Paid Social Media Jobs Review: Scam Or Instant $700/Week?

paid social media jobs review scam or legit

For starters, this Paid Social Media Jobs Review will go further than giving you an overall look into the social media marketing industry. It will cover a specific opportunity to start a well-paying social media job.

Social Media has been rising in popularity in the past several years. As a result, millions of people think that finding paying social media jobs work will guarantee them financial freedom. And they are not wrong:

Platforms like TikTok and YouTube pay content creators a different amount of money depending on their views. Many individuals earn a full-time income with that opportunity alone.

Now, where do PaidSocialMediaJobs fit into the mix? Should you trust this platform to help you become an in-demand social media manager?

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you must know about Paid Social Media Jobs:

  • What is Paid Social Media Jobs?
  • How much does Paid Social Jobs Cost?
  • Will you find legit social media jobs on the platform?
  • Does Paid Social Media Jobs work?
  • Can you make money with Paid Social Media Jobs?
  • Is it possible to find paid social media jobs for free?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of Paid Social Media Jobs. Each fact in this post comes from research on information available in the public domain. All affiliate links are to other products – see my affiliate disclosure for more info.

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Paid Social Media Jobs Review: The Basics

Product: Paying Social Media Jobs (formerly paidsocialmediajobs)

Website: (formerly

Owner: Annie Jones

Price:  $27, Upsells

First and foremost, what’s with the two different websites? Are Paid Social Media Jobs and Paying Social Media Jobs Individual Programs?

No, they are not – Paid Social Media Jobs was the original product’s name. Then, a rebranding happened, resulting in a slightly different name and website.

Let me clarify that further to avoid any confusion:

It doesn’t matter if you type in reviews or payingsocialmediajobs com review in Google’s search bar – all these queries will redirect you to the Paid Social Media Jobs website. Typing phrases like Is Legit or payingsocialmediajobs real or fake will deliver the same content.

I’ll refer to the platform as Paid Social Media Jobs since that’s its original name and most people still call the platform by it. Let’s get back to the PaidSocialMediaJobs review:

According to the official website, the platform high-paying social media jobs to anyone who wants to earn a full-time income from home. Furthermore, PSMJ claims its training materials will help you succeed even if you have no prior experience with social media management.

PSMJ was launched in 2012 by Annie Jones (we’ll talk more about her later in this Paid Social Media Jobs review). Allegedly, Annie’s platform will help you earn at least $700 a week from completing small tasks on social media.

Besides, the creator promises that you’ll start making easy money as early as 24 hours after joining her program. Overall, that’s the marketing message of PSMJ, so let’s dwell on it further when this review continues.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs Legit?

Unfortunately, the online scams are everywhere nowadays. Some will take your hard-earned money and disappear, while others will steal your data and sell it for profit.

That’s why you should never invest in any online program before you check it on BBB Business Profiles. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau and is a nonprofit organization you must visit to see the ratings and marketplace trust of any company, brand, or business.

At the time of writing, visiting Paid Social Media Jobs BBB will show you that this business has a B- Rating and it’s not BBB Accredited. What does this mean? Is Paying Social Media Jobs a scam?

Not necessarily, considering the product is selling on ClickBank. ClickBank is a reputable online marketplace that only offers products with refund policies.

Long story short, Paid Social Media Jobs come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Anyone who purchases the product can ask for the investment back and will receive it.

What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

paid social media jobs review introduction of the product

Paid Social Media Jobs is an online platform that connects businesses with aspiring social media managers looking for freelance job opportunities. It’s a program that acts as a middleman that connects employers with freelancers who want to get paid for managing other people’s social media accounts.

Generally speaking, PSMJ is a job portal that will give you access to thousands of available jobs in the social media marketing field. Anyone who wants to make money on social media should take a closer look at the website.

PSMJ collects legit social media jobs in one place for better user experience and convenience. According to Annie, everyone can take advantage of her jobs database:

You don’t need previous knowledge or prior experience to earn money in the social media management industry. Benefiting from the PSMJ job board will be possible even if you have no special skills.

In other words, any newbie with no specific skills can become a professional social media manager and find financial success. More importantly, the job listings you’ll find inside PSMJ will allow you to earn $700 weekly.

All Paid Social Media Jobs members have access to step-by-step training to teach them everything they need to know about social media marketing. So, the product is not only a site offering social media jobs, but a teaching platform that will train you how to do them as well.

How Does Paid Social Media Jobs Work?

At the time of writing, there are two ways to reach the Paid Social Media Jobs Login :

The first one will ask you to provide your name and email address. Once you do that, the Paid Social Media Jobs website will redirect you to another page that contains more info, testimonials, and a Get Certified Now button. That button will bring you to the order page.

Meanwhile, the second way to access the program won’t cost you anything for now, considering it will get you started by taking a quiz. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Paying Social Media Jobs Quiz

Assuming you decide to complete the quiz, let me show you the questions you’ll have to answer:

What Type Of Job Are You Looking For?

  • I want a job I can do from home
  • I want a job in an office

What Is Your Favorite Social Media Platform?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

How Much Do You Want To Earn?

  • $100-$300 weekly (side hustle)
  • $300-$700 weekly (part-time job)
  • $1,000 weekly (full-time job)

Your answers will help the company create a sample job page for you that contains an available job description and requirements. What happens next?

As you can guess, you’ll have to create an account and fill out an application. Expect questions about the country you live in and the hours you work each week.

Then, you’ll wait until your account gets approval, and when that happens, you’ll be one step closer to finding paid social jobs.

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What Are Paid Social Media Jobs From Home?

Unfortunately, the sales page doesn’t explain what a paid social media job is. Considering these jobs are allegedly suitable for beginners with no previous experience, I believe such an explanation is necessary.

You may not get it from the official website, but you’ll get it from my Paid Social Media Jobs review. Here it goes:

A paid social media job is an online job that entails working on various social media platforms. Typically, such a job requires completing small tasks on social media for other people or businesses.

A social media worker might have to post content on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. That person will most likely answer comments and engage with followers.

Popular Social Media Paying Jobs

  • Content Creation: Creating content means writing long or short articles and publishing them on social media sites.
  • Posting Content: Scheduling and posting content on your client’s behalf requires uploading posts on social media networks like Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Comments Responding: Almost any social media manager spends time responding to comments.
  • Following Growing: Increasing the number of followers for clients is necessary to boost their online presence.
  • Video Creation: Expect to create short or long-form videos for platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
  • Brand Building: Helping to build a brand entails promoting the products or services of that business. That usually happens through the affiliate marketing business model.

In addition, some micro-jobs require completing small social media tasks, such as liking a post or following an account. Overall, a paid social media job may include doing tasks that aim to increase the social media presence of clients.

Inside Paid Social Media Jobs Member’s Area

what is paid social media jobs and how does it work

Do you want to know what Paid Social Media Jobs look like inside? Can you spare a minute to learn more about the Paid Social Media Jobs Dashboard?

I think you can. So, let me give you the gist:

Each new PSMJ member gains access to a dashboard. Its menu has several tabs – Home, Intro Course, Training, Social Media Job Database, Affiliate Products, and My Account.

Also, your dashboard accommodates a Welcome Video that serves as an introduction to the platform. But that’s not all:

Your members’ area contains tools, resources, and tutorials that cover a vast array of topics, from understanding social media management to advanced growth strategies. On top of all that, the dashboard itself contains job listings for part-time and full-time positions in various companies.

Before you click on any job listing to apply for an available position, I recommend going through the course:

Paid Social Media Jobs Intro Course

By all means, the Paid Social Media Intro Course is not the comprehensive training guide you probably expect after visiting the sales page. On the contrary, the Intro Course doesn’t do more than introduce you to PaidSocialMediaJobs.

With that said, the Intro Course has three training modules you can get through at your own pace:

  • 1st Module – Win Your First Social Media Job
  • 2nd Module – Give Yourself A Promotion
  • 3rd Module – Pull Down The Big Bucks

For those who don’t know, the sister company of Paid Social Media Jobs is the Social Sale Rep brand. Subsequently, the training modules of these two companies are very similar.

Considering the modules above create the content of an intro course, they do a decent enough job introducing you to the social media management basics. You’ll learn about creating video tags, descriptions, editing, and uploading content.

As you can guess, the step-by-step training of Paid Social Media Jobs is the one that provides the most value to the members. Let’s talk about it further:

Paid Social Media Jobs Complete Training

Generally speaking, the Social Media Jobs website claims that its training is a comprehensive guide to becoming a professional social media manager.

Annie Jones, the creator, shares everything her years of experience working on social media sites have taught her. All you have to do to earn a full-time income on social media is follow the training modules she has put together:

Module One: Social Media Manager 101

Since PSMJ advertises itself as a beginner-friendly platform, the training begins with the fundamentals. In other words, the first training module will introduce you to the basics:

  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • Who the social media job opportunities are for?
  • Where to find career options?
  • How should you conduct yourself as a social media manager?
  • Which types of legit social media jobs will suit you best?

Module 2 – Preparing For Success

Overall, the second training module does a good job of helping you to get started as a social media manager. It’s no secret that managing social media accounts is an in-demand skill that can earn real money.

Most businesses don’t have the time to develop their social media accounts. Subsequently, they hire social media managers to grow their online presence and increase brand awareness.

With that said, the second section of the social media job training aims to prepare you for entering the world of social media management:

  • Being professional, regardless of your experience level
  • Creating your resume
  • Writing effective cover letters
  • Setting up your social media accounts (if you don’t have any already)
  • Tips and tricks for success

Module 3 – Finding Clients

That part of the training is self-explanatory:

  • Gain a better understanding of your future clients
  • What type of companies look to hire social media managers?
  • How should you pick your pay rates?
  • Ways to calculate the payment you should receive for providing your services
  • Strategies to land the right business to work with

Module 4 – Social Media Affiliate Training

The last training module covers the affiliate marketing business model (promoting products and services for commissions).

Click on the Affiliate Products Tab to choose products available for promotion from affiliate networks like JVZoo and ClickBank.

There isn’t much else to say about that section of the training. So, let’s continue this Paid Social Media Jobs review by covering the job listing database.

Social Media Paid Jobs Database

paid social media jobs review what's inside the product

Are you wondering what the Paid Social Media Jobs database looks like? Look at the screenshot above to get an idea of some simple tasks you can perform as a social media manager.

Access to such databases has certain advantages. For instance, you can find plenty of available jobs in one place. Also, members can filter the positions by experience level, platform, and site.

Of course, booking a high-paying social media job will require more work than setting up a Facebook account. Creating YouTube videos for someone else will earn you extra money in your free time.

However, none of the jobs you’ll find inside PSMJ are exclusive to the platform. Let me explain what I mean:

Once you choose a job to do, click on its link. That link will bring you to different job boards and freelance platform people can access for free.

Such job boards are Upwork and Freelancer. You can create free accounts on these sites without joining Paid Social Media Jobs first.

A fact like this one is the reason why many people think of real scam alerts once they join similar platforms. But I’ll have to disagree:

There is nothing illegitimate about the way PSMJ operates. While that platform doesn’t offer exclusive Social Media high-paying jobs, its database collects many work opportunities in one place.

No matter how you want to look at it, you’ll save time accessing so many jobs at once instead of looking for them separately.

How Much Money Can You Make With Paid Social Media Jobs?

Undoubtedly, the most essential paragraph of this Paid Social Media Jobs review is the one that talks about your potential income. So, how much can you expect to make once you conclude the training program and apply for a job?

According to the sales page, the website offers jobs that pay $700 a week. Annie claims she has been making that much since she started working with social media accounts.

Paid Social Media Jobs provides a calculator that can’t give you exact amounts. After all, your earnings depend on many factors, like the jobs you’ll take and the hours you’re willing to work.

How about an example? PSMJ claims you can make $225 a week if you review three mobile apps (each paying $15) for five days a week.

Again, I would take these numbers with a grain of salt – the results you get after using the calculator are speculative and unreliable.

Who Is Annie Jones?

who is Annie Jones

I mentioned multiple times that the creator of Paid Social Media Jobs is Annie Jones. Let’s discuss her for a minute:

During the sales presentation, Annie tells a long story about her background and life experience. She is a single mom desperate for financial security for herself and her child.

That’s why she started posting comments and scheduling social media content. Not long after starting such work, she became a professional social media manager willing to teach others how to repeat her success.

The creator provides a screenshot of a bank account statement to back up her claims. That report shows earnings of nearly $20,000 Annie made in less than six months.

Surprisingly enough, the name on her PayPal account is Katie Jones instead of Annie. Is that a red flag?

I would say that it is. Moreover, the different name is not the only crack in Annie’s story:

Her photo is an image you can download from a stock photography website. In other words, whoever the creator of Paid Social Media Jobs is, that person hides their identity behind a stock photo image.

Annie Jones is not a real person but a pen name. A lot of people might find this fact a deal breaker when deciding whether they should invest in PSMJ.

Assuming you are not one of them, keep reading this Paid Social Media Jobs review to learn everything there is to know about the platform.

How Much Does Paid Social Media Jobs Cost?

First and foremost, you can register at for free. Anyone with internet access and an email address can sign up at the website without paying anything.

Unfortunately, you can’t have the whole product for free – full access to everything Paid Social Media Jobs has to offer will cost you a one-time fee of $27.

Paying that amount will give you lifetime access to the platform.

Paid Social Media Jobs Upgrades & Downsells

Similarly to most ClickBank products, PSMJ comes with many different upsells and downsells. Here is everything you must know about them:

Firstly, you’ll have the chance to invest in the Paid Social Media Jobs VIP Upgrade. That upgrade costs $97 (lifetime access) and provides a personal account rep, premium support, and high-paying social media jobs hand-picked for you.

Secondly, declining the first upgrade will result in a downsell – one-year access to the VIP Membership for $67.

Thirdly, you’ll receive an invite to purchase PaidOnlineWritingJobs and WriteAppReviews (sister companies of PSMJ) for $57. Decline again, and you’ll be able to buy one of them for $37.

Lastly, the site will offer you to invest in another step-by-step training program – Social Media Arbitrage ($37). Assuming you’ll decline all available upgrades, you can finally access Paid Social Media Jobs.

Paid Social Media Jobs Refunds

As you already know, Paid Social Media Jobs offers a money-back guarantee. How do you use it?

What do you have to do once you ask for a refund? You can follow these steps:

  • Visit ClickBank Support
  • Start a Live Chat
  • Provide the order number (you can find it on your receipt)
  • Wait until ClickBank completes the refund process

Typically, ClickBank completes refunds in two business days.

Paid Social Media Jobs Negative Reviews & Complaints

I guess you’ve checked at least one Paying Social Media Jobs review before you landed on this one. Chances are, you’ve read many others as well.

If that’s the case, you already know that Paid Social Media Jobs don’t have the best reputation online. The biggest complaint about the company is that it charges users for jobs people can find online for free.

Unfortunately, I agree with that, and here is why:

It’s bad enough that the site expects you to pay for information anyone with an internet connection can discover for free. What’s even worse is that PSMJ doesn’t offer any positions:

Instead, the platform curates jobs from other freelance platforms and collects them in its database.

While that might be alright for some people who want to save time, Paid Social Media Jobs should have been upfront about it.

What I Like About Paid Social Media Jobs

  • PSMJ offers the opportunity to make money online via Social Media Marketing. Social media jobs are legitimate positions to earn from home.
  • Members can filter online jobs by type and working hours.
  • Users can complete social media training that is beginner-friendly.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What I Don’t Like About Paid Social Media Jobs

Unsurprisingly, I have much more to say in this section of my Paid Social Media Jobs review. Let me show you why the platform is not the best place to find well-paying work-at-home jobs:

The Sales Pitch Contains False Promises

While it’s possible to make money with PSMJ, don’t expect to earn $700 a week right off the bat. Professional social media marketers make more than that, but you can’t become one with the training the platform provides:

That training is basic and only covers the fundamentals of social media management. It’s nowhere near enough to transform you from a newbie to an in-demand social media specialist.

Besides, the training has an affiliate marketing section. What does affiliate marketing have to do with managing social media accounts and developing YouTube channels? You’ll be better off joining Wealthy Affiliate, which will start training you as an affiliate marketer for free.

The Fake News Footage Is Another Red Flag

false claims from the sales page of paid social media jobs

Do you know that the sales presentation contains footage that makes it seem like Paid Social Media Jobs have been on the news? Such a fact might be hard to believe, but the screenshot above speaks for itself.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that footage is fake!

Annie Jones Is Not A Real Person

A previous section of this Paid Social Media Jobs review already said everything you should know about the creator using a fake name.

Many low-quality systems operate the same way, and that’s one of the reasons to avoid them.

Do I have to remind you about the false claims and income report Annie tries to pass as legitimate?

Other Issues With Paid Social Media Jobs

Paying Social Media Jobs is still available on the marketplace of ClickBank. However, the website is often unreachable.

Just type paidsocialmediajobs login in your search bar, and you may arrive at pretty much nothing. Or you can try with paidsocialmediajobs payment proof – you won’t find anything there either.

What’s going on, and why could that be?

There have been hundreds of complaints about the product online. People who bought it were outrageous because the jobs listed were unusable and not for beginners.

Also, not much about the platform works smoothly, except maybe the refund query.

Alternative Legit Social Media Jobs To Start

Is Paid Social Media Jobs Scam?

Earlier in this Paid Social Media Jobs review, I mentioned that the platform is one of the legit programs you can buy on ClickBank. You’re well aware that PSMJ comes with a money-back guarantee.

Is that enough to see the system as a legitimate social media training program to help you earn extra money in your free time?

It will have to be – the existence of a refund policy doesn’t allow me to call Paid Social Media jobs a scam. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t do it anyway.

thumb up

Above all, Paid Social Media Jobs provide many opportunities to make money from home in one place. Anyone who wants to do social media management or offer similar services will save time using the platform’s job database.

If this is the first time you try to earn online working on social media, PSMJ will teach you the basics. Plus, the best part is that the product only costs $27.

With that said, I have to say that you shouldn’t read most overly positive reviews on Paid Social Media Jobs. These reviews come from affiliates of the program that try to make money by selling it to as many people as possible.

Where To Find High-Paying Social Media Jobs For Free?

By all means, the first thing to remember is that you can find a well-paying social media job on your own instead of relying on PSMJ. The best part of doing so is that you won’t have to pay any fees.

Get on Google and research freelance social media jobs. A better way to find such jobs is by creating accounts on freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

You don’t need much time to book day jobs that suit your skills and abilities. None of them will earn passive income since they require work and effort.

And they’re free to join, so you don’t have to pay anything.

Best Jobs For Beginners And Pros:

My Closing

That’s all I had to say about My Paid Social Media Jobs review had to end sometime!

Generally speaking, the people behind the platform update its content every couple of years. I’ll let you know about new updates as soon as they happen.

What questions do you have about PaidSocialMediaJobs? Will you register on the platform?

Let me know in the comments section, and we’ll discuss the topic further.

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  1. I would’ve easily fallen prey to this. They’ve kept on bombarding my inbox with soliciting emails. I already filled out the form. But my instincts left me to this review. Lol !! l was glad l did. Thanks for the explicit review & expository!! Lots of scams these days!!

    1. You are welcome, Chris!
      I am glad I was able to help.
      Keep checking the reviews to further avoid low-quality programs like Paid Social Media Jobs.

  2. So how can one be really sure about what is the real deal or not, since there’s such a lot of scams on this.

    1. If a program is promising you lots of money fast without doing any work, that program is probably a scam.
      In the case of Paid Social Media Jobs, it’s easy to see why you shouldn’t invest in such product.
      Always check the reviews of the system you’re interested in – if most of them are negative, avoid that system at all costs.

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      Unfortunately, Paid Social Media Jobs is not worth your time or money.
      I’m so glad that my article stopped you from investing in such a low-quality product.

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