Is American Online Jobs Legit Or A Hideous Scam That Will Fool You?

American online jobs review is American online jobs a scam or legit

Thousands of people keep wondering – is American Online Jobs legit or a scam?

For some reason, they can’t find a completely honest answer to such a simple question.

I know what that reason is:

Most of the content creators writing about the site are coming to different conclusions.

Since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I’ll share my own.

Considering I’m not an affiliate of American Online Jobs, rest assured that it will be a brutally honest one.

After a deep dive into the inner workings of the program, I’m ready to tell you the whole truth:

What is American Online Jobs, and how the platform works?

Will you earn money once you join it?

Most importantly, is American Online Jobs a scam?

Stay with me for a while, and you’ll find out!

American Online Jobs Review

For starters, let’s narrow your focus down:

Even though we’ll be discussing a platform called American Online Jobs, the name doesn’t mean what you think it means.

To clarify, we won’t be talking about the highest-paying online jobs for American citizens.

No, we’ll have a look at a specific website –

At a first glance, this site seems like a legitimate job portal designed primarily for the American people.

And it’s marketed that way:

According to the official webpage, you’re just a few steps away from finding a legit work-from-home job.

One would think that this official page would bother to tell you a bit more about what you should expect.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

Should you take this fact as a troubling sign?

Is American Online Jobs legit or not?

I never pass judgment before I present all the facts, and that’s what I’m going to do:

What Is American Online Jobs?

Basically, American Online Jobs is a platform that claims to provide you with work-from-home opportunities.

This much you already know.

What you’re not aware of yet is how lucrative these online jobs are supposed to be:

Allegedly, they’ll earn you between $700-$1,600 per week.

Not bad for seven days of work, right?

With that said, you might think that the jobs are probably hard to handle.

I mean, for such an amount of money, who knows what you’ll have to do?

Surprisingly, it turns out that you won’t have to try too hard:

The program will tell you that all you need to do is follow instructions and complete small tasks.

Really?  That’s all?

Well, hold on to your horses – there is much more you need to know before you join the site.

How Does American Online Jobs Work?

OK, let me show you what you’ll need to go through if you take an interest in the platform.

When you visit the official website (American online, you have to answer pre-screening questions.

American online jobs review - the pre-screening questions

Quite frankly, the questions are simple and generic.

For example, some of them are:

  1. Are you capable of following instructions?
  2. How do you wish to be paid?
  3. Ready to get started?

In addition, there is a 30-seconds long video you can watch in case you need help with the questions.

Once you provide your answers, you’ll be moving on to step two – creating a free account.

There is again a video to walk you through the process – not that you’ll need further instructions!

While you’re on the page, you’ll see an opportunity to register for bonus accounts.

This means the platform will introduce you to 8 more companies that are looking for referral agents.

Some of them are Toluna, MySurvey, and OpinionOutpost.

So, you’ll be completing surveys to earn money.

Before you create your main free account, you’ll see a button that will give you access to the training area.

I’ll explain what happens once you have your free account.

But let’s take a look at the training first:

Inside American Online Jobs Training Area

At the time of writing this American Online Jobs review, there are eight training videos inside the member’s area.

Here is what they’ll teach you:

  1. An Orientation Video – a welcome video that will ask you what companies you’ve signed up for until now.
  2. Using Facebook To Make Money – how to create a Facebook Business page and how to post offers in Facebook Groups.  Plus, some info about creating Facebook Ads.
  3. Posting On Craigslist – how to promote offers by posting them in the Jobs category of Craigslist.
  4. Referral Marketing – what is referral marketing, and what makes it different from Multi-Level Marketing?
  5. Leverage YouTube – this video is about using YouTube to get more leads.  You’ll find a link you can click on if you want more in-depth training on YouTube (it will cost you around $15).
  6. Marketing On Instagram – no video here.  Instead, you’ll use a link that will allow you to visit another website and read its articles about making money on Instagram.
  7. Make Money On Pinterest – another link that will show you how to earn on Pinterest.
  8. Using Email Autoresponder – the suggestion is to use GetResponse.  There is a 1-month free trial, and later on, you’ll need to pay $15 per month.

Now, there is one more lesson, and I have to give it a separate paragraph:

At the end of the training, you’ll be able to learn how to become an affiliate for American Online Jobs.

If you choose to do so, you’ll receive a free website to help you promote the company.

How do you feel about all that so far?

Is American Online Jobs legit, in your opinion?

No need to wonder, I’ll give you the answer in a minute!

Why American Online Jobs Doesn’t Work

Actually, it’s working really well – but for its owner, not for you.

I might be going a bit too fast, so let me explain:

A bit earlier, I promised to tell you what happens when you finally create your main free account.

This is it, right?

You must be one step away from getting online jobs for USA citizens.

what is American online jobs and how does it work

After all, that’s what the whole platform is supposed to be about.

Well, you’re not getting a job.  At least, not the kind of job you believe you’ll find.

When you create your free account, and you reach the last step of registration, you’ll be redirected to another page: The official page of Inbox Dollars.

Yes, that’s the best American Online Jobs can do apparently – advising you to sign up to take surveys.

To sum up, there are no jobs in American Online Jobs.

Instead, the site operates as a middleman between some of the most extensive survey platforms and you.

But there are no work-from-home opportunities on the site itself.

Are you wondering why it’s going to the trouble to introduce you to the survey sites?

That’s an easy one – to make money out of you, not for you.

How American Online Jobs Will Earn From You?

In so many ways.

Above all, the platform is an affiliate marketing-based website.

The main reason for its existence is to earn affiliate commissions for every job it sends your way.

You see, most of the companies American Online Jobs will introduce you to are paid surveys and get-paid-to sites.

For each company you sign up for through the program’s link, the owner will earn a commission.

Unfortunately, the disappointment doesn’t end here.

American Online Jobs will also make money from every tool you decide to buy after the training.

For instance, the email autoresponder, the Udemy course that is supposed to teach you about YouTube, etc.

Ultimately, the only way you can try to earn some decent income will be by promoting the platform itself.

Considering how worthless it is, do you believe that you’ll earn something?

Even if you manage to make a sale, it won’t add up to $1,600 per week – I can promise you that!

What I Like About The Website

Nothing at all.

What’s there to like?

If you want to join Inbox Dollars or any other legit survey site, you can do it yourself.

inbox dollars

You don’t need American Online Jobs for that!

Actually, you don’t need any other middleman at all.

Every legitimate survey platform will allow you to join it for free – it’s how it works.

With that said, if you have to pay for a site just to be allowed to start earning, you should avoid it.

Sure, there are rare exceptions, but most of the time, you’ll be better off looking elsewhere.

What I Don’t Like About The Website

All of the following:

  1. Misleading Official Page – American Online Jobs presents itself as a job portal, but it doesn’t offer jobs.
  2. Promotes scam activities – posting affiliate offers is forbidden in most Facebook groups.  So is posting in the job category on Craigslist.
  3. A Joke Of A Training – I wouldn’t even call the videos in the members’ area training.
  4. Provokes Wrong Expectations – you’ll never make $1,600 per week if you join the platform.
  5. Too Many Affiliate Promotions – the site is full of affiliate offers that will negatively affect your bank account.
  6. You Have To Pay To Play – and that’s never a sign of legitimacy.
  7. No Basic Information About The Site – all the legal pages are missing.  Don’t expect to find the About Page or Contact Page.
  8. Lack Of Support – if there is no Contact Page, do you think there will be a supportive one?
  9. Barely Working – more often than not, the website is not working properly.  Clicking on the buttons will only refresh the page you’re currently on.
  10. You’ll Have To Deceive People – since the platform will push you to promote it, you’ll have to lie to people to earn affiliate commissions.

Are Online Jobs Safe?

Not American Online Jobs, that’s for sure!

But this doesn’t mean you should avoid doing online jobs altogether.

On the contrary, getting a well-paid online job is one of the wisest decisions you could make nowadays.

It will not only allow you to make some extra income on the side.

No, you can pretty much earn a full-time income online.

If you choose carefully, you’ll be earning even more than you do from your current job.

You just need to know which online jobs are legit and which are not.

What Jobs At Home Are Legit?

Well, there is plenty of legitimate work-from-home jobs you can get today.

Depending on your skills and interests, you can always find an online job you can manage.

More importantly, a job you’ll really enjoy doing!

Have a look at my list of legit work-at-home jobs with no start-up fees.

Feel free to try more than one!

Is American Online Jobs A Scam?

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t call it a scam with a capital S.

With that said, I strongly encourage you to think of it as one.

Because the whole point isn’t about is American Online Jobs legit.

No, it’s about the fact that the site doesn’t do what it promises you to do.

thumb down

Not even close!

So, do you really want to waste your time with a platform that is misleading you every step of the way?

Especially considering it will never make you the kind of money you’re expecting to earn.

In my opinion, you can do so much better and you should.

My Closing

At this point, I don’t see a reason to discuss is American Online Jobs legit any longer.

By now, you have a pretty good idea about how worthy this website is.

There is no free money there, so don’t try to find any!

Maybe a small part of you is hoping otherwise.

Let me know what you think about the platform, and we will talk further about it.

Also, you can check the rest of the American Online Jobs reviews out there.

Most of them agree with me entirely!


  1. I really appreciate such reviews. There are so many similar products or programs in the internet currently. Those people who are new to making money online can be deceived by such programs easily! I personally had joined a program which does not provide much value. After this, I still continue to look for better programs but this time, I did my own research before jumping in. This is where I appreciate review posts like this.

    Thank you for providing such a detailed review! Really appreciate!

  2. Hi there. I absolutely agree with you on this one. There is nothing wrong about making money off surveys, it is just that the promised potential earning is too huge to be realistic.

    The earnings you make from surveys are that little that you need to take soo many of such surveys to make any meaningful income. This article is great info for others willing to give in to such scams.
    I am definitely sharing this with others. Thank you!

    1. I really appreciate that, Daniel!
      Yeah, unfortunately, products like American Online Jobs are making promises that they could simply not keep.
      Still, thousands of people are falling for the idea of tons of money literally in no time.

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