon as you ship your goods to Decluttr, technology experts will review them and remove any personal information (like your phone number). Then, Decluttr will take care of your payment.

At the time of writing, the platform issues payment on the next business day after receiving items. Still, don’t expect a next-day payment, considering direct deposits clear within three business days.

Available payment options are direct deposit, check, PayPal cash, or donation to a charity of your choice.

Do you have your earnings already? Great, you can use them to buy new items at the Decluttr store or in any other way you see fit.

What Can I Sell On Decluttr?

unwanted items you can sell on decluttr

Quite frankly, the type of items you can sell is probably the most essential information of this Decluttr review. With that said, see all the things you can offer to sell on the site:


  • iPhones (from iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 Max Pro)
  • Samsung phones (from Samsung Galaxy S6 to Samsung Galaxy S21)
  • Other popular phones, including Google phones, LG phones, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.

More often than not, phones like the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S10 can get you an instant cash offer of $200 or more if they’re in good condition. These are good prices for phones you don’t need anymore.

Video Games

  • PlayStation 3, 4, 5, and PSP
  • Xbox Consoles
  • Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Switch

Game consoles and video games can bring you a great deal of extra money. Believe it or not, Decluttr offers around $160 for PlayStation 4 Pro.

Other Unwanted Tech Items

  • Tablets
  • Amazon Kindle Fire tablets
  • iPads
  • Apple Macbook/Apple Mac Mini
  • Wearables like the Apple Watch and others

Other Items

  • Old CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays
  • Textbooks and old books
  • LEGO

Most old media items will sell at a lower price, so don’t expect to make much money from them. Typically, tech gadgets and electronic items (even old electronics) can bring sellers the best prices.

How Much Money Can You Make On Decluttr?

Generally, the full amount of your earnings from selling unwanted items on Decluttr depends on different factors, such as the item’s condition and its market value.

How about a quick look at a few examples of the money you’ll earn from selling non-tech products?

DVDs go for less than a dollar in most cases. Meanwhile, books can fetch up to $2, and that’s a great deal for a book you won’t ever read again.

And what about tech items? Well, tech typically pays much better – even an old phone like the iPhone 5s can bring you over $70 if it’s in decent condition.

Overall, Declutter is a good place to sell tech and non-tech items you don’t need anymore. As mentioned earlier in this Decluttr review, you’ll receive your earnings within a few business days.

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Decluttr Pros And Cons


  • Easy To Use: Declutter is the best place to give a second life to your old items and earn extra cash in the process since the platform is so easy to use.
  • No Shipping Fees: Sellers don’t have to pay to ship the items they offer – Declutter sends prepaid shipping labels to anyone who wants to sell on the platform.
  • Free To Use: By all means, Decluttr is one of the best selling apps nowadays, and you can use it for free – the Decluttr free app is available for download.
  • Fast Payments: Once you ship items to Decluttr and the company accepts them, you’ll receive your earnings in a few days.
  • Secure Device Disposal: Even if you forget to remove the personal information of the old cell phones you sell, Decluttr’s tech team will do that before sending the items to their new owners.


  • There Is No 24/7 Customer Service: One of the big complaints about Decluttr is that there is no live chat or any other way to receive customer service. Still, the site allows people to submit inquiries regarding issues with orders or payments.
  • You May Not Get The Best Prices For Your Items: Certain items might fetch a better price at the local thrift stores than on Decluttr. Always go on thrifting trips to check for a better deal before listing any item for sale on Decluttr.
  • The Quality Control Doesn’t Always Work Perfectly: Expect disputes if items have more damage than the seller reports (if you buy things on Decluttr aside from selling items yourself).

Who Should Use Decluttr?

Generally speaking, anyone who wants to tidy up their home, get rid of redundant things, and turn much stuff into money should consider using Decluttr.

Do you have a tech gadget in good condition or movie DVDs you won’t ever watch again? Then, listing them for sale on Decluttr is the easiest way to empty your living space and earn extra money while having a good experience on the platform.

However, if you still own a cell phone from twenty years ago or discs that won’t work properly, you’ll be better off throwing them in the trash. Even a large number of such discs won’t do you any good on Decluttr!

Besides, Decluttr is not a great place to visit if you want to sell other items like vinyl records or gift cards – the platform doesn’t list such things on its marketplace. You’ll most likely get a fair price for these items if you try to sell them elsewhere.

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Decluttr Alternatives: How It Compares

So far, this Decluttr review says a lot about the convenience of selling items on the site. But if you want to sell stuff online for the first time, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s see how Decluttr compares to other similar platforms to find out the best options for selling items online:

Decluttr Vs. Amazon

Most people selling things online are familiar with the Amazon Trade-In program that allows anyone to get paid for selling stuff. Is that program better than Decluttr?

Unfortunately, the Amazon Trade-In program leaves a lot to be desired by sellers. At the time of writing, the program pays online via Amazon credit.

Meanwhile, Amazon accepts more items for sale than Decluttr. So, go for that marketplace if you have a new phone and want to sell your old iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

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Decluttr Vs. Swappa

Swappa is another site where you can sell things like old media and electronics. However, Swappa works differently than Decluttr:

While Decluttr will buy your stuff to sell it for you, Swappa will allow you to sell your items directly to the buyers.

Another difference between the two sites is that Swappa charges all its sellers a fee, and selling on Decluttr won’t cost you a cent.

Decluttr Vs. Eagle Saver

By all means, Eagle Saver can give Decluttr a run for its money:

Eagle Saver offers an easy way to sell items online without paying for shipping and any risk. It’s a great way to exchange unwanted stuff for cash, and the best part is the one-day order processing feature.

Declutter Vs. eBay

We all know how popular eBay is for selling all kinds of things online.

Before listing your old Xbox for sale on Decluttr, you might think about selling it on eBay instead.

Decluttr Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Decluttr Actually Pay?

Yes, Decluttr pays sellers for listing different items on the platform. The site will offer you a reasonable instant price for your items, make the selling process easy, and provide customer service.

Does Decluttr Charge Fees?

Selling stuff on Decluttr is free of charge. Anyone can sell items without any fees or auctions.

Is Decluttr Safe To Sell To?

Decluttr is a legitimate, safe, and reliable site where you can sell a variety of items to other people and receive a great price for your stuff.

My Closing

I think there is nothing left to say about Decluttr – the Decluttr review above covers everything you need to know about the platform.

Do you still own old items you have no use of any longer? Then, don’t waste any time – list your items for sale on Decluttr and get some extra cash in a couple of days.

What questions do you have about Decluttr? Is there something about the selling process you don’t understand?

Ask me anything you want in the comments section, and I’ll answer all your questions.

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