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13 Simple Things You Can Sell To Make Money Right Now

Alrighty, pals - this post of mine is a long time coming.  And I'm so glad that it's finally ready!  Truth to be told, it took me a bit longer than I thought to finish it.  Then again, to cover all the things you can sell to make money is not something I can do in an hour or two.

Usually, more than 90% of all my content is about different programs and products that can help you to earn income online.  

That being said, a lot of you guys have been sending me requests regarding today's topic.

Considering your wish is my command, there it is!

Why You Should Even Consider Selling Your Stuff?

As I already mentioned, the biggest part of my efforts working on this site goes into showing you the best ways to make money online.

However, no matter how awesome they may be, the majority of these money making ideas are a long-term investment in your financial freedom.  Meaning, they won't be able to fill your pocket with cash today or tomorrow.

Let's face it, both affiliate marketing and blogging have the ability to transform your whole life money-wise.  Unfortunately, they need quite some time to make that happen!

But what if you need a certain amount of cash right now?  Nowadays, too many expenses tend to come out from nowhere, don't they?

things to sell to make money

No worries, there is a solution to this kind of unpleasant situations! 

Believe it or not, you can make money from tons of things you've never thought about transforming into cash.

So, let's explore them, shall we?

Things You Can Sell To Make Money - Where You Should Start?

Actually, that's an easy one!

In my opinion, the best place to begin searching for stuff you can exchange for money is your home.

Above all, I'm pretty sure that in every household can be found tons of items that are rarely being used or completely not needed anymore.

Yet somehow, people seem to have a hard time letting go of them!


Here, let your eyes dance around your whole house!  Because the truth is you can make a quick buck from every piece of furniture imaginable:

Tables (side tables, kitchen tables), chairs, desks...

things you can sell to make money

Actually, all kind of items that belong in the furniture group will sell lightening fast!

Moreover, it turns out that the old furniture sells equally, if not even better than the new one - it's perfect for DIY projects!

By all means, do you have any idea how many people are obsessed with those?


First and foremost, where there is a home, there are tools needed also, right?

So, if it just happens that you possess tools you don't really need or can go without, they're a fast sale as well.

Smaller tools (saws, hammers) will deliver a bit of extra income, but you can expect to make much more if you sell bigger ones (chainsaws, trimmers).


Honestly, can you remember the last time when you saw any member of your family using one of those?

If the answer is years ago, then chances are you'll probably never take advantage of them again.

Then remind me, why do you still have them?

Especially, when these things are selling pretty quickly - if they are in good condition, it's such a bargain for the buyers who can't afford to pay the full price for new ones!

Sport Equipment

Again, you won't believe how easy is to cash on items like baseball mitts and soccer items.

sell sports equipment for extra cash

Considering a lot of people are into sports and don't like the idea to pay more when they can pay less...

Believe it or not, a couple of pictures on sports equipment uploaded on the right place will do the trick!


Overall, the holiday ones are a decent bet if we talk about things you can sell to make money.

Certainly, everyone loves to decorate its home with Christmas stuff.  And I'm not saying that once you sell yours you shouldn't have any - you can buy new decorations later.

Because if you need that cash urgently, holidays themed belongings will give you a hand!

Kitchen Items

On my account, there are probably about 6,7 gadgets in my kitchen right now that I barely use or haven't used at all since buying them.

In case you're in the same situation, isn't time to let them go and have some cash instead?

Make no mistake, if you've never been a baking genius and have no desire to become one, then the cupcake maker is just a waste of space, isn't?

Empty Jars

To be honest, I wasn't completely sure how I feel about the selling power of the empty jars.

However, after I found out that they're hit for DIY weddings, I made my mind up!

empty jars - great example of things you can sell to make money

Today, you can make a nice little extra income if you sell an empty glass or coffee jars on eBay for example.

Personal Items - More Things You Can Sell To Make Money

Generally, every single person has certain stuff that just lays in the closet completely untouched for years.

For all the ladies reading this article - come on, you can relate to that fact, right?

Personally, I have at least 4 pair of jeans that I haven't been able to slip in since my teenage years.  But I'm keeping them anyway, constantly hoping:

"What if I get that slim again someday?"

Well, maybe I will, maybe I won't...Meanwhile, if you are holding on to stuff like this as well, let's see how you can make some money off it:


Now, there is more than one way to grab a quick profit from clothing and footwear. 

Firstly, you can clean up your closet and get rid of all the items that you're not wearing, haven't been wearing, and probably never will again.

Chances are if you haven't worn a pair of trousers for more than a year, do you really think that you'll after 2 years for example?

Secondly, you can go to Goodwill and dive into all the fashion choices in front of you.  It may be hard to believe, but some clothes still have their tags on them!

No matter which option you decide to go for (why not both?), you can list all of those items for sale on your local Facebook buy/sell groups.

And you can expect to see that extra cash in just a few days!


Similarly to clothing, handbags are an awesome choice where things you can sell to make money are being concerned.  Especially, if they happen to be from a huge brand and in pretty good condition.

handbag is one of the things you can sell to make money fast

Quite frankly, you can earn up to 75% of the original price if you've been taking really good care of that handbag.

So, if you're obsessed with bags and have plenty, you can always let some of them go in order to see that side income.

Mobile Phone

Nowadays, so many people are changing those things quite often, don't they?

Considering a new model is popping up on the market every now and then...

That is to say, do you still keep all of your previous ones?  If you do, then you should definitely take advantage of them.

For instance, are you aware of Amazon's trade program where you can exchange electronics for gift cards?  

By all means, check it out!

University Textbooks

All done on the education front and got your degree?  Great, but what are you planning to do with all of your learning materials?

Here, I have an idea - why don't you sell them?  Usually, the brand new university textbooks cost a fortune which explains why they are a high demand item on the market.

Again, jump on Amazon, preferably before the new school year starts, and see how much you can make for your second-hand textbooks!

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Yeah, if just our friends were able to always hit the right tone when giving us a birthday present...

Unfortunately, that's not the case most of the time.  As a result, probably you have at least a couple of perfumes and cosmetics that are still unwrapped to this day.

sell cosmetics to make money

Currently, I may sound like a broken record, but the answer here is Amazon again!  Likewise, its huge market will make it very easy for you to trade those items for money sooner rather than later. 

Baby Stuff

Is your precious little one all grown up?  And yes, I know how hard is to part ways with items that have such sentimental value.

Still, if you feel like you're ready, you can make money selling tons of baby related things.

For example, baby gear, clothes, video games are all going very well on the market.

Even more, do you know that you can earn cash almost instantly from the bigger kid's toys like plastic houses?

Ultimately, you'll be able to get about 50% of the retailer's price back!

What Things You Can Sell To Make Money If You Need More Cash?

First and foremost, all the items I've listed so far are a great solution if you what you aim for is a bit of side income fast.

However, if your financial situation is in desperate need of a bigger and constant improvement, clothes and tools won't do.

Above all, there are plenty of legit ways to start earning an online income.  But let me make it perfectly clear - some of them will take time!

Still, if you can spare 10 minutes, give the following articles a profound read.

I'm going to present you with a variety of way to get your monthly income off life support: 

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My Closing

Hopefully, you will find at least a couple of ideas from my list of things you can sell to make money to be a suitable solution.

Whether you need extra cash fast or maybe a bigger source of income, I'll do my best to update this post on a regular basis.

In case there is something you would like to share, you can do so in the comments section below.

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