Digital Experts Academy Review: Scam Or A Brilliant Affiliate Training?

digital experts academy review scam or legit

You don’t know it yet, but this Digital Experts Academy Review is the read you need to succeed in the affiliate marketing industry. Doing affiliate marketing for a living comes with challenges, and knowing which online training to take is one of them.

Digital Experts Academy (DEA) is an online marketing training platform that teaches people how to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing. Business owners and aspiring marketers can join the program to learn how to earn thousands of dollars from affiliate commissions each month.

Is DEA the best teaching platform to show you how to build your own business and turn it profitable? No, it isn’t, but you still need to know about it:

Any information that will help you choose the right training and become a professional affiliate marketer is worth the read. And the content on this page will show you all the essential facts about DEA:

  • What are Digital Marketing Experts?
  • Can you make money with Digital Marketing Experts?
  • How much does the training cost?
  • Is Digital Marketing Experts a scam or legit?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of Digital Marketing Experts. Everything you’ll read in this article comes from research on information available in the public domain.

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Digital Experts Academy Review: The Basics

digital experts academy review introduction to the online course

For starters, the official Digital Experts Academy’s website domain is According to that website, DEA is all about innovative education and real mentorship.

In other words, Digital Experts Academy will help you bring your unique vision to the marketing world. Meanwhile, the training will teach you affiliate marketing tricks to make more money.

Digital Experts Academy is an advanced course founded in 2012 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. This digital platform has been steadily operating for over ten years, and many see its course material as unique and invaluable.

Overall, DEA is presented as a suitable training program for anyone to develop new skills and improve their marketing abilities. And up until now, the sales pitch looks more than promising:

DEA will empower you to reach your full potential as an affiliate marketer and surpass it further. But how truthful is that statement?

You’ll find out the results of my investigation before this Digital Experts Review comes to an end.

Is DEA A Legit Program?

Unfortunately, many online earning programs and teaching platforms only exist to steal your money without providing any value. These days, online scams are everywhere, and you must learn how to avoid them.

With that said, you’ll be glad to find out that Digital Experts Academy is a legitimate training course that comes with a money-back guarantee:

You can ask for your investment back at any point during your training, and you’ll receive it.

While you can start many businesses without any investment, launching a business through DEA will cost you a lot of money. Be that as it may, DEA is a high ticket program that claims to multiply your investment and help you become a self-made millionaire.

Of course, that’s what the sales page claims. I think it’s time for my Digital Experts Academy review to begin verifying that statement.

What Is Digital Experts Academy?

what is digital experts academy and how does it work

Generally speaking, Digital Experts Academy goes far beyond traditional affiliate marketing training and education. Since DEA is a membership site, the platform offers step-by-step mentorship that covers all aspects of building a profitable affiliate business online.

Together with Six Figure Mentors (its sister company), DEA offers community, expert training, and full support to anyone who wants to utilize the fast-growing online business opportunities. Don’t hesitate to read my Six figure mentors review if you can spare a minute.

Long story short, Digital Expert Academy provides a non-traditional path to turn your business vision into a passive income source. By utilizing the affiliate marketing business model, DEA will help you build a lucrative business regardless of your passions and interests.

According to the creators, DEA works for both beginners and advanced marketers. As an authority site in its field, the platform provides constant community support, coaching sessions, webinars, Q&As, and much more.

Assuming that you can’t wait to learn the details, allow me to start moving this Digital Experts Academy review a bit faster:

How Does Digital Experts Academy Work?

Quite frankly, understanding how the DEA works might prove difficult before you become familiar with the different memberships. Of course, I’ll introduce you to them in a few minutes.

Before I do that, let me cover briefly the working process of the platform so you’ll know the best way to approach this online course and use its assets to the fullest:

Once you decide to join DEA, choose a level of membership and fill out an application form. The application requires your details (name, email address) and current income, education level, and interests.

After submitting the application form, DEA will assign you a personal business consultant. That person will help you get started with the training modules and complete the tasks necessary to develop the right mindset for success.

During that process, you can ask for customer support, interact with a community of like-minded people, watch live webinars, and attend industry events.

You can take the training at your own pace, and when you complete your membership level, you must decide if you want to move on to the next level.

Inside DEA: Digital Experts Academy Membership Levels

Are you ready to visit the Digital Experts Academy website? Then, choose a membership level and begin the training.

To clarify, each level of membership comes with a different membership fee. Subsequently, the learning materials you’ll receive depend on the membership you’ll pick.

Here are the levels of membership DEA provides:

1) ELITE Influence

ELITE Influence is a teaching course to develop professional marketing skills or bring your existing ones to the next level. Masterminding, expert mentorship, and over-the-shoulder training are the essential parts of this first module.

Overall, ELITE Influence offers quite a lot:

  • The ELITE Influence 8-Part Series: The series will help you understand the fundamentals of influence (nonverbal communication, storytelling). You’ll develop skills that will allow you to remove any obstacle on your path to success.
  • Mastermind Environment: As the name suggests, this section is about developing the ability to mastermind with entrepreneurs with similar goals. Plus, you’ll gain access to the exclusive ELITE Influence Facebook Group.
  • Live ELITE Influence Masterminds: Justin Woolf (influence and communication master) hosts weekly LIVE masterminds. Under his guidance, you’ll gain the digital skills necessary to transform you into a persuasive marketer.
  • ELITE Influence Insight Workshops: Top affiliates participating in the digital economy will let you borrow their insights. Picking their brain up on tactics and strategies is not something you want to miss.

ELITE Influence Membership Options

I want my Digital Experts Academy review to answer any question you might not even know you have. That’s why I’ll provide you with an in-depth information about your membership options:

  • Essential Membership: Since that’s the most basic membership you can get, don’t expect too much. You’ll receive access to the Getting Started Modules and SFM Support Team.
  • ELITE Influence Membership: This one will get you more: LIVE ELITE, Insight Workshops, Advanced Training Series, and ELITE Influence Training Archive. In addition, you’ll also lay your hands on Personal ELITE Influence Concierge and the exclusive Facebook Group.
  • ELITE Inside Bonus Window: The last membership brings the most value. Everything included in the previous two types of membership is coming your way. On top of that, you’ll get Convetri and Action Taker’s Discount (a value of $200).

2) ImportXperts

ImportXperts is the second training module of DEA. It’s a teaching program that explains how to create a profitable e-commerce business and sell physical products.

Here is a sneak peek of the tools and resources you’ll find inside this section:

  • A curriculum that works for your skill level
  • An ability to leverage Amazon’s FBA business model
  • Live webinars and Q and A sessions every week
  • 24/7 support from the team
  • Tons of new knowledge (about how to build a website, outsourcing, growing on social media, and selling on many online marketplaces)
  • Access to expos and trade fairs
  • Media lounge – your source of constant inspiration and ideas
  • Jason Buster – your e-Commerce dictionary
  • ImportXperts Blog – a place to keep you up to date with the latest e-commerce trends
  • Exclusive Community – get all the support you need from a private network of e-Commerce entrepreneurs

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3) Marketing Mastery

digital experts academy review the marketing mastery membership level

Right now, this article will transform itself into an Affiliate Marketing Academy Review:

It turns out that DEA has comprehensive training in marketing and advertising. We all know how crucial doing them right is for the success of your business.

So, the platform will reveal to you all of its advanced tactics and strategies in that department:

  • Scale and optimize your business with 1-2-3 mentoring: That specific mentoring style comes from the program’s certified mentors and digital marketing experts. They will help you work with your campaign data to double and triple your ROI (Return Of Investment).
  • Get certified through in-depth tactical training: This training contains eleven teaching sections. You’ll learn about copywriting, email marketing, search marketing, internet marketing, traffic generation, etc.
  • Virtual events: Get even more out of this SEO Experts Academy training. During five weeks, the virtual summits will cover many other aspects of your business.

Other Tools To Double Your Affiliate Commissions:

4) Brand Incubator

As the name suggests, this training section will teach you the ins and outs of branding your business. By all means, the main goal here is for you to launch your brand in 90 days.

And you’ll do that by going through a process Jay Kubassek (one of the founders) has for you. Have a look at the steps you’ll take:

  • Immersion – discover how your personal story relates to the foundation of your brand.
  • Inspiration – learn how to identify and articulate your unique value to create a brand that stands out online.
  • Identity – see how to build various brand assets to complete your personalized Brand Style Guide.
  • Implementation – don’t hesitate to launch and execute your brand.

5) Mastermind Experience

If you feel like this part of the training will assist you in improving your business on a spiritual level, you’ll be right on point. The Mastermind Experience exists to help you learn, inspire, and evolve.

How is that going to work? Or, the better question would be what you’ll have to press on to make it work.

Well, here is what:

  • Synergy – you’ll connect with industry experts to learn from their successes and benefit from their experience.
  • Collaboration – build connections with other key players worldwide to expand your portfolio.
  • Transformation – receive all the encouragement and mentorship you may need to become a leader in your field.

6) All-In Package

OK, my Digital Experts Academy review should not mess up the facts you need to know about the All-In Package. Considering the name gives it all away, I don’t have to clarify that this package is the ultimate deal.

Instead, I would like to show you the featured programs you’ll find inside:

  • Turn Your Ideas, Interests, Or Passions Into Profits: The recommended program here is Online Business From Scratch. It will provide you with guidance on the business models and monetization strategies that are most effective today.
  • Source And Sell In-Demand Physical Goods: e-Commerce 101 is the core program inside this section. That program will teach you how to sell in-demand physical products online.
  • Earn While You Learn With Proven Marketing System: You must look into the SFM System to complete that section (more on that later in my Experts Academy Review).

In addition, the All-In Package will provide you with many other extra learning materials and resources. For example, you’ll receive access to over 10,000 courses, daily live coaching webinars, and past live event footage.

Plus, a huge bonus that will bring an enormous amount of traffic to your site is a part of the deal. Its estimated value is over $2,200 and includes nine free courses on online advertising (Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, etc).

Who Are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek?

who are Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

So far, you already know that the creators of the DEA online training program are Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. Both are behind successful businesses:

Jay has more than 15 years of experience as a digital marketer. Currently, he works on many exciting projects – the most notable is probably WAKEUP.

Now, his co-founder doesn’t need any formal introduction. Stuart Ross is a household name in the digital world – just Google Stuart Ross Digital Marketing and enjoy the read (his accomplishments speak for themselves).

Jay and Stuart are not the only two people working to keep DEA at its current level. They have a team of around 40 experts to help them manage live events, technology, development of digital products, a live webinar launch, etc.

How Much Does Digital Marketing Experts Cost?

Recently, DEA went through a major update and massive revamp. Right now, this digital skills platform and all its teaching materials are on a much higher level than they used to be.

On one hand, that’s amazing – there is nothing better for a teaching program than increasing the quality of its education. However, this update took away our ability to see the course’s prices.

If you visit the sales page, you can see all training courses and the high ticket products DEA offers to its target audience. Unfortunately, you can’t find any info about the Digital Experts Academy cost and price structure.

Still, I can give you a general idea about the cost of joining the DEA by looking at its previous packages.

Digital Experts Academy Previous Membership Programs

Not that long ago, the platform had four membership levels to choose from:

  • DEA Silver (the basic learning program) – $2,500 membership fee
  • DEA Gold (1 year-long Digital Marketing coaching + 3 days of Bootcamp) – $8,000 membership fee
  • DEA Platinum Membership (a website, Social Media, and branding training + 3 days of workshop) – $11,000 membership fee
  • DEA Black includes a ticket to the annual Mastermind Retreat + meeting with the owners) – $20,000 membership fee

No matter how you want to see it, paying a membership fee of up to $20,000 is a lot of money to spend on marketing courses. Even though DEA students justify the course’s high price with the value of the training, paying that much for digital marketing certifications might not be possible for many of you.

Digital Experts Academy Review Complaints

One of the essential facts in this Digital Experts Academy review is that signing up for the Six Figure Mentors is mandatory for all DEA students. In other words, the only way to learn from DEA is to agree to learn from SFM first, and that’s a red flag, in my opinion.

Nowadays, the fees of SFM vary from $30 to $2,500 a year, plus a $97 monthly recurring payment. Paying the fees means you’ll have to join DEA for a higher price.

Investing thousands of dollars in one teaching platform and lack of info about the training’s cost are two of the most common complaints about DEA these days.

I Earn Such Affiliate Commissions Every Month. Find Out How You Can Do The Same Today!

make money easily online

Can You Make Money With Digital Experts Academy?

DEA students earn money mostly by promoting the platform’s affiliate program. Each member of Digital Experts Academy can promote the DEA affiliate program and make affiliate commissions.

You’ll find your affiliate links once you can access the DEA members’ area. Promoting this evidence-based program will bring you thousands of dollars from affiliate sales. But that’s not the point of my Digital Experts Academy review:

You need to ask yourself whether paying that much money is worth learning how to create a successful business. In my opinion, it isn’t, considering many other online programs will teach you affiliate marketing for far less money.

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Better Alternatives To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Some of the training courses you’ll see in a minute teach more than affiliate marketing – they can show you how to create and sell your own products.

Depending on the type of business you want to build, you can choose a course that will suit your needs. For instance, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership you can use to start learning the basics of making money with affiliate marketing.

Also, WA will allow you to earn while you’re still going through the training – there are many ways to make money on Wealthy Affiliate (even as a free member). Ultimately, the best part of joining WA is receiving many free perks, such as a website, web hosting, research tools, and other advantages.

If you can spare $15 for a domain name, that’s enough to lay the foundation of your new online adventure. Most importantly, you can get help and detailed instructions on the process with no credit charge whatsoever.

Just make some room in your day and read my Free Guide – it will show you how I’ve built the business you’re currently on in 4 easy steps!

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Digital Experts Academy Review: DEA Pros And Cons


  1. A detailed and professional training that teaches legit ways to earn online – affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make money on the web.
  2. You can learn the fundamentals of starting an online business – the platform will provide you with a lot to make that happen.
  3. Students have 24/7 access to a support team and additional help – let’s not forget the personal mentors.


  1. The way they do their business is unethical – DEA operates similarly to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).
  2. It’s expensive – you can get affiliate marketing training for a much better price (and even for free!).
  3. Recruitment techniques – you’ll have to go for them to earn something.
  4. There is no reason to buy it unless you purchase the Six Figure Mentors – you won’t have a choice in this matter!
  5. No option to try it for free – DEA doesn’t offer a free membership – you have to pay for the full course upfront.

Is Digital Experts Academy A Scam?

By all means, DEA is not a scam. However, the training is not the best option for anyone who wants to master affiliate marketing and build a successful online business.

Overall, it’s way too expensive and is more trouble than it’s worth.

thumb down

With that said, DEA comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with the core product, you can receive your investment back.

Scam Platforms You Need To Avoid If You’re An Opportunity Seeker:

My Closing

OK, that’s a wrap on my Digital Experts Academy review.

Remember, don’t waste your cash on training courses when you can make a positive impact on the business world and earn good money through hard work and consistency.

Hopefully, a lot of people reading will take this advice at heart and avoid making decisions they’ll regret. Now, is everything about today’s topic clear?

Do you have any questions about DEA? Leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll provide answers.

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