first blog income report - how I made $130 as a newbie blogger

My First Blog Income Report – How I Made $130 As A Newbie Blogger!

I know, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of articles just like my first blog income report.

Chances are, you've read quite a lot of them already, haven't you?

So did I!

And why wouldn't we?

Blog income reports are educational, inspirational, and most of all - perfectly capable to satisfy the newbie blogger's curiosity.

If you feel like some blogging motivation is exactly what you need today, I'll do my best to deliver it for you!

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Why I'm Sharing My First Blog Income Report Now

Quite frankly, writing this post was so not on the agenda today.

Or in the next couple of months, to be completely honest!

Firstly, because this blog of mine is still a baby - relatively new, not a lot of content, needs tons of work...

Secondly, because when I originally started it, I was still locked in my crazy full-time job with insane hours.

When I say insane, I mean insane - we're talking about 80 hours/week.

Chances are, many of you are in a similar situation, is that right?

In this case, you're well aware that getting an online business off the ground with such a schedule is nearly an impossible thing to do.

blog income reports 2020 - how I made my first $130 as a newbie blogger

Even more, when you add family, friends, and a bad resemblance of social life into the mix...

The picture-perfect blogging future quickly disappears, with no hope to ever be found again.

Here is the thing, though:

It turns out that the whole make money blogging deal when you don't have time to think is not hopeless after all.

Because regardless of my work commitment and how under-developed this site was at the beginning, I still managed to score affiliate sales fast.

Needless to say, if I can do this, so can you!

Are Blog Income Reports Helpful?

Personally, I believe that they are - big time!

Of course, when a blogger share hers/his numbers and those numbers happen to be fantastic, some people might take this as bragging. 

But if you read carefully between the lines, more often than not you'll find out that income reports are not about showing off.

No, their ultimate goal is to give the much-needed push to anyone who feels like there is no point to keep going.

Anyhow, I'm not in a position to speak for the whole blogging community, I can only speak for myself.

Having said that, here is why I think that sharing a first blog income report is invaluable:

1) It Makes Blogging For Money Real

First thing first, do you own a website already or you're still trying to decide if your reasons to start blogging are valid?

If you haven't bought that domain name yet, let me guess what's the main source of your hesitation:

Above all, you're not totally convinced that starting a blog will allow you to earn an extra and even a full-time income.

you can make money online with your blog

Am I close?

Now, what if I tell you that I made 3 affiliate sales just a few months in, at a time when this site was getting less than 100 page views PER MONTH?

Well, I did - you can even read the full article about how to make affiliate sales with when your blog is not getting any traffic.

Suddenly, building a website that will make you money even as a newbie blogger is not just a dream anymore, it's a reality, isn't it?

2) Your First Blog Income Report Can Help Fellow Bloggers To Set More Than Monetization Goals

As you probably already know, blog income reports are rarely just about blogging revenue.

The ones I tend to enjoy the most talk about so much more than affiliate commissions or ways to build passive income.

For instance, what amount of blog traffic that particular blogger is trying to reach until the end of the year?  Are just the free ways to get organic traffic being considered?

What kind of strategies that person implements to get the blog where it's expected to be?

Long story short, when your first blog income report is completely transparent about your current success and next steps, that's more than inspirational for the rest of us.

It's motivational - it helps us look closer to our own blogging strategies, evaluate them, and readjust them when needed. 

3) It Introduces High-Quality Blogging Courses

Let's face it, every hugely successful blogger has been a complete beginner at some point in time.

And we can't help but admire marketers who are able to achieve a 6-figure income status, can we?

But we're not that naive to believe that they got there on their own, right?

That's why the type of info shared in the first blog income report I appreciate the most is about training and education.

a good first blog income report always recommends high-quality blogging courses

By all means, the blogging world is not a static medium.

No, it changes all the time - so many traffic, monetization, and promotion strategies that used to work years ago, don't anymore.

So, if you're serious about turning your blog into a successful business, you'll need to be on the top of the game constantly.

What better way to do that than by taking high-quality blogging courses that are proven to work?

I know, there is the concern about blogging budget and all.

Still, in the real world, you gotta give money to make money, correct?

Awesome Blogging/Marketing Courses You May Love:

My First Blog Income Report - How I Made My First $130 Blogging

Quite frankly, my very first blogging earnings are not that impressive compared to the numbers you've probably seen in other reports.

Be that as it may, I'm still proud of them.

Considering the total lack of time to commit to writing and promoting my content in those early days, this blog somehow managed to bring me sales.

Here is where they came from:

1) Wealthy Affiliate - $78,50

As I've already mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I owe most of my blogging knowledge to.

I feel incredibly lucky that I discovered it before I started this blog:

Wealthy Affiliate provides all of its members with 2 FREE websites, FREE keyword research tool, FREE hosting, and top-notch blogging and affiliate marketing training.

Not to mention, it also offers one of the best affiliate marketing programs in my opinion.

On top of that, Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to make money on the platform itself in a variety of ways.

You can read all about it and why it's my number 1 recommendation for every beginner blogger below:

Or if you don't have time for the full articles, you can see for yourself - creating an account is completely for FREE!

2) Thrive Themes - $31,50

My second sale came from Thrive Themes - a company that happens to provide much more than just premium website themes.

In case you're not familiar with Thrive, do yourself a favor and check it out.

my first blog income report - commission sent from thrive themes

Back in the day, I used to try theme after theme, and none of the other premium options was specifically focused on what I was looking for:

Building my email list as fast as humanly possible.

Until I found Thrive Themes - it's what they're well-known for.

Personally, I'm enjoying their whole membership.

And that comes with website themes, lead magnets, landing pages...

Basically, anything you could ask for to build a highly-converting website.

It doesn't hurt that their affiliate program is kind of delicious - who doesn't love recurring commissions?

Related: Why Thrive Is The Ultimate All-In-One Toolbox For Every Blogger

3) Milo Tree - $20

This one will come in handy if you need some extra help to grow your website's presence on Social Media.

Whether you would like to use Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest for traffic, Milo Tree can help you to increase the number of your followers.

To clarify, this is a plugin that will allow a small slide-in to appear on your blog.

The slide-in will prompt your readers to follow your business on your chosen Social Media platform.

Milo's affiliate program is not that bad either - you'll be paid $20 per affiliate sale.

My Blogging Goals For The Upcoming Months

Well, this should be an interesting section...

Not sure how you feel about it, but I believe that setting blogging goals is super-important.

Even if you end up not achieving them, at least they'll keep you focused and on the right track!

With that being said, here is what I have in mind:

  • Get More Blog Traffic

So, to write your own first blog income report, your blog has to generate at least a sale, that's a given.

While it's possible to make money without tons of blog traffic, increasing your page views has to be a primary goal.

More readers equal more potential affiliate sales, it's that simple.

And that's what I plan to keep working on.

Up until now, I can't complain about my Pinterest traffic.  But I would like to see my SEO efforts finally kicking-in too, so Google would deliver a decent amount of visitors as well.

why setting goals is important to make money blogging

  • Diversify My Monetization Methods

Doing affiliate marketing is awesome, scoring affiliate commissions is what allowed this first blog income report to become a reality.

However, that's not the only way to monetize a blog.

Joining Mediavine would make me happy beyond words, but I'll have to wait until I reach 25,000 sessions per month.

Monumetric is easier to get into (10,000 monthly page views) and from what I know it's a pretty good Ad Network to be a part of.

In short, some important decisions will have to be made!

My Closing

Hopefully, my first blog income report has served its purpose:

To inspire you, to motivate you, and to convince you that making money with your blog is still possible, even in 2020.

Remember, don't be afraid to share your own reports, regardless of what your earnings look like right now.

You never know who you might help to start a blogging journey or simply to keep going.

Anything you would like to add to this article?

How is your own blog doing at the moment?

Feel free to share anything you feel like sharing!

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