Teach English Online From Home: 35 Companies That Pay Well

get paid to teach English 35 companies that will pay you to teach English online from home

Do you want to teach English online from home and earn money for the effort?

Why wouldn’t you?

The popularity of teaching English online jobs is through the roof these days. And it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon.

As a result, the number of companies you can join to teach English is constantly increasing.

Which one does offer the best English online jobs?

Today, I’ll introduce you to legit companies that will hire you to teach English online.

Some require a Bachelor’s Degree in English while others won’t.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

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Can I Teach English Online Without A Degree?

can you teach English online without a degree

It might be hard to believe, but yes – you can teach English online from home without a degree.

Sure, many of the major companies hiring English tutors won’t employ you unless you have a Bachelor’s Degree in English.

However, many platforms will work with you even if you have no such degree.

With that said, getting a TEFL Certification will provide you with all the qualifications and training necessary to find a teaching English online job.

Can I Teach English Online From Home Without A TEFL Certification?

Here is the deal:

Even though you’ll be able to get a job as an English tutor without a TEFL Certification, I suggest going for it anyway.

Earlier, I mentioned that making money by teaching English is one of the most popular work-at-home opportunities right now. Subsequently, the competition you’ll face in the field is formidable – to say the least.

Having any kind of advantage that will help you stand out as an English teacher is a way to rise above your competitors.

And holding a TEFL Certification is an advantage – no doubt about it.

General Requirements To Teach English Online

  • TEFL Certification
  • Laptop or PC
  • Webcam
  • Headset
  • Reliable internet connection

Companies To Teach English Online From Home: Best Teaching English Online Sites

Alright, here is my take on the best companies that will pay you to teach English online:


​Nowadays, most people see VIPKID as the industry leader in the teaching English online field.

That rings even truer considering the company recently released its expanded global education platform:

Currently, VIPKID will allow you to teach students from all over the world.

In other words, VIPKID is a company that will no longer offer you to only teach English online to Chinese students.

VIPKID Teacher Requirements:

  • Fluent English-speaking US or Canadian applicants
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English
  • One year or more of teaching experience (tutoring, coaching, mentoring, etc.)

VIPKID Salary:

  • Up to $22 per hour

Why Should You Teach English Online From Home With VIPKID?

  • Flexible hours
  • Participation incentives and bonuses
  • One-on-one classes
  • Teachers participate in local conferences and events

I suggest reading my VIPKID Review to learn everything there is to know about working for this company.

2) Skooli

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time teaching position:

Skooli will offer you both.

Maybe you used to be a teacher who doesn’t mind getting back to work? Or retirement doesn’t suit you, and you miss teaching?

Then starting to teach English online with Skooli will be a great fit for you.

Skooli Teacher Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English or another related field
  • Government-issued teaching license
  • Specialized instructor qualification

Skooli Salary:

  • It depends on factors such as your qualifications and experience

Why Should You Work For Skooli?

  • You’ll get to teach students in middle school, high school, or university
  • Work with students worldwide
  • Create your own working schedule

3) Teach English Online To Chinese Students With Qkids

details about teaching with Qkids

Basically, Qkids is looking to hire tutors to teach English to Chinese kids (from kindergarten to sixth grade).

Each teacher working for Qkids has to commit at least six hours to teach every week.

Once you start working for the company, you’ll have access to your weekly schedule on Sunday evenings.

Qkids Teacher Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (or you can get a job if you’re in a university program right now)
  • USA/Canada residence
  • English must be your native language

Qkids Jobs And Qkids Salary:

  • The company will require you to teach at least 12 classes per week (you can’t do more than 38 teaching sessions)
  • Qkids pay between $16-$20 an hour
  • $1 attendance bonus if your teaching session begins on time

Is Qkids Closing?

No, Qkids is not closing – the company continues to operate globally.

Why Should You Teach English Online From Home With Qkids?

  • There is no lesson planning – the platform provides its tutors with teaching materials, animation, and slides
  • Choose your working hours
  • Earn more through the referral program of Qkids ($100 per referral)

4) EF Education First

Founded way back in 1965 in Sweden, EF Education First has been sponsoring travel abroad programs all these years.

Since learning online is the new normal, the company is now replacing overseas exchanges with virtual classrooms.

These days, EF has offices in 50 countries and over 500 schools.

More often than not, the platform teaches languages to young adults.

EF Education First Teacher Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Native English speaker
  • Teaching experience
  • Background check

EF Education First Salary:

  • Earn between $12-$19 per 60-minute long teaching session

Why Should You Teach With EF Education First?

  • Live abroad while you teach
  • Work as an independent contractor
  • Flexible working hours
  • Interact with students from over 100 nationalities

5) Teach Part Time

Generally, the tutors of Teach Part Time will have to work with students of ages between 5 and 12.

An interesting fact about the company is that it hires people with Bachelor’s Degree and students still going to university.

Furthermore, Teach Part Time will offer you a job even if you don’t have any previous teaching experience.

Teach Part Time Teacher Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English (or university students)


  • Earn between $14-$25 an hour

Why Should You Teach For This Company?

  • Flexible hours
  • Work up to 20 hours a week

Top Companies That Will Pay You To Teach English Online From Home With No Degree

6) PalFish

To sum up, PalFish is a mobile app-based platform you can use to teach English to both kids and adults from your phone or tablet.

These days, the company offers PalFish Official Teacher positions and jobs to non-native English speakers.

After China’s new education regulations became effective in 2021, PalFish expanded its reach beyond the China market.

PalFish Teacher Requirements:

  • Fluent in English
  • Teaching Certification (TEFL, CELTA, TESOL) or teaching license

PalFish Salary:

  • Between $10-$18 an hour, with some teachers earning up to $30 an hour

Why Should You Teach English With PalFish?

  • Choose your own pay rate and working hours
  • No set hours or minimum teaching time requirements
  • Receive your earnings via PayPal or Payoneer

Keep in mind that PalFish gets 20% of everything you make through the platform. Plus, if they reject your application, you won’t be able to reapply.

7) Teach English Online With No Experience With Cambly

teach English online from home with cambly

Quite frankly, I’m not overreacting by saying that you can teach for Cambly even if you have no experience as an online tutor:

Cambly is a platform that doesn’t require teaching in a single class.

Instead, the site lets its teachers participate in short discussions with their students via a webcam.

Cambly Teacher Requirements:

  • Native English speaker
  • No degree or certification is necessary

Cambly Salary:

  • Up to $10 an hour

Why Should You Teach With Cambly?

  • Set your own hours and working schedule
  • You don’t have to prepare – Cambly will provide you with guides, courses, and tests
  • Work mostly with adults
  • PayPal payment every Monday

8) Open English

Over half a million students are fluent in English after taking classes in Open English.

Right now, the platform is the largest ESL company in South America.

The site has been operating since 2007.

Open English Teacher Requirements:

  • EFL/ESL professionals who are North American English speakers
  • TEFL/TESOL Certification and one year of teaching experience
  • Spanish language skills (if possible)

Open English Salary:

  • Between $13-$15 an hour

Why Should You Work For Open English?

  • An opportunity to do live classes
  • Teach a minimum of 10 hours a week (maximum hours – 36)
  • You’ll have access to resources and guides

9) Skima Talk

How do you feel about working with Japanese business owners who need to learn English?

Hopefully, you’re up for it because that’s what you’ll have to do once you join Skima Talk.

To clarify, the tutors working for Skima have to be able to teach Business English.

Skima Talk Teacher Requirements:

  • Be a native English speaker with American, Canadian, British, Australian, or New Zealand dialect
  • Having a teaching experience is preferable, but it’s not a must

Skima Talk Salary:

  • Before you start earning money, you’ll need to do three free lessons to gain an understanding of how the platform operates
  • Once you book at least three teaching sessions, Skima Talk will set your pay rate to $8 per class that lasts 25 minutes. Feel free to choose a different pay rate
  • Skima Talks keeps 20% of your earnings

Why Should You Teach English Online From Home With Skima Talk?

  • Pick your working hours
  • Teach as many hours as you like – there is no limit on teaching sessions a tutor can do

10) Preply

By all means, Preply works a bit differently than the rest of the entries on this list.

For starters, the site hires tutors to teach languages other than English.

If you decide to join the platform, you’ll have to create a profile and pick your pay rates (you can go as up as $45 an hour).

Preply Teacher Requirements:

  • There is no need to have a Bachelor’s Degree or previous teaching experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Tutors must offer a personalized learning experience

Preply Salary:

  • Most teachers choose a pay rate of $15-$25 an hour
  • Preply will charge a commission fee on every lesson you perform

Why Should You Join Preply?

  • Teach both kids and adults
  • Pick your own hours and pay rate
  • No minimum working hours

11) Verbling


Next on my list of companies that will pay you to teach English online from home is Verbling.

As long as you have access to the internet, you can teach with Verbling from all over the world.

Heads up – Verbling offers one of the highest pay rates in the industry!

Verbling Teacher Requirements:

  • One year or more of teaching experience (TEFL Certificate will give you a better chance to score a job on the platform)
  • Being a native English speaker is not mandatory

Verbling Salary:

  • In case Verbling accepts you as a teacher, you’ll choose your pay rates. More often than not, Verbling tutors charge at least $18 per session
  • Workers keep 85% of their earnings – the rest goes to the company
  • PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, and Verbling Credit are all payment options

Why Should You Teach English With Verbling?

  • You’re free to decide how much you want to charge per teaching session
  • Open worldwide
  • Work for Verbling part-time or full-time

12) Lingoda

Students who choose to use Lingoda can learn English, Spanish, French, and German language.

Nowadays, Lingoda is the top language learning platform in Europe.

Lingoda Teacher Requirements:

  • Two/three years of experience
  • ESL teaching certification (TEFL/CELTA/TESOL)
  • Be a native speaker of the language you’ll choose to teach

Lingoda Salary:

  • Between $9-$12 an hour

Why Should You Teach English Online From Home With Lingoda?

  • Teach small online classrooms (five people)
  • Get all the teaching materials you need from the company
  • Flexible hours and working schedule
  • Work for as many hours as you wish

13) Latin Hire

Actually, Latin Hire is not exactly a company that will pay you to teach English online from home – it’s a whole agency.

Chances are, you’ll find a tutoring job if you speak languages other than Latin. For example, the platform will hire you if you can teach English, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Accounting, and other subjects.

A decent knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish is definitely an advantage.

Latin Hire Teacher Requirements:

  • Native American teachers only
  • Certification is a plus but not mandatory

Latin Hire Salary:

  • Depends on the subject you’ll choose to teach and the number of sessions you’ll provide

Why Should You Work With Latin Hire?

  • An opportunity to choose your working hours and schedule
  • Teach different subjects
  • You’ll earn money for every minute you teach of wait for students

14) Learnligth

Generally, you can’t work for Learnlight unless you have a TEFL Certification and experience with the Business English language.

But if you do, expect to sign a one-year contract and be available to teach at specific times every week.

Learnlight Teacher Requirements:

  • At least two years of experience and TEFL Certification

Learnlight Salary:

  • Up to $14 an hour (group lessons pay more than one-on-one classes)

Why Should You Join Learnlight?

  • Stable source of income
  • Working contract

15) Verbal Planet

join verbal planet to get paid to teach English online from home

If you want to get paid to teach English online from home with Verbal Planet, you’ll need to create a profile on the site and choose a pay rate.

English is not the only language you’ll be able to teach on this platform.

Verbal Planet Teacher Requirements:

  • Certification is a plus, but you can get a job without it

Verbal Planet Salary:

  • Between $13-$26 an hour

Why Should You Teach For Verbal Planet?

  • The company has existed for nearly 20 years
  • Flexible hours
  • Pick your own pay rate

16) Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker is a platform that offers online and offline lessons in English and other languages.

When the company accepts you as a tutor, you’ll have to build up your profile page and provide a short intro video of yourself.

Amazing Talker Teacher Requirements:

  • Some teaching experience
  • Certification is not necessary, but it will make you look better
  • Be a native speaker of the language you’re going to teach

Amazing Talker Salary:

  • Around $15 an hour

Why Should You Teach English Online From Home With Amazing Talker?

  • Choose your working hours
  • Teach for at least 10 hours each week

17) iTalki

In my opinion, iTalki will be a great fit for you if you want to offer teaching services as a freelancer.

People who choose to trust iTalki can learn many other languages than English.

iTalki Teacher Requirements:

  • No Bachelor’s Degree, Certification, or previous experience required

iTalki Salary:

  • Earn up to $35 an hour

Why Should You Join iTalki As A Teacher?

  • One of the most popular platforms for students who want to learn a different language
  • There are no minimum hours you’ll have to teach per week

18) Tutlo

Nowadays, Tutlo offers a variety of courses, such as adult language courses and courses for business executives.

Of course, the company provides English teaching courses for younger people as well.

Tutlo Teacher Requirements:

  • Six months or longer teaching experience

Tutlo Salary:

  • Tutors make between $9-$11 an hour

Why Should You Teach With Tutlo?

  • Anyone can go after a teaching job without a degree or certification
  • Work as many hours as you wish

19) OKPanda

Basically, OKPanda hires teachers to tutor Japanese and Korean businesspeople.

With that said, you have to be ready to teach for at least 2 hours every day.

OKPanda Teacher Requirements:

  • Be available for no less than 4 days each week

OKPanda Salary:

  • Your pay rate will depend on your level of experience and qualifications

Why Should You Choose To Teach On OKPanda?

  • Teaching sessions last for 25 minutes
  • No degree or certification required

20) Outschool


By all means, Outschool is a platform that offers group classes for children.

Currently, over 1 million students are learning languages through Outschool.

Outschool Teacher Requirements:

  • The company doesn’t have any specific requirements – anyone can sign up and try to get a teaching job

Outschool Salary:

  • You’re the one to decide how much you’re going to earn as a teacher

Why Should You Work With Outschool?

  • Flexible hours
  • Interact with students and other teachers in real-time

21) Rype

Rype will hire native and non-native language speakers if they have some teaching experience and at least basic qualifications.

Some of the languages you can teach on Rype are English, French, Italian, German, and even Mandarin.

Rype Teacher Requirements:

  • One year of teaching experience

Rype Salary:

  • Up to $11 an hour

Why Should You Join Rype?

  • You can get a job without a degree or certification
  • Teach different languages
  • Work for at least 10 hours a week

22) Teach English Online From Home With Berlitz

It might be hard to believe, but Berlitz has been operating since 1878!

As you can guess by the name, the company relies on the Berlitz Method (speak only in the target language).

Berlitz Teacher Requirements:

  • No degree, but it will be better for you if you can show certification

Berlitz Salary:

  • Between $9-$15 an hour

Why Should You Work With Berlitz?

  • One of the oldest teaching platforms
  • Teach for at least 10 hours a week

23) Classgap

Classgap is online platform students can join to study tons of different topics.

Hopefully, you’re up for the challenge considering the learners are the ones to give reviews on your work!

Classgap Teacher Requirements:

  • There isn’t any

Classgap Salary:

  • Pick a pay rate yourself

Why Should You Create A Profile On Classgap?

  • Work as much as you want, for as long as you want
  • Teach different topics than just English
  • Get the pay rate you think you deserve

All Right

Last on my list of companies that will pay you to teach English online from home without a degree is All Right.

All Right teaches mostly students from ages 4-12.

All Right Teacher Requirements:

  • TEFL Certification and some teaching experience
  • Both native and non-native teachers can work for the company

All Right Salary:

  • Around $10-$12 an hour

Why Should You Teach For All Right?

  • Lessons and teaching materials are provided
  • Teaching sessions last up to 55 minutes

Companies That Will Pay You To Teach English Online From Home To Keep An Eye On

Alright, the platforms I’m about to show you might not be hiring English teachers at the moment.

However, you never know when they’ll begin hiring again.

So, keep checking these companies for available teaching jobs openings:

  • iTutorGroup: You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in English and TEFL certification to earn up to $24 an hour while working for iTutorGroup.
  • BlaBla EdTech: Do you want to teach young Chinese students? Keep checking BlaBla EdTech and get a job when the company resumes hiring.
  • ZebraEnglish: Teach one-on-one classes to Chinese kids once ZebraEnglish starts looking for tutors again.
  • Gogokid: Unfortunately, no one knows when Gogokid will open new teaching positions again.
  • DaDa ABC: I don’t think DaDa ABC will hire teachers any time soon, but I might be wrong.
  • Magic Ears: No jobs available at Magic Ears at the moment – maybe there will be some available in the near future.
  • Turito Inc: In my opinion, Turito Inc is a great English teaching online platform – too bad the site doesn’t hire tutors at the moment.
  • English Hunt: You have a better chance to find a job in English Hunt – it seems like they’ll soon resume hiring!
  • Whales English: Basically, Whales English pays up to $26 per teaching session.
  • BEILS Turkey: If you manage to get a teaching job with BEILS Turkey, you’ll earn around $1,200 a month.
  • NeuABC: I have no idea when NeuABC will begin offering tutoring jobs again.

Teach English Online From Home – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become An Online English Teacher?

More often than not, you’ll need to have TEFL/TESOL Certification to become an online English teacher.

However, some companies will hire you to teach English if you don’t have such certification or previous teaching experience.

How Much Do You Earn Teaching English Online?

Generally, online English teachers earn between $11-$40 an hour.

Of course, your pay rate as an English teacher will depend on the company you’ll work for, the number of working hours, etc.

Which Online Teaching Platform Pays Most?

Currently, VIPKID, Lingoda, and Preply will pay you the most to teach English online from home.

Is Teaching English Online Worth It?

Yes, teaching English online is worth the effort for many reasons.

For example, the teaching English online jobs offer flexible hours, convenient working schedules, and the opportunity to earn your living from home.

My Closing

Hopefully, you have a pretty clear idea of what to expect if you want to teach English online from home.

I think all of these companies can be very beneficial for your income if you’re willing to give them a chance.

All you have to do is pick one!

Now, what do you think about today’s topic?

Do you see yourself teaching English online part-time or even full-time?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. That was really interesting information, but I want to know is there any platform for teaching multiple languages not just English??

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      I’m not sure if there is a platform for teaching multiple languages.
      Maybe you can do some research online?
      I write only about companies that allow people to earn by teaching English.

  2. I wonder are you teaching very complex English? Or like the basics? Actually would love to join sounds very promising

    1. Hey, Jamaar, thanks for stopping by.
      Well, most of the companies require a University Degree, but not all of them.
      Better give this article one more read and you’ll see for yourself which ones doesn’t.
      And yeah, they are more than promising!

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      Teaching English online is a great way to earn some extra money.
      I’m sure that your sister will enjoy working for each of those companies.

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