my first blog income report

My First Blog Income Report – How I Made $130 As A Newbie Blogger!

Alright, people!  Forgive the lack of originality, would you?  I mean - I bet you've been reading tons of articles just like my first blog income report.

But there is a reason to finally write a report of my own.  And a very good one if I may add:

"Hey there, I love your blog!  I just need to ask you something.  If I haven't made any affiliate sales in my first 3 months of blogging, is it time to move on?"

You tell me:

When a reader of yours leaves you such a comment, would you stay silent?

I wouldn't!

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Why A Blogging Income Report Now?

Truth to be told, a blogging report is something I thought I would do much further in time.

Just because:

Cash Embrace is less than a year old.  Ever since I started it, I tried to work on it as much as I can.

But how much can you really do when your day jobs take a total of 80 hours a week?

stress of a newbie blogger

Yeah, you read that right - 80 hours...

And there are of course family and friends!

You get the picture, don't you?  In my mind, I can imagine the majority of you being in a similar situation.

But here is the deal:

When you have this kind of crazy schedule and still manage to achieve sales as early as a few months in, you gotta speak up!

If not for any other reason than for your readers.  Just like the one I told you at the beginning of this post.

Why Income Reports Matter?

Actually, they are important for too many reasons!

1) People Will See That Making Money With Blogging Is REAL!

Let me ask you:

How long did it take for you to start your own website?

If the number goes anywhere between a few days to weeks, I can see only one reason behind your hesitation:

You weren't convinced that you can earn an extra or even full - time income from a blog.

And that all changes as soon as you get a hold of a report or two, right?

first blog income report

2) They Are Not Just About Numbers

Do you know what I love the most about some of the blogging reports I get to read?

The moments where that particular blogger shares more than the amount of money they earn each month.

I'm talking about the paragraphs that cover the first steps you need to take to create a website of your own.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

You've made your decision.  Blogging it is!

But if you've never done this before, how would you know the first thing about hosting providers for example?

Making Money Online Is Not a Daydreaming!  You Need To Take Action And Make It Happen!

My Free Guide Can Help!  Click To Grab It Now!

my free guide

3) Bloggers Share The Education That Helped Them To Achieve Success

We're here to make money online, aren't we?

But do you really believe that the 6 figure bloggers get there completely on their own?


That's where blogging courses come in.

Personally, I got really lucky with mine!  Pretty early on, I found an online platform that teaches me a day after day all the tricks and perks of building a successful website.

Affiliate marketing, SEO, Social Media, FREE Keyword Research Tool, FREE Hosting...

You name it, this online university has it!  And the best part:

I got started completely for FREE!  And now you can too:

Here are the testimonials of this platform that currently educates more than 200,000 bloggers!  So get inspired and don't waste any more time!

My First Blog Income Report - The Numbers

Honestly, my sales so far are not that impressive compared to other bloggers.  But I'm sharing them so you'll know for sure:

Making money as a blogger is a REALITY!  Even when you work insane hours, even when you post ones or twice a week in the beginning!

Here is what I managed to earn just a few months in and with the limited time that I had:

1) Wealthy Affiliate - $78,50

So, it's not just that Wealthy Affiliate is the best teaching platform online for bloggers!

But this place also has an amazing affiliate program as well.

You won't only be paid once, but you'll continue to get paid month after month!

Everything you need to know about how this works is here.

2) Thrive Themes - $31,50

This membership is responsible for more than I can account:

My theme, web design, lead magnets, opt-in forms (as many as I like and everywhere I like!), landing pages, etc.

first blog income report

Thrive offers the ultimate all - in - one blogging toolbox.  Especially helpful for building your email list fast!

And they have a referral program as well.  With recurring commissions!

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3) Milo Tree - $20

This one is all about growing your website's Social Media accounts.

No matter which one you rely on for traffic - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest - Milo Tree will give you a slide-in to appear on your blog.

And it works like charm!  

Your readers won't have to leave your website so they could search for you on Social Media.

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With a press of a button, you'll keep them on your page and have a new follower as well!

Milo costs as little as $9/month.  But they will pay you $20 for each referral, so...

Blogging Goals To Achieve

Hold on, my first blog income report ain't over yet!

Although we are done with the numbers, I don't consider a report finished without a talk about goals.

To be honest, reading other blogger's goals is what always inspires me the most!

“You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential.” —Steve Garvey

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So here is what I aim at in the following month:

1) More Traffic

Basically, I can't complain in that department.

Especially now when I'm on holiday from my demanding job!  

With so much more free time on my hands, I'm able to post 3, 4 times per week.

As soon as I started to do that, my traffic doubled!

How cool is that?

But there is so much more to be achieved where a bigger audience is being concerned!

2) Pinterest

Until we are talking about traffic...

Pinterest is my biggest source so far and I'm loving it!

The number of my followers is growing every day.  I'm close to 500 now.

Not a lot, I know.  But hey - I'm just starting to focus more on pinning strategies, SEO optimization, etc.

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So - next month I'm hoping for 200 new followers.  And at least one viral pin!

3) Monetization

Now, that's the one that will require most of my efforts and time.

Considering the money you make from your blog are closely connected to the traffic you're getting, I guess I'll have to work on both of them.

Until now, affiliate marketing has been the source of my blog's income.  And I'll focus on getting more and more affiliate sales as I go.

I feel like there is time for Google AdSense, so I'm not rushing in that direction yet!

My Closing

Let me tell you:

I'm having so much fun writing my first blog income report!

Hopefully, it will inspire you just like other reports inspire me.

Like Chelsea's for example.  Her report of April 2018 is one of my favorites!

What about you?  How are your reports looking so far?

Haven't started a website yet?

Then borrow My Top Recommendation for starting a successful business online.

Don't be shy - leave me your comments below, would you?

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