How To Get Free Money Now: Ways To Make Free Money Fast

get free money now ways to make money instantly

Can’t wait to find out how to get free money now?

Are you determined to discover the best ways to get free money?

Alright, let’s talk dissect this topic then, shall we?

It may be hard to believe, but getting free income instantly is actually relatively easy to achieve.

Today, I’ll show you plenty of opportunities to earn cash fast.

Heads up, these are scam-free money-making ideas!

Stay with me to the end of this article if you’re constantly wondering:

  • How to make free money?
  • How to get free money online?
  • How to make quick money in one day?
  • How to get money immediately?

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How To Get Free Money Mailed To Me?

Easy – you just need something to act as a mailbox.

Most of you are probably already guessing that I’m talking about a PayPal account.

Nowadays, online money transactions are usually happening through PayPal.

The service makes the job a piece of cake for both parties involved.

While some online jobs only require you to provide a bank account, PayPal is the better option.

Your earnings will be 100% protected, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

how to get free money now ways to make free money fast

Setting up PayPal account is a simple task, and you can complete it in a couple of minutes.

With that said, you can choose between a personal or a business PayPal account.

I’ll leave that choice to you!

Best Ways To Get Free Money Right Now

“I need money now for free and fast – how do I do that?”

Ain’t that the one question that demands an answer today?

Providing an explanation is what I’m here for, so there you go:

In my opinion, the smart approach to acquiring free money is by completing small and fast tasks.

And the reason why is that you’ll receive free cash in exchange for as little time spent as possible.

After all, that’s kind of the whole point:

When you commit the smallest part of your time imaginable, that’s when you can say the money you’re getting is literally free.

There are a lot of ways to do that.

Whether you’ll sign up for something, provide data, or receive a bonus, you’ll see free dollars in your bank account.

Let’s start taking action, shall we?

How To Make Free Money – Get Free Money Right Now

Alright, here is my list of ways to get free cash fast.

This list is not final – I’ll keep updating it with more ideas in the future.

For now, though, you have plenty of fast money-making opportunities to choose from:

1) Complete Tasks With Respondent

Quite frankly, it’s easy to see why I’m starting with no other company but Respondent.

The website should be a number one choice for everyone who falls under the category of “I need money desperately”.

Respondent will pay you more than well for participating in case studies.

Sometimes, you’ll be able to earn as much as $300 per single task.

Most of the tasks are not time-consuming.

Furthermore, Respondent is available worldwide.

To get the full scoop about the company, spare a few minutes to read my review of Respondent.

2) Get Free Money From Inbox Dollars

get free money now with inbox dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of those sites that will allow you to make money without doing much at all.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive cash earning offers directly into your inbox.

Some of the tasks you’ll have to deal with are answering questions or shop online.

Personally, I find the platform as valuable as it is enjoyable.

Also, you’ll get a $5 bonus when you join it – there are your first five bucks of free money!

3) Make $25 Per Referral With Rakuten

Rakuten is the new name of Ebates, one of the most popular cashback sites in the world.

Using it comes with tons of perks.

Getting free cash for your shopping is probably the biggest one.

But do you know that you’ll earn $25 for every person you introduce to the site?

Yes, you will – that’s $25 you’ll make for the effort of spreading the word about Rakuten.

That’s not much of an effort, is it?

Keep in mind – you need to be 18 years old or older to join the site.

You’ll see your earnings in your PayPal account or your bank account.

4) Make Free Money For Browsing Online With Swagbucks

The beauty of Swagbucks is not just in the $10 bonus you’ll get for signing up.

It goes way beyond that:

Currently, Swagbucks is the best answer I can give to anyone ready to type “get money in your bank account now free 2021”.

I mean, the site offers surveys that pay over $30 per piece.

Watching videos and earning cash back for your shopping activities are the other ways to benefit from the platform.

All you need to do is use Swagbucks instead of the rest of the search engines when you’re online.

5) Get Free Money Now With Be Frugal

Honestly, Be Frugal is my personal favorite from all the cash back sites.

This one will give you so many opportunities to get some of your hard-earned money back.

How does 40% cash back at over 5,000 stores sounds like?

Adding the signup bonus of $10, and Be Frugal looks even better.

Then, think about the referral bonuses you’ll receive, and you’ll see where my fascination is coming from!

6) Download More Cash Back Apps

download cash back apps

By all means, it would be easier if I collect all the decent cash back apps in one place, don’t you think?Here are my top picks:

  • DropApp – you have to choose your five favorite vendors.  Later on, you’ll earn points every time you spend on them.  There is a $5 bonus for signing up too.
  • Ibotta App – everyone knows about Ibotta these days.  Get $10 for signing up and cash back on your shopping.
  • Dosh App – this app is similar to Ibotta, but the sign up bonus here is $5.

7) Invest Your Spare Change With Acorns

For many of you, a mobile app that does invest on your behalf may sound ridiculous.

But Acorns exists for years now, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Why would it be?

Investing what’s left of your money every time you shop is a smart idea when you think about it.

It will quickly add up in time.

Of course, the $5 bonus at sign up doesn’t hurt either.

A quick note – I’m not leaving a link to Acorns because the app is no longer available completely for free.

There is a fee you’ll have to pay to use it, so you decide if you’re going to get it or not.

8) Receive Refunds With Paribus

No doubt about it, Paribus is quite a useful app.

The way it works is genius, in my opinion:It will track all of your purchases, discover a drop in the prices, and file a price adjustment claim on your behalf.

If, for instance, you bought an item for $400, but its current price is $360, Paribus will get you the $40 difference back.

Like I said – genius!

So, sign up for Paribus, do your online shopping as usual, and wait to get some of the cost back.

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9) Cut Your Expenses Down With Trim

People who are not good at negotiation will be more than grateful that the Trim App exists.

A relatively new platform, Trim is the latest guilty pleasure for everyone who enjoys spending less on bills.

Once you get Trim, the tool will search through your monthly spending, and come up with ways to save you money.

To sum up, Trim is not exactly an answer to the question “How can I get money immediately?”

Instead, it will increase your savings, and that’s a good thing for your income in general, correct?

10) Make Free Money With No Surveys – Download The Nielsen App

Still thinking about how to get free money right now PayPal?

Well, lay your hands on the Nielsen App.

That app will do its magic in the background of your mobile device.

By collecting data from your daily activities online, Nielsen will run ads based on the information.

Currently, the app is offering over $10,000 in rewards to its users each month.

As long as you’re eligible, you’ll keep making another $50 every year just for having it installed.

11) Save Money With Honey

use the honey extension to get free money now

Wow, that rhymes!

Anyway, Honey is a little-known browser extension that will reduce your shopping expenditures constantly.

It’s free to install and very easy to use.

Basically, you’ll install Honey, do your shopping as you normally do, and you’ll see a decrease in your expenses.

Because the extension will automatically find and apply coupons before you arrive at the checkout.

At the moment, Honey works at over 30,000 online stores.

12) Get Free Money For Losing Weight With Healthy Wage

In case you’ve never heard of it, Healthy Wage is one of the most popular websites for losing weight.

But that’s not the only interesting fact about it.

On the contrary, Healthy Wage will not only motivate you to slim down, but it will pay you for the effort as well.

Once you join it, you should get on with one of the challenges ASAP.

Participating personally or in a group challenge, betting that you’ll reach your weight loss goals is a lucrative decision.

Like up to $10,000 lucrative.

Start making a Healthy Wager today and find out how much you can earn when you bet on your weight loss determination.

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13) Earn By Listening To Music

Yes, I consider this an option to get free money.

After all, you’ll be earning for something you’re doing daily anyway.

Platforms like Slice The Pie will pay you for listening and reviewing songs.

Also, you’ll be able to increase your earnings by inviting family and friends to join the site.

Read all about this opportunity for free money in my Slice The Pie Review.

14) Sell Your Photos

Do you consider yourself a decent photographer?

And if you do, are you snapping shots just for fun?

There is nothing wrong with that, but you can do better.

These days, you can earn a good amount of cash if you decide to sell your images.

Sites like Shutterstock and iStock Photo are more than willing to pay for professional photos.

Give them a try and see how much free money you’ll earn from selling images alone!

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15) Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

declutter your home and sell items you don't need

It’s highly unlikely you don’t think of this one while you’re wondering how I can get free money right now.

Following your gut can fatten your wallet faster than expected.

More importantly, the cash you’ll make when you sell unwanted items will definitely be free.

I mean, we’re talking about things you don’t need, and you’ll never ever need again, right?

So, what’s the point of keeping them?

Websites like Decluttr will help you get rid of stuff and earn money while you’re freeing your space.

Less is more – we can all agree on that!

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16) Replace Gifts With Gift Cards

Gifts are such personal things, and people usually aim to come up with perfect ones.

At the same time, they can get really expensive.

Nothing wrong with spending more for your loved ones.

Still, you can totally make their day and save some money in the process.

How do you feel about ditching gifts for gift cards?

While some may argue this lucks imagination, others will probably see it from the practical side.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind getting an Amazon Gift Card!

Thinking about all the things I can do with it makes it a really cool gift from my point of view.

17) Get Free Money As An Online Friend

Alright, signing up to be a virtual friend might not be the perfect answer to the question of how to get free money.

After all, you’ll be exchanging your time for cash, correct?

Still, the opportunity is coming so close to be a getting free cash deal.

Considering you don’t have to spend tons of time, the chance is too good to pass on it.

Besides, you’ll be doing what you’re already doing for your real-life friends.

Isn’t being an online friend a good solution for the I need money today for free type of situation?

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18) Make Money On Pinterest

This cash-earning opportunity is not a surprise.

Even more, many of you are probably aware of it already.

Making money on Pinterest is a good option for any of you who have basic graphic design skills.

You don’t have to start a blog, and you don’t need to launch a whole online business.

No, you just need to find a valuable product to promote and join its affiliate program.

Once you do that, you’ll create an affiliate pin, and you’ll begin promoting it.

If you would like to learn more, read my article about making money on Pinterest without a website.

19) Use Pay-Per-Click Platform

use pay per click to get free money now

For starters, don’t expect to earn much here.

By design, making a lot of money fast is not how those platforms work.

However, spending a few minutes a day clicking on ads is still a way to get free money.

It adds up in time!

There are three platforms that I’m currently using – Neobux , Scarlet Clicks, and Ojooo.

Three of them combined have made me some nice extra cash while I did next to nothing to earn it.

20) Try Your Luck With The Lottery

First and foremost, I know this sounds outrageous.

Winning a lottery doesn’t deserve a spot on this list of getting free money now.

With that said, I’ll include it for two reasons.

One is that no matter how you choose to see it, it’s still a unique money-making idea.

And the other one is that there is a heated discussion on the topic going on right now.

I’m talking about the Lottery Dominator – a tool some people swear will help you come up with the winning numbers.

Feel free to read all about it and draw your own conclusions.

My Closing

Is free money really free?

Not really, in my opinion.

Even if you spend as little time as possible on any of the above ways, you still have to do something.

Regardless, these ways to get free money now are as close as you can get to earning cash for free.

That’s just my two cents on the topic.

What are yours?

Share with me in the comments section below, and the conversation will keep going!


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