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Slogan Seller Review – Turn Your Creativity Into Real Cash

Hey you all, full with awesome ideas people!  Just so you know, I've been cooking this Slogan Seller review for quite some time.  Finally, it's all done.  So, if you have 10 minutes to spare, you might wanna...

"Grab it while it's hot!"

Personally, I've always loved this saying.  Especially, considering right now it helps me to kill two birds with one stone:

I get to use a quote I really like and it fits perfectly as an introduction to the topic of slogans.

Not sure what exactly I'm talking about?  Well, you'll be in a minute!

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What Is a Slogan?

First and foremost, "Grab it while it's hot" is not only a cool thing to say about the post you're currently reading.  Moreover, it happens to be a slogan.

In case you're not familiar with the term, slogans are short, memorable phrases we all tend to use a lot in our everyday life.

For instance, have you seen the BBB slogan?  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo to show you what a great job the Better Business Bureau has done with their slogan.  Actually, you can see for yourself on its Wikipedia page.

That being said, this photo is a pretty good example, isn't?

slogan seller review

Generally, people like slogans - they sound awesome and we can relate to them.  But that's not their only purpose.

On the contrary, slogans have the ability to become mind-blowing marketing tools when they're used properly.

Now, what if I tell you that you can get paid for slogans as well?

Believe it or not, I'm not messing with you!  And to make my point, I'll introduce you to a product called the Slogan Seller.

Slogan Seller Review - The Basics


Owner: Ben Olson

Price: $37

Cash Embrace Rank:

85 out of 100

slogan seller review

To sum up, the Slogan Seller is a product that will allow you to earn cash for creating slogans.  Its main purpose is giving you the opportunity to come up with money making slogans from the comfort of your home.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

However, before you go crazy and start to brainstorm every single word you've ever heard, let me clarify a thing or two:

Above all, you can't just type a phrase like "OMG" and try to sell it immediately online.

Because you can get paid to write slogans, but it will take a bit more than that!

What Is Slogan Seller?

Basically, we can talk about the earning power of cash slogans all day long.  Yes, they're awesome, but most of the Slogan Seller reviews online have that covered already.

Instead, how about you take action and move a step closer to making an extra and even full-time income with this product?

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In short, the Slogan Seller is 48 pages long e-book that will teach you everything you need to know.  For instance, what the slogans are all about, how to write an exceptional one, where to sell it afterward, etc.

creative ideas to make money

Honestly, this e-book is very well written in my opinion.  Likewise, it doesn't just scratch the surface with throwing big words and numbers in your face.

As a result, these 48 pages really take their time to train you and show you the effect of slogans on creativity.

Once you're done with it, you'll be ready to turn that creativity into real cash!

Here, feel free to search for Slogan Seller Reddit or Exceptional Creations Slogan online to experience first hand how slogans can affect you.

Slogan Seller Review - How Does The Product Work?

Before we go any further, let's make something perfectly clear:

For starters, this is not one of those low-quality products that scream promises of fast money in no time.

If you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you better look elsewhere.

So, you better get used to the idea that you won't get paid instantly.

Slogan Seller review - example of a slogan

And that pretty much answers the unspoken question of is Slogan Seller legit or not, doesn't it?

As a rule of thumb, every legitimate money making product needs time to deliver for you.  Even more, the Slogan Seller will be the first to tell you that.

Remember, 48 pages long e-book!

Anyhow, the product has done a really good job explaining how the whole thing works.  Moreover, to make the learning process as easy to digest as possible, its material is divided into 3 separate sections.

Slogan Seller - The Training

Simply said, those 3 sections will introduce you to the specific methods you'll need to imply in order to achieve your goal.

If I may remind you, that goal is to take your creation to its final destination - making a sale.

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Let's see what those methods have in mind, shall we?

1st Method - Sell Your Idea To The Public

Once you buy the product, you'll receive your e-book.  At this point, you won't have the first clue what you're supposed to be doing, right?

Well, the goal of the first method is to change that!

Here, you'll begin to learn how to create money-making slogans.  In addition, you'll develop very important skills.

For example, you'll study an existing idea that already has proven to work.  Then, you'll find out how to repurpose this idea in a way that will fit your own current idea.

Finally, you'll make it your own!

Slogan Seller review - how  to repurpose an idea

Besides, that's just the beginning because there is so much more to come within that first section.

As soon as you learn how to create slogans, it's time to get commercial.  Meaning, if you want your brand new slogan to gain huge marketing power, you'll need to throw some beauty into the mix!

To help you do that, the product will provide you with graphic tools and instructions on how to use them.  By the way, most of those tools are free!

Once you're finished with all that, you'll be ready to turn your words into real cash.

2nd Method - Entering Contests

Hopefully, you really enjoy competing because this part of the Slogan Seller is about entering different contests.

In other words, it's time to see if your baby is cuter than thousands of others!

Quite frankly, at this stage, your work is ready to meet all those companies that are ready to pay for clever, catchy phrases.  So, you shouldn't be surprised that presenting your slogans at contests is the way to do it.

However, what will surprise you, though, is the amount of cash those companies are willing to pay if they like what they see!

To sum up, the second method will show you where and how to enter this type of contests.  Meanwhile, it will offer you suggestions and strategies to get you in front of your competition.

3rd Method - Get The Business Done

Actually, this part of the product is where you'll learn how to submit your slogan to businesses that are interested to pay you for it.

Therefore, the Slogan Seller comes with a big fat list of all the companies that currently are looking for the next winning phrase.

how Slogan Seller works

Now, each of these companies has a different set of rules you should follow to make sure that your submission is done in the correct manner.

Also, this third section will help you to prepare your application.

Bonus Appendix

Basically, think of this bonus as your ultimate cheat sheet.

Want to do some quality brainstorming, here is your chance!  The Bonus Appendix will help you with that.

In addition, this bonus section contains a list of tons of catchy phrases that have been working more than well over the years.

No idea how this cheat sheet works?

It's pretty simple - part of the above-mentioned phrases are left blank for you to fill.

Important Note:

The product comes with a section of trademarks and that section deserves your full attention!

Generally, every company that owns a successful slogan trademarks it.  Meaning, you can't use it without permission.

Subsequently, the Slogan Seller does its best to protect you against potential lawsuits by providing you guidance.  And all that you'll need to do is to respect those trademarks!

Slogan Seller - About The Author

As I already said, the person behind the Slogan Seller is Ben Olson.

For starters, he has quite an interesting story to say at least.

Way back, he couldn't afford the pay his college fees.  Therefore, he had no other choice but to drop out.

So, what anyone would do in a situation like this one?

Naturally, you would try to find a new source of income as fast as possible, wouldn't you?

Well, that's what Ben did as well.

Basically, he spent a lot of time researching different money making opportunities and that's how he opened himself to the power of slogans.

And it was worth it - Ben took home $4,000 for a single slogan:

Slogan Seller review - successful slogan from Ben Olson

The way I see it, $4,000 for one slogan is not a bad way to make money online, isn't?

I guess this is the perfect answer to the question does Slogan Seller actually work or not...

Currently, Ben's company earns more than $50,000 in profit every year.

Slogan Seller Review - The List

Generally, this is the place where you'll be able to see the pros and cons of the product.


1) Very well written and detailed 48 pages long e-book

2) Step-by-step training, divided into 3 separate sections for your convenience

3) Easy to follow lessons

4) Plenty of extra material, including cheat sheet and trademarks

5) Help on all the legal matters

6) No previous experience or a special set of skills needed

7) A legit way to earn an income online

8) Real owner

9) 60-days money back guarantee


1) It will take time to complete the training - the product is not a get-rich-quick scheme

Is The Slogan Seller Legitimate?

Nowadays, this product can be found on the marketplace within ClickBank.

Truth to be told, this affiliate network doesn't have the best record where the quality of the digital products being offered is concerned.

If you would like to see first hand what I'm talking about, just visit my bad reviews category - most of them are on ClickBank's products.

However, Slogan Seller is definitely not one of them.

thumb up

This product is proven to work, from a legit company and owner behind it, and 60-days money back guarantee. 

So, there is no need for you to wonder if Slogan Seller is a scam because most certainly it's not!

Who Will Have The Best Use Of Slogan Seller?

In my opinion, most people have a very wrong idea about how the greatest slogans are coming to life.

For instance, I used to think that every slogan is being invented by a dozen men wearing expensive suits in a spacious office where ordinary people could never be invited.

Ultimately, it turns out that the picture in my head couldn't possibly be more wrong!

To sum up, this product is a perfect choice for everyone with at least a bit of creativity.  Moreover, if you're patient and don't mind the learning process, I believe that Slogan Seller will be more than valuable to you.

Besides, with its price of $37 and the money back guarantee, it shouldn't be too hard for you to make a purchasing decision, should it?

My Closing

Basically, I think we covered all there is to say about the product.

So, I really hope that you truly enjoyed this Slogan Seller review.

Any thoughts you would like to share on today's topic?  Or maybe there is something you didn't really understand?

Either way, let me know in the comments section and I'll get back to you the first chance I get.

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