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Teach English Online From Home: 4 Companies That Pay Up To $25/Hour

Hey there, online pals!  What I have in mind today is not just one but four earning opportunities for you.  So, let's explore what does it mean to teach English online from home.

Moreover, what this line of work can do for your monthly income!

I bet you'll be more than pleased with the numbers you'll find further in this article...

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Why You Should Consider To Teach English Online From Home?

Honestly, the better question is why shouldn't you?

Considering working online is so popular nowadays, is there any reason why helping kids to learn a foreign language has to be an exception?

In my opinion, you may want to give this option your undivided attention.  After all, those jobs are in-demand.  And this means that you'll earn a nice extra and even full-time income with them!

To clarify, different companies have different requirements for their online tutors.

That being said, I'm sure most of you will be able to find a suitable opportunity to fit your abilities and expectations.

teach English online from home

Without further ado, here come four companies that will supplement your income in a really attractive way!

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Above all, there is no way I would begin this list with anyone other than VIPKID!

Make no mistake about it, if what you need is a flexible online teaching job, VIPKID is the place to start.

First and foremost, this is Number 1 company for Remote Jobs according to Forbes ( as rated by FlexJobs).  

VIPKID is number 1 company for remote jobs according to Forbes

In other words, if you're looking for a global online K12 education leader, look no further!

1) What Is VIPKID?

Simply said, VIPKID is a live, one-on-one online learning platform that connects Chinese students motivated to learn English with teachers who are helping them to do so.

Founded way back in 2013, today this company is the educational leader in China's market.  As a result, it has offices in both the USA and China.

teach English online from home

Currently, VIPKID is one of the Top 50 most innovative companies in the world according to Fast Company.  Even more, it has ETS, TESOL, and National Geographic as loyal partners.

That is to say, VIPKID has a singular goal in mind:

To develop the best online learning platform there could possibly be!

2) How Does It Work?

Ultimately, VIPKID is a cutting-edge platform.  Meaning, as a teacher, you'll get to interact with your students one-on-one online.

Subsequently, you'll be able to engage with the young learners much more easily!

But hey, don't worry!  Rest assured, no one will demand from you to speak Chinese, that's not needed.

how does VIPKID work

Once you decide to work with VIPKID, you can expect to have the freedom to set your own hours and to work from anywhere you like.

To help you in the process, the company will provide you with pre-made lessons plans.

3) What Are The Benefits Of VIPKID?

Quite frankly, they're more than you probably may think!

Just have a look for yourself:

- Flexibility: no minimum hours or commute

- Chances to earn additional rewards

- Awesome community of 65,000 teachers 

- Ability to participate in local conferences and events

4) What Are The Requirements To Teach English Online From Home With VIPKID?

Basically, there are certain qualifications that you need to have:

- A Bachelor's degree or higher in any filed

- At least one year of teaching experience ( coaching, mentoring, or tutoring)

- Eligibility to work in USA or Canada

- Not to forget a computer, headset, and high-speed internet connection

5) How Much Can You Earn?

Once you're a part of the VIPKID's club, you'll make between $14-$22/hour.  Plus, you'll be able to earn even more from bonuses and referrals. 

So, if you're from USA or Canada, what are you waiting for?

More than 500,000 students from China want to learn English and that's where you come in!

In case you want to learn more about VIPKID, jump on their reviews!


Now, time to move on to the second name on my list - Qkids.

Don't get me wrong, though - just because it's coming after VIPKID, it doesn't mean that Qkids is any less worthy of your consideration!

1) What Is Qkids?

Existing since 2015, you can say that the company is still relatively new.  But it's developing with impressive speed!

Currently, Qkids is one of the front-runners on the Chinese online learning market, with more than 100,000 students under its belt.

That being said, I should point out that this company focuses primarily on teaching children 5 to 12 years old.

2) How Does Qkids Work?

The way Qkids work is a bit different than VIPKID.

For example, there are no one-on-one classes.  Instead, you'll teach no more than 6 students in each class.

teach English online from home

On another note, once you're hired, you'll have to go through a bit of training yourself!

And that's because the company uses an interactive software program for the teaching process.

3) What Are The Benefits To Teach English Online From Home With Qkids?

Honestly, I bet that you'll be satisfied with everything Qkids has to offer:

- Flexible hours, but you won't have total freedom.  Depending on what exactly is your location, you'll have to teach in the early mornings or late at night.  Similarly, the company will require from you to commit your time to at least 12 classes/week but no more than 38 teaching sessions.

By the way, each class is about 30 minutes long.

- Opportunity to earn more - Qkids has an awesome referral program.  To clarify, you'll be paid $100 for every teacher you introduce to the company.  That's it, of course, when the teacher gets hired!

what are the benefits to teach English online from home with Qkids

- In addition, you won't have to bother with lessons planning.  On the contrary, Qkids has all your lessons covered with animations and slides.

Yeah, did I mention that this company is all about having fun while learning?

4) And The Requirements Are...

Actually, to get hired by Qkids turns out to be a bit easier than some of the other online teaching programs.

Most of all, you don't need to have any previous experience with teaching!

On another note, here is what you do need to have:

- Currently, you must be in a University Program or have a degree already

- The English have to be your native language and you must live in USA or Canada

- And, not to forget, the computer and the high-speed internet connection.

5) What's The Pay With Qkids?

Generally, the company will pay you anywhere between $16-$20/hour plus the opportunity to earn bonuses.

So, you'll receive your payments monthly via bank transfer.  Again, only if you're an American or Canadian!

For more info on Qkids, have a look at tons of their reviews here.

EF Education First

Alright then, let's dissect the next company that can help you to teach English online from home - EF Education First.

In my opinion, this one will surprise you in a really nice and unexpected way!

1) What Is Education First?

Above all, I want to clarify that EF stands for Education First, so don't get confused if I use just one of them.

Now, this company has the longest history compared to the rest of my list.  Starting in 1965 in Sweden, EF takes pride in sponsoring travel abroad programs through all these years.

However, since we welcomed the Internet in our lives, most of the overseas exchanges have been taken a back seat to make space for virtual classrooms.

2) What Makes Education First Different?

Firstly, EF aims to spread its reach further than just China.  As a result, the company has 500 schools and offices in 50 countries!

Secondly, if you decide to work with EF, you won't teach only children.  On the contrary, your future students can be anywhere from 13 to 25+ years old.

teach English online from home

Lastly, you'll be allowed to use your own teaching materials in addition to the ones provided from the platform.

3) How You Can Benefit From EF?

Well, the company has so many aspects that you may find hard to resist:

- While you teach, you can live abroad!  Likewise, as long as you have access to a good internet connection, you're all set no matter what your location may be.

- More than a flexible schedule.  Considering that as an online teacher you're more or less an independent contractor, just set your hours in any way you see fit.

- Make a huge difference in somebody else's life.  And we're talking about students from more than 100 nationalities.

what is Education First

4) What Qualifications Do You Need To Work With Education First?

Here, be prepared for a bit more requirements and expectations!

Quite frankly, EF takes the teaching job very seriously and so should you:

- Bachelor's degree in any field + English as your native language

- Previous experience - certificate for at least 40 hours of teaching English

- Your own computer, headset, and a strong internet connection

- Background check - you won't be paying for that.

5) How Much Can You Earn?

Basically, you can expect to make between $12-$19/hour.

But you have to know that by hour we're talking about full 60 minutes, not the usual 30-40 minutes class hour.

Meanwhile, you'll receive your earnings via PayPal once a month.

Currently, EF is available mainly to USA and UK citizens.  If you would like to get familiar with its reviews first, you can read them here.

Teach Part Time

Lastly, let's look at everything that Teach Part Time has to say, shall we?

It turns out that this company will deliver for you in ways that the previous three couldn't!

1) What You Need To Know If You Want To Teach English Online From Home With This Program

To clarify, it goes without saying that Teach Part Time provides opportunities to earn money from online tutoring.  So, I'm not going to dwell too much on the basics.

what is Teach Part Time

Similarly, you'll get to work with kids between ages 5 to 12.  And again, you'll find your schedule as flexible as ever.

That being said, I would like to point your attention to the reason why this company stands out from the crowd!

2) Why Everyone Should Give Teach Part Time a Try

Remember how to qualify with the rest of the companies you need to have a Bachelor's degree?

Here, you'll be pleased to find out that there is a way around that.

Even though many of the programs that Teach Part Time offers still would like to see your degree, there are plenty of partners that will be satisfied if you're just a University student.

On top of that, you don't have to worry if you have no experience on the matter.  Most of the programs are fine with that too.

In other words, to start earning an income here is so much easier compared to other teaching platforms!

3) And How Much Do They Pay?

Basically, your earnings will be between $14-25/hour, depending on your training and skill.  Besides, you'll be able to work up to 20 hours/week.

Plus, many firms will give you the chance to make more money through loyalty bonuses and wage growth.

My Closing

Hopefully, right now you're having a pretty clear idea what to expect if you want to teach English online from home.

Personally, I think all of these companies can be very beneficial for your income if you're willing to give them a chance.

All you have to do is pick one!

If there are still things that are not completely clear to you or if you have any questions, I'll keep my eyes on the comments section.

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