Slogan Seller Review: Can You Get Paid To Write Slogans?

slogan seller review make money selling slogans online

For starters, this Slogan Seller Review will cover a little-known earning opportunity that requires creating money-making slogans.

These days, freelance writing is one of the most popular ways to make money online – it’s a side hustle millions of people rely on to earn extra money from home.

But since so many people try their luck as freelance writers, the competition you’ll face to secure a well-paying writing gig is stiff, to say the least. Working in a less crowded field will give you better chances to book a high-paying online job.

Such a field is the industry of creating, writing, and selling slogans online. And Slogan Seller is a platform that will teach you how to get paid to write slogans.

Today, I’ll tell you all about Slogan Seller and whether the program is worthy of your consideration:

  • What is Slogan Seller, and how does it work?
  • Can anyone write slogans for money?
  • How much does Slogan Seller cost?
  • Is Slogan Seller legit or a scam?

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Slogan Seller Review: Brief Summary

slogan seller review introduction to the product

Overall, Slogan Seller is an online platform anyone can join to make money selling slogans.

The website provides its members with everything they need to learn to create, market, and successfully sell slogans from home.

Anyone who decides to join Slogan Seller will receive in-depth training and professional tools that will make the working process as simple as possible.

All you need to begin earning money with Slogan Seller is a computer and internet access.

According to the platform, Slogan Seller is perfect for beginners and people without experience as freelance writers or marketers.

An Important Info:

Currently, products with similar names to Slogan Seller are available for purchase online, such as Slogan Home and Slogan Slingers.

I’ll be covering only Slogan Seller (sloganseller), so if you need info about search queries like Sloganhome Scam or Slogan Slingers Review, look for it elsewhere.

Is Slogan Seller Legit?

Assuming that some of you don’t have experience, I should warn you about the possibility of losing your time and money to scam programs.

Unfortunately, not every earning platform available to join has your best interest at heart. That’s why it’s crucial to research and only invest in legitimate products and services.

On that note, you’ll be glad to find out that Slogan Seller is a legit online training platform – the product is available for purchase on the marketplace of ClickBank.

ClickBank offers only products that come with a money-back guarantee. In other words, if you buy Slogan Seller and the system doesn’t deliver satisfying results, you can receive your investment back.

Furthermore, Slogan Seller has been selling on ClickBank for around five years without removal from the marketplace, and that’s always a good sign.

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What Is Slogan Seller?

what is slogan seller

Slogan Seller is an online training platform that teaches ordinary people how to create professional slogans and sell them for profit. It’s a members-only website that will walk you through the process of inventing money-making slogans.

Ben Olson is the creator of Slogan Seller (I’ll tell you more about him later in this Slogan Seller review). Anyone who purchases his product receives lifetime access to it.

To clarify, Ben doesn’t only teach his students the art behind crafting memorable slogans. He will also show you how to market and where to offer your slogans so you can start making money fast.

One of the biggest advantages of joining Slogan Seller is to opportunity to create a source of online income in no time:

Sloganeers (slogan creators) can begin earning up to $3,000 a month soon after gaining access to Slogan Seller.

Of course, being a member of the platform doesn’t guarantee you’ll start making thousands of dollars within days. However, earning well as a sloganeer is possible if you take action and implement everything you’ll learn from the training.

What Is A Slogan?

To sum up, slogans are short, memorable phrases we all use often. They sound fun, and we can’t help but relate to them.

With that said, a well-crafted slogan can achieve much more than bringing entertainment value:

According to Wikipedia, a company can use a slogan as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose to persuade members of the public.

A professional slogan is a powerful marketing tool companies worldwide use to spread their message and affect the purchasing decision of their target audience.

Generally speaking, most large companies have a team of individuals who brainstorm ideas until they invent the perfect slogan.

But you don’t have to join any of the most famous brands in the world to get paid to write slogans these days – Slogan Seller will teach you how to do it from the comfort of your home.

Examples of famous slogans:

  • “I’m Loving It” (McDonald’s)
  • “Just Do It” (Nike)

What Is Slogan Seller All About?

If you’ve been reading some of the Slogan Seller reviews online, you’ve probably noticed that they mainly discuss whether the product is legit or a scam.

Meanwhile, the majority of them don’t bother to explain what the system exactly is, but I will:

Slogan Seller is an e-book dedicated to training you on how to make money online selling slogans.

It’s 48 pages long and covers the whole process from start to finish.

For example, you’ll gain an understanding of what slogans are, how to write a highly-marketable slogan, where to sell it, etc.

The e-book doesn’t just deliver a general explanation or a basic overview of slogans and how they work.

On the contrary, it goes to great depth in showing you their earning potential.

Inside Slogan Seller

what do you get as a slogan seller member

How about I show you everything you’ll receive once you decide to get paid to write slogans?

At the time of this writing, each Slogan Seller member will gain access to all of the following:

  • An eBook that will walk you through the process of creating money-making slogans step-by-step
  • In-depth video tutorials
  • Professional design tools
  • Lists of places and platforms where you can list items with slogans for sale
  • Additional resources
  • A guide that will teach you how to automate your selling slogan business by hiring freelancers

Slogan Seller Bonuses

Anyone who invests in Slogan Seller can win cash prizes – the platform does contests, and the winning writers receive cash prizes.

Another bonus you’ll enjoy as a sloganeer is the Bonus Appendix. Bonus Appendix is a cheat sheet to brainstorm ideas for future make-money online slogans.

Also, Slogan Seller will provide you with a massive list of phrases that are the foundation of the best-selling slogans in the last couple of years.

Working with a cheat sheet is simple – you have to fill in the blank spaces within the phrases.

Visit The Official Site Of The Slogan Seller

How Does Slogan Seller Work?

As mentioned earlier in this Slogan Seller review, the product exists to help beginner freelance writers to make money online by writing slogans.

Most Slogan Seller students have already shared their experience with the platform. If you read their Slogan Seller testimonials, you’ll notice they have a lot in common:

Generally speaking, Slogan Seller members are grateful that working with the system has allowed them to turn writing into a new profitable career that lets them make money from home.

Now, how can you do the same?

Well, to start earning by selling slogans online, you’ll need to go through a three-step process:

1) Create A Slogan

Assuming you take the training seriously, you must now know how to make a slogan.

Use that knowledge and create your first slogan for sale.

That slogan can be a word, phrase, or symbol.

Ben encourages his students to let their imaginations run wild – the more you dig into your creativity, the better.

Memorable slogans will become products companies will invest in – that will generate income for their creators.

2) Upload Your Slogan Online

While uploading a slogan online takes seconds, making money from it won’t happen that fast.

Here is an essential piece of information you need to know before you join the Slogan Seller platform:

By all means, you won’t get paid to write slogans once you upload them online. Since the platforms where you’ll upload your slogans are product sites like Etsy and Shopify, the earning process will take some time.

As a slogan creator, you won’t make money once you complete the slogan-writing jobs you’ll have to manage:

You’ll earn an income once you sell products like T-Shirts and mugs with your slogans on them, and designing them will take at least an hour.

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3) Get Paid For Slogans

how to get paid to write slogans

So, what’s the best way to make money doing slogan writing jobs?

Have a look at this one:

Each time a person or a company uses your slogan, you’ll get paid as the creator.

Such payments are known as royalties.

How To Sell Slogans Online: Selling Slogan Methods

Currently, Slogan Seller suggests three methods to sell slogans online:

  • 1st Method (Different Ways To Market Your Slogan Idea): By all means, the first method for selling slogans is by developing a new idea out of a slogan that already exists. Use the graphic tools to help you repurpose a slogan, plus the list of companies that might want to invest in your new creation.
  • 2nd Method (Entering Contests): Slogan Seller introduces each of its students to plenty of contests they can enter to market their slogans to large businesses and corporations.
  • 3rd Method (Marketing Strategies): The last method to make money with slogans is contacting companies that will pay for your slogan idea. As soon as you book a potential buyer, you’ll create the slogan they want and submit it to them.

An Important Info:

Never try to market already popular slogans as your own – that’s illegal and can get you into a lot of trouble.

Once a slogan becomes successful, the company that owns it puts a trademark on it, so you have to respect that.

With that said, Slogan Seller will teach you how to protect yourself as soon as you build make money online slogans business:

Members can read a whole section that contains already trademarked slogans.

Who Is The Ben Olson?

who is Ben Olson

Earlier in this Slogan Seller review, I mentioned that the name of the creator is Ben Olson. Allow me to give him a proper introduction:

Ben’s journey to Slogan Seller is quite amusing:

He couldn’t keep up with paying his college fees, so he had to drop out. Subsequently, Ben started to look for a new source of income.

After spending a long time researching different opportunities to make money online, Ben decided to look into freelance writing and slogan creation in particular.

Next, he worked hard to improve his slogan-inventing skills, and that devotion paid off eventually:

His slogan Brewed To Perfection earned him $4,000.

Later, he poured all his knowledge and expertise about making money with slogans into his product Slogan Seller.

How Much Money Can You Make With Slogan Seller?

Speaking of Ben’s earnings from selling slogans, let’s talk about yours, shall we?

Nowadays, sloganeers earn different amounts of money from their creations. Your earnings from selling slogans will depend on a few factors, such as creativity, marketing effort, and time you spend learning and improving.

Many of Ben’s students are already proud owners of well-selling slogans. See for yourself how much money Slogan Sellers members have earned from selling the following slogans:

  • Be Yourself ($42,000)
  • OMG ($13,000)
  • Never Give Up ($850)

Generally, no one can tell you how much money you can earn with your slogans. However, the market is worth millions of dollars and keeps growing:

Thousands of new businesses come to life daily – that suggests sloganeers won’t be out of jobs soon.

After all, each new business is looking for a way to stand out from its competition and leave a lasting impression on its target audience. And having a catchy slogan is one of the ways to achieve that.

Who Is Slogan Seller For?

In my opinion, Slogan Seller is a suitable earning platform for:

Get Slogan Seller Today

Slogan Seller Review: Pros And Cons


  1. A legitimate way to make money online
  2. The earning methods of Slogan Seller are little-known – you won’t face tons of competition
  3. Quite a detailed and comprehensive e-book
  4. There is professional training provided
  5. Tech and customer support
  6. Ben Olson is a successful slogan creator
  7. Plenty of bonuses
  8. Legal advice and protection
  9. No special skills or previous experience required
  10. An affordable price of $37
  11. 60-day money-back guarantee


  1. You will not make money overnight – a training process, work, and effort are necessary to begin making money with the product.

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Slogan Writing Jobs Alternatives

OK, what if you don’t want to limit your talent as a freelance writer to creating slogans?

Well, you can make money writing all kinds of content.

Before getting into the freelance writer career path, your skills must be above average.

If you need help on that front, I suggest taking the My Freelance Paycheck course. That course will teach you how to start making at least $3,000 a month as a freelance writer, even if you have no experience in the field.

Read the full review of My Freelance Paycheck when you can spare a couple of minutes.

Alternative Writing Jobs:

My Closing

This Slogan Seller review is officially at this wrap-up stage.

Since you know all the essential facts about Slogan Seller, testing the product out is better than discussing it further.

Again, Slogan Seller offers a money-back guarantee, so your investment in the platform comes with no risk of money loss.

What questions do you have about Slogan Seller?

Is there something about the process of selling slogans you don’t understand?

Ask me about it in the comments section, and I’ll get you answers the first chance I get.

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  1. Interested I would like to try this, I feel that I can come up with a load of good sayings I used to do it growing up. Weird. I am following David Ramseys babysteps now and living on beans and rice, Ramsey fans would know thats Baby step 2. So truly my budget is so zero balanced and focused nothing can come between me and owing nothing. So I will be looking this up for sure when I get the extra money.

    1. That’s great to hear, Melissa.
      I think that you’ll enjoy the Slogan Seller.
      It’s a good product, and you can make it work.

  2. I really enjoyed this Slogan Seller Review. Like you, I used to think that slogans were cooked up in corporate offices by men in expensive suits. Actually, there was a TV sitcom (can’t remember which one) with an episode about slogans being created in an office. And one guy made a slogan. He shared it with other guys at the office. Then, someone stole it from him and took credit for it.

    Anyway, it’s awesome that you can create a slogan right from home in your PJ’s and get paid for it.

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. Hey, Brit, welcome back!
      Glad that you like it.
      Yeah, most of the people have a very wrong idea about how slogans are being created.
      Well, they will find out the truth now!

    2. Hello,

      My name is Chinwe Juliet, from Lagos Nigeria. 

      I’m a Wordsmith, I write and sell Slogans, Taglines, Catch Phrases and Jingles for all business kinds. 

      They are suitable for Company Commercials, Business Rebranding, Product branding and Rebranding, Social Ads and Marketing, Taglines and Catch phrases for all kinds of brands and products, both old and new. 

      You can add these new and unique slogans to your already existing slogans and stand out from the rest. Bringing something fresh and totally different to the table.
      Chinwe Juliet Achilonu. 

    1. You are welcome, Christine.
      The Slogan Seller is more than interesting, it’s worth the look if you would like to make some extra income.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I had no idea there was such a thing. I’m a bit skeptical, I always think those contest things are rigged. Does the book give you any advice on where to find a legit contest?

    1. Hey, Carolyn.
      Usually, I’m very skeptical as well, but the Slogan Seller really delivers on all its promises.
      And yes, this product doesn’t include just a brief introduction to the topic but a lot of real info, including which companies are looking for slogans and how to get in touch with them.
      Plus, the e-book has a whole section that will help you prepare your applications.
      Hope that answers your question.

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