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How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate – A Piece Of Cake?

Alright, people!  It wasn't my intention to write a new post on this subject so soon.  What can I do - it's what you want!  After I published the article on the Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials last week, my email box kind of exploded!  The most common question I got asked was how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate.

To be even more specific, most of the people were interested if there is a way to earn from the platform itself.

And the short answer is - YES!  More than one actually!

Do I have your full attention?  I bet I do!

So - make yourself comfortable and keep reading.  What is about to come is going to surprise you!

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

It's hard for me to imagine that you haven't heard that name.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online teaching platform.  It aims to transform you from a complete newbie to a successful online business owner.

It's one of the most wide-known, well respected and mind-blowing places you can start a business from scratch.

The success rate of Wealthy Affiliate will leave you speechless.  Just take me for example:

I didn't know the first thing about making money online.  Fast forward a couple of months and I'm already enjoying a nice extra income!

This is it, guys!

It's real.

you can't hide from the truth

I've been exploring Wealthy Affiliates on more than a few occasions, with more than a couple of posts.  You can get all the details right here as well:

Let's get straight to the point:

You are not here right now to talk about how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is and the world-class education this platform provides.

All that is a proven fact.

What you need to look at today are the numbers.

I'm talking about the amount of money you can earn online once you join Wealthy Affiliate.

That's what you needed to know, right?

How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate - The Ways

Personally, one of the things I really appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate is that it got you covered.  

In any possible way:

1) Easy to follow, suitable for all ages training - check!

2)An unbelievable community of like-minded people, always ready to help - check!

3) Possibilities for you to start earning money on the platform itself, from your very first day - check!

I mean - come on!

Do you know of another teaching program that can deliver this much for YOU?

Because I don't!

But let's stay focused.  We'll be taking a closer look at point number 3 - how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate.

#1 Way - Your Referrals And Their Account's Set Up

I like to start with the smaller facts and to work my way up to the big guns...

Wealthy Affiliate's main line of work is to teach you everything there is to know about affiliate marketing.  Inside out, if I may add!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in this situation, it only makes sense WA to have its own affiliate program.  Isn't that right?

And not just any kind of an affiliate program.

In my opinion, it's the best one you can wish for!

I'm gonna back my thoughts up with real facts:

Let's say you've just got your first referral.  One of the first tasks this person is going to meet is to upload a profile picture and a brief introduction of himself.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?  It's also understandable:

The rest of us will get to know him/her.  Once we've seen the photo, we'll recognize this person in our future conversations.

Take a look at this excerpt from WA's first lesson:

account setup in wealthy affiliate

That's great, but what does it mean for your income?

As soon as your referral is done with its account setup, 2 credits will be added to your own account.

They are each worth of $0,50, so here is your first dollar!

Not a bad way to earn.  Actually, it's not a bad way at all...

And that's just the beginning!  One dollar doesn't seem like much.  But what will happen when you start getting tons of referrals?

10, 20, can do the math yourself.

P.S. If the person you've introduced to WA is not comfortable with uploading its own photo - that's OK.

The platform will let you use a generic photo.  Cat, dog, whatever - they will all do.

And you'll still get your credits!

#2 Way - Create A Training

Within WA, you don't just learn from Kyle And Carson, the founders of the platform.

You will get to educate yourself with the help of fellow members as well.

Ain't that cool?  But do you know what's cooler?

When you hit the 3th-month mark as a Premium Member, you'll be allowed to create a training yourself!

No matter the area you got to know pretty well, all that you need is to share your new-founded knowledge.

how to make money on wealthy affiliate

It can be about anything related to building a successful business online:

Affiliate marketing, driving traffic, getting ranked fast, promotion on your social accounts, etc.

And Wealthy Affiliate will reward you for it!

Your training can take the form of a video or written step-by-step tutorials.  It's up to you.

Here is how the game is played:

The more people engage with your training(view, like, comment on it), the higher your work will rank.

A higher rank - more money for you at the different levels.

Each level will add to your account 10 credits, worth of $0,50/credit.

Told you that Wealthy Affiliate will deliver on the money front, didn't I?

And now - time for you to see the biggest source of your future income.  Drumroll, please...

#3 Way - The Affiliate Program

I mentioned already the amount you are going to earn from your referral's account setup.

Allow me to elaborate further:

I'll show you the exact numbers you are going to make from each person you refer to Wealthy Affiliate!

show me the money

Because that's what WA's affiliate program is in its core:

You will get paid every time somebody joins this teaching program because of you!

Prepare yourself - those numbers are delicious!

Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Program - Let The Earning Begin!

I wasn't overreacting when I told you that you can start the money-making process from day one!

As soon as you join, you are ready to roll!

But, in case you are one of those people who need to know every little detail:

Here they are:

How Does This Affiliate Program Work?

Once you become a member of WA, you can grab your affiliate link.

You'll find it inside of the top right menu.  Just click on the dollar sign and a window like this one will open:

how to make money on wealthy affiliate

You see the Links and Tracking's tab?  Just click on it and your link will be right there, waiting for you.

Interesting fact:

Your main affiliate link is NOT the only one you'll be able to use.

You can have an affiliate link for EACH AND EVERY PAGE within Wealthy Affiliate.

Just look for the affiliate link's button on the page you like and you are all set!

Which basically means that you can use ANY of the content the platform provides to the best of your advantage.

And that means that your chances to increase your affiliate sales just jump to the roof!

How is that for generosity?

Yeah - WA is definitely not short on that!

Let's Talk About Numbers, Shall We?

The moment you've been waiting for is finally here!

The amount you can earn from Wealthy Affiliate depends on your level of membership.

Before I go any further, let me give the first awesome news I've been dying to share:

The commissions you are going to earn from WA are not a one-time deal.

Does the word RECURRING mean anything to you?

Yeap - you'll make money for each month your referral stays a paying member of WA.

How AWESOME is that?  

Back to the point:

If You Are A Free (Starter) Member:

- $4, and later - recurring commission of $11,75 - if your referral upgrades to a monthly membership within the first 7 days on the platform

- $11,75 monthly commission - if your referral upgrades after the first 7 days

- $87,50 - that's in case your referral upgrades to an annual membership

If You Are A Premium Member:

Double, double, double... everything is double, baby!

You won't need a calculator for this one:

As a Premium member, you'll earn exactly twice as much for each new person you introduce to WA.

So your numbers just became $8, $23,50 and $175.

And those are the numbers that apply to a single person...

How about we look at the big picture in here?

When you are getting 10, 20 or even 100 referrals per month...

Now you see why I believe that WA's affiliate program is the BEST, don't you?

But did you think that's all there is?  

If you've been following Cash Embrace, then you already know that I always the best part to be the last...

Vegas, Baby!  Here I come!

These will be the first words coming out of your mouth...That, of course, if you are able to speak...

When you hit 300 Premium referral for 1 year, pack your bags!

You are going to Las Vegas for the Super Affiliate Conference.

All Expenses Paid!

So you will get to learn tons of affiliate trick from Kyle and Carson, the owners of WA, and from the rest of Super Affiliates as well.

Not to mention how much fun you'll be having in your free time!

How about you don't get just my word for it?  I'll let you see for yourself!

Here is a video from the conference held in 2017, courtesy from Alex Sol, one of the members attending:

Yeah - I'm dying to be on the next one.  And if you are honest - so are you!

In interest of full disclosure, 300 Premium Members is not that easy to achieve.

What if you've just found Wealthy Affiliate?  You'll have 4 months to get those sales while the rest of the members had the full year.

This exact thought must have been a lot on Kyle's mind, because a few days ago, he changed the game.

Now every one has a fair chance!

You are not going to believe what is about to come, but you should:

As for 1st of September, you'll only need 100 sales and Vegas will be yours to conquer!

Yeah - Kyle decided to equal the chances for all the people within WA.

Thanks a lot, Kyle!  Your gesture is deeply appreciated!

To the point:

100 sales in 4 months...

Difficult - probably.

Possible - Hell, YEAH!!!

Did all this totally made your day?

If it did - what are you waiting for?

My Closing

What else could I possibly say?

It may be hard to believe, but Wealthy Affiliate will give you more than you've bargained for.

You'll get to create a successful business from scratch.  I already did.

A word-class education will be just a click away any time you need it.

And you'll get to earn money on the platform itself.

Not to forget the Vegas part... How could we?

It's good enough for me!

If it is for you as well, say hi as soon as you join in!

And with that thought, I'm off!

I have a bags to pack!!!

Anything you want to share about this article?  Leave it in the comments section bellow.

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