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Go Transcript Review – Transcription Jobs That Pay Up To $1215

Hey there, online pals!  Feeling adventurous?  Fingers crossed that you are!  Because today I'll take you somewhere you've never been before with Cash Embrace.  In this Go Transcript Review, we'll test the transcript waters for the very first time!

And I couldn't be more excited...You're not gonna leave me alone, aren't you?

Considering that I'm about to show you an excellent opportunity to earn a living from home, you better stick around!

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Go Transcript - The Basics

Website: gotranscript.com

Founded: 2005

Cash Embrace Rank:

96 out of 100

go transcript company

Go Transcript is a company that specializes in transcribing and proofreading services.

Ever since it came to life in Edinburgh, Scotland, Go Transcript has been growing for the past 13 years.

As for right now, more than 20,000 people are working for this company.  

And when you see what this place can provide, you'll understand why!

​What Is Go Transcript?

Obviously, Go Transcript can employ you to perform proofreading and transcription tasks.

If that's something you're interested to do, the company has a lot to offer!

Let's me hear what you think about this:

Bose, BBC and wait for it...Netflix are among its customers!

go transcript review

The way I see it, if you jump on the Go Transcript's wagon, you'll play in the big league...

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And don't be discouraged if you're not living in the USA.

This company accepts transcribers from every place on the Earth!

To become one, you'll just have to apply.

How To Apply

First thing first:

There is no need for you to have any experience as a transcriber what so ever.

The only thing GT will ask from you to be able to apply is a working Pay Pal account.  Hey, they gotta pay you somehow, right?

So if you don't have any, create one now!

All done?  Then you're all set and ready to apply:

Go Transcript Review - The Application Process

In my opinion, this process is not something you'll find difficult to handle.

I mean - it's just a test!  Nothing to lose your sleep over, right?

As soon as you apply, it's time to prepare yourself.

Important Note:

To have the best shot possible, I would suggest that you read the transcribing guidelines carefully.

You'll find them in the Word Document provided from GT.

Once you feel like you're ready, go for the test.  Speaking off...

In order to take the test, Go Transcript will let you use their free transcription tool.  The audio file you'll transcribe is going to be between 3 and 5 minutes long.

After you're finished, the file and uploaded it to their website.  Don't forget to enter your email address!

GT will contact you in about 10 days to let you know if you're approved.

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How To Work For Go Transcript

So you are logged in.  Now what?

Well, your first job as a transcriber can officially begin!

Look around and choose which offer to start with.  You'll be able to see the type of file, how long it is, the deadline, etc.

Once you make your decision, claim the file of your choice.  And from there, the process is easy:

- transcribe the file

- submit it

- your file will be reviewed from a Go Transcript's editor and then send it to the customer

go transcript review

- after your work is approved, check your account!  Your first money earned as transcriber will be there!

Important Note:

Everything you do for Go Transcript will be rated.  So do your best and try to keep your scores as high as you can.

Likewise, if you manage a score of at least 4.5, then the doors are open for you to become an editor as well.

Is that cool or what?

Details About Your Working Process

Before I go any further, how would you feel about getting inspired and motivated even more?

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't?

So let's move one step closer, shall we?  

Although I gave you quite a lot of information already, I feel like you should know what else you can achieve with Go Transcript.

Here are some tips on how to score the best results possible:

Awesome Practices To Advance Your Work With Go Transcript:

1) Always Listen To The File Before You Make Your Final Choice

And you'll know if it's clear enough so your job would be easier!

2) Use Their Tool

Are you insanely fast at typing already?  That's great!

But if you're not, you can always extend the time thanks to the transcription tool provided.  Besides - it will your work twice a minute and you won't have to worry about formatting!

3) Take Advantage Of The "Finished Jobs" Tab

If you do that, you'll be able to compare the document you've worked on with the Editor's one.

Ultimately, that's how you'll improve as a transcriber!

Go Transcript Review - How To Become An Editor

In short, the opportunity to earn an income as a transcriber for this company is more than promising.

But what if you want to do even more with your time?

Then you can transform yourself into editor!

And here is how you can do that:

- after you've done successfully 15 transcription jobs, you can challenge yourself and go for the editor's exam

- keep your rating of at least 4.5

Certainly, being an editor has its perks. 

The pay is even higher!  

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Speaking of money...

As a transcriber, your earnings will depend on the files you work on.

Generally, you'll be able to make up to 0.60/video minute.  And you'll be paid via PayPal.

Important Note:

Go Transcript has the right to close your account!

I mean - what do you think it's going to happen if the work you constantly submit is of a poor quality?

Go Transcript - The List

As usual, my favorite part of pros and cons is coming.  I can only hope that is your favorite as well!

The Pros:

1) Available to people from all around the world

2) Flexible work schedule - you can work on your pace, at time that is convenient to you

3) Easy to go through learning curve

4) Chance to increase your income - the more files you transcribe, the more money you'll make

6) No troubles with your payment - just a PayPal account is required

7) Help provided - your work will get better and faster thanks to the editors

8) No experience needed - anyone can apply 

9) Tools available - everything you'll need to be a transcriber will be given to you from the company

The Cons

1) Not a get - rich - quick scheme

If you want to earn an income, you'll have to do the job!

2) Some of the files may not be too clear and easy to transcribe

But as you gain more experience and your speed improves, that shouldn't be a problem!

Is Go Transcript a Scam?

Definitely not!

This is a legit company that's been working for more than 13 years now.  

There are no hidden fees or upsells.  Actually, there are no fees at all:

You can apply right now and nobody will ask you for your credit card's details!

My Closing

After everything you've just read in this Go Transcript Review, there shouldn't be any doubts left:

Thanks to this company, you can secure a nice extra income that you'll be able to achieve at your own pace.

But in case transcription is not exactly what you're looking for right now, there are another options.

For instance, you can steal a glimpse at one of my sources of online income.

How I Make My Money Online

So, what do you think of Go Transcript?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below, please!

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