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Paid Social Media Jobs Review: Scam Or Instant $700/Week?

Well, it looks like it's time to have the talk, online friends...  Let me clarify, "the talk" today will have a clear focus on Social Media.  More specifically, how to leverage it in a way that will make you money online.  And that's what my Paid Social Media Jobs Review is all about!

Looking into Social Media and all its possibilities is kind of a nice change from all the affiliate marketing content you're usually getting out of me, isn't?

Personally, that's how I feel.  Hopefully, you do too!

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Paid Social Media Jobs Review - The Basics

Product:  Paid Social Media Jobs

Owner:  Annie Jones

Price:  $27 (Upsells + Downsells)

Cash Embrace Says:


paid social media jobs review - introduction of the product

Given its name, it's pretty obvious that the product's line of work is providing you with job opportunities on Social Media.

That being said, it's worth to mention that we're not talking about paid gigs, but a very well paid gigs here:

Above all, Paid Social Media Jobs (PSMJ) claims that you'll make more than $700/week for doing jobs that require barely any time or efforts on your part.

Moreover, you'll be able to start earning from day 1 of using the system.

OK, does anyone else sense an over-hype or is it just me?

If you do as well, maybe all of us should ignore our intuition for a second:

Believe it or not, PSMJ exists online since 2012 and has been selling pretty well for almost 10 years so far.

So, instead of getting confused, how about we see what's underneath the surface?

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What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

To sum up, PSMJ is an online training platform that will teach you how to make money on Social Media.  On top of that, it will provide you with available jobs to get you started today.

Now, before my Paid Social Media Jobs review goes any further, let's talk about the earning potential on Social Media for a quick second.

You may be wondering, is working as a Social Media manager a great way to make a full-time income online?  Will this kind of job deliver for your financial situation on the same level as affiliate marketing or blogging do?

In my opinion, it's hard to compare these online jobs.  Mostly because the line between them is blurred to say at least.

For instance, if you're an affiliate marketer, you're using Facebook or Twitter to expand your reach and advance your online business, right?

how to make money online as a social media manager

Currently, Facebook has 80 million business pages.  According to statistics, that's an increase of 23% compared to last year.

All that being said, having a job on Social Media today doesn't look like a bad idea, correct?

How Does Paid Social Media Jobs Work?

As I already said, the idea behind this program is to transform you from a newbie with no experience in a professional Social Media Manager.

Basically, you'll work as a freelancer, completing tasks that will help your clients grow their Social Media accounts.  

To sum up, the goal here is for you to become the go-to person any online business would love to hire to manage its Social Media presence.

No idea what kind of tasks you'll have to perform?  Have a look for yourself what some of them entail:

paid social media jobs review - example of available jobs

Obviously, your new job doesn't look that hard or difficult to complete, does it?

I mean, we're talking about setting up YouTube accounts and getting 100 likes on Facebook after all...

However, working as a Social Media Manager is not as easy as it may seem to you right now.

And that's why the product comes with training, so you won't be left on your own devices!

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What's Inside The Training?

First and foremost, there are four stages of training you'll need to go through.

Now, how about my Paid Social Media Jobs review show you what each of them look like?

1) Module 1 - Understanding Social Media Manager

Needless to say, the first part of the training is about introducing you to the world of Social Media managers.

In other words, Module 1 will walk you through what exactly is a social media manager and who is this job perfect for.

what means to be a social manager according to paid social media jobs

Also, this section will explain how to conduct yourself in a professional manner so the clients will trust you and hire you.

2) Module 2 - How To Get Started As A Social Media Manager

By all means, this is what you can expect from the second part of the training:

  • the role social media managers play in the world of online business
  • what makes being a social media manager a perfect choice of a job
  • a more detailed look at the tasks you'll work on
  • how to get started as a social media manager and the proper set up of your own Social Media accounts

3) Module 3 - Finding Clients

Here, the talk will continue with a discussion about the type of companies that are looking to hire social media managers.  

Furthermore, you'll receive info on how to find the right business to work for.  And how much income you can receive for your efforts.

4) Module 4 - Advanced Training

To be honest, the bigger part of module 4 is not that impressive.  Meaning, there is a lot of repeated information regarding the value a social media manager brings to the table.

However, there is some real training included as well.

For example, you'll get to learn Facebook marketing strategies that can be of real help to your clients. 

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What I Like About The Product

Before this Paid Social Media Jobs review continues, I would like to make something very clear:

Above all, this program is not perfect.  On the contrary, it definitely has some flaws.  We'll have a look at them in a minute.

That being said, let's start with the good parts, shall we?

1) The Product Follows A Legit Business Model

First and foremost, if you decide to buy PSMJ, these $27 of yours are not going to be wasted.

Unlike all of the scam products currently occupying the web, here you're getting a system that promotes a completely legit type of online business.

As I already said, more and more companies are looking to skyrocket their presence on Social Media.

Therefore, it makes sense that the demand for social media managers keeps increasing year after year.

Once you gain the experience and skills necessary, this kind of job has the potential to turn into a very lucrative online career.

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2) Step-By-Step Training

Generally, what makes this product worthy of your attention is the fact that there is training provided.  Even more, the learning curve will be easy to get through considering the training is well arranged in a couple of steps.

In the interest of full disclosure, though, that training doesn't go as deep as you probably would like to.

On the one hand, there is a lot of useful information that will help you if you're a complete beginner.

But on another hand, some of that information can be found online for free if you spend some time researching.

3) More Than Affordable Product

Not that you don't already know, but I'll mention it again in case you missed it:

Currently, Paid Social Media Jobs can be yours for the price of $27, but you can have it for $17 thanks to the downsell.

So, $17 sound like a reasonable price for a complete introduction and decent training on becoming a social media manager, doesn't?

Now, I would really like this Paid Social Media Jobs review to not be missing anything.  As a result, you need to know that the product offers a upsell as well.

To clarify, the upsell is called "Social Media Arbitrage" and it costs $37.

If you decide to buy it, what you'll be getting is a teaching course about how to make more money on Social Media with fewer efforts and time spent.

4) A Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just like any other ClickBank product, this one comes with a full 2 months, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Needless to explain, if you're not satisfied with the program, all you need to do is to ask for your cash back and you'll receive it.

What I Don't Like About The Product

Alright, my Paid Social Media Jobs review is leading you to the point where you'll find out the disadvantages of this product.

And here they are:

1) The Sales Page Is Misleading

Above all, no one is denying the fact that you can make a decent income as a social media manager.  Even more, it's true that you can start earning real money sooner rather than later.

However, the sales presentation makes it sound easier than it actually is:

the sales page of paid social media jobs is misleading

Let's face it, being a professional manager on all things Social Media will require a bit more than just playing around!

Especially if you're interested to turn this new venture into a full-time online career.

2) The Income Proof Can't Be Trusted

First and foremost, I'm not saying that the screenshot of the owner's PayPal balance has been fabricated.

On the contrary, it's possible that she's making more than $9K/month.

That being said, there is no way of knowing if all that money is coming into her possession thanks to PSMJ alone.

I mean, who can say for sure what's the source of that income except for Annie herself?

3) The News Coverage Is Fake

To be honest, I find this fact really disappointing...

According to the sales page, Paid Social Media Jobs has been featured on the "Breaking News".

As you can see, it looks like the product is that good so it deserves to be presented on National TV as the front-runner in the industry:

fake news coverage of the paid social media jobs

Convincing, isn't?

Well, it is...Until you find out that the gentleman from the screenshot above is actually an actor from Fiverr.

Basically, when you have to pay somebody to say really nice things about your system on a pretend breaking news, your credibility is pretty much over!

Is Paid Social Media Jobs A Scam?

Generally, no, the product is not a scam.

Firstly, because is based on a legit business model - there is nothing wrong in getting paid for doing tasks on Social Media.

Secondly, you do receive a product for your money.  Again, there is a decent training included and you'll learn a thing or two about being a social media manager.

However, I can't really recommend PSMJ.

Looking at the misleading sales page, unconvincing income proof, and the fake news, I believe that is not your best option.

Recommended Ways To Make Money Online

Truth to be told, you don't need programs like Paid Social Media Jobs to help you earn online.

Nowadays, there are much better opportunities to secure an income if you're interested to work on the web.

For instance, if a social media manager is what you really would like to be, you can jump on Fiverr or Upwork.

And you won't have to pay a thing to start using them!

Next, there are freelance writing jobs that pay really well.  More about them here:

Or maybe you would like to go big and start your own business online?

Personally, I prefer the last option.

In case you do too but you have no idea how to do that, you can begin by reading my Free Guide.

It has all of the info you need to begin your business on the right foot.  The steps are easy to follow and you can start going through them today!

My Closing

So, it's time to wrap up my Paid Social Media Jobs review.

Once again, this product is not the worst one there is and it doesn't cost a fortune.

Still, I believe that you deserve better!

Any questions on the topic?  Do you have your own experience with Paid Social Media Jobs that you would like to share?

If yes, that's what my comments section is for.  Likewise, don't hesitate to use it - I would love to have a chat!

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