50 Sharp Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks To Make More Money

affiliate marketing tips and tricks: advanced affiliate marketing hacks that will increase your sales fast

Unfortunately, not all affiliate marketing tips and tricks you’ll read will increase the revenue of your online business, but the right ones will.

Testing different affiliate hacks when you’re just starting is part of becoming a true marketer. Once you pass the dreadful newbie phase, though, looking into affiliate marketing pro tips is unavoidable.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that requires promoting products and services you don’t own. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll join affiliate programs, receive affiliate links, and earn a commission when someone clicks on your link and buys a product.

Also, affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to statistics, affiliate marketing has a market value of $17 billion as of 2023.

Cutting a massive piece of such a lucrative pie should be your end goal month after month. But how do you do that?

Starting with affiliate marketing on the right foot helps, but it’s nowhere near enough. Implementing tried and tested affiliate marketing strategies that work without fail is the way to become a successful affiliate marketer.

In this blog post, I’ll share 50 tips and strategies to beat the competition in your affiliate marketing field.

This post contains affiliate links – read my affiliate disclosure.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks To Make More Money

All affiliate marketing tips I’ll share are strategies that work for me and my business.

Without knowing your business or how you do affiliate promotions, I can’t guarantee these affiliate hacks will work well for you too.

At the same time, most affiliate marketing pro tips are universal, so there is no harm in trying them out.

1) Choose A Niche And Research Your Competition

choose a niche and research your competition

By all means, your readers won’t turn into buyers unless you have enough power to influence their purchasing decision. A proven way to build such an influence is by launching and developing a niche-based affiliate website.

How do you choose an affiliate marketing niche? Picking one is a two-part process that entails choosing a main blog topic that interests you and has substantial monetary potential.

Take enough time to do the necessary research and use tools like Google Trends and Semrush to help you through the process.

As soon as you pick a niche, you’ll have to create valuable content to help your readers solve their problems. However, before you publish your first article, I suggest researching the main competitors in your niche.

Why research is essential for the success of your affiliate marketing business? Knowing what affiliate promotions bring lucrative commissions to the bloggers in your niche will help you discover content ideas and focus on products that convert well.

Pro Tip:

Reading blog income reports helps a lot.  Many bloggers like to share the money they’re making each month.

Having access to this data will assist you when trying to decide what affiliate offers you should promote next.

2) Find Out The Social Media Channels Your Competitors Use To Drive Traffic To Their Affiliate Offers

One of the essential affiliate marketing tips and tricks you can master early on is discovering what Social Media your competitors use to promote their affiliate offers.

That’s easy to achieve – all you’ll need to do is to keep tabs on the Social Sharing icons each time you read a competitor’s article.

Pay attention to where that particular post is shared the most:

  • Does the article have thousands of shares on Pinterest?
  • Is Twitter the primary source of social shares for that blogger?
  • What do the numbers look like on Facebook?

Do you wonder how having insights into your competitors’ Social Media promotional strategy can help you earn affiliate commissions?

If a blogger promotes the same products as you do and that blogger reaches a large audience on one Social Media channel, that’s where you’ll need to grow a presence as well.

After all, if their content is performing the best in this one place, your content promoting similar offers will do too.

You can change your direction once you start making a solid affiliate income.

3) Start Growing An Affiliate Business Presence On One Social Media At First

Let’s imagine that the content of your main competitors is equally popular on more than one Social Media. Shouldn’t you try to grow your business everywhere as well?

No, you shouldn’t, or at least not just yet:

Don’t compare yourself to people who have become marketers long before you have. Newbie affiliates have plenty of work to do to improve their offers and not enough time.

Instead of wasting hours chasing shares on every Social Media, put your effort into what matters the most – enhancing your marketing skills, choosing valuable products to promote, writing better copy, etc.

Trying to conquer every Social Media channel is a time-consuming process.

Subsequently, it’s better to focus on one Social Media platform for now and increase brand awareness there.

Once your affiliate income becomes passive, you can look for a new audience elsewhere.

4) Implement Multichannel Promotional Strategies

Marketers who test and implement valuable affiliate marketing tips and tricks will bring their business to the next level at a certain point. When that happens to you, start implementing multichannel promotion strategies.

What is a multichannel strategy? A multichannel strategy entails promoting your affiliate marketing business on both owned and not owned platforms.

To clarify, the platforms you own are your blog (website) and email list. And the platforms you don’t own are Social Media channels, such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

Every affiliate marketer must know that the most popular Social Media platforms now have millions of daily active users. Using well-performing content on these channels will bring traffic to your offers from external platforms to the ones you own.

Say what you will, but an effective multichannel promotion strategy will always deliver much better results than leveraging a single Social Media platform.

5) Discover Which Post Drive The Most Organic Traffic To Your Competitors

Honestly, this is one of the affiliate marketing tips and tricks I wish I had known about earlier.

Anyone can find out which posts drive the most traffic for any website by using free tools like Ubersuggest.

Run a site’s homepage address through this tool, and you’ll get instant access to tons of info, especially if you look at the Top SEO Pages tab.

Top SEO Pages will show you how many visitors the most popular posts of your competitor get per month.

Why do you need to know that?

Chances are, some of those posts will be product reviews promoting the very same offers you’re planning to promote yourself.

Knowing that these articles are driving thousands of pageviews is priceless information you should use to the best of your advantage.

And that brings me to the next tip:

6) Enhance The Performance Of Your Affiliate Site By Link Building Strategies

use link building strategies to improve the performance of your affiliate website

In my opinion, one of the most effective affiliate marketing tips and tricks you can master is learning how to target buyer intent keywords when you’re creating content.

Generally speaking, buyer intent keywords are phrases people type in search engines when they’re one step away from making a purchase. Experienced marketers know they have to target buyer intent keywords because ranking for such search queries guarantees an audience that is one click away from buying the relevant product.

Let’s put it this way – once you learn how to rank for buyer intent keywords on the top 3 results in the SERPs, you’ll boost the overall performance of your affiliate site and earn thousands of dollars from affiliate sales. Now, how do you do that?

Well, one of the ways to outrank your competition and place your content on the top of the search engine results is by building high-quality backlinks to your site. There are many ways to do that, but I want to direct your attention to a specific link-building strategy by Brian Dean from Backlinko – the Skyscraper Technique.

A Skyscraper Technique is a strategy to outrank your competition by writing much better content. You’ll target the same keyword as your competitor and create an article that is better by all counts.

For example, you’ll make your post longer and cover topics your competitor hasn’t. Brian will explain the process better than me, so I strongly encourage you to learn from him.

With that said, let’s talk about the other way to outrank your competition to increase your chances of earning affiliate commissions:

7) Master The Art Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While Brian’s strategy is brilliant, it’s not the only technique you should rely on to reach top rankings. Even if you decide not to use the Skyscraper Technique, you can still rank higher on the search engines than your competitors.

And you’ll achieve that once you master the art of SEO. But what is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing your content in a way that will increase your blog’s visibility online. Make no mistake – developing and improving SEO skills is a hard, long, and complicated process you’ll have no choice but to master:

Getting your site more visible in the search results will help you drive more traffic to its pages and have more opportunities to earn affiliate commissions.

Here are some of the SEO skills you’ll have to learn as soon as possible:

  • Researching and understanding the competition (we already covered a big part of that)
  • Optimizing your website
  • Learning how to do keyword research
  • Publishing content regularly
  • Understanding how to use Google Analytics
  • Link building

If you have no idea how to do any of that, I suggest learning from this online teaching platform.

8) Interlink Your Affiliate Marketing Content

Interlinking is the process of connecting a blog post to other relevant posts on your affiliate site. Keeping the search engines satisfied with your blog’s performance is not the only reason to regularly revise your content and add internal links.

The other reason is the one that will make sense for you as an affiliate marketer – interlinking is one of the most effective affiliate marketing tips and tricks you should know.

How does an interlink improve your abilities to make affiliate sales? I’ll answer this question with another question:

Have you read an article that leads you to another article, and that second post persuades you to buy something you weren’t planning to in the first place?

To sum up, interlinking is a simple yet powerful strategy that allows marketers to earn affiliate commissions from people who have no intention of buying.

Those people end up spending money just because the marketer was clever enough to lead them to more content relevant to their original search.

9) Refresh Your Affiliate Content Regularly

affiliate marketing tips and tricks for beginners update your content regularly

As you already know, interlinking is beneficial for every affiliate business owner. Do you know what’s even better?

That would be updating and improving your older content.

Most affiliate marketers focus on publishing new content that targets buyer intent keywords. However, you’ll have to find time to refresh your old affiliate content.

Making sure that your content and affiliate links inside are up-to-date will help you avoid sending readers to sold-out products that will result in missing affiliate commissions.

I monitor my content closely by checking which posts are losing rankings, which articles bring less revenue than they used to, and which products I promote lead to returns or refunds.

Updating your content will lead to higher rankings in the SERPs, better user experience, and more affiliate sales.

10) Repurpose Old Content

My previous two affiliate marketing tips and tricks talk about interlinking and updating old affiliate content. On that note, let’s dwell on the content topic further by discussing repurposing it.

Repurposing is when you transform one type of content into another. Marketers use repurposing to boost their promotional strategy and attract followers on new social media channels.

Now, how can you repurpose content? Have a look at a few examples:

  • Create an infographic that displays key pointers of your article
  • Make a YouTube/Tik Tok video about the existing article
  • Post an Instagram Reel to highlight a popular blog topic
  • Tweet about previous articles
  • Write an eBook that contains an extended overview of a couple of relevant blog posts

By all means, repurposing content is a valuable affiliate marketing technique you should often use, especially when you don’t have the time to create a new piece of content.

11) Promote The Same Affiliate Link In Multiple Content Types

Assuming that most of you have some marketing experience, I probably don’t have to explain that you should place your affiliate link multiple times in the same article.

A recommended practice for inserting an affiliate link is using different anchor texts and spreading link placement strategically through the blog post.

That said, you can achieve even better results with affiliate links in content that already converts well with your audience. One of the best ways to do that is by promoting the same affiliate link in different content forms.

Such content forms include YouTube tutorials, other Social Media uploads, resource pages, gift guides, coupon roundups, etc.

12) Collect Your Top Affiliate Offers On Recommended Resources Page

Generally speaking, a Recommended Resources Page is a webpage that will display all tools and resources you use on your site to your audience.

Feel free to include every tool and resource that helped you launch, build, and develop your online business.

For example, such tools can be web hosting services, website themes, plugins, email service providers, and even courses you have taken to learn the business.

Why does publishing a Recommended Resources Page matter?

Considering all links you’ll insert in a Recommended Resources Page will be affiliate ones, adding such a page will earn you affiliate commissions passively.

13) Promote Affiliate Offers On A Thank You Page

promote affiliate offers on a thank you page

There are many reasons to have a Thank You Page on your website. More often than not, you should allow your visitors to land on your Thank You Page after they become subscribers or download an incentive.

Business owners utilize the marketing power of a Thank You Page in two main ways – displaying one or multiple product offers.

If you want to display multiple promotions on your Thank You Page, you can add an offer wall that will allow you to do that.

However, having a single product recommendation on your Thank You Page works better, in my experience:

Focusing your audience’s attention on a single product will improve conversions and help you attract a more targeted audience.

14) Design A Professional Affiliate Marketing Website

Are you wondering what your website design has to do with your ability to make affiliate sales and earn commissions?

The quality of your blog design will impact the size of your affiliate revenue, whether you can see that or not.

People don’t buy from individuals, companies, and businesses they don’t trust. Likewise, readers may not become customers if your website looks spammy, contains too many unrelated promotions, and goes offline every other day.

Website visitors have to see you as an expert before they decide to invest in the product you recommend to them. A fast, professional-looking site can go a long way in achieving the goal.

So, get the best web hosting service to secure fast loading time (I vote for BigScoots). Also, consider investing in a premium website theme (my vote here is for Thrive Themes since they focus on increasing conversion rates).

15) Disclose Affiliate Links

The trust of your audience is a crucial element you can’t succeed without as an affiliate marketer. While it will take time to build that trust, there are some things you can do to accelerate the process.

One of these things is adding an affiliate disclosure in each article that contains affiliate links. Disclosing your affiliate links is step one to earning the trust of your readers.

To sum up, an affiliate disclosure states that you’ll receive a commission if your readers buy something through your affiliate links. Your commissions won’t affect the price your readers are paying for the product – there will be no extra cost they’ll have to meet.

Some marketers don’t believe that failing to disclose the existence of affiliate links in an article will negatively impact their business, but it will:

Most readers won’t turn into customers if they have a reason to question your integrity as a business owner.

16) Consider Search Intent

At this point, I doubt I need to mention how crucial keyword research is for ranking your affiliate content on search engines.

Newbie affiliate website owners should begin targeting long-tail keywords and phrases with low competition to rank their new blog online.

With that said, you should consider search intent before you pick the keywords you want to target.

Think about what a person looks for while typing a keyword in Google’s search bar. Do they search for information, want to buy a product, or need to relax by having fun?

The trick to getting more organic traffic and earning tons of affiliate commissions is matching your affiliate content with search intent.

17) Add Your Own Incentives

effective affiliate marketing tips and tricks add your own incentives

One of the most precious affiliate marketing tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years is a simple one:

Just because your affiliate marketing campaign works well, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it further.

What can you do to improve your current promotional campaign? Well, how about adding your incentives?

Everyone loves free stuff, so take advantage of that fact to boost your affiliate sales.

Adding an incentive to every single article you have is not a great idea – use your best judgment to decide which blog posts will benefit from incentives the most.

Pro Tip:

Make sure the incentive you plan to offer won’t increase the additional cost for your readers.

18) Use Copywriting Techniques That Are Proven To Work

Not every copywriter must be an affiliate, but all affiliates must learn the craft behind effective copywriting.

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of powerful copywriting techniques – using such can make all the difference for your affiliate business.

For example, experienced affiliate marketers know that most people often buy products for emotional reasons and not logical ones:

Where do you think phrases like Shopping Therapy came from?

So, each time you sit down to create a promotional campaign, use copywriting to clearly show the benefits of the product you promote and how those benefits will improve the life of the people who will purchase the product.

19) Know Your Value As An Affiliate Marketer

Alright, this section of my affiliate marketing tips and tricks is about sponsored content and brand partnership deals bloggers often accept.

Receiving your first proposal for a sponsored article or a partnership deal is so exciting – it feels good when companies start to notice your success as a marketer.

However, don’t succumb to that excitement without keeping a clear head on your shoulders – being overly excited can lead you to accept less than what you deserve.

Never agree to an offer if you think the payout should be more than what’s on the table. Do your research, check the numbers, and calculate the time and effort you’ll have to put into completing the offer in front of you.

Also, you can ask for advice from people with more experience with sponsored deals – listening to what they have to say can save you from getting less than your monetary value as a marketer.

20) Create A Second Site In The Same Niche

Does your affiliate blog earn thousands of dollars a month? And if it does, how do you plan to repeat that success?

How about operating two affiliate websites in the same niche? In my opinion, that’s one of the best things you can do as an affiliate marketer:

Building a second affiliate site that targets the same profitable keywords has many benefits.

Firstly, ranking a second site for the same keyword will give you lots of space on the first page of the search engines. You’ll double the traffic to your affiliate offers, and the commissions will go to one person – you.

Secondly, your businesses will have a safety net – if one of the sites loses its rankings and traffic, you’ll rely on the second one for revenue.

It’s a question of math – having two streams of income is better than one.

Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks To Double Your Sales

21) Understand Your Target Audience

understand your target audience

First and foremost, you won’t become a successful affiliate marketer unless you can understand who your target audience is and what that audience needs.

Doing effective affiliate marketing entails knowing the needs of your readers and recommending products/services that will satisfy those needs.

Before you launch your affiliate marketing business, spend enough time creating a buyer persona.

Think of the buyer persona as a mental image that will give you a first-hand view of your ideal customer. That image must show you the problems and challenges your customers have to deal with daily.

Once you know what problems your business has to solve for your readers, build a business strategy that focuses on managing these problems.

22) Promote Products Your Audience Is Already Buying

If you have been an affiliate marketer for a while, your niche affiliate website has gathered enough data to show you what products your audience buys through you the most.

As an experienced affiliate, you probably keep tabs on the content that performs the best and is most popular with your readers. Such content most likely covers the exact products your site visitors invest in and love.

Now, what do you do with that data to push your affiliate marketing business to the next level?

Once you know what type of products your audience appreciates the most, create more content about similar products and interlink these related articles.

An audience-first approach is one of the affiliate marketing tips and tricks that works without fail every single time.

23) Display A Limited Number Of Recommendations To Your Readers

Do you know what happens if a potential client has too many options and variations to choose from when looking at a product?

In most cases, that client ends up not making any purchase at all, and that’s understandable:

The easiest way to lose a sale is to present the buyer with too many options so that the buyer starts experiencing an information overload that overwhelms them.

To avoid such situations that result in losing customers, limit the number of affiliate links your visitors can access in your articles.

Place three to five affiliate links that will lead your readers to relevant products – anything more than that will put you at risk of losing sales commissions.

24) Never Rely On One Affiliate Marketing Program

top affiliate marketing tips and tricks never rely on one affiliate program

Alright, presenting readers with too many affiliate offers will overwhelm them – you already know that. However, that doesn’t mean you should rely on only one affiliate program to bring your business revenue.

It doesn’t matter how profitable an affiliate program is and how much money is making you. Working with only one affiliate program hides many risks you can’t afford to take.

For example, what if the company behind the affiliate program changes its terms and policies in a way that will drastically decrease your affiliate payouts? Furthermore, what if the owner decides to sell it, and the new owner gets rid of the affiliate program altogether?

And what if the company closes its doors, and you don’t even have the chance to receive your pending affiliate commissions?

Long story short, keeping all your eggs in one basket is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an affiliate marketer. Always have a backup offer that can replace the revenue you earn from the main affiliate program you work with right now.

25) Don’t Hesitate To Promote High-Ticket Affiliate Programs

These days, most beginner affiliate marketers start their business journey by joining Amazon’s affiliate program. Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs worldwide.

I don’t use Amazon Associates, and I don’t think I ever will:

While Amazon Associates provides access to millions of products you can promote in all niches, that affiliate program comes with stiff competition and low affiliate payouts.

Don’t get me wrong – you should join Amazon Associates if doing so makes sense for your business. However, consider working with other affiliate programs that offer higher affiliate commissions than Amazon.

That’s the thing about doing affiliate marketing efficiently – the best affiliate programs you can promote are the programs that will make you more money with less website traffic.

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26) Promote Affiliate Programs That Pay Recurring Commissions

Do you know the number one goal of all people who get into the affiliate marketing business field? In my experience, that goal is to make money while they sleep.

Creating a source of passive income as soon as possible is one of the best affiliate marketing tips and tricks I can give you. After all, passive income is a revenue source that will keep the money coming in without actively working for it.

For those who don’t know, a recurring affiliate program will keep paying you for a long period for a customer you referred once.

So, once a person purchases a product you promote via a recurring affiliate program, you’ll continue to earn an affiliate payout every month for as long that person keeps using the product.

27) Pick Products With A High Conversion Rate

Joining affiliate programs that offer lucrative payouts is a must if you plan to do affiliate marketing for a living. But payouts are not everything you should care about:

On the contrary, I’ll argue that conversion rate matters much more than the amount of affiliate payout. And it’s not that difficult to understand why:

A high commission rate doesn’t mean anything and won’t do you good if no one buys the product.

Affiliate marketing is all about converting readers into buyers. Likewise, you should promote products that convert easily with your target audience.

Nowadays, many tools will help you increase the conversion rate of your affiliate marketing campaigns, such as ConversioBot and Affiliate Bots.

28) Experiment With Trending Products

Quite frankly, there is more than one way to implement a successful affiliate marketing strategy. One of these ways is to promote evergreen products, while the other is to market trending products to your audience.

None of these ways is better than the other. More importantly, you don’t have to choose – you can promote both evergreen and trending products.

Let’s focus on the trending products for a minute:

From time to time, a product appears on the market and gathers the interest and attention of millions of people worldwide. Such products become subjects of conversation for many people – why shouldn’t you take advantage of that as an affiliate marketer?

Keep your eyes open for current trends and take a chance at them by replacing previous content with a new one that is popular at the moment.

29) Offer Alternative Products

Offering alternative products is probably one of the most valuable affiliate marketing tips and tricks you’ll find in this article, and here is why:

No matter how hard you try or how efficient your promotional campaign is, not all your readers will see the products you label as best the same way.

After all, there are different strokes for different folks. So, you have to accept that the product you see as best might not be what your audience sees as best.

What if the product you try to market as best in its field doesn’t come at the most competitive price? And what if other similar products offer more features?

Don’t leave money on the table by putting all your efforts into promoting the one product you see as most valuable to your readers. Instead, provide cheaper alternative options and come with different features.

30) Get Discount Codes And Promote Them

get discount codes and promote them

Can you guess what would make a reader buy a product through your affiliate links instead of someone else’s? I’ll tell you what – a discount code you can provide.

Ask your affiliate partners if it’s possible to give you discount codes, so your visitors can purchase the products you promote at a discount. If they say yes, start promoting your promo codes on your website (via exit pop-up) and Social Media channels.

Negotiating discount codes early on is one of the most valuable affiliate marketing tips and tricks I can give you:

Offering products at reduced prices will skyrocket your conversion rate.

According to statistics, over 80% of shoppers are willing to try a new brand if they receive a discount. Why not take advantage of that?

31) Use Scarcity Tactics To Push Readers To Take Action On Your Offers

By all means, most professional affiliate marketers implement scarcity techniques when crafting their promotional campaigns. Scarcity can be more than effective if you use it the right way.

But what is the right way to implement a scarcity tactic and influence people to make a purchasing decision? Here are a few things you can do to increase your affiliate sales via scarcity:

  • Offer Limited Availability: A short registration time frame for your online course will fill the online seats faster. Likewise, if the product you promote can run out in no time, people will hurry to get it until it’s still available.
  • Provide Time-Sensitive Discounts And Bonuses: Make sure every incentive or discount you offer has a time window that will close at a certain point.
  • Post Countdown Timers: Very few things can outperform countdown timers as an affiliate marketing hack.

Pro Tip:

Relying on a scarcity tactic is not enough to increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaign. To give that campaign an extra push, emphasize the consequences of not taking action on your offers, so your readers will be instantly aware of the stakes.

32) Track Which Campaigns And Affiliate Links Earn The Most Commissions

Do you know how well your promotional campaigns are performing? Furthermore, can you tell which affiliate links bring you the bigger part of the revenue of your affiliate business?

In case you don’t, there is room for improvement in the way you do your affiliate marketing business:

As an affiliate marketer, promoting offers to a wide audience is not enough to secure a never-ending cash flow from affiliate commissions. You’ll have to learn to track performances and analyze results as well.

There are many tools you can use to gain access to the data you need to understand a campaign’s performance.

One of these tools is Google Analytics, which every website owner should start using as soon as possible.

33) Learn The Ins And Out Of The Products You Promote By Using Them

First and foremost, one of the most common affiliate marketing tips and tricks you’ll often read is to test a product before recommending it to your audience.

That advice might be basic, but you’ll be surprised that many affiliate marketers don’t follow it. And that is a mistake:

If you want to earn a full-time income from affiliate sales, your readers must see you as an authority in your niche. The best way to stand out from your competition is to show a deeper knowledge of the product and first-hand experience.

Why should anyone purchase a product via your affiliate link if they feel you don’t really know what you’re talking about while recommending it?

Don’t risk losing the trust of your readers by promoting products and services you have never used.

34) Publish Product Reviews And Tutorials

Nearly 95% of all consumers check reviews online before they purchase the product or service they want. Ranking product reviews and tutorial types of articles on the top of SERS will put your affiliate promotions in front of thousands of potential clients.

Writing product reviews and tutorials must become an essential activity for you as an affiliate marketer. After all, checking the reviews indicates that the person reading them is one step away from making a purchase – you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

How To Write Powerful And Well-Structured Product Reviews

  • Use the product first so you’ll be able to share an insight look into its features
  • Do plenty of research and cover everything the reader has to know about the product
  • Add data to support your opinion
  • Offer alternative products

Now, pay attention to what I’m about to say because that would be one of the most valuable affiliate marketing tips and tricks I have for you today:

Always voice the drawbacks of the product when you’re writing a review.

No product is perfect. So, be honest with your readers, clearly state the disadvantages of the product, and let them make a purchasing decision based on the information.

35) Write Product Comparisons And Listicles

Think what you will, but product comparisons and listicle types of articles are popular affiliate content formats for a reason:

Product comparisons usually cover two or more products and explain the pros and cons of each. By giving your readers a comparison product article, you allow these readers to decide which product is a better fit and make a purchasing decision easily.

Make sure you monetize all links that lead to products in comparison and listicles. That way, you’ll receive a commission no matter which product the reader decides to buy.

Of course, you’ll have to SEO optimize such articles for their relevant keyword to drive as much organic traffic to them as possible.

36) Create Video Affiliate Marketing Content

best affiliate marketing tips and tricks create video content

Affiliate marketing is a constantly changing medium – the way we promote affiliate offers today is much different than what we used to do ten years ago.

These days, the audience prefers video type of content to written articles. Videos are entertaining, engaging, and easy to consume.

Hopefully, you’re uploading affiliate content on YouTube already. But if you’re not, here are a couple of reasons to start:

Millions of people are searching for content by typing queries into YouTube’s search box daily. Not providing videos to satisfy some of those searches is a missed opportunity for an unbelievable amount of traffic.

Next, engaging with your audience in the comments section of your videos will advance your marketing efforts further. Helping people solve their problems will increase your affiliate sales – YouTube will allow you to place links in your video’s description.

Lastly, you can monetize your business with a new income stream by adding ads to your content.

Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. There are many editing programs like iMovie you can use free of charge.

And if you’re camera-shy, you should know that showing your face on YouTube is not mandatory. Products like Speechelo will turn your text into voiceovers, so you can create videos without using your voice or revealing your face.

37) Build A Segmented Email List

For starters, sending the same emails to all your subscribers is one of the worst affiliate marketing tips and tricks any affiliate can follow:

After all, not all your readers share the same reason to spend time on your site.

Even if you have a niched-down site, that site has more than one category. So, a person who subscribed to receive tips about one category will have no use in emails that cover another.

Divide your email list into a few small, targeted groups before you start sending out emails. Keep in mind that doing email marketing with targeted groups of subscribers has the potential to multiply your affiliate sales.

I use ConvertKit for all my email campaigns – that email autoresponder makes creating a segmented email list easy to complete.

38) Learn From The Best Affiliate Marketers

Do you pay attention to what the most successful affiliate marketers are doing to advance their businesses? Hopefully, you do because learning from them will help you create effective promotional campaigns.

Analyze everything the biggest affiliates do and decide which of their methods can work well for your business.

More importantly, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you can’t figure affiliate marketing out alone.

Many online platforms provide affiliate marketing tips and tricks for newbies and advanced marketers. On that note, some of these platforms will start training you for free.

For instance, 12 Minute Affiliate will show you how to make over $450 from affiliate sales a day without launching a website. Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard (the number one ClickBank affiliate in the world) will transform you into a professional affiliate in no time.

Human Proof Designs will give you access to pre-made affiliate sites ready for monetization. John Crestani is a household name in the affiliate marketing world – his course (Super Affiliate System) is expensive but worth every penny.

Assuming some of you don’t have the budget to invest in affiliate marketing courses, I suggest creating a free account on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing for beginners and provides its members with free keyword research tools, website hosting, and much more.

39) Do More Of What Is Working

Every affiliate marketing business is unique. While many affiliate sites have things in common, they are not identical.

When starting an affiliate business for the first time, you’ll go through a long process of trial and error. That’s the way it’s supposed to be – making mistakes is the only way to learn and gain experience.

With that said, you need to pay close attention to your audience and keep notes about the affiliate marketing campaigns that perform well.

Once you have enough data to compare results, you can rinse and repeat the affiliate strategies that brought the largest part of your revenue.

Use the same affiliate campaign multiple times if that campaign over-delivered the first time around.

Long story short, find out what is working for your affiliate business and do more of it to keep the commissions coming in.

40) Remember That Payout Isn’t Everything, And It’s Not All About The Money

Affiliate marketers prefer to work with highly profitable affiliate programs – putting tons of time and effort into marketing a campaign has to be worth it.

Sometimes, though, promoting a product that offers a huge payout is not the best strategy. Please do your best to find out why the program you’re interested in pays so much to its affiliates.

More often than not, you’ll find an answer among these lines:

  • the affiliate campaign is highly competitive
  • too many marketers are promoting the same offer
  • conversion rate is pretty low
  • ranking for the targeted keyword is extremely difficult

As you can see, it’s OK to promote affiliate programs with lower payouts from time to time.

It’s better to sell hundreds of products that will earn you $5 each than never sell a product that will earn you $1,000 in a single commission.

Extra Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks To Earn More Commissions

41) Launch Your Affiliate Marketing Website With Existing Content

Generally speaking, affiliate marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. As such, this business model requires time and effort before it begins to bring you revenue.

Don’t expect to make many affiliate sales if you launch your site with one single article. Instead, write at least a dozen articles before your affiliate site goes live.

42) Do A Mobile-Friendly Affiliate Marketing Campaign

In my opinion, creating a mobile-friendly affiliate campaign is probably one of the most basic affiliate marketing tips and tricks, but it works:

Since most internet users access the web via mobile these days, Short Message Service texting can help you a lot to increase your affiliate sales.

43) Create Landing Pages For Your Main Affiliate Offer

No matter how many products you promote on your site, most efforts should go to marketing one main offer. You need to create a landing page for that offer.

Landing Pages by Thrive Suite are the tool I use to build my landing pages – that tool focuses on increasing the conversion rates of your campaigns.

44) Link To Localized Landing Pages

Shoppers living in one country have different requirements than people shopping elsewhere. You’ll have to meet the specific requirements of global shoppers if you want to satisfy their needs and earn affiliate commissions from sales.

To clarify, I’m talking about showing prices to shoppers in their local currencies – that matters a lot if you have an online shop on your website.

45) Use Free And Premium Marketing Tools To Boost Your Sales

As you gain more experience and develop marketing skills, your affiliate income will increase over time. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to boost it, and one of the ways to do that is by using free and paid marketing tools.

Consider investing in low-cost marketing tools (Affiliate Titan, Niche Marketing Kit) that will notify you when a highly profitable affiliate program appears, what exclusive products will launch next month, etc.

46) Create Affiliate Campaigns That Hit A Pain Point

Undoubtfully, one of the best affiliate marketing tips and tricks is to hit a pain point with your promotional campaign. After all, the key to affiliate marketing success is to emphasize the pain first and offer a solution later.

Each affiliate marketing campaign has to remind your readers of their problems, tell them how their lives will improve once they solve them, and sell the solution that will achieve all that.

47) Avoid Being Aggressive As An Affiliate Marketer

All affiliate marketers are in the business to make money. While some want extra cash, others wish to create a passive income stream to replace their full-time job.

There is nothing wrong with doing all you can to earn as many affiliate commissions as possible. However, don’t become aggressive with your campaigns – nothing turns off the audience more than an affiliate pushing too hard to make a sale.

48) Diversify Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources

Relying on one source of organic traffic to your site is one of the worst mistakes you can make as a marketer. Nowadays, it’s essential to have multiple sources of traffic to your offers.

While you can’t be everywhere, I suggest getting traffic from Google (Bing and Yahoo) and Social Media Networks.

49) Create An Affiliate Funnel

Every experienced marketer will tell you that getting the click is not enough to earn the commission – you’ll have to convert website clicks into sales.

The best way to achieve that is by creating an affiliate marketing funnel that will turn a reader into a subscriber and then a customer.

50) Network With Other Affiliates In Your Niche

Don’t get me wrong – learning affiliate marketing tips and tricks on your own is not a bad way to improve your skills. But it’s not the best way either:

Networking with the most successful marketers in your niche will put you in a position where you’ll be able to learn from the best.

I Earn Such Commissions Every Month – See How To Do The Same!

how I make money online

Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks – Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing?

There are no shortcuts to success in the affiliate marketing field.

You need to launch an affiliate marketing-based website, work hard on it, and improve your skills.  Follow the top affiliates in the world, and test their strategies for your business.

What Is The Strategy For Affiliate Marketing?

Once you have a body of work, identify which articles are driving you the most traffic.  Then, place affiliate links in these top-performing pages, and keep working on attracting more visitors to that content.

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Fail?

Some affiliate marketers fail to make money because they lack motivation, discipline, and desire to work hard and learn new methods and strategies to earn commissions.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Side Hustle?

While affiliate marketing doesn’t pay instantly, the business model is an excellent side hustle anyone can use to earn extra money or full-time income.

My Closing

OK, after a few days of hard work, my affiliate marketing tips and tricks are finally over.

I can only hope they will be as helpful to you as they are to me.

Remember, being an affiliate marketer is a constant work in progress, so don’t ever get too comfortable – you can improve your skills more and more.

Do you have any questions on today’s topic?

If you do, leave them in the comments section, and I’ll answer them ASAP.


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