My Freelance Paycheck review

My Freelance Paycheck Review: Make $3K/Month Writing?

Hey there, professional content creators to be!  As evident from the title, the talk of the day will be centered on freelancing.  And My Freelance Paycheck review has quite a lot to say on that topic.

Nowadays, more and more people dive into freelancing careers on daily basis.  Why shouldn't they?

Certainly, being a freelancer seems like a great way to earn a living without the dreadful 9-5 routine hanging over your head.

If that type of lifestyle is something you would like to indulge in as well, this article won't lack guidance!

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My Freelance Paycheck Review - The Basics

Product:  My Freelance Paycheck

Owner:  Laura Pennington 

Price: $47

Cash Embrace Rank:

84 out of 100

My Freelance Paycheck review

In short, My Freelance Paycheck is a digital product that takes on the tasks to transform you into a professional freelancing writer.

By all means, think of it as a teaching platform that will prepare you to become a kick-ass freelancer from all possible angles.  But that's just the start.

Basically, the sales pages go much further and claim that will lead you to freelance paychecks week after week.

However, is that as easy to achieve as Laura makes it sound?

Well, that's what you're about to find out!

What Exactly Is My Freelance Paycheck?

To sum up, this product is 156 pages long e-book.  It's the ultimate tutorial that will teach you step-by-step everything there is to know regarding making a full-time income as a freelancer.

Quite frankly, the sales videos get so many facts totally right!

For example, it's a well-known fact that nowadays the freelancing business is not only alive, but it's thriving more than ever.  Because is there a single business that is not interested to increase its reach by having a strong online presence?

Subsequently, all those businesses need tons of content creators to write for them on daily basis and spread the word on their products and services.

freelance writing for beginners

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However, if you have no experience in freelancing, where do you start?  How do you go about reinventing yourself from an ordinary person to a professional content creator every successful brand would kill to hire?

Above all, you'll need guidance, education, and training to get there.  And that's what My Freelance Paycheck can help you with.

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How Does This Product Work?

Now, to get My Freelance Paycheck review really moving, let's have a serious look at how this system actually works, shall we?

In order to do that, you need to know what exactly you're getting to begin with.

My Freelance Paycheck review - how does the product work

Personally, I find the training mind-blowing.  It doesn't look like Laura missed a single detail - it's all in there:

The importance of writing high-quality content, writing styles (for short and long copies), research, presenting and marketing yourself, building relationships with clients, time-managing your workflow, getting paid...

Plus, much and much more info that you'll receive in the form of an e-book and training videos.

Here, I believe that you'll get a full idea if you're able to see what each of those training materials include.

1) The e-book

As I already said, this e-book has a total of 156 pages.  

Quite frankly, it's doubtful that you can find another training platform that goes into that much detail and covers the exact variety of freelancing insights.

To clarify, steal a glimpse of everything you'll get to learn:

  • 1) Evaluating your writing talent and abilities
  • 2) Which job listing database to go for and how to choose a great job with potential prospects
  • 3) Small or big projects - which option is better for you
  • 4) Identifying who your perfect clients are, how to get them, and build a strong relationship with them
  • 5) Working on your content - creating easy to read writing samples
  • 6) Increasing your marketing value and exposure through proven to work strategies and techniques

And it goes on and on and on...

In other words, this e-book is the perfect training tool to transform you from complete beginner to a fully functioning pro freelancer.

2) The Training Videos

First and foremost, the training videos are where you'll borrow all of Laura's personal expertise.

If you thought that the e-book is invaluable, wait to see what is waiting for you in here!

My Freelance Paycheck review - choosing the right clients

For instance, expect answers, tips, and tricks on all of the following:

  • 1) Is freelancing the right fit for you and what its benefits actually are
  • 2) Setting goals for your new freelancing career
  • 3) Coming up with your ideal client, where to find him, and how to land him
  • 4) Creating your own personal marketing plan and deciding on your rate
  • 5) When to say NO to clients and why that matters

Most importantly, the videos can't stress enough how essential the quality of your content will be.  Besides, you'll learn what to look for before accepting a job so you would avoid any future problems with your potential clients.

3) Bonuses

As if everything so far is not more than enough for its price, the product will provide you with bonuses.  

So, if you like what you see in this My Freelance Paycheck review and decide to go for this training, you'll secure 5 extra features completely for free.

bonuses from My Freelance Paycheck

Firstly, you'll receive the audio version of this product.  This one is perfect for everybody who prefers to learn by listening than reading.  No to mention, it will you tons of time.

Secondly, you'll lay your hands on Laura's UpWork Quickstart Guide.  Do I even need to comment further on the value of this PDF?

Thirdly, you'll be provided with 5 freelance project response templates - all set and ready to go, those ones will help you look and feel like a pro even at the early stages of your career.

Then, you'll pick up the brain of 5 experts within the freelancing field.  Likewise, you'll dive into 25 of their personal secrets.  And you'll find all of that in the Success Multiplier PDF bonus.

Lastly, you'll increase your chances of success thanks to exploring and avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes Most Freelancers Make - your final bonus.

My Freelance Paycheck Review - What I Don't Like About This System

So far, this training platform sounds like a freelancing dream come true.  Seriously, it can't get better than that, right?  

However, this product is not perfect.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are a number of things that I don't like about it.  Similarly, I strongly feel that you need to be aware of them as well.

1) The Sales Pages Is a Bit Misleading

First of all, I need to make my point perfectly clear:

It's not that the sales video will misguide you in the wrong direction.  But I believe that it could be handled much better than it is right now.

Currently, Laura makes it sound like she posses the unknown and unexplored secret of the freelancing success.  And even though her product is awesome on so many levels, it would be wrong to believe that it's the only one in the world.

My Freelance Paycheck - the secret behind freelancing success

Personally, there is something else that I dislike in her presentation.

On one hand, I get it - My Freelance Paycheck is perfect for beginners.  Therefore, Laura is trying to reach to the widest audience regardless of age or education and that's fine.

That being said, it's evident that she is targeting mainly the stay-at-home-moms.  Again, nothing wrong with that considering her training is more than suitable for them.

Still, I feel like the sales video spends way too much time on that.  A time that could be better spent talking about the product itself rather than being relative to its target audience.

2) It's a Bit Over-Hyped As Well

To clarify, I don't disagree with Laura that you'll be able to earn thousands of dollars in freelancing checks.  Tons of people are doing it already.

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What I disagree with her on is that it won't happen that fast.

Quite frankly, even with the best training, it will still take some time to build a name for yourself.

In my opinion, the sales video could use a makeover and be more transparent about that.

3) There Is an Upsell

Truth to be told, the fact that this product offers an upsell is not that surprising, 90% of the digital products online do that as well.

However, what I really don't appreciate is that here the upsell is barely visible.  

So, when you're ready to pay for your product, just make sure that you uncheck the box that offers you additional add-ons.  This way you won't be charged anything extra than the product's original price of $47.

So far, those 3 aspects are the things that could really use some serious improvement.

By all means, though, they don't affect the quality of the training that you'll be getting.  And to prove this point of mine, I'll share with you all the things that make My Freelance Paycheck worthy of your consideration.

What I Like About My Freelance Paycheck

Usually, at this point of a review, I'm presenting you with the pros and cons list.  We're not doing this today!

Instead, I believe it's better to show you the advantages and disadvantages of this product the way I'm writing it so far.  Simply because the info about it is too much to be squeezed into a few bullet points.

OK, time to move on to the good stuff of the My Freelance Paycheck review!

1) The Training Is Awesome

Honestly, I can't think of another teaching platform that offers such in-depth and profound learning experience on all things freelance.

the training of My Freelance Paycheck

And I'm not going to repeat everything you'll be getting out of this product, you already know all about the e-book, videos, audio files, templates, etc. 

Ultimately, this training provides tons of value, especially if you're a complete beginner - it's step-by-step, easy to follow, and it goes above and beyond to get you as fully prepared as possible.

2) Laura Pennington Is a Real Person

Generally, I'm more than fed up with all the shady products that use fake names to mask the identity of their owners.  If I have to guess, so are you!

Here, you'll be glad to find out that Laura is the real deal, from flesh and blood.  Likewise, the lady that you meet on the sales video is the same Laura that you can see on the Homepage of her website:

My Freelance Paycheck review

Moreover, she knows what she's talking about - Laura has plenty of experience and she's been working in the freelancing niche for years.

3) The Testimonials Are Real As Well

Hey, no Fiverr actors in here!  Let them stay within Easy Retired Millionaire, Auto Chat Profits, and every other product that you can currently find in my Bad Guys category.

Personally, if a good amount of real customers are happy to share their satisfaction with a certain product, that's enough to build credibility in my mind.

4) There Is 60-days Money Back Guarantee 

Let's see, I don't think that I mentioned this so far...

As a product selling on ClickBank, My Freelance Paycheck offers a money back guarantee.

Meaning, if you decide that the training it's not for you or you're not satisfied for some reason, you can always have your cash back.

In other words, you are able to give this product a chance for a whole 2 months, completely risk-free!

My Freelance Paycheck Review - Who Is This Product For?

First and foremost, everyone who is interested to start a new freelancing career, drop the 9-5 for good, and stay and work from home.

Moreover, considering it's such a beginner friendly training, you can go for it regardless of your age, previous employment, or experience.

So, it's safe to say that if the time is right for you to begin working for yourself, manage your own hours and rate, and become your own boss, the product can deliver on all these aspects.

Is My Freelance Paycheck a Scam?

Actually, I include this paragraph here just for the sake of my article to be complete!

Still, to answer the question - no, this system is not a scam.

On the contrary, it's a legit business, with a very well known and experienced owner, money back guarantee...

To be honest, you probably can find some of its info online for free.  Then why I believe it's a good idea to buy the product?

thumb up

Simply said, because it will you tons of time on research, it will get you started fast, and it offers a high-quality training material that will keep you focused and on the top of your game.

Besides, how much is your time worth?  Are these $47 not justified considering the weeks, even months you'll spend if you decide to learn how to be a freelancer on your own?

Alternative Way To Make a Living From Your Writing

Generally, My Freelance Paycheck review has to cover all the possibilities, right?  Therefore, what's the solution in case this product is not exactly what you're looking for?

Well, then you might want to think about starting your own online business.

Above all, it will still allow you to work for yourself, plus some more benefits, and then some more!

For instance, when you own a successful website, the money-making possibilities are countless.  Meanwhile, you can start building this passive income machine totally for free!

If that's what you really want to do but you have no idea how to do it, check out my Free Guide.  It will walk you through all the steps I took and you'll be on your way to become a professional blogger in no time!

My Closing

Now, I really hope that after reading My Freelance Paycheck review you have a much better idea what the freelancing business is all about and how to become a part of it.

However, maybe I've missed something or you still have questions on the topic?

Then you might wanna head to the comments section and let me know!

I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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