DoorDash Driver Review: How To Earn Money Driving For DoorDash

doordash driver review scam or legit

While DoorDash is all about delivering food, my DoorDash Driver Review is going to be about so much more than that.

Having your favorite meals delivered to your door is something we all take pleasure in.

Nowadays, you don’t need to step into a restaurant to indulge in everything that place has to offer.

If you don’t feel like going out, you don’t have to – that’s what the food delivery services are for.

But as you all know, that’s not the only thing they do.

No, they also allow people to make extra money in their spare time.

DoorDash is not an exception.

Today, we’ll talk in detail about what DoorDash is, how you can earn with it as a driver, how much does it pay, etc.

So, if you enjoy spending time behind the wheel and you wouldn’t refuse the side income, stick on this page for a while.

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What Is DoorDash?

In short, DoorDash is a company that operates in the field of food delivery services.

Founded in 2013, DoorDash is currently one of the most respected delivery services.

Quite frankly, it’s getting way more popular than other companies offering similar services like Uber Eats and Postmates for example.

With that being said, how about we skip the company’s history and focus on what’s really important in this DoorDash driver review?

And that would be how you can use it to make money every time you need the extra cash.

Well, it’s pretty simple:

You can join the rest of the drivers (also known as Dashers) and start getting paid for delivering meals.

make money delivering groceries earn $500 per week

Who Can Become A Dasher?

Before I go any further with my DoorDash honest review, let’s make sure that you’re eligible to become a driver for the company first.

Here are the requirements you must meet to begin working as a dasher:

  1. 18-years old or older.
  2. Have access to a vehicle (cars, motorbikes, and even bicycles will do).  
  3. A clean record – you must have no more than 3 traffic or moving violations in the last 3 years.

Just so we’re clear, these are the basic requirements.

However, there are a couple more you need to be aware of.

For instance, owning a car is not a necessity in all cities – but the one you’re planning to use has to include your name on the insurance policy.

It goes without saying that delivering the meals by a motor vehicle will require a valid driving license.

If you don’t have one, no need to despair – DoorDash will allow you to make deliveries on foot as well.

In addition, you’ll have to take part in orientation – this can happen online or in-person.

DoorDash Driver Review – Getting Started As A Dasher

Alright, let me walk you through the process of starting to work for the company.

But before I do that, you might want to learn a bit more about how DoorDash operates so you’ll get a better idea about what’s expected of you.

Basically, the DoorDash app provides its potential customers with a long list of restaurants they can order from.

As soon as an order is placed, that order will show in the Dasher app.

Any dasher is free to make a choice – accept the job or reject it.

Once you decide to do the delivery, you’ll have to transport the food to the address appointed by the customer.

The money transaction is happening in the app itself.  Meaning, there will be no exchange of cash between you and the customers (except for tips).

Quite simple, isn’t it?

Personally, I think working as a dasher is a great way to boost your income – if you feel the same, here is how to become one step-by-step:

1) Fill Out An Application

Evidently, your first step to becoming a driver for the company will be to sort your application out.

what is doordash and how does it work filling out the application form

All you need to do here is to visit the official website and click “Become A Dasher”.

You’ll be asked to provide some basic information about you.

Including your name, address, phone number, and social security number.

Also, you’ll be asked a few more questions so the company would be able to do a background check.

2) Receive An Activation Kit

Assuming that you’ll pass the background check, the second step is getting the Activation Kit.

That Activation Kit contains a couple of items you’ll need to do the job properly.

Among the items are a hot bag (to store the food until its delivery), a Red Card (pre-paid company card to handle the tips and the payment), and a getting started manual.

What happens next?

Well, you’ll be on your own to get your first job as a dasher!

How To Make The Best Of The DoorDash Driver App?

Since you already know how to do the job, let me give you some more details that will guide you while you’re dashing.

For starters, waste no time downloading the DoorDash app – it’s available to both Android and Apple devices.

Everything you need to know can be found inside the app.

I mean, you’ll be able to schedule dashes, see announcements, check ratings, and compare expected earnings.

Keep in mind, while you’re driving, the app will constantly show which areas the most orders are coming from.

Plus, it will advise you which orders are the best fit for you based on your current location and choice of transportation.

Something that separates DoorDash from the rest of similar apps is the scheduling feature.

If you ask me, don’t hesitate to take full advantage of it.

Just use the “Schedule Tap” and you’ll be allowed to schedule your shifts in advance.

The available areas will be highlighted in pink or red color.

In case you have time to drive now, just click “Dash Now” and you’re good to go.

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The DoorDash Driver Pay – How Much Money Can You Make As A Dasher?

At this point in my DoorDash driver review, I believe that it’s time to talk money, isn’t it?

Firstly, you’ll be glad to find out that DoorDash pays weekly – you can receive your earnings every Monday.  Paychecks are a good option – the direct deposits can be cashed out in 2-3 business days.

Secondly, if you need your earned money ASAP, you can always use “Fast Pay” option.  This option will deliver your cash in 24 hours after a request has been made.

However, there are a few details you need to know about the “Fast Pay”:

you can use fast pay to cash out your earnings as a dasher

It’s only available if you’ve completed at least 25 deliveries and have been a dasher for no less than 2 weeks.

Plus, it will cost you $1,99 per cash out.

Now, how much money you’ll be able to make driving for DoorDash?

By all means, your earnings will very depending on the city you’re living in.

Still, expect to earn between $18-$25 per hour, as stated on the company’s official website.  And you get to keep 100% of your tips!

On that note, you might want to pencil in your expenses such as the parking and the vehicle costs.

DoorDash Frequently Asked Questions

As much as I’m trying to provide you with as much information as possible in this DoorDash driver review, you probably still have some questions.

Here are the most FAQ and their answers:

  • How To Make More Money As A Dasher?

There are a couple of ways to increase your earnings.  One would be to take as many orders as possible.  Especially during dinner time and the weekend since that’s considered the busiest time for the dashers.

  • Is There A Way To Complete Jobs Faster?

Of course, there is – your safest best in that department will be to get to know the area really well.  Find out what’s the best way to avoid traffic and learn all the back roads and streets at the location you’re currently planning to operate in.

  • What’s Better – Taking On Small Orders Or Larger Ones?

Are There Any Cash Bonuses?

If you want to earn more, simply jump on the company’s challenges.  The challenges are DoorDash’s way to reward its most dedicated drivers.  

Does The Company Offer Any Support?

What Happens If You Get Injured While Doing A Delivery?

Is DoorDash Available WorldWide?

Unfortunately, no.

At the time of writing this DoorDash driver review, the app is available in the bigger part of the USA and Canada.

More towns are being added constantly, so you might want to look that up before signing up.

Is DoorDash The Right Fit For You?

Honestly, I can’t answer that for you, but I can share my opinion on the subject:

Firstly, being a dasher is a part-time job.  If what you’re looking for is a nice side hustle that involves driving, I’ll say go for it.

However, don’t expect this job to completely replace your full-time job.

Secondly, do you have enough free time?  

Doing deliveries won’t take you ages.  But you’ll still need to find a couple of hours to drive around delivering meals.

Lastly, do you enjoy driving?  

Because you shouldn’t become a dasher if you hate being behind the wheel!

Need More Than Being A Dasher?

My Closing

It looks like I have nothing else to say in this DoorDash driver review.

However, I’m always here if you have any questions on today’s topic.

Is there something you would like to ask me about becoming a dasher?

Maybe you need some extra info or clarification?

Then use the comments section below and we’ll talk further about DoorDash.

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