30 Legit Work From Home Jobs That Pay Up To $100,000/Year

legit work from home jobs with no start-up fess

Taking an interest in the legit work from home jobs is a natural move most people make nowadays.

Can anyone blame them?

An income has to come from somewhere.

And earning it while you don’t leave your house is the most logical solution in 2021.

Even college students are finding jobs they can handle in their free time.

If they can do it without having a degree, then everyone can.

But where do you start the search?

It’s common knowledge that there are plenty of scams masked as legitimate online jobs.

How do you escape becoming one of their latest victims?

Well, you can decrease the odds of getting played by doing research.

However, I’ve done it, so you won’t have to.

Today, I’ll introduce you to legitimate work from home jobs with no start-up fee.

Heads up – all of the entries on my list have 4, 5, and even a higher star rating on Glassdoor.

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Is Doing Work From Home Jobs The Right Fit For You?

Let’s forget for a minute that working from home might be the only choice in front of you.

While working anywhere else is challenging these days, it’s still an option for many people.

The question is – which one do you prefer if you have the ability to make a free choice?

Meaning, would you rather keep working anywhere but at home if life goes back to the way it used to be?

Or maybe earning money from your sofa is what you’ve been dreaming of all along?

There is an easy way to make up your mind if you’re not sure where you stand at this moment.

30 best legit work from home jobs

Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

So, I have this idea:

How about I show you the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

Personally, looking at a list always helps me make a decision.

Maybe it will help you too?


  1. Wear casual outfits – you don’t have to spend money on work clothes any longer.
  2. Work on your own terms – you can take a break any time you feel like it.
  3. No boss and no colleagues – there will be nobody breathing down your neck.
  4. Fewer expenditures – no petrol, subway, or car fees.
  5. More time for your loved ones – flexible hours will do that for you.


  1. A stronger discipline – you’ll have to work on keeping yourself focused.
  2. There is no socializing – working from home on your own can get pretty lonely sometimes.  

Alright, let’s assume that you’re completely sold on the idea of starting a work from home job.

Considering the pros are more than the cons, it’s easy to see why you would be!

Then, what comes next is choosing one of the legit work from home jobs I’m about to show you:

High-Paying Work From Home Jobs – Legitimate Jobs To Earn From Home

A quick word about my list of legit work from home jobs, no experience required:

You’re not going to find work from home ideas that will suggest committing your time to take surveys.

Yes, surveys are legitimate side gigs – at least, most of them are.

But they’re not a money-making opportunity that will allow you to earn a full-time income.

And anything less than a job with full-time income potential is not what this article is about!

With that said, here is my take on easy legit work from home jobs anyone would be able to handle:

1) Freelance Writing

freelance writing

In case some of you are wondering why I’m starting with this one, the answer is simple:

Anyone – and I mean anyone – can start making money as a freelance writer.

Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need to have outstanding skills to get hired as a writer.

No, you just need a desire to write and improve your abilities.

Now, many people see this job as more of a side hustle than a full-time career.

Yes, beginner writers don’t earn as much as professionals do – that goes without saying.

Still, there are platforms that will pay you well to write, even if you are a newbie.

Some websites will pay you as much as $250 per article – not bad for a first-time writer, is it?

However, if you want to get paid four figures for a writing piece, I suggest taking a writing course.

I highly recommend My Freelance Paycheck – more than affordable training specifically designed for beginners.

Laura Pennington is the creator – she will show you how to build a successful freelance writing business in a matter of weeks.

You can read more about it in my full Freelance Paycheck review.

2) Online Typing Jobs

We’re still on the topic of writing, so let’s expand it further.

Doing online typing jobs is another way of saying that you’ll be doing captioning.

To clarify, captioning is the process of generating subtitles for movies and TV shows.

The way you earn is by listening to the characters speaking and typing what they are saying.

You can do that, right?

As long as you don’t lack in precision, there is no doubt in my mind that you can manage the job.

Rev is a good place to find an online typing job.

About the pay – you can make up to $0,75 per video minute.

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3) Online Transcription Jobs

Speaking of listening to files – what about a transcription job?

For those who don’t know – this is a job where you’ll turn audio or a video file into a written text.

Sounds too complicated for complete beginners?

Well, it isn’t.

When you apply for a transcription position, you’ll take a quiz or a test.

Afterward, you’ll receive feedback letting you know how to improve your current skills.

Later on, you’ll start making money by taking on transcription projects.

That’s one of the best things about becoming a transcriber – you don’t need previous experience.  You’ll learn as you go.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this makes the job one of the most desirable legit work from home jobs out there.

A company like Go Transcript is a great place to get a transcription job.

It will give you the chance to become an editor as well while you’re still transcribing files.

Read the full Go Transcript review when you have a minute.

4) Legitimate Data Entry Work From Home Jobs

legit work from home jobs data entry clerk

Another well-paid work from home job is the job of the data entry clerk.

This job’s description is pretty self-explanatory:

What you’ll be doing is typing in data from one source to another.

Anyone who hates working on the phone will appreciate this job – you won’t have to ever pick up the phone.

While the pay is not as lucrative compared to most of the jobs on this list, it’s still worth considering.

Data entry workers can earn up to $17 per hour.

To get started, read everything about the best data entry jobs in 2021.

5) Proofreading Online Jobs

OK, I should probably have mentioned this one a bit earlier in this list of legit work from home jobs.

After all, proofreading is one of the best-paid entries in this article!

Anyway, I’m mentioning it now:

A proofreader is a fancy word for a person who corrects mistakes in written documents.

When you become one, your job will be correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

If you’re an individual who spots mistakes easily, you’ll be perfect for the job.

No clue how to start?

That’s an easy one – take this free online training Caitlin Pyle has specifically created for beginners.

The reason I believe she is the best person to teach you the job is because she is a successful proofreader herself.

Her proofreading company is a million-dollar business – she managed to grow it to this level in a couple of years.

Professional proofreaders can earn up to $50,000 per year – learn how to become one by reading this post.

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6) Web Developer

By all means, this job is for people who are good at the technical side.

It’s a popular work from home job – one that won’t make you worry about when your next paycheck is coming.

Tons of companies are looking to hire web developers.

And they don’t need to see a college degree to be willing to pay you.

However, they would like to see impressive coding skills.

Platforms like Udemy are offering online courses that will teach you these skills.

Maybe you’re not sure if the job is worth the trouble?

According to Glassdoor, web developers earn up to $110,000 per year.

7) Search Engine Evaluator

We all like to think that Google always knows best.

While that’s true most of the time, mistakes tend to happen every now and then.

You may think – how is that possible?

Isn’t Google all about its algorithm – an algorithm that is supposed to be flawless?

Well, it isn’t.

Sometimes, it’s not going to give you the most relevant answer to your search query.

Basically, that’s where the search engine evaluators come in.

They will work hard to check and make sure Google’s users receive the best answer to their questions.

This job will make you around $15 per hour – you can get one by looking into iSoftStone or Appen.

8) Graphic Designer

graphic designer

Another work from home job suitable for people who are good around the web is the position of graphic designer.

Again, no previous education or college degree is necessary for you to do this work.

But I’ll advise you to build a strong portfolio where you showcase your skills.

You can offer potential clients to do some designs for a reduced price or even for free.

That will help you get your business out of the park and start building authority in the field.

Once you establish yourself, expect to earn anywhere between $45,000-$65,000 per year.

9) Digital Marketing Jobs

Since the conversation is still about online jobs that can be considered difficult, let’s talk about digital marketing.

Make no mistake – digital marketing jobs are not everyone’s cup of tea.

With that said, if you’re interested in the field and you’re willing to learn, they’re an excellent choice.

Why wouldn’t they be?

It’s no secret that digital marketers are some of the best-paid people working online nowadays.

Their salaries can easily reach over $100,000 per year.

Depending on how good you are and how hard you’re working, you can earn even more than that.

To find out how to become a successful digital marketer, take a few minutes to read this post.

10) Affiliate Marketer

Being an affiliate marketer is not only the most popular of all the legit work from home jobs.

No, it’s the first choice for everyone who is just starting to work online.

Probably because is relatively easy to start doing affiliate marketing.

At least, that’s what most people believe when they don’t know better.

Affiliate marketing is work when you promote someone else’s products or services for a commission.

You don’t have to create the products – you just need to focus on marketing them.

And that’s where people realize that affiliate marketing is much more complicated than it seems.

It all comes down to getting tons of targeted traffic to see your offers – and there is a lot of work that goes into that.

My advice is to get professional affiliate marketing training – you’ll have a hard time making it as a marketer without it.

I got mine here – it’s a platform anyone can join for free.

This platform will teach you how to do affiliate marketing, keyword research, getting ranked on Google, etc.

More importantly, it will provide you with free web hosting and two free websites, so you get started your affiliate marketing business as fast as possible.

11) Blogger

the best legit work from home jobs blogging jobs

Closely related to the previous job, blogging is as popular today as it ever was.

Thousands of new websites are coming to life online every single hour.

Personally, I feel like everyone is trying to become a blogger these days.

It’s easy to see why – having a successful blog is a great way to reach the financial independence soo many people crave.

Plus, it’s an excellent idea to build a passive income stream, a.k.a make money while you sleep.

But is becoming a full-time blogger even possible right now?

With a field that saturated, maybe you’re too late to the party?

In my opinion, no – you are not too late.

Choosing a well-researched niche and working hard on your blogging craft will give you a good chance to find blogging success.

Of course, there is much more that goes into that – you’ll find out soon enough!

If you’re ready to start a blog, I suggest using BigScoots as your hosting company.

They never fail to deliver, will help you with anything you need and are pretty affordable:

You can get a plan for less than $5 per month!

12) Vlogger

Continuing with the list of legit work from home jobs, we need to talk about vlogging.

In other words, we’ll discuss starting a YouTube channel.

Quite frankly, the reasons why you should choose this job are countless.

Video content is everything nowadays – people prefer to watch than to read.

As visual human beings, seeing a well-produced tutorial will always prevail over reading about it.

So, is there something you know a lot about?  Do you mind teaching your skills to other people?

The thing about YouTube I appreciate the most is that there is a large enough audience for any topic imaginable.

Also, there is plenty of information about starting and growing a successful channel available online.

Generally, the income potential here is through the roof.

Just check how many people are currently millionaires thanks to YouTube!

13) Podcaster

Podcasts are gaining more and more popularity in recent years, from what I can see.

I mean, it seems like every second famous person has one already.

But you don’t have to be an actor or musician to start and build a profitable podcast.

Instead, you need to have a passion for the topic you’re planning to discuss and a smartphone.

Yes, there are apps that will allow you to record a podcast to your phone – Anchor comes to mind.

You can go about your podcast in any way you like – you can do interviews, open dialogue, etc.

About how much you’ll be able to earn – that’s tough to say.

But sponsorships are just one way to monetize your podcast – I’m sure you’ll find more once you start!

14) Voice-Over Legit Work From Home Jobs

Podcasters rely on their voice to do the job, and so do the voice artists.

Again, you don’t need to have a famous and recognizable voice to get hired as a voice actor.

Long gone are the days when voice acting jobs were available just to the stars of the biggest movie studios.

Today, anyone can try their luck in getting a voice-over job.

Male, female, and children voices are constantly in demand.

How cool would it be if you earn your living sitting at home and doing voice-overs?

Personally, I don’t think it can get better than that.

If the prospect of this job excites you, you’re welcome to learn how to become a voice-over artist.

15) Virtual Assistance Jobs

virtual assistance jobs

Hands down, a virtual assistant is the most in-demand job right now.

With the enormous rise in the number of people doing online businesses, no one is really wondering why.

Both big and small companies are always looking to hire help.

As soon as a business grows, it becomes impossible for one person to manage everything.

That’s why a virtual assistant is the hottest job you can go for in 2021.

VAs are responsible for different tasks – it depends on the niche you’ll choose.

They make really good money too:

Once you become a professional virtual assistant, expect to earn up to $100 per hour.

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16) Social Media Manager

More often than not, people think of Social Media managers as virtual assistants.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate.

Because Social Media managers are focusing just on Social Media and nothing else.

What they do is engaging with the audience, increasing the number of followers, and boosting brand awareness.

Of course, you may be asked to do more than that.

It all depends on what the client is hiring you to deliver.

Believe it or not, a Social Media Manager is one of the best paid legit work from home jobs.

When you become one, you’ll be able to make as much as $97,000 per year.

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17) Teach English Online

Most of the companies hiring people to teach English online require a Bachelor’s degree.

But not all of them.

Even without a degree you can become an English tutor.

If English is your first language and you have teaching experience, you should consider this option.

VIPKID is the company I always recommend to my readers.

Simply because it’s the best one, in my opinion.

Here are three more platforms that are constantly looking for people to teach English to kids.

Honestly, the pay could be better – it’s around $25 per hour.

Then again, you’ll make this money for a 40-minutes long teaching hour.

18) Translator

One more work from home job that is about knowledge of a foreign language is the job of a translator.

Being bilingual have its perks, doesn’t it?

What I like here is that you don’t need to show a degree to secure a translating position.

Prepare to spend your time translating audio, speech in real-time, and text from one language to another.

The most in-demand translators can earn anywhere between $10-$100 per hour.

As a newbie, you probably won’t hit the big payouts.

Still, everyone has to start from somewhere – Rev is a good place to begin looking.

19) Scoping Jobs

To be honest, this is one of those legit work from home jobs that is not for everybody.

Furthermore, you’ll need to go through a professional course to be able to do it.

It all comes down to the nature of the job:

A scopist works to edit court documents.

Sounds way too difficult for you to bother?

Actually, it isn’t – as long as you’re willing to learn and improve your scoping skills.

Linda Evenson is the best person to teach you.  She is a professional scopist with over 35 years of experience behind her back.

She is teaching everything she knows in her Internet Scoping School.

And her students are currently making around $5,000 per month (the last time I checked).

Take advantage of the Free Scoping Mini-Course Linda has put together – and find out of scoping is your dream job.

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20) Travel Agent

travel agent is one of the legit work from home jobs

Basically, I feel like the tone of this article is getting way too serious, so let’s talk about a job on the light side!

Travel agents can either work for an agency or be independent.

As one, you’ll be offering your professional advice on destinations and accommodations.

You don’t need much to get started – a computer, WI-FI, headset, and a printer are enough.

According to Glassdoor, travel agents earn over $45,000 per year.

Be careful, though – there are a lot of scams in this industry.

Don’t pay or purchase anything upfront, and you’ll be good!

21) Online Course Creator

Is there something not to love about this job?

I mean, you’ll do the work once, and you’ll keep making money over and over again.

That’s the definition of passive income – earning without actively trying to.

Usually, bloggers are the ones who are offering online courses.

However, you don’t have to be a blogger to create and sell a course.

No, you need to know your topic inside and out, a huge audience, and marketing skills to sell.

About the last part – you can let platforms like Udemy market your course for you.

Podia is what I recommend as a platform to use when you’re ready to create your course.

It will take excellent care of you, and it will provide you with everything you need.

Don’t expect me to tell you how much you’ll earn early as a course creator.

After all, that’s up to you!

22) Write And Sell eBooks

If you can make money writing for someone else, you’ll make even more money writing for yourself.

While writing to get paid by the article is a great money-making idea, it doesn’t help you build passive income.

Do you know what will?

Writing and selling your own eBooks.

Just like any other passive income stream, you’ll do the work once, and you’ll keep earning out of it over time.

These days, writing, editing, and selling an eBook is a child’s play.

Tools like Sqrrible will help you create a professional eBook in literally minutes.

Where do you go to sell it once your product is ready?

Well, where everyone is selling eBooks – Amazon KindlePublishing.

But what do you do if you don’t want to write the books yourself?

Then you can read about K Money Mastery and learn how to make thousands of dollars selling eBooks without creating them.

23) Stock Photographer

stock photographer

Everyone needs stock photography.

An online business, a company, a corporation – they’re all looking for professional images.

So, if you’re more than good with the camera, you should spend your days selling your art.

Quite frankly, many people underestimate photography – they don’t see it as one of the best legit work from home jobs.

In my opinion, they should – there is a lot of money in this field.

You may be wondering – how much money we’re talking about here?

Sometimes, a single image can bring you thousands of dollars.

Websites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock will pay you handsomely if your work is on a professional level.

24) Fiverr Seller

Quite frankly, I doubt that many of you need clarification about what Fiverr is.

Still, let me say that it’s one of the biggest online marketplaces for those of you who don’t know.

As such, you can sell anything on it – products, services, and skills.

It doesn’t matter what you’re good at – you’ll find people on Fiverr who are interested in buying it.

Even more, you can sell your abilities to do most of the legit work from home jobs – data entry, transcription, etc.

Becoming a Fiverr seller has the potential to be your new full-time occupation.

Sure, when you’re just starting, it would probably be more of a side hustle than anything else.

However, if you work hard to expand your brand, you might become one of the people who earn five and six figures a year selling on Fiverr.

25) Dropshipping

First and foremost, dropshipping is hard work – make no mistake about that.

Starting and developing your own online store will certainly take a long time.

With that said, dropshipping is one of the most profitable legit work from home jobs you can have.

The income potential here is limitless.

Depending on how seriously you’re taking the job, you can earn anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to thousands per month.

And one of the best things about it is that you can launch a whole online business with no start-up cost.

Shopify will allow you to build your store completely for free.

Thanks to its free trial, you’ll be able to build a shop without paying anything at all.

Side Legit Work From Home Jobs – Earn Extra Income

Basically, most of the entries up until now could replace your current nine-to-five job.

There are other legitimate online jobs you can try, though.

I’m giving them a separate paragraph because they are more of side jobs than full-time ones, in my opinion.

Here they are:

  1. Be An Online Friend – a legit work from home opportunity anyone can handle.  Since the whole friendly exchange is happening online, this job is perfect for introverts.  I like to think of it as getting free cash!
  2.  Sell Insurance – an extra income stream that will boost your wallet nicely every month.  You need to be good with words and a natural seller to make the best of it.
  3. Become A Ticket Broker – not a widely-known work from home option.  Personally, I don’t see why since it can make you more than a decent income.
  4. Instagram Influencer – actually, this job has more of a full-time income potential.  But I’m placing it here because it’s not for everybody, and it takes a long time to build a large following.
  5. A Participant In Online Research – I’m not talking about surveys.  No, you can join Respondent, and earn up to $300 per research study.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now Near Me

legitimate work from home jobs hiring now near me

OK, the jobs you’re about to see are for USA citizens.

Actually, they might work in a couple of other countries as well.

You’ll need to check if you’re eligible by visiting the official websites.

  1. Work As A Tasker – you can find easy jobs once you join TaskRabbit.  The most committed taskers earn up to $7,000 per month.  Learn more about it by reading my TaskRabbit Review.
  2. Dasher – that means getting a job at DoorDash. Delivering groceries in your spare time will make you extra $500 per week.  Find out more here.

What Are The Best Jobs To Work At Home? – My Closing

Honestly, I can’t answer this for you – you’ll need to make your own decision.

After reading this detailed list of legit work from home jobs, you probably already have an idea.

Care to share it with me?

Which job do you think will suit your skills and abilities perfectly?

Let me know!

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