21 Ways To Make Money Fast – Earn More Than $100/Day

ways to make money fast

Alright, online pals!  Who would like to earn some cash?  I don't need to guess, I'm pretty sure it's all of you!  And that's why I'm happy to present to you my favorite ways to make money fast.

Let's face it - we need the extra income now more than ever!  After all, winter is coming...

Sorry, forgive my unhealthy obsession with "Game of Thrones"!  What I actually mean is "Christmas is coming!"

So we better make sure that you'll be able to shower your loved ones with the presents they deserve!

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Why Fast Money?

Well, in case you don't have a calendar in front of you...it's already 11 of December... 

Do you need any more convincing that you should better hurry?

Personally, the bigger part of my closest friends is already done with the Christmas shopping.  Maybe I envy them a bit, but hey - I prefer to spend the day trying to help you!

Anyhow, today's post will cover more than just the ways to produce a decent amount of cash quickly.  Considering that I'm feeling inspired...

Grab a cup of coffee, this is going to be a long read!

ways to make money fast

Ways To Make Money Fast From Home

In short, I'll do my best to separate the money-making opportunities in a few categories.

Starting with the ones you can do from the comfort of your couch!

1) Rent Out a Room

Have a room that you're not really using at the moment?  Or maybe you'll be out of town for a while, so your whole house will be ghost-town?

Whatever the case may be, to let people occupy your home is the easiest way to put some weight into your wallet.

I mean, how does $100/day sound to you?

rent out a room with airbnb

Airbnb is an excellent choice to help you do that.  By the way, your place will be fully protected:

You'll be able to pre-screen your future tenants!

2) Rent Your Car

Since we're on the subject of rent...

Basically, the ways to make money fast thanks to your car are not to be dismissed! 

Depending on the condition of your vehicle, you'll cash in around $100/day.

In my opinion, Turo is the app to go with!

3) Mystery Shopping On The Phone

Are you aware of how some companies gather data on their employees?

It turns out that they are paying people to do a test call.  And one of these people can be you!

As a mystery shopper, you'll be provided with questions you'll need to ask.  When the call is over, just write a report and submit it.

Once your work is accepted, you're getting paid!  Interested?  Then visit Call Center QA or Confero.

4) Listen To Music

Any chance that you're obsessed with music?  If you're, then why not get paid for reviewing songs?

ways to make money fast

Slice the Pie will let you do exactly that.  Ultimately, you can't do better than this website - it's the biggest paid review site online these days!

Earn an Extra Cash Online

Now, let's have a look at all the ways to make money fast on the internet.

Generally, you can expect a much larger section here!

1) Get Paid From Mobile Apps

I really doubt that this will come as a surprise to any of you...

Nowadays, you can boost your monthly income with the help of hundreds of mobile applications.  From cash-back to commissions when referring your friends, the possibilities are countless.

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2) Test Products

What do you think about testing brand new products?  Not bad, huh?

Hold on, it's getting better:

Imagine that you'll keep those products and in the end, even get paid for that...

And how about you stop imagining and just make it a reality?

To do that, you can visit Product Testing USA.

Making Money Online Is Not a Daydreaming!  You Need To Take Action And Make It Happen!

My Free Guide Can Help!  Click To Grab It Now!

my free guide

3) And Then Test Websites

Right beside testing products, you can do the same with websites as well.

Who can blame the developers for their desire to find out if their creations are working just fine?  Especially when they are happy to reward you for your time?

In my opinion, TestingTime truly deserves your attention.  This website will pay you $10 for every 20 minutes spent on testing!

4) Get Paid For Using the Internet

Honestly, I find this option kind of mind-blowing!

Believe it or not, you'll earn money just for letting a single app to track the way you use the internet.

ways to make money fast

Yeah, that's Nielsen for you!

Ways To Make Money Fast - Sell Online

Although one can argue that this category can pretty much mingle with the previous one, I think it deserves its own place and attention!

1) Sell Items On eBay/Amazon

Basically, you can sell just about everything on these platforms...

And I believe there is no need to write every single item you can profit from selling, is there?

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2) Sell More Stuff on Other Platforms

Ultimately, the selling section of this article will become way too long if I give a separate paragraph for each option.

Besides, it's easier to see it all in one place, isn't?

sell cds online for extra cash

- tablets, laptops, phones - Gazelle

- DVDs and CDs - DeCluttr

- makeup - Glam Bot

Social Media As an Earning Opportunity

Come on, I wouldn't miss this one for the world!

Considering how much the use of Social Media has grown over the years, your chances to make money on it are hotter than ever.

1) Manage Social Media Accounts

Let me ask you:

Do you really believe that the biggest brands out there deal with their Social Media accounts all on their own?

In case you are wondering - no, they are not!  They hire people to help them do that.

If you're interested to become one of those people, I would suggest reading this article.

2) Earn From Your Followers

This one will be particularly useful to any of you who has a huge Social Media following.

Are you aware of the fact that you can make money just by giving away free eBooks to your followers?

Well, you are now!  And you can do that thanks to Social Sale Rep.

3) Make Money On Pinterest

Regardless if you have a website or not, you can profit from Pinterest in quite a big way.  

There are so many options to choose from!

How about you start with the one that doesn't require from you to have your own blog?

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Side Hustles To Boost Your Income

Not sure how you feel about it, but I just love a great side hustle.

Although they might take a bit more time than the options above, side hustles are really helpful for your monthly income.

1) Become a Ticket Broker Online

In short, here you'll deal with buying and selling tickets online.

become a ticket broker online

Personally, I still can't believe what a huge profit can be made where the rules of supply and demand apply...

And the Ticket Broker Guide will show you how to use that.

2) Make Cash With Slogans

Let's see if you'll agree with me:

The way a product is presented to us can really influence our purchasing decisions, isn't it?

Basically, that's why slogans are such an important part of the content marketing.

Now, you can be the one who invents kick-ass phrases.  It's what you'll be paid for with Slogan Seller.

3) Work As a Transcriber

Another way to earn an extra cash for Christmas presents is to get a part-time job.

What would you say about being a transcriber?  

Generally, it's a convenient solution.  Flexible hours and pays well...like more than $1K/month well!

In my opinion, it's worth to have a look at Go Transcript to grab that extra income!

4) Pick a Different Part-Time Job

If you're not really fond of the idea to work as a transcriber, why not go for another side hustle?

There is a whole online board where you can browse around and check the current job opportunities.

And you can find it on Home Job Stop.

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Ways To Make Money Fast - Passive Income

Just so we are clear:

The ideas that are about to follow are not going to deliver cash in your pocket that fast.

Be that as it may, they are just too attractive not to be mentioned!

In other words, it's time to learn how to build a passive income.

1) Start a Website

I bet you saw this one coming from miles away...

Makes sense to be the first on the list, doesn't it?

When you develop a successful blog, you can be pretty much done with angry bosses and the limits of 9-5 job!  What could be better than that?

However, it's not as easy as you may think.  But you can always get help, it's what I did not that long ago.  On top of that, completely for FREE!

2) Affiliate Marketing

As the second favorite source of passive income, the affiliate marketing never fails to amaze me...

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Being an affiliate marketer will allow you to make money without creating your own products online.  

All that you'll need to do is publish content that recommends the brands you truly believe in.

To help you start with affiliate marketing, check the ultimate all-in-one affiliate toolbox here.

3) Build Your Own Online Store

From what I can see online, more and more folks are heading in that direction...

Honestly, I can understand why.  Being the middleman has tons of advantages!

build an online store

Shopify is a perfect choice if you want to create an online store, especially for beginners.

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4) Start a Dropshipping Business

Let me start with this:

If I'm able to find a free day anytime soon, that would be my personal choice!

The dropshipping business is growing so fast that I'm having troubles to wrap my head around it.

In case you're interested, but have no idea what dropshipping is:

There is a product called The Low Hanging System, you might wanna check it out!

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My Closing

Well, there is always next Christmas...

I'm kidding!  After reading about all these ways to make money fast, what else is there to say?

Just pick the ones you like the most and let the earning begin!

Those presents can't really pay for themselves on their own, can they?

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  1. I have a friend that is a mystery shopper not on their phone, though. They do it where they go out to eat and then write up a review about the service. She makes like $5-10 each time. But, really just gets to eat for free, which is nice.

    But, also you can create training videos on Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t pay a lot, but 5 dollars per training. Do 5 a week and that is $100 a month 🙂