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Lottery Dominator – Can You Really Beat The Odds?

Let's have a long and profound conversation about the Lottery Dominator, shall we?

Winning the lottery will be unexpected, but more than a welcome event, is that right?

Who could possibly say NO to a couple of million bucks coming literally out of nowhere?

Even more, that's a lot of money that you wouldn't have to work for!

Except for the part when you'll need to figure out the winning numbers...

But hey, it looks like you won't have to worry about that anymore:

The Lottery Dominator will provide you with the only formula you'll ever need to beat the odds and grab that check with plenty of zeros on it.

OK, it's time to find out how truthful that claim exactly is!

Lottery Dominator - The Basics


Price: $147

Owner: Richard Lustig, Maybe

Cash Embrace Says:

Kind Of Interesting, But...

lottery dominator - introduction of the product

Quite frankly, I feel a bit conflicted while writing this Lottery Dominator review.

As a person who values logic a lot, it's hard to wrap my mind around the idea behind this system.

After all, a proven formula to win the lottery overpowers the law of probability as we know it.

Then again, we can't ignore the fact that the product is widely searched for and purchased from lottery enthusiasts all around the world.

So, for the sake of those of you who buy tickets regularly, I'll approach this program with an open mind.

With that being said, let the discussion about the Lottery Dominator formula begins!

What Is Lottery Dominator?

For starters, the first thing you need to know is that this is not exactly a system or a program.

No, the product actually is a 181 pages long e-book.

By all means, the purpose of this e-book is to drastically improve your chances to win a lottery multiple times.  Any lottery!

Moreover, the e-book is being advertised as the only source that contains a proven secret formula that will make you a millionaire for sure.

Now, the only way to fully grasp the magnitude of the product is to get familiar with its origins.

In my opinion, knowing who the founder is will help you look at his creation in an entirely different manner!

how to win a lottery

Who Is Richard Lustig?

To sum up, he is the only person in the world so far to win 7 jackpot lotteries and 23 smaller lotteries as well.

If you have trouble believing that, you can look it up - his journey of becoming a lottery millionaire is well-documented online.

richard lustig

Staring at these numbers, our topic today suddenly looks much more appealing and trust-worthy, doesn't it?

OK, how about we stay focused on the facts:

According to the statistics, the chance of winning a lottery is 1 in 14 million.

That's the harsh reality even the biggest lottery enthusiasts have no choice but to accept.

However, there is also Richard Lustig who will tell you that winning a lottery is not as random act as you may think.

And he has 30 wins behind his back to support that statement!

Who are you supposed to trust - the stats or Richard?

Let's dig a little deeper...

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The Story Behind Lottery Dominator

Here is how the product was created:

Believe it or not, Richard Lustig devoted 20 years of his life to lottery research.

Yes, you read that right - he spent that many years looking into anything he could find about previous winners.

Say what you will, but his patience and persistence are admirable in my opinion.

Anyhow, Richard studied the patterns and elements those winners had in common.

Later on, he narrowed his research down to the main components and did tons of testing to find out which variations will deliver the best results.

Eventually, his hard work paid off - he invented a formula and using it is how he managed to won a total of 30 lotteries.

how richard lustig created the formula of lottery dominator

Seriously, a formula?

I mean, it's a common belief that the way a lottery produces the winning numbers is completely random, correct?

While that may be true, Richard insists that there are cracks in the lottery system.

In his opinion, because that system was created by people, it's normal not to be perfect.

OK, let's investigate further in this Lottery Dominator review!

Inside Lottery Dominator

As I've already mentioned, the e-book is 181 pages long.

It contains the following 20 chapters:

  1. Why Most People Struggle
  2. Joining A Lottery Pool
  3. Improving Your Chances To Win
  4. Why Quick Picks Are Your Worst Enemy
  5. Auto-Lotto Processor (this is actually an upsell)
  6. Focus On Games That Will Be Easier To Win
  7. Developing A Winning Mindset
  8. Learning From Past Winners
  9. Lottery Numbers Game
  10. Keep The Balance
  11. Ditching The Quick Picks
  12. When To Buy Your Tickets
  13. Why You Should Go For Additional Draws
  14. Scratch Tickets
  15. Why You Should Never Change Your Numbers
  16. Choosing Your Numbers
  17. How Many Cards You Should Play
  18. Never Miss A Draw
  19. Extraball
  20. More About Scratch Tickets

How Does The Product Work?

Basically, to make the product work, you'll have to take 6 steps:

how does the lottery dominator work
  1. Research Past Winning Lottery Numbers - your research must expand to at least 7 past drawings.  Once it's done, write the numbers that you found down.
  2. Apply The Secret Formula - according to Richard, the formula will work for any kind of lottery.
  3. Buy Lottery Tickets - this is how you'll build a solid foundation.
  4. Expand Your Foundation - once you start winning small prizes, it's very important to collect the winning numbers.  Using them is what will allow you to win the big jackpot later.
  5. A Good Rule Of A Thumb - considering the Lottery Dominator is supposed to bring you $10K-$20K/month at first, once you hit those numbers, you'll be ready to boost your earnings to $200K.
  6. Repeat The Process - Richard will tell you that the results may vary from person to person.  Therefore, you need to be consistent and you should not expect to win every single time.

Alright, this is how the product is supposed to work.

However, I have a huge problem with certain aspects of Richard's system.

In short, now I'll share with you why I believe that the e-book will only waste your time!

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Lottery Dominator Review - Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy It

For starters, prepare yourself for a long, long section.

There are plenty of red flags surrounding the program and I'll reveal all of them!

1) The e-Book Is Of A Very Poor Quality

When you hear that an e-book is 181 pages long, usually you expect a lot of valuable information, right?

Be that as it may, that's not the situation with the Lottery Dominator.

On the contrary, the product is of such poor quality that if you lose your mind and buy it, it will leave you speechless.

Fonts, formatting, chapters, navigation...  None of them is handled professionally.

What's even more disturbing is that a lot of the tips are contradicting themselves.

And the ones that are not can be found online for free!

2) There Is No Secret Formula

Hate to be the one to break it to you, but no, there is no secret sauce of any kind here!

But how is that even possible?

I mean, the whole sales pitch of Lottery Dominator is built on the secret formula that helped Richard to win all of those lotteries, right?

Unfortunately, you can read the e-book as many times as you like and you still won't find anything that resembles a secret formula.

In my opinion, that's simply because no such a formula ever existed in the first place.

Even if it does, it's not revealed inside the product.

Maybe the Lottery Dominator software is still worthy?

The software is separated from the e-book and the only thing it will provide you with is the Lottery Dominator calculator, which is such a joke.

As a result, the only thing you're left with is a bunch of random lottery tips thrown together in a desperate attempt to create something saleable.

3) The Product Has Tons Of Bad Reviews Online

Well, no surprise here!

When you sell a product people buy only to discover that what they paid for is a complete fraud, the truth is going to come out eventually.

If you have a couple of free minutes, you can read some of those reviews and see for yourself.

Actually, I'll be amazed if you're able to find even one honest review that recommends this e-book.

4) The Name Of The Product Has Been Changed A Few Times

Until we're on the subject of bad reviews...

You tell me, if you own a system that has generated an awful lot of bad feedback, how you would handle the situation?

Personally, I think that changing the product's name to throw off the audience is the only way to go.

the name of lottery dominator has been changed a few times

And that's what the creator of Lottery Dominator did as well.

Up until now, products that are suspiciously similar to this one keep popping up online.

For instance, some of them include Lotto Magic, Lotto Crusher System and Lottery Winner University.

At the end of the day, it's still the same program though!

5) Richard Lusting May Not Even Be The Author

Hold on a second...  What?

Yes, there is a possibility that the big lottery winner has nothing to do with Lottery Dominator and never has.

Firstly, there is no mention of the product whatsoever on Richard's official website.

Secondly, he has never ever talked about it in any of his interviews.

Thirdly, Lustig resides in the USA, and the Lottery Dominator's website has a Panama registration.

If that's not enough to raise your suspicion, how about this:

Richard's real book (the one you can find on his official website) has a price tag of $40.

Then again, the Lottery Dominator is being sold of $147.

Go figure...

6) There Are Upsells

Basically, whoever created this program will try to get as much money from you as possible.

Right now, the product offers 2 upsells:

  1. The Auto Lotto Processing System ($127/month) - allegedly, this upsell will provide you with the numbers that have the highest chance to be picked this week.
  2. Scratch Off Secrets - this one is promising to boost your chances to win from scratch tickets.

7) The Official Website Of The Product Is Now Closed

Again, does this even surprise you?

To clarify, if you're already a member, you'll still be allowed to access the website.

But if you would like to register now, you're out of luck - the site is closed to new members.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

If you ask me, that site should have been shut down completely a long time ago.

Still, if you're curious about the content of the e-book you can find it online for free.

Just type Lottery Dominator Formula Download and you should have no problem finding it.

Is Lottery Dominator A Scam?

Unfortunately, I have to say yes.

Let's face it, there isn't even a single aspect of this product that is worth of your consideration.

That's not only because the common sense is telling you that you can't beat the law of probability.

thumb down

No, it's mostly because there are just too many things that are wrong with the Lottery Dominator.

In my opinion, no person in the right state of mind will ever pay for such a crap.

Still, similar products keep being created quite often.

For instance, the Auto Lotto Processor is so similar to our topic today that I feel like only the name has been replaced!

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My Closing

Hopefully, I didn't ruin completely your hopes and dreams of ever winning the lottery.

I mean, you can always buy tickets if you want to try your luck.

But don't rely on the Lottery Dominator to improve your odds!

Hey, even Amazon removed it from its catalog!

Now, I'll be interested to read what you have to say about this e-book.

Do you still feel like there is something about it that may work?  Or you share my opinion that the Lottery Dominator is a scam?

Let me know in the comments section!

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