Make Money With TaskRabbit: Earn $2K/M As A TaskRabbit Tasker

taskrabbit review scam or legit

If finding out how to make money with TaskRabbit has been on your mind lately, there is no better time to do it than right now.

Especially considering working as a TaskRabbit tasker is probably one of the best side hustles you can sacrifice time for.

In this TaskRabbit review, you’ll able to learn everything worth knowing about this company:

What is TaskRabbit, is there a TaskRabbit registration fee, how much you can make on TaskRabbit…

And is TaskRabbit worth it or most of the TaskRabbit reviews online are simply over-reacting!

Tons of info is coming your way, so don’t leave this page for the next couple of minutes.

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TaskRabbit Review – The Basics

Before I really get into showing you how to make money with TaskRabbit, a word about the way this service is presented online:

Basically, if you’ve researched TaskRabbit on the web or you’ve read a few of the TaskRabbit reviews, your mind must be blown away.

Because if those reviews are to be trusted, you’re looking at something more than a side income from this app.

I mean, both taskers and representatives of the company are mentioning some crazy numbers.

For instance, TaskRabbit itself will tell you that its most committed taskers are making as much as $5,000-$7,000 per month.

And that much money is a realistic amount considering there are workers charging around $100-$150/hour for their services.

get paid to do easy jobs with taskrabbit earn $7,000 per month

The way I see it, presenting TaskRabbit as a side hustle idea doesn’t fully reflect the reality, does it?

OK then, let’s check if your wallet has been really missing out while you’ve been ignoring this opportunity up until now!

What Is TaskRabbit?

In a nutshell, TaskRabbit is what happens when a person has pretty simple, yet more than a smart and powerful idea:

Connecting individuals who need some sort of service done with people who are willing to do it.

what is taskrabbit and how does it work

Allow me to elaborate further on that:

Are you planning to paint a room in your house, but you’re not good at that or you just don’t have the time?  Visit TaskRabbit and find the best man for the job.

Do you need help moving?  Then there are plenty of taskers that will be happy to give you a hand.

Having troubles putting together the IKEA furniture that has just arrived?  No problem, the assistance is just a few clicks away.

Speaking of IKEA:

It’s no wonder that IKEA and TaskRabbit are official partners now since too many people are finding assembling furniture particularly challenging.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re getting the idea behind the birth of TaskRabbit:

No matter what kind of job you need help with, all you have to do is visit the official site and click on “Services”.

Moving, delivery, grocery shopping, TV mounting, light installing, pictures hanging, even virtual and online tasks will be something you’ll no longer have to worry about.

That’s great, but what if what you need is not a tasker but cash in your pocket?

While patience is a virtue, I won’t make you wait for the answers:

Make Money With TaskRabbit – How To Become A Tasker?

As I’ve already mentioned, you don’t have to research content such as “working for TaskRabbit Reddit” or something in the likes.

Explaining how to become a tasker is what I’m here for.

Quite frankly, the process of joining the 30,000 people already working for TaskRabbit is pretty simple.

And it looks like this:

  1. Visit the official website here.
  2. Fill out the application form – and share a bit about yourself.  For example, what kind of work you’re interested in doing and what type of skills you have.
  3. Pass a security check – the purpose here is to ensure TaskRabbit that you’re a safe person to work with and that you’ll be a great choice of a hired help.
  4. Pay the TaskRabbit registration fee – that fee is $20 and it’s non-refundable.

Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll have your own spot among the available taskers in your local area.

It goes without saying that anyone looking for the kind of help you’re willing to provide will be able to hire you.

You’ll receive a notification every time a person is offering a job that fits your skills.

What Are The TaskRabbit Jobs?

Since I’ve already shared with you some of the jobs you’ll be able to get, I won’t be repeating myself.

Maybe you would like to have a look at examples?  Here they are:

make money with taskrabbit examples of available jobs

In my opinion, a better way to approach the question is what type of TaskRabbit jobs you should do?

Well, it all depends on you and your set of skills.

But here is the thing:

By all means, you can go for simple jobs like moving or painting and you’ll still earn your extra income.

However, if you have any specific skills that will help you distinguish yourself from the rest of the taskers, don’t hesitate to use them.

After all, anyone can stand in line to purchase something, but not anyone has IT skills for instance.

More Extra Income Ideas You May Like:

Tips And Ideas To Make Money With TaskRabbit

Considering the main purpose of this article is to help you make money with TaskRabbit, let’s talk about how you can increase your earnings working as a tasker.

  1. Be open to different tasks – doing what you’re already good at will only take you so far.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new job opportunities on the other hand…  We can all agree this will help you establish yourself as one of the most in-demand and desired taskers, right?
  2. Do the best job possible – just because you’re already hired to do a specific job, it doesn’t mean that it’s OK to complete it in an unsatisfactory way.  On the contrary, the more jobs you perform well, the more awesome reviews you’ll receive as a tasker.  Subsequently, you’ll look reliable and trustworthy to new clients.  And each new work opportunity will bring you more money, simple as that.
  3. Work fast – no one enjoys a worker who can’t complete a job in the time frame that job is supposed to be done.  So you may want to keep that in mind.
  4. Stay available – making the time to take on new tasks is the most important factor to earn more as a tasker.  Managing your free time in an efficient way will allow you to keep the cash coming.

How Much Money Can You Make On TaskRabbit?

In short, that’s entirely up to you.

I can’t give you the exact amount of earnings you’ll able to receive each month.

Simply because it depends on a couple of factors.

Such as how much time you can spare, what jobs you’re planning to do, do you have any special skills to offer, what rates you’ll be setting up for yourself, etc.

But if you take this opportunity seriously, you’re looking at a side income of at least $2,000/month.

Again, don’t forget that the more committed you’re, the more that will reflect in your bank account every month.

Benefits Of Working For TaskRabbit

Now that know how to make money with TaskRabbit, you can imagine that the benefits of being a tasker are quite a few.

Not that you can’t see them on your own, but let me collect them in one place anyway:

  1. Flexible Working hours – it’s not an accident that I’m giving the top spot to the flexible schedule.  After all, that’s the biggest attraction of TaskRabbit according to most of the taskers.  Being able to cash in a couple of thousand dollars a month without ever leaving your full-time job…  Need I say more?
  2. An opportunity For A Full-Time Job – speaking of your 9-5, let’s dwell here a bit more.  If you’re not currently employed full-time, why not being a tasker for a living?  I mean, making more than $2,000/month can be considered a full-time income, isn’t it?  Plus, let’s not forget that some taskers are earning much more than that!
  3. Setting-Up Your Own Rates – one of the beauties of TaskRabbit is that the company doesn’t put a price on your skills, you do.  So, if you think that you deserve more, nobody will stop you to ask for more.
  4. Work At Your Local Area – being a busy tasker doesn’t mean that you’ll have to relocate your current residence of living.  No, you can always go for the tasks that won’t take you too far from home.

Is TaskRabbit Worth It?

For starters, I’m not adding a paragraph regarding the legitimacy of the company as I usually do when writing a review.

There is no need to discuss is TaskRabbit safe considering how many satisfied workers have been sharing their experience online up until now.

With that being said, I believe that you can decide for yourself if being a tasker is a good fit for your lifestyle.

You know how this service works and you know what to expect when joining it.

Most importantly, you’re well aware of how to make money with TaskRabbit after reading this article.

Personally, I believe that you won’t regret taking on a job with this company.

The hours are up to you, the fee is up to you…

thumb up

And let’s face it, you’ll have plenty of fun jumping into this brand new challenging experience.

Still, I need to mention that probably not all of you will be able to do that.

As of the time of writing this post, TaskRabbit is not available worldwide.

Unfortunately, so far it works in the bigger part of the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

Unless you live in those locations, joining the family of TaskRabbit will have to wait a bit.

Hopefully, not for a long time since the company is constantly adding new cities and countries to its reach.

Can’t Be A Tasker?

My Closing

To be honest, I live in Europe and there is no TaskRabbit where I currently reside.

Which is a shame!

Knowing how to make money with TaskRabbit, I definitely wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the opportunity.

Probably one day I will.

How about you?

Does becoming a tasker sounds like an exciting side hustle you can’t wait to begin?

Maybe you would like to know even more about it before you do?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Any questions you may have are always welcome.

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