Cash Sniper Review: Scam Or Guaranteed $3,500/Day In Commissions?

cash sniper review scam or legit

Have you read a good Cash Sniper Review lately? You have one here.

It will cover an online platform that allows its members to earn over $3,000 a day from affiliate sales. Allegedly.

While making $1,000 daily through affiliate marketing is a routine for many, you’ll need a solid legitimate strategy to achieve the same results.

Is Cash Sniper the right advisor to help you create such a strategy?

That’s what you’ll find out today. In addition, I’ll also tell you all about:

  • What is Cash Sniper?
  • How does it work?
  • Can you make money with Cash Sniper?
  • And is Cash Sniper legit or a scam?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate for Cash Sniper. The facts you’ll read come from research on information available in the public domain.

Cash Sniper Review – The Basics

cash sniper review: introduction to the product

For starters, the official website of the system we’ll be discussing today is

I’m not providing you with a link for reasons that will become obvious as this article unfolds.

Of course, feel free to visit the official page on your own. Although, I would strongly encourage you not to do that, at least for the next ten minutes.

But let me start from the beginning and give the platform the introduction it deserves:

Cash Sniper is an online earning system that is currently selling on ClickBetter.

The name of its creator is Ray Pickard. We’ll talk a lot about him a bit later.

Before we do that, you should know one essential fact about the program:

Basically, anyone can use Cash Sniper to make money online by doing affiliate marketing.

Since the product is for complete beginners, you’ll still be able to earn tons of cash fast even with no experience.

That sounds perfect, isn’t it? Maybe a bit too perfect to be believable?

Come on now, let’s not be naysayers until we have an undeniable reason for that, shall we?

What Is Cash Sniper?

To be honest, watching the sales presentation is not an activity I would advise you to do.

It would result in wasting 15 minutes of your time you could never have back.

Believe it or not, that’s not the worst thing about it:

Everything you know about the product after seeing the pitch would be exactly the same as if you didn’t see it at all.

By the way, that’s one of the most common signs you’re dealing with a scam. Still, I’m not saying Cash Sniper is one yet.

With that said, I’m doing a Cash Sniper review here, and it will provide you with a detailed overview of what the product is:

It’s an online earning platform anyone can use to start making money using the affiliate marketing business model.

Even if you have no marketing experience, the system will allow you to take home over $3,000 at the end of the day.

According to the creator, that’s how fast Cash Sniper is.

He’ll also tell you that his program has helped nearly 60 people to earn $100,000 in the past 30 days.

And the best thing about it is that you’ll be able to repeat their monetary success just by working 10-15 minutes every day.

Well, what do we have here?

We’re looking at a system that will help you build passive income automatically and will turn you into a self-made millionaire fast.

You know, just like the Million Dollar Replicator, Millionaire Society, and Easy Retired Millionaire promise to do.

Interesting. Let’s look deeper then:

Inside Cash Sniper

what is cash sniper and how does it work

So far, we have a revolutionary money-making platform that earns cash for its members lightning fast.

I’ll leave aside my opinion about that and will approach the program with an open mind.

Here is what happens once I do that:

When you join Cash Sniper and become a student, you’ll receive access to the members’ area of the system.

Before you manage to look around, you’ll have to face the first of many exclusive invitations to take your newly created business up a notch:

That invitation is about joining the VIP Members Workshop.

Sure, the name sounds cool, but underneath it, you’ll find nothing other than John Crestani’s course – the Super Affiliate System.

While that training offers a certain amount of value, it also costs quite a lot of money.

You’re not on to a great start, are you?

I mean, you’ve just bought an earning system, and before you had a chance to enjoy it, you have to deal with the option to invest in another one?

Assuming that you’ll let the bitter taste in your mouth go, you’re now ready to see the content of your wealth-building system, correct?

Unfortunately, here is where things will go from bad to worse:

Purchasing Cash Sniper will bring you a set of 4 products – Main Guide, Secret Method, X, and Profit Booster.

And they don’t operate as they are supposed to:

How Does Cash Sniper Work?

To gain a clear idea about how Cash Sniper works, you need to take a closer look at the core elements of the system.

One would expect that each of them will lead you to its own training area where you’ll learn the earning process inside and out.

However, you’ll have to adjust your expectations once again:

There is no detailed business education – there are no training videos either.

Instead, there are 4 links you can click that will lead you to the 4 sections of the program.

These sections are actually downloadable PDF files.

Not great – not great at all. Nevertheless, let’s see what the files contain:

  • Main Guide – you’ll receive a very basic overview of what affiliate marketing is. Don’t expect any exclusive marketing strategies or hacks – there is none.
  • Secret Method – you can learn a bit more here. That PDF talks about the process of starting a blog, building an email list, and using Social Media for your business. Plus, there is some info about traffic generation, but it only covers paid methods.
  • Cash Sniper X – this one covers the same material as Profit Injector, YouTube Secrets, and Easy Cash Club. It’s about starting a YouTube channel and monetizing it.
  • Profit Booster – expect to gain some understanding about working with Amazon’s affiliate program.

And that is it – the basic info of these 4 PDFs is what will allegedly earn you $3,500 in affiliate commissions before the day is over.

Useful Tools That Will Increase Your Affiliate Sales:

Can You Make Money With Cash Sniper?

Well, how do you think?

Up until now, you read a lot of facts in this Cash Sniper review. A minute ago, you saw what the core elements of your money-making machine are.

So, do you see yourself becoming a millionaire in a year after purchasing the program?

While a debate is happening in your mind, here is an interesting fact you might want to consider before making a decision:

One of the teaching guides you’ll find inside Cash Sniper recommends an offline promotion of Amazon.

What they mean by that is promoting Amazon products via email marketing.

Those of you with no experience might think – great, what’s wrong with that?

Actually, there is a lot wrong with that:

According to the official policy, Amazon prohibits sending product links directly in emails.

Long story short, Cash Sniper is advising you to work not just in an unethical manner but in an illegal one too.

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The Issues With Cash Sniper

Usually, I would do a paragraph about the advantages of the product at this point in a review.

Today, though, we have more alarming issues to discuss urgently:

1) Cash Sniper Is Outdated System With No Real Value

I mean, did you really take it seriously?

How could anyone believe anything the sales page has to say?

After all, beginner affiliates who don’t have the first clue about the inner workings of the marketing world would never earn $3,500 a day right off the bat.

It doesn’t work that way – take it from someone who has been doing affiliate marketing since 2018.

No matter how much I wanted to like it, Cash Sniper is not capable of delivering on its promises.

That’s what happens when someone throws together an overhyped system, huge numbers, and no realistic way to back the sales pitch up.

Unfortunately, Cash Sniper is a get-rich-quick scheme that doesn’t work. Furthermore, all it can give you is a couple of outdated PDFs containing the info you can find online for free.

2) The Income Claims Are Outrageous

cash sniper review: fake income claims

Taking the conversation even further, let’s talk for a quick minute about your expected earnings.

According to the official page, you’ll become quite a wealthy individual in less than a year.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that making over $3,000 a day in affiliate commissions is impossible.

I’m sure some marketers are achieving even bigger numbers.

However, I doubt they started hitting their affiliate goals after joining Cash Sniper.

Creating a solid platform that will allow you to earn a full-time income through affiliate marketing takes time and hard work.

More importantly, it requires high-quality training material, and that’s not what you’ll find inside your members’ area.

3) The Testimonials Are Fake

A quick question:

What do you think happens when you create an online system and no one is willing to glorify it?

Placing testimonials on your sales page will validate the quality of your product – that’s a fact.

But what if no student wants to provide their name and attach it to a statement that aims to influence other potential students?

In my opinion, the program has no real students at all, but that’s not the point my Cash Sniper review wants to make at this moment.

No, the point is Cash Sniper pays actors from Fiverr to pose as satisfied customers and to talk about lucrative paychecks they never really received.

It’s sad and pathetic, but it happens all the time with the get-rich-quick schemes.

More Systems That Do The Same:

4) The Success Stories Are Fake

And that is a surprise to absolutely no one whatsoever.

I mean, if the testimonials are fake, it’s safe to conclude that the success stories would be too.

They are:

the success stories of cash sniper are fake

How do I know that?

There is this thing called reverse Google image search that comes in handy every time I’m writing a review on a low-quality system.

None of the people you see above enjoys a status of a millionaire.

No, the images come from websites that sell stock photography.

In other words, Cash Sniper hasn’t turned ordinary people into millionaires and never will.

5) There Are Upsells

OK, I’ll tell you all about them in just a minute.

Before I do that, I would like you to think about them:

Why do such upsells even exist?

When the core product offers no real value, what could the upgrades possibly do?

Actually, they won’t do anything at all that will help you increase your earnings or develop your business.

The only reason they are here is that the owner wants to squeeze as much money out of his clients as possible.

So, even if you decide to buy Cash Sniper, don’t waste your money on its upgrades.

I don’t know why you would after reading this Cash Sniper review, but still!

6) There Is No Ray Pickard

Or maybe there is, but whomever that man might be, he has nothing to do with Cash Sniper.

Another sign that you’re dealing with a scam is the usage of a pen name.

During the official presentation, the spokesperson introduces himself as Ray Pickard. He claims to be the owner of the product.

who is Ray Pickard

Well, that’s not true:

After careful research on my part, I couldn’t find any proof that Ray Pickard as the creator of Cash Sniper exists.

There is no photo or any other kind of personal information about him on the website that will confirm his identity.

As I said, the people behind the product have picked a random pen name and are using it to hide the real person responsible for Cash Sniper.

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Cash Sniper Cost And Price Structure

Currently, the official price of Cash Sniper is $9.

However, you already know that there are upsells available as well:

  • 1st Upsell – $197. (In case you decide to pass on it, a possibility for a discount will appear – $50 less.)
  • 2nd Upsell – $177.
  • 3rd Upsell – $67.

Here is what you need to know about these upsells:

Don’t think of them as upgrades that will deliver extra value because that’s not what they are.

You see, the price of Cash Sniper starts from $9. It’s that cheap for a reason – to lure as many people in as possible.

Once you’re a member of the platform, the people behind the product will push all these upsells down your throat.

After all, the upsells are nothing other than a sales funnel. Using sales funnels is how the owners of low-quality earning platforms make their money.

These Are Some Of My Monthly Affiliate Commissions. See How I Do Them Here!

make money easily online

Is Cash Sniper A Scam?

I would very much love to tell you that Cash Sniper is a scam.

There is no way for me to do that, though – the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

That’s the deal online:

If a system offers you a way to receive your investment back, you can’t call it a scam.

thumb down

Still, you can think of it as one, and I would strongly encourage you to do so.

While Cash Sniper uses a legit business model (affiliate marketing), the way it operates is mediocre at best and time-waster at worst.

Scam Systems To Avoid:

An Alternative (And Better) Way To Make Money Online

Do you want to earn an online income as an affiliate marketer?

Great, and what’s stopping you?

Why do you think you need crappy products like Cash Sniper to help you make money from home?

After reading this Cash Sniper review until now, you should know that you’re better off without the program.

There is so much valuable information about working online you can find on Google or YouTube for free.

Start going through it today, and you’ll see so many different ways to earn extra cash, even as a beginner.

What if you need more than extra cash?

Then I would advise you to read my Guide To Building A Successful Online Business.

The guide contains the necessary steps you’ll need to take to become a business owner of your own.

It’s based on my own experience – read it now to find out how I launched and developed the business you’re currently on.

My Closing

It looks like I have to bring this Cash Sniper review to its natural end.

With that said, the conversation is never over on this blog:

If you have any questions about the product or the online business as a whole, leave them in the comments section.

I’ll answer them the first chance I get.

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