Lottery Dominator – Can You Really Beat The Odds?

is lottery dominator scam or legit the complete review

Today, the Lottery Dominator is way more popular than it ever was.

Could the reason why be any more obvious?

Winning a lottery could free you of any financial worries for a long time – probably for good.

Isn’t that why millions of people worldwide keep trying their luck week after week?

What if you could win the first time around, though?

Having access to the winning numbers before the lottery draw is all it takes to make that happen.

And that’s what the Lottery Dominator allegedly will give you.

As someone who has read the eBook, I can answer all of your burning questions:

Does it really work?  If yes, where is the Lotto Dominator login?

Where is the Lotto Dominator software free download?Is there such a thing as the Lotto Dominator formula free PDF?

Spare a couple of minutes of your busy day, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

The Lotto Dominator System

Before I go any further, let’s get a couple of facts straight.

For starters, Lottery Dominator (LD) is the name of the product since its official launch online.

Later on, the eBook went through significant transformation a few times.

Currently, you can find it under the title Lotto Dominator.

introducing the lottery dominator

Actually, if I’m not mistaken, there are 2 or 3 different variations of that name circulating online.

To avoid any confusion, they’re all talking about the same system.

That brings me to the other misunderstanding I would like to clarify:

By all means, the Lotto Dominator is not a system precisely.

Even though many people prefer to look at it that way, that’s not entirely accurate.

While a specific system to win the lottery is a part of it, LD is much more than that.

Now, let’s begin unraveling the mystery of a program that will supposedly make you filthy rich:

What Is The Lottery Dominator Formula: Is The Method Revealed?

Well, you already know that we’re talking about an eBook, but that’s too vague of an explanation.

So, here are all the details:

Lottery Dominator is a 181-page long eBook that will increase tremendously your chance to win a lottery.

Any lottery.

Yes, the book will allegedly help you come out as a winner no matter what kind of lottery you choose to play.

From the moment LD was launched online, its marketing was quite astonishing:

As the only source that contains a lottery-winning secret formula, tested and proven to work.

I can’t speak for you, but I’m having a difficult time with such a statement.

If you’re as fond of logic as I am, think about it:

Everything the Lotto Dominator stands for is capable of overpowering the law of probability as we know it.

That’s a huge claim.

And it would be laughable if not for the man behind the book – Richard Lustig.

Until now, Richard Lustig is the only person in the world who has won 7 jackpot lotteries and 23 small lotteries.

How is this fact working for you?

In case you’re unable to fight off the curiosity factor, keep reading:

Who Is Richard Lustig?

When you hear that a single person has won a total of 30 lotteries, the natural thing to do is reject that information.

After all, believing in something common sense sees as impossible is not how the human mind works.

Except for Richard Lustig.

who is Richard Lustig

First and foremost, his 30 wins are not a marketing tactic created to validate the LD.

They are a fact you can easily verify if you do research online.

Richard’s journey of becoming a lottery millionaire is well-documented on the web.

As soon as you allow the thought to sink in, how do you feel about his eBook?

The odds of winning a lottery is not in your favor:You have a chance of 1 in nearly 14 million, according to statistics.

However, there is Richard Lustig – a man who not only has won 30 times but who will also tell you that winning is not as random as you may think.

This Lottery Dominator review is getting more and more controversial by the minute, isn’t it?

The Story Behind Richard’s Wins And The Birth Of Lottery Dominator

To fully understand the magnitude of LD, we need to go back to the beginning.

It all started a long time ago – Richard spent more than 20 years of his life doing lottery research.

He devoted hours and hours each day to read any piece of information about previous lottery winners he could find.

His persistence and work ethic are admirable – no argument about that!

While studying the patterns and elements those winners had in common, he narrowed his research down and focused on the main components.

After a long period of testing which variations will deliver the best results, his hard work finally paid off:

A formula comes to life, and using it resulted in the 30 wins previously mentioned.

Now, all this sounds insane.  How could there be a simple formula to winning a lottery?

Ever since the first lottery, we know that the process is completely random.

What does Richard have to say about that?

Not much, just this:

People created the lottery.Therefore, it’s not a perfect system – there are cracks in it.

Discovering those cracks and using them for his advantage is why Richard is a 30 times lottery winner.

Richard pours all his knowledge into the Lotto Dominator, so anyone would be able to repeat his success.

With that said, I think it’s time to pick his brain!

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Inside Lottery Dominator

At the time of writing this article, the eBook contains 27 chapters.

Before I show you what each of them is about, let me answer the unspoken question:

Yes, there is such thing as “Lottery Dominator Book Free”.

More about this a bit later.

We have a more important job to do first.

what is lottery dominator and how does it work

For now, here is what you’ll find inside the product:

  1.  Why do most people struggle to win the lottery?
  2.  Join a lottery pool to increase your chance of winning.
  3.  How can you improve your chances of winning?
  4.  Why quick picks are your worst enemy?
  5.  Auto lotto processor and why you should use it?
  6.  Focus on games that are easier to win.
  7.  Playing like a winner – developing a winner’s mindset.
  8.  Learning from past winners.
  9.  Lottery number games.
  10. Keep a balanced combination.
  11. Ditch the quick picks.
  12. When to buy your tickets?
  13. Go for the additional draw.
  14. Scratch tickets.
  15. Never change numbers.
  16. Picking the numbers.
  17. How many cards to play.
  18. Never miss a draw.
  19. The extra ball.
  20. Introduction to playing the right scratch-off games.
  21. Playing the right scratch-off tickets.
  22. Stick to one scratch-off game at a time.
  23. Getting started.
  24. Setting your loss limit.
  25. Secret chapter.
  26.  Bonus tips.
  27. Bonus strategies.

How Does The System Work?

Basically, following Richard’s instructions is simple.

There are a couple of steps you need to take:

  1.  Do Lengthy Research – what that entails is looking into as many previous winning lottery numbers as possible.  While you’re doing this, don’t forget to write the numbers down.
  2.  Apply The Secret Formula – the formula can work for any lottery.
  3.  Buy Lottery Tickets – as many as you can afford. Working with a large number of tickets will allow you to build a solid foundation.
  4.  Expand Your Foundation – once you win a couple of small lotteries, it’s extremely important to collect the winning numbers.  Those will be the numbers that will lead you to the big jackpot.
  5.  A Good Rule Of A Thumb – this rule is all about scaling.  Meaning, once you start winning $10K-$20K per month, you should waste no time boosting your earnings to $200,000.
  6.  Repeat The Process – Richard will be the first to tell you that results will vary from person to person.  You need to be consistent, keep applying the methods, and accept that no one can win every single draw.

Alright, this is what you should be doing with the information you’ll find inside LD.

With that said, there are a couple of warning signs you need to be aware of before you go on a shopping spree for tickets!

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In-Depth Review Of Lotto Dominator

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve read the LD.

Actually, I went through it a few times before I started to write the review you’re currently reading.

By the end of this article, I’ll provide you with a link that will lead you to the free Lotto Dominator PDF.

Before I do that, I need to tell you some facts that you’re not going to like:

1) The eBook Is Of A Poor Quality

Quite frankly, I shouldn’t be holding the quality of LD as a digital book against Richard Lustig.

After all, the man is a lottery winner who never claimed to be an accomplished writer.

However, one would expect a bit more from a millionaire, right?

I mean, Richard is wealthy enough to afford to hire a decent writer.

Anyway, don’t expect a joyful experience if you’re determined to finish reading the whole thing.

Both formatting and navigation are pretty much non-existing.

Moreover, a lot of the paragraphs are repeating the same information over and over again.

In my opinion, the LD should be no longer than 60-75 pages.

If you cut out the dead weight, it might become even shorter, and it would definitely offer a better user experience.

2) The Official Lottery Dominator Website Is Closed

Only the people who have bought the product still have access to the official site.

No new members are allowed to join it, though.

Why could that be?

lottery dominator review the official website is not accepting new members

There are many reasons, and I’m not the right person to tell you which one makes the most sense.

Let’s look at the options anyway:

Firstly, it could be because LD has received tons of bad reviews over the years.  Most of the customers who gladly paid to have the product were disappointed with its content.

Secondly, it could be because there is no update to the book. Meaning, nobody is adding new information on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Lastly, it could be simply to save face.  It’s highly unlikely that thousands of people are rushing to become members of a site whose only product is currently available online for free.

3) Where Is The Secret Formula?

Honestly, that’s the one question I would never be able to answer.

And I don’t think that anyone else could give you a satisfying explanation either.

So, here is what bothers me, and it will probably bother you too:

Initially, the LD was selling for a price, and its whole marketing campaign was built upon the exclusive lottery winning secret.

At the time, you had to pay anywhere between $40-$300, depending on where you’re purchasing your digital copy.

Right now, all you need to do is type Lottery DominatorPDF Download, and you can get it for free.

But that’s not the point:No, the bottom line is that there is no secret formula that will increase your chance to win the lottery.

Instead, the eBook’s pages contain random lottery tips, all thrown together.

Sure, some of them are valuable, and lottery enthusiasts from all over the world will appreciate them.

Still, the promise was that LD has a secret formula you can use to discover winning lottery numbers.

Unfortunately, you won’t find anything resembling such a formula inside the book.

No matter how many times you read it.

4) Richard Lusting May Not Be The Author Of Lottery Dominator

Now, that’s just outrageous!

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

Personally, I’m pretty sure that Richard Lustig is not associated with LD in any kind of way.

why Richard Lustig may not be the author of Lottery Dominator

Make no mistake, that opinion is not a hunch – I came to this conclusion after some serious digging on the topic.

In short, you can watch every single interview Richard has ever given – he doesn’t mention the LD at all.

It’s just impossible to believe that the man has poured his whole life’s work into a book, and he never talks about it, not even once.

Wouldn’t he be interested in selling the kind of knowledge nobody else has?

Actually, he does sell his book about lottery winning on his official website.

However, his product has a different name, and it was selling for $40 instead of the $300 required from other sites.

What does this all mean?

I think it means that a group of people is taking advantage of Richard’s name in an attempt to profit in an unethical way.

5) There Were Few Changes To The Name Of Lotto Dominator

You already know that since I shared it with you at the beginning of this Lottery Dominator review.

Are you wondering what the deal is with all the changes?

It doesn’t make any sense marketing-wise.

Constant changes in a product’s name can easily damage the brand.

At the same time, what are you supposed to do when your original product is constantly getting so much hate daily?

It’s easy to see why the LD appeared under a brand new name every couple of years online.

From Lottery Winner University to Lotto Crusher to simply Lottery Software to Lottery Dominator and to finally its current name – Lotto Dominator.

Similar To Lottery Dominator Software Scams

Unfortunately, the Lotto Dominator is not as exclusive as the people selling it want you to think.

These days, there is more than one software that allegedly functions similarly to LD.

How about we take a look at them?

Auto Lotto Processor

OK, at least this one has a disclaimer about how they use Richard’s name.

But that’s nowhere near enough to gain a person’s trust.

Upon close inspection, I can tell you that this product is almost identical to Lottery Dominator.

What’s even worse, the Auto Lotto Processor costs $97.

Don’t buy it – that goes without saying!

Lottery Winner University

My research on this one was quite productive.

Believe it or not, the Lottery Winner University had its launch way before the rest on this list did.

With that said, does being the oldest mean you’re the most trustworthy?

In my opinion, not in the slightest.

The Lottery Winner University is the same rehashed system as you can expect from that kind of software.

Lotto Annihilator

Well, the creator here has at least a bit of imagination:

Whomever that might be, they thought of a name that differs from its competition.

Back in 2019, that product was the hottest new thing on the market.

Of course, that’s what it seemed like to people who didn’t know better:

Lotto Annihilator and Auto Lotto Processor have almost identical sales pages.

That would be a pass for me!

Now, there are other products way too similar to LD.

For instance, Lotto Profits, Lotto Rainbow, and Lottery Maximizer Software, to name a few.

None of them is worthy of your time and money, though!

Final Words On The Lottery Dominator

It’s time to make good on my promise and provide what many of you are waiting for:

Here is the link that will lead you to the Lottery Dominator PFD Download.

Again, don’t expect to find words such as Lottery Dominator Formula Download.

There is no such formula.

Still, I can understand why most of you may be eager to read the book and see the product for yourself.

Just think twice before you start spending tons of money on lottery tickets.

Especially considering there are plenty of much better ways to earn real money in a legit way.

If the ticket part is what interests you, you can become a ticket broker.

More Legitimate Ways To Earn Money:

My Closing

Hopefully, you’ll take into consideration everything I said today when you’re reading this eBook.

And you can keep buying lottery tickets if you wish to keep trying your luck.

Just don’t rely on LD to push the odds in your favor.

With that said, what do you think about this topic?

Do you still feel like LD is worth the time of the day?Or maybe not?

Let me know, and we can talk further about it!


    1. It should be back to normal soon, Earl.
      I’ll keep checking on it to make sure that it’s working properly.
      The issue is with the main website of Lottery Dominator.
      I hope they are working on fixing it.

    1. I think you didn’t read that carefully, Sosthenes.
      No, you don’t have to buy this product.
      There is a link provided that will lead you to the PDF of the Lottery Dominator.
      You can read the content of the product for free, and you can download it again for free.
      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi, Gideon.
      There is a free PDF provided in the article.
      Probably you’ve missed it.
      Look again.

    1. I thought many people probably would, that’s why there is a link within the post.
      Maybe you didn’t see it?
      It’s there!

    2. I play 3 pick , play 4 , lotto and súper 6 i never get a spinning chance , please help to be a winner of one or of these games

  1. Good day!!!
    Please help win in a lotto so that I could build my own house for my family and parents an I could also help my relative to overcome in hunger Ive leaving here in slums area in the Philippines since birth? Please help me thank you

    1. Hi, Vivian.
      I wish that I could help you win the lottery.
      Unfortunately, I can’t.
      As you can see, this article is a review of a product that promises to help people win the lotto.
      But if you were reading carefully, you already know that there are cracks in the Lotto Dominator’s marketing pitch.
      I provided you with a free PDF so you can read the material for free.
      You can still do that, but I don’t think that it will help you reach your goal.

  2. Please help me to win lotto for I have never won lottery before and I will reward you awesomely.
    Thank you, Joe from Ghana. Hope to hear from you soon. For I believe in your lottery dominator.

    1. Well, I’m not an expert on the topic of winning the lottery, Joseph.
      No need to reward me!
      As you can see after reading this post, I don’t think the Lottery Dominator should be trusted 100%.
      But I left a link to the free PDF of the product.
      You can use it if you would like.
      Good luck!

  3. Im a very curious person and l play the lotterys maybe be ready more of this book l sure l will be learning more thanks

  4. Maybe the secret formula is checking the numbers from the last 7 draws, Gail Howard recommended the last 10 draws, Lol!

    1. Maybe, Carl.
      This sort of strategy is a part of what the Lottery Dominator is talking about as well.
      There might be something about that.
      I haven’t tried it personally, so I can’t quite say.
      If you decide to go for it, do let me know what you were able to achieve.

        1. I don’t think I can do that, Jasmine.
          You read my take on the Lotto Dominator.
          Providing you with a link to the PDF of the product was the best I could do.
          Not a lottery expert myself, I’m afraid!

  5. If it’s not joke the writer is himself 7 time winner but still excepting 127 $ for the book.sry felt pity instead should help poor people like us by sharing the trick as how to win the lottery…hatsoff to u dear.

      1. If you are talking about the creator of the Lottery Dominator, I must agree with you.
        While opinions about him vary, I think I’m sharing yours.

        1. I have a proposal for new company that can be earn millions I need support in order to implement it

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