Get Paid To Sleep: 23 Best Ways To Make Money Sleeping

how to get paid to sleep legit ways to make money while sleeping

Does your dream job involve sleeping most of the time? Is the snooze button your best friend? Then, you must learn the best ways to get paid to sleep.

Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs have dozens of passive income sources that allow them to make money while they sleep. But building a source of passive income is not the only way to earn cash sleeping:

Ordinary people with nine-to-five jobs can also monetize their love of sleep. And they can do that in many different ways:

For instance, you can earn money by participating in research studies, testing sleep-related products, working as a hotel mystery shopper, or becoming an overnight sitter. The possibilities don’t end there:

In this article, I’ll introduce you to over 20 ways to earn while sleeping. Whether you already get enough sleep or are a fussy sleeper who goes through many sleepless nights, this blog post will show you how to find a suitable gig.

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How To Get Paid To Sleep: The Ultimate Sleep Guide

get paid to sleep the ultimate sleep guide

As mentioned above, many ways exist to make money sleeping. Some of them require spending a certain amount of time in medical establishments, while others are side hustles you can do from home.

With that said, you don’t need any special qualifications to join companies that will pay you to sleep. Most platforms and websites that hire professional sleepers look for people at least 21 years old with great writing skills. What’s with the writing?

Well, you won’t get paid for sleeping alone in most cases. Sure, clinics will pay you to observe your sleeping patterns and behavior, but testing sleep-related products requires more than napping:

If you book a mattress testing gig, sleeping on it is only one part of the deal – the other one involves providing in-depth feedback on your experience.

What Do I Need To Get Paid To Sleep?

Again, you don’t need much to start booking jobs that mostly expect you to sleep. Still, some jobs have a few requirements, such as:

  • A smartphone: You might have to download a get-paid-to-sleep app, depending on the company that hires you. Subsequently, you’ll also need access to the internet.
  • Excellent English writing skills: Positions like a hotel mystery shopper, mattress tester, and sleep execute require writing reviews and providing feedback.
  • The ability to fall asleep anywhere and anytime: Professional nappers can get a good sleep in different environments.

What Companies Pay You To Sleep?

  • Bedding/mattress companies
  • Companies that sell sleep-related products
  • Brands that sell products like sleep aids/headphones, eye masks, and sound machines
  • Foundations and universities
  • Clinics that need participants for clinical trial
  • Sleep research centers

How Much Money Can You Make By Sleeping?

Quite frankly, no one can tell you how much you can make by sleeping – your earnings depend on different factors (the company you work for, type of job, and gig duration).

Generally, expect to make around $30 an hour working as a sleep-related product tester. Participating in other money-making activities that involve sleeping can bring you much more (up to $3,000 per project).

Professional Sleeping Job Salary

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual professional sleeper salary is $79,000. However, that’s how much you can get paid to sleep on average:

Currently, top earners in the make-money sleeping field make nearly $100,000 a year – that’s an excellent income for a job you can do at home (in most cases).

Other Work-At-Home Jobs That Pay Well:

Top Ways To Get Paid To Sleep

1) Mystery Shopping: Hotel Mystery Shopper

hotel mystery shopper

Generally speaking, mystery shoppers get paid to behave as customers to help companies with their market research. These days, you can make money as a mystery shopper in many industries, including restaurants, shops, medical offices, etc.

How do you feel about working as a hotel mystery shopper? Assuming you want to get paid to travel and visit exotic locations, you can double your earnings as a hotel mystery shopper.

Hotel mystery shoppers receive a list of tasks they have to complete. Then, they must check into the hotel as an ordinary guest, stay the night, and assess the sleeping accommodations, room cleanliness, or room service quality.

Once you do that, you’ll write a mystery hotel shopper report and submit it to the company that hired you. Your feedback will help that company improve its business operations or gain insights into a competitor’s establishment.

Where To Find A Mystery Hotel Shopper Gig

Coyle Hospitality is a market research company that provides customer feedback to clients. Each Coyle Mystery Shopping Evaluator must act as a regular hotel guest, offer detailed feedback, and write honest reviews about the staff’s friendliness and how comfortable the mattress is.

Does working for Coyle sound like an excellent way to earn extra money? Register at the site and wait for assignments in your area to start working with the platform.

2) Start A Blog

Chances are, most of you are wondering how blogging can help you get paid to sleep. It might be hard to believe, but many ways exist to make money sleeping as a blogger.

For those who don’t know, bloggers create content and publish it on their websites. Starting a blog will allow you to write on many topics, including your experiences with hotel stays and different sleep-related products. Now, how do you make money with that?

You can monetize a blog via affiliate marketing, ad placement, and sponsored posts. Here is a quick example – a company might pay you to publish a review post about its products, such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc. Another way to monetize your content is by joining affiliate programs and promoting similar products on your blog.

Nowadays, starting a blog takes less than half an hour. More importantly, you can launch a website for a few dollars. Choose a niche, pick a domain name, and get reliable hosting (I recommend BigScoots since its hosting plans are affordable and the customer service is outstanding).

3) Write Hotel Reviews For Travel Blogs

What if you don’t want to start a blog but love to write reviews? In that case, you can create content for travel blog writers who will hire you to travel to specific locations and review the hotels.

While most travel bloggers prefer to be the ones who do the exploring, others are open to hiring hotel reviewers to do the job for them. Assuming you book such a gig, you’ll have to get to the location, spend the night in the hotel, and describe your experience.

Unfortunately, you can’t say how much you can earn writing for travel bloggers. Typically, the money you’ll receive depends on many factors. Still, creating content while spending the night at a hotel is a great way to earn, considering it feels like making money without doing much.

More Ideas To Make Money Writing:

4) Become A Overnight Caregiver

become a overnight caregiver

First and foremost, an overnight caregiver is not a work-at-home job that doesn’t require any effort. If you think of this gig as getting free money, you have to adjust your expectations:

Overnight caregivers assist elderly people or sick individuals while spending the night at their houses. The job comes with different responsibilities, such as monitoring/administrating medications, helping the person in and out of bed, and providing companionship.

Overall, you’ll get paid to sleep as an overnight caregiver – you can always nap while the person you take care of sleeps, too. Such a job may require a medical background or training – keep that in mind before applying for the job. is an online platform you can register at to look for overnight caregiver positions.

5) Babysitter

Babysitting is another popular way to get paid to sleep. Babysitters care for children when their parents are not around and often do overnight shifts.

Generally speaking, babysitting requires putting a baby to bed and sleeping nearby in case the little one requires attention through the night. In other words, when the baby sleeps, you sleep too.

An overnight sitter of kids might have other responsibilities, such as preparing meals, planning fun activities, and bathing. According to, the average hourly pay for babysitting is $15-$19.

6) Overnight House Sitter

As most of you know, house-sitting is a side gig that requires spending the night at a client’s home while they are away. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money when you don’t have a job.

House sitters work around ten hours a day. Whether they look after a house during the day or night, house sitters can relax, watch TV, hang out with a friend, and sleep.

Chances are, you might have to do some light cleaning and collect the mail, but that’s about it. Expect to earn over $15 an hour for sitting houses.

7) Overnight Pet Sitter

top ways to get paid to sleep become a overnight pet sitter

Pet sitting is one of the best ways to get paid to sleep while caring for animals. Becoming an overnight pet sitter should be a no-brainer if you love pets.

Most overnight pet-sitting jobs require feeding, walking, playing with, and ensuring the animal’s safety while the pet owners are away. There will be more than enough time for a good sleep with pet sitting!

Companies like Rover will assist you with finding a suitable overnight pet-sitting gig. Rover operates in the United States, UK, Canada, France, Italy, and a few other European countries.

8) Sleep Product Tester

Nowadays, many companies publishing sleep-related content hire people to test products before they reach the market. As such product tester, you’ll offer feedback on sleep-related products like mattresses, sleep aides, eye masks, and bedding.

How much money can you make testing sleep products? According to statistics, product testers earn over $55,000, but various factors might affect the pay rate.

And where do you find sleep-related product testing jobs? I suggest registering at popular websites like Beta Testing and User Testing.

9) Mattress Tester

If your dream job is a professional sleeper, you should consider working as a mattress tester. Mattress testing is one of these odd jobs that pay well you’ll love to book if getting beauty sleep is your favorite thing to do.

Most mattress companies need feedback on their products so they can improve them. Subsequently, the job requires evaluating beds and offering in-depth mattress reviews.

You can do the gig by working for a mattress company or third-party testing service. Feel free to look for mattress testing jobs on platforms like Upwork and Indeed.

10) Get Paid To Sleep As A Pro Napper

What does a pro napper do? Professional nappers get hired to nap for sleep studies or product testing for a mattress review company.

While pro napping is not a full-time job, you can use an available gig to earn extra money. And you should do that by joining EachNight.

EachNight occasionally hires nap reviewers to participate in studies that aim to determine the best nap duration and how sleep affects memory and productivity. Considering EachNight pays up to $1,500 at the end of the testing period, dedicated nappers should keep checking the website for available jobs.

11) Work For Sleep Junkie

join sleep junkie to get paid to sleep

These days, Sleep Junkie is probably the most popular review website for sleep-related products. Sleep Junkie hires people who want to become Sleeping Beauties for a two-month period.

Assuming you qualify as a successful applicant, the company will send you three mattresses to test for eight weeks. During that sleep study, you have to keep track of your sleep quality, duration, and comfort level. You’ll do the testing at home, where you feel comfortable and can easily notice changes in your sleep patterns.

Each Sleeping Beauty gets to keep the products once the sleep trial ends. More importantly, you can receive up to $3,000 as a professional sleeper for Sleep Junkie.

Do you want to test the new products of the company? Sleep Junkie might hire you if you live in the United States, are 21 years old (or older), and have excellent writing skills.

Note: Sleep Junkie also conducts a Dairy Dreamers study (people have to eat cheese before going to bed and see if the product causes nightmares).

12) Sleep Studies & Sleep Research Centers

Hundreds of clinics, hospitals, and universities need test subjects for bed rest studies and clinical trials. There is no need to stay awake during sleep research studies – get your good night’s sleep while the establishment observes your heart rate, brain waves, and respiration.

The Cleveland Sleep Research Center and the University of Colorado Boulder are popular places you can contact to search for opportunities to get paid to sleep. Most sleep studies will pay you $25-$100 ($35 an hour is the average pay rate for sleep study participants).

13) Become A Sleep Executive

Don’t let the term fool you – sleep executive is not some fancy position only available to elite sleepers. On the contrary, anyone can become a sleep executive, considering the job doesn’t require much:

Generally speaking, sleep executives get paid to sleep for a previously agreed number of hours. They have to provide feedback on the efficiency of different products, such as shutters and blinds.

More often than not, companies prefer to hire sleep executives with strong English writing skills and imperfect sleep health. So, if restless nights sound familiar, working as a sleep executive might be the perfect fit for you.

Get Paid To Sleep Jobs

14) Security Guard

work as a security guard

We all know that security guards earn money for monitoring and controlling a specific area. However, we also know that security guards often have long shifts (16-24 hours). Do you think they don’t nap for a while during a shift?

Some companies allow the security guards they hire to sleep through the shift. Of course, the guards must remain on call if an incident that requires their attention occurs.

15) Software Engineer

It might be hard to believe, but software engineers can get paid to sleep. Software engineering is the type of work that entails developing computer systems, apps, and video games.

Since software engineers often spend many hours writing code, most companies provide napping rooms where they can rest. A short nap can do wonders for the productivity of software engineers.

16) Pilot

Being a pilot is a responsible job – pilots must bring the plane and all its passengers back to the safety of the land. Many international flights go for hours through different time zones.

Co-pilots often take over the flight so the main pilot can rest and sleep in a designated area of the plane. On average, pilots make over $70,000 annually.

17) Truck Driver

Truck drivers earn money for transporting different goods on regional or national routes. Spending weeks on the road is not possible without taking nap breaks.

Any truck driver must keep a focus on the road until the journey is complete. That can’t happen if the driver has to go through too many sleepless nights.

18) Firefighter

Firefighting is another position where you can get paid to sleep. Of course, that won’t happen if there is an emergency or active fire situation.

Still, firefighters usually work 24-hour shifts and sleep when no emergencies occur. Working as a firefighter will bring you over $50,000 a year.

19) Line Sitter

how to get paid to sleep work as a line sitter

Say what you will, but being able to fall asleep anywhere and in unexpected settings is a good thing – it will allow you to work as a line sitter. Line sitters wait in lines for different events on behalf of other people.

On average, line sitters earn $25-$35 an hour. Of course, the pay rate depends on many factors, like wait time and location.

20) Sleep Coach

What does a sleep coach do? A sleep coach helps people sleep peacefully at night by helping them with sleep issues.

Sleep coaches might have to develop nighttime routines that work well for the human body or prescribe medication. The job pays around $5,000 a month or $1,500 if you do it part-time.

Other Well-Paying Jobs You Might Like:

More Ways To Get Paid To Sleep

21) Create And Monetize Social Media Content

Anyone can use Social Media to make money online these days. Once you build a social media following and attract a large audience, you can earn while you sleep in many ways, such as affiliate marketing and selling digital/physical products.

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are perfect for promoting your content. TikTok-style content is the most popular right now, so keep that in mind.

22) Create A Passive Income Stream

By all means, passive income equals making money while you sleep. Can you think of a better way to get paid to sleep than having a passive income stream that brings you money without actively working for it?

Many passive income ideas exist nowadays, such as:

  • Investing in the stock market
  • Real estate
  • Retail stores (launching a Shopify online shop)
  • Developing a mobile app or video game
  • Launching and monetizing a YouTube channel
  • Affiliate marketing

23) Stream Commercials Or Watch Netflix

First and foremost, falling asleep while watching your favorite Netflix show or clicking ads on your phone is not exactly a way to get paid to sleep. Be that as it may, you can sometimes doze off while completing short tasks and still earn money.

Platforms like Swagbucks and PrizeRebel will pay you for streaming or watching ads on your mobile device. Plus, you can take advantage of all the ways to make money while watching Netflix.

Other Ways To Get Money Fast:

Get Paid To Sleep FAQs

Is There A Way To Get Paid To Sleep?

Yes, there is a way to get paid to sleep. Nowadays, many ways exist to make money by sleeping, including testing sleep-related products, working as a mattress tester, becoming a pro napper, etc.

What Apps Pay You To Sleep?

The most popular app that will pay you to sleep is Sleep Junkie.

Sleep Junkie hires Sleeping Beauties to test products like mattresses at home.

How Do You Get Paid To Nap For 30 Days?

You can get paid to nap for 30 days by joining Each Night.

EachNight is a website for siesta professionals who want to work as nap reviewers. A month of napping through EachNight will earn you around $1,500.

How Much Do You Get Paid For Sleeping On A Mattress?

Casper is a popular mattress company that hires professional sleepers to test out its products. Casper Sleepers earn $25 an hour for a month to try out mattresses (you might even receive free Casper products).

How To Make Money Doing Sleep Studies?

The easy way to make money doing sleep studies is by finding and contacting a Sleep Center Near You. You can do that by visiting the website of each Sleep Center in your area.

My Closing

As you can see, all these ways to get paid to sleep provide so many different benefits. Can you think of one disadvantage of a side hustle that will pay you to sleep every single night?

If you love to sleep more than anything else, you’re one of the ideal candidates for sleep research studies and mattress testing gigs. What’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Do you have questions on this topic? Is there something you need me to clarify further?

Use the comments section below to get in touch with me!

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