25 Best Places To Sign Up And Get Money Instantly

best places to sign up and get money instantly

Are you one of those people who don’t believe there are places where you can sign up and get money instantly? I didn’t believe in free cash either.

Considering there are at least ten scams to each legit fast-earning idea, it’s easy to understand your hesitation when it comes down to signing up for bonus instant withdrawal apps and platforms.

Here is the truth, though:

Many places will give you instant money just for signing up and creating a free account. Millions of people worldwide already take advantage of such places, and you should too if you want some extra money.

While having a money-making hobby or starting a side hustle will increase your monthly income, using apps that offer sign-up bonuses will get you extra cash way faster.

So, if you need money right now, read my list of the best sign up bonus instant withdraw apps, platforms, and places.

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Top Sign Up Bonus Apps To Get Money Instantly

1) Sign Up With Rakuten And Get $30 Instantly


Without a doubt, Rakuten is one of the most popular cashback sites in the world. Its members receive up to 40% cash back on their daily purchases.

Currently, Rakuten is a partner with thousands of stores and retailers (over 2,500, to be exact). As a result, Rakuten users have no problems finding their favorite stores on the platform.

Rakuten offers an instant $30 bonus to each new member who spends at least $30 on online purchases. Users also receive promotional codes so they can increase their cash back by referring other people to the site.

Payments are available via check or PayPal.

2) $10 Sign Up Bonus Instant Withdrawal With Swagbucks

Chances are, most of you are already familiar with Swagbucks. But in case you’re not, Swagbucks is a platform where you can get much more than the sign-up bonus:

Swagbucks allows its members to earn money for completing different tasks, such as taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and shopping online.

The platform pays its users with points (SBs) which you can redeem into PayPal cash or gift cards.

Most Swagbucks tasks take minutes to complete, so you can earn extra money without spending too much time on the site.

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3) Sign Up With InboxDollars And Get $5 Instantly

In my opinion, InboxDollars doesn’t need an introduction – it’s one of the best sign up bonus no deposit apps.

Millions of people trust InboxDollars to earn money daily – the site has been in the business for over 20 years and has paid over $60 million to its members.

Create an InboxDollars account by signing up and verifying your email address. Once you do that, you’ll receive your $5 bonus.

Then proceed to complete available tasks on the platform to make money. Payouts are possible via PayPal, Visa, or gift cards as soon as you reach at least a $10 balance in your account.

4) Get A $5 Bonus With Survey Junkie

First and foremost, I have to clarify that Survey Junkie operates a bit differently than the rest of the sign up and get money instantly places on this list:

Yes, you can grab a $5 sign-up bonus when you become a Survey Junkie member. However, you won’t get that money until you take at least five surveys.

Still, Survey Junkie will let you boost your income in many ways, such as shopping online and watching videos.

Survey Junkie has existed since 2013.

Gift cards and PayPal money are how to receive your Survey Junkie earnings.

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5) Branded Surveys

top platforms to sign up and get money instantly branded surveys

Next on my list of places where you can sign up and get money instantly is Branded Surveys.

Let me explain how you can receive free money as a Branded Surveys member:

Once you decide to join Branded Surveys, you’ll get 50 points for creating an account and another 50 for taking your first survey.

These 100 points are equal to a $1 sign-up bonus.

At the time of this writing, Branded Surveys are available in the USA, UK, and Canada.

6) Sign Up With SurveySavvy And Get $5 Instantly

Another website that will pay you for taking surveys is SurveySavvy.

SurveySavvy is an online platform with a long history – the site has been allowing its members to earn money by completing surveys since 1999.

What I like about SurveySavvy is the way the platform operates to satisfy the needs of its members:

The software will track your online browsing activities and connect you with relevant surveys.

As soon as you create a SurveySavvy account, you’ll receive $5 for each new device.

7) Sign Up With MyPoints And Get $5 Instantly

Chances are, most of you might already know what MyPoints do:

Thousands of people join MyPoints to earn extra cash while shopping online, completing surveys, or playing games.

It’s worth mentioning that MyPoints will provide you with other ways to make money too.

Join MyPoints, take five surveys, and bag a $5 bonus instantly.

Withdraw your MyPoints earnings via an Amazon gift card ($3 minimum amount) or PayPal ($25 minimum amount).

8) Get A $5 Sign-Up Bonus With PointClub

While PointClub is not as widely popular as other survey platforms on this list, joining the site is worth considering:

Not only will PointClub pay you for taking surveys, but the platform will help you earn in other ways too, such as playing games to win prizes.

Keep in mind that some of the available prizes on PointClub will let you win up to $1,000.

Now, becoming a PointClub member is simple:

Visit the official site, create an account, fill out your profile, and get $5 in incentives before you begin working on surveys.

9) Sign Up With Opinion Inn And Get $10 Instantly

opinion inn

Do you want another platform that comes with a $10 sign up bonus instant withdraw option?

Well, Opinion Inn happens to be such a place:

Opinion Inn is an online platform that will let you earn money by taking surveys. Each new member gets $10 of free money as soon as they join the site.

Moreover, Opinion Inn has a Lucky Draw feature – every month, one lucky user wins $500 for being active on the website.

Payments are available via PayPal ($25 minimum amount).

10) Sign Up With Acorns And Get $10 Instantly

Nowadays, Acorns is one of the most popular investment apps – millions of people use it to save and invest money at the same time.

Don’t worry if you have no in-depth knowledge of investing money – Acorns will do the job for you by investing your spare change.

You can start investing via Acorns with as little as $5. Setting up your Acorns account will take a few minutes of your time.

Becoming an Acorns member comes with a free cash incentive – get a $10 sign-up bonus when you join the platform.

Or you can receive a $15 sign-up bonus if you create an Acorns account and invest $5 immediately.

11) Sign Up With Fundrise And Get $10 Instantly

We can’t keep talking about investment sign up bonus instant withdrawal apps without mentioning Fundrise:

To clarify, Fundrise is an app that will show you how to start investing in real estate, even if you have no experience in the field.

Anyone can get a $10 sign-up bonus for creating a Fundrise account and investing at least once.

Fundrise offers excellent return rates. You’ll have to choose an account type – personal investment account or tax-advantaged investing are some of the options.

By all means, being an active Fundrise member is a great way to build a reliable source of passive income.

12) Get Up To $220 Instantly In Free Money With Robinhood

First and foremost, not everyone will receive over $200 as a sign-up bonus when they download the Robinhood app:

The bonus amount you’ll get once you join Robinhood will vary between $3-$220.

With that said, Robinhood is one of the most popular trading investment apps in the world. It’s a commission-free platform most first-time investors prefer since it’s beginner friendly.

Assuming that you want to become a Robinhood member as well, prepare to receive your sign-up bonus as a single stock.

Unfortunately, Robinhood is available for US citizens only.

13) Sign Up With Ibotta And Get $20 Instantly

ibotta is one of the best apps to sign up and get money instantly

Ibotta is another option if you want the opportunity to sign up and get money instantly:

With nearly 40 million downloads, Ibotta is a popular choice for many users that want to earn cashback on their purchases.

Download the Ibotta app and get your instant $20 sign-up bonus.

Shop in your favorite shops (online or in-store) and upload your receipts to get some of your cash back.

Direct bank deposit, PayPal, or gift cards are the payment options Ibotta provides.

14) Get A $5 Instant Bonus With Blackout Bingo

Shall we throw a game app into the mix of platforms to sign up and get money instantly?

Blackout Bingo is one of the apps that pay real money. More specifically, BB will pay you to play bingo against other people for cash.

Each Blackout Bingo user can practice their bingo skills on the app for free for as long as they like. Once they feel like they’re ready to win, BB members should enter the paid rounds.

Bag your $5 free bonus as soon as you deposit your first $5.

Currently, Blackout Bingo is available in most countries.

15) Download The Cash App And Get $5 Instantly

Another mobile app that will give you money for signing up is Cash App.

As most of you probably already know, Cash App is an application anyone can download to buy/sell things or invest in the stock market/cryptocurrencies.

Cash App is free to download. You can use the app in many ways:

Get your sign-up bonus and refer other people to the app:

Every new referral will earn you $15.

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16) Sign Up With Nielsen And Get Free Money

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel has been in the business of researching user behavior for almost a century.

There are many reasons to install Nielsen on your devices:

Having the Nielsen app will bring you $50 in free cash every year. Plus, downloading the app will let you participate in monthly drawings to win $10,000.

On top of all that, Nielsen will introduce you to instant win game tokens.

And they’re an extra opportunity to earn with the app!

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17) Sign Up With MobileXpression And Get $5 Instantly


MobileXpression is a market research panel – it exists to understand user behavior when accessing the internet through a mobile device.

Install the software on your phone and allow the app to collect data about your internet usage when you’re on your phone.

You don’t have to do anything with MobileXpression other than the things you already do – the app works in the background.

Feel free to claim the credits you earn on the app each week.

Of course, you’ll receive a $5 sign-up bonus as well.

18) Sign Up With Upromise And Get $30 Instantly

Do you or anyone close to you plans to go to college? Assuming there is such a person in your immediate group of friends, Upromise will be valuable to them.

Upromise is a platform that will send everything your earn into a college savings plan.

So, join Upromise for free and connect your college savings plan to the platform.

Once you do that, Upromise will give you over $30 as a sign-up bonus.

Enjoy everything else Upromise has to offer – there is a lot you can do on the platform.

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19) Sign Up With BeFrugal And Get $10 Instantly

These days, BeFrugal is one of the top places to sign up and get money instantly:

BeFrugal is a cashback site that offers incredible features to its members.

For instance, you can shop in over 5,000 stores and take advantage of the coupons and double cashback deals available on the platform.

Each new BeFrugal user receives a $10 bonus after they join the site and begin shopping through it. Referring a friend to BeFrugal will earn you another $10.

Payments are available via check, direct deposit, gift cards, PayPal, and Venmo.

20) Join Tada And Get a $20 Welcome Bonus

Tada is becoming more popular among users who appreciate a good cashback site.

With that said, Tada will pay you for other activities than scanning receipts to get cashback on purchases.

Some of these activities are taking surveys and participating in polls.

Register on Tada to be able to receive your welcome bonus.

Expect to get your Tada earnings via PayPal, check, or gift cards.

21) Sign Up With Trim And Get Free Money


First and foremost, Trim doesn’t work like the rest of the places to sign up and get money instantly you see above:

The main advantage Trim offers to its users is the opportunity to lower their spending.

Long story short, Trim will save you money by assisting you with getting rid of unwanted subscriptions and negotiating your bills.

On average, Trim users get between $5-$25 in free cash once they start using the platform.

But many Trim members save over $600 annually.

22) Sign Up With Fusion Cash And Get $5 Instantly

Fusion Cash is an online platform that will let you earn for completing different tasks.

Taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games are some of the things you’ll have to do to earn with Fusion Cash.

Every new Fusion Cash member receives a $5 sign-up bonus. You’ll get that money when you confirm your email address and complete a quick survey.

Withdraw your Fusion Cash earnings via PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Unfortunately, Fusion Cash is not available in all countries – check if the site works where you live before joining it.

23) Sign Up With SoFi And Get Up To $1,000 Instantly

For those who don’t know, SoFi is a money-management application you can use for your investment activities.

It’s a commission-free platform that will handle your stock or ETF investments.

Users can start investing through SoFi with as little as a couple of dollars.

Now, SoFi offers up to $1,000 for people who open free brokerage accounts.

Use SoFi’s referral program to earn even more money from the site.

24) Get $1 For Completing Your KashKick Profile

Basically, KashKick doesn’t exactly offer a sign-up bonus.

However, the app will reward you with $1 as soon as you complete your account.

The way I see it, that’s the same as a sign-up bonus!

KashKick is a platform that will pay you for playing games, taking surveys, and watching videos.

Expect your earnings via PayPal as soon as they are over $10.

25) Sign Up With Drop And Get $5 Instantly

legit places to sign up and get money instantly drop app

Drop is the last entry on my list of places to sign up and get money instantly.

Those familiar with Drop know that the platform is a cashback app.

Link your debit or credit card to the app and start earning points. Doing surveys and playing games are some of the ways to get Drop points.

Each new Drop user receives a sign-up bonus of 5,000 points that are equivalent to a $5 gift card.

Joining the referral program of Drop will give you more opportunities to make extra money.

My Closing

As you can see, you have plenty of options to bag sign-up bonuses with instant withdrawal.

Choose one of them or use them all – it’s up to you.

Getting free money for a simple sign-up is a pretty good deal – there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it.

What questions do you have about the places where you can sign up and get money instantly you see above?

Let me know what’s on your mind!

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