15 mobile apps that make you money

15 Mobile Apps That Make You Money

Hey there!  How do you feel about mobile apps?  Not a fan?   Once you learn more about the coolest 15 mobile apps that make you money, I bet my smartphone that you will change your mind!

Speaking of smartphones – these things don’t come cheap, do they?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that!

Actually, there is:

We can learn to use our phones to the fullest of their abilities.

And I’m not talking about filters or memory space…

Eager to find out more?  Here it comes:

Mobile Apps That Make You Money – Take Your Pick!

Let’s see if you will agree with me:

We live in a world where Social Media is everywhere.  Like it or not – it’s just the way it is!

Our lives are wrapped around our smartphones most of the time.

A big argument can be mad if that’s a good or a bad thing.  But that’s an entirely different topic.

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No matter what your opinion may be, here is an idea:

How about we make the best of the situation?

I mean – if our mobile phones are to be a constant companion, then why not benefit from them?

Believe it or not – they can even pay for themselves!

And here are 15 mobile apps that can make that happen:


There is a reason I’m starting with this one, it’s my absolute favorite!

If you do a lot of your shopping online, it will be your winner too.

Let’s just hope that you d all the receipts and confirmations of your online shopping in your email.

What Paribus does is going through your emails and checking the products that you have purchased. For example – you bought a product for $300 a few months ago. Today, the price of this product has dropped down to $260.

And now you are sorry that you didn’t wait a while before you buy…

If you have Paribus, you won’t have to feel bad. Because Paribus will find this particular product and will send you the difference in the prices back.

By the way, have you heard about the Paribus referral program?  You might wanna check it out…


mobile apps that make you moneyUnder number 2 on my list is something that I’ve never thought I would ever see in the form of a mobile app.

Acorn is not your typical app, it has been created quite differently than the rest.

A question first – have you ever pay any attention to your spare change? If not, now is the time.

Acorns will provide an amazing way to use those extra cents.

This is how this app works:

So you bought something for $4.80 and you got back $0.20 change. Do you usually drop these cents at the bottom of your purse and forget about it?Let Acorns take care of them in the best way possible:

The app will invest them in funds.

Not sure yet if that’s how you should deal with your change?

More than 3 million people already are!


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As a movie addict, there will always be a place for Viggle in my heart!

If you like to spend a lot of time watching your favorite TV shows and movies, you will fall in love with this app just like I did.

Viggle will pay you for activities that you do anyway – watch TV and listen to music.

I’m not kidding!

There is this cool thing called Viggle Live. It will allow you to earn points. All that you will have to do is complete polls while you are watching a TV show live.

After that, you can exchange these Perk Points for money and get paid via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.


Are you one of those people that tend to get bored quickly?

If you are, you should definitely get yourself an App Trailers.

This app will keep you entertained and will earn you some cash in the process.

The way you use it is by watching video trailers and videos. There are also quizzes and trivia to help you earn more points. You can redeem the points for cash and receive it via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Do you have friends who enjoy watching videos as well? If you do, you should introduce them to App Trailers.

You guessed right, the app has a referral program.

Just one more way for you to get extra points!


Do you think that there may be an app that doesn’t limit your earning?yoolotto mobile app

I know about one and it’s called Yoolotto.

You can use this app as much as you like – every day, all the time.

Wondering how?

Completing tasks or offers from Yoolotto’s advertising partners will gain you points.  Once again, the points can be converted into money. Both PayPal and Amazon gift cards will do for your payments.

Another way you can use your points is to play in the Mobile Lotteries. If you are really lucky, you can win $1 million dollars.

The lottery happens every week…

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Also, you have a chance to win daily prizes if you play the Instant Win Games.


If you want a chance to earn money fast, you should take a look at Tap Cash Rewards.

There are more than a few ways to make cash with this app:

– Watch advertisement and videos

– Play beta version of computer games

– Test new apps before them being released

Did you know that you can get daily login bonus credits if you use the app every day?

You can download your Tap Cash Rewards from Google play.

The payment is via PayPal, but the app will offer you free shopping coupons for particular online stores as well.


mobile apps that make you moneyAny Pirates In Da House???

Really easy to use, wide – known and one of the best-respected apps when talking about making money!

Videos, games, surveys… Cash Pirate will spoil you!

You can also try free products and download free apps to increase your earnings.

There better be a lot of friends in your circle!

This app has a fantastic referral program:

10% of everything your referral makes and also 5% of their referral will be yours!

With Cash Pirate, you earn in coins.

When you hit 2500, you are ready to use PayPal to cash out.

There are more than 40 000 pirates already.

Are you the next one?


Who doesn’t love the cash back?

It’s what Ebates is all about.

With this app, you can make up to 40% cash back on almost everything you purchase. You can use it at about 2500 stores, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart…

Prepare to receive plenty of alerts!

That’s right – there will be alert every time you step into a store that offers cash back through Ebates.

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How great would it be if you could recharge your mobile for free?taskbucks mobile appWith TaskBucks – you can!

But that’s not all you can do.

Its target audience is mostly the residents of India. Considering how many people are living there…

I admire the person who made that decision!

TaskBucks will allow you to post product reviews, complete surveys, and tasks.

You are getting paid at a Paytm account.  Then use your earnings for online shopping.

The app has many fans already – it’s been downloaded more than 15 million times!

Imagine that…


Very popular and with awesome ratings, Make Money doesn’t really need the introduction.

There are so many ways you can earn with this app:

Watching videos, completing surveys, giving opinions, trying free apps, testing services…

You earn credit rewards that you can later redeem for real cash.

The payments are made via PayPal.

On that note:

Steal a glimpse of how I make my money online.

15 Mobile Apps That Make You Money – The Final 5:

Still here?  Great, because we are not done yet!

Considering how awesome the 10 previous apps are…

How about I give you some more options?


This is an app that doesn’t pay with money.

What you will earn are Google Play Credits.  Those can be converted to Google magazines, books, music and many other items that are available in the Play Store.

The way to earn with Google Opinion Rewards is by completing surveys on a product.

You will be notified any time a survey is available. There will be at least one every week.

If you enjoy doing a survey, there is one more app for you:


surveys on the go appA great app, but unfortunately, is available only in the USA.

The surveys you can complete in here will never bore you –  news, sports, politics…

They are conducted by the entertainment industry and Top Fortune 500 companies.  Companies that would like to hear your opinion.

And will gladly pay for it!

You will earn by watching and rating TV shows and by sharing your thoughts on products and shopping experiences.

Fast to complete and easy surveys.  Oh, and yeah – you will get a new one once or twice every week!

Payments are made via PayPal.


This app is the answer if you wish to transform your shopping’s receipts into cash and rewards.

All you will have to do is take a photo of your receipts and send it to Receipt Hog.

You are getting paid for that via PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

The shopping may be in Kroger, Walmart, Best Buy and other stores.


Have you been shopping a lot at Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon or Target lately?

If you have, that’s great!

Shop Kick will pay you for it.

Your earning points (“kicks”) can be redeemed in gift cards.

You can even donate your kicks for charity.

All you will have to do is walk into the shops and scan the products you have bought from them. Send the photos to Shop Kick and you will get your kicks.

Time for the last app on my list. I think it will be great for anybody who doesn’t like to do any of the activities above but still wants to earn some money.


slidejoy mobile appI bet you’ll be amazed by how easy to use this mobile app is.

Just download it on your device and the app will place add on your screen.

And you are done!

There won’t be a big difference in the way you are using your phone.

Unless you consider difficult to swipe twice when you unlock the screen.

Do you?

Didn’t think so!

Slidejoy will pay you in “Carats”.

They can be converted to Starbucks or Amazon gift cards or money via PayPal.

My Closing

Is your mind on fire or what?

So many mobile apps that make you money…

That many chances to earn extra cash.

I get it – they are all great.  But what if you need a much bigger source of an income?

Then you can have a look at My Top Recommendation for building a successful business online.

What are the apps you are currently using?  I would love to have a look at them in the comments section below!

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