Six Figure Mentors Review: Scam Or A Bad-Ass Affiliate Course?

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six figure mentors review scam or legit

It's not like the web space is in a desperate need of one more Six Figure Mentors Review.  Not at all!

On the contrary, there is so much content written about this training already.

The thing is, 95% of that content comes from the product's affiliates.  And let me tell you, the Six Figure Mentors affiliate program pays big bucks.

Like thousands of dollars per single sale big!

In other words, you can't trust what those reviews are telling you - the bloggers that published them see dollar signs behind every word.

Me, on the other hand - I'm not affiliated with this program in any shape or form.

You know what means, don't you?  Just the truth and nothing but the truth is what you're getting out of me today.

So, is the Six Figure Mentors the most valuable and irreplaceable marketing and online business training nowadays?

Or maybe it's a smartly constructed scheme that only cares about grabbing your money?

Don't go anywhere for the next 10 minutes and you'll find out!

The Six Figure Mentors At A First Glance

Quite frankly, I get why so many people are giving the Six Figure Mentors the time of the day.

Actually, they give the program much more than just their time, but more about this a bit later.

Anyhow, what's the main attraction of this product?  Moreover, where is its magnetic pull coming from so thousands of wannabe marketers are going in that direction?

Well, these are not that difficult questions to deal with.

If you spare 5 minutes and you listen to Stuart Ross (one of the creators) talking, you'll instantly get your answers.

He's definitely charismatic, I'll give him that!

Most importantly, he knows who his target audience is and which pain buttons to push to achieve the desired effect.

After all, if you would like to make a fortune online fast, wouldn't you be impressed by a young man who has already done it?

Plus, him shooting that video on an exotic island, surrounded with crystal clear water helps to create an impression of a hugely successful entrepreneur, correct?

And then you visit the sales page and you're sold on the promise of financial independence and leading the laptop lifestyle.

In other words, it doesn't take a lot of persuasions to join the platform.

The question is, will that be in your best interest?

What Is The Six Figure Mentors?

Enough with the basic introduction and small talk, let's get to the core portion of this Six Figure Mentors review, shall we?

Basically, this is an online platform that provides step-by-step training on building a profitable online business.

First of all, the training is specifically designed for complete beginners who have no idea how to make a full-time income online.  Meaning, even if you've never worked online, you'll still be able to become a 6-figure marketer.

Second of all, the biggest attraction of the product is that you won't have to try too hard to reach full financial freedom. Because all you'll have to do is follow the lessons and take advantage of the creator's formula for success. Needless to say, that formula is already proven to work.

Last of all, the training is advertised as the most valuable all-in-one package.

this one affiliate marketing program pays really well earn $1,000 per sale

What this means is that you'll receive all of the knowledge required to be successful online from that training alone.

There is no need to take any additional courses - the Six Figure Mentors will give you everything you need.

Such as in-depth training on affiliate marketing, creating a website, marketing tools and constant support to make all of that work.

Sounds enticing?  

I bet it does so let's look the product up close.

What Does The Training Include?

OK, this is going to be a long section.

We have a lot to cover and I'll do my best not to overwhelm you.

At the time of writing this Six Figure Mentors review, these are all of the modules included:

  1. Start Your Journey - a detailed overview of what selling online entails and the basic principles you need to know if you want to succeed.  Here, you'll learn the fundamentals - how to start a website, how to do email marketing and how to automate your working process.  A big emphasis is put on choosing the right business for you.
  2. Lifestyle And Business Blueprint - looking into your future and creating an actionable plan to get there. You'll be invited to join live orientation workshops that will help you formulate a 90-day plan.  To explain, this workshop is a live webinar you should use to identify your next steps.  By the end of it, you're supposed to have a clear vision of where you're now and the steps you'll need to take to get to where you want to be.
  3. Marketing System - you'll start with setting up your business ( buying a domain name and blog hosting). Next, you'll go through lessons on adding your affiliate links, building a following and using sales funnels.
  4. Marketing Foundations - or how to transform your newly created website into authority online.  The whole idea is for you to learn how to turn your business into a passive income stream that will make you money for life.
  5. Advertising - you'll discover how to promote products by driving traffic using the sales funnels.  Long story short, this module is all about how to reach tons of customers and earn an income for your marketing efforts.

Six Figure Mentors Review - How Does The Training Work?

Quite frankly, that looks like a dumb question to ask.

As a rule of thumb, to take an online course all you have to do is to sign up and pay the fee if there is any.

With that being said, that's not exactly how the things are with the Six Figure Mentor.

No, there is a slightly different process you'll need to go through if you want to take the training.

And I'll walk you through the steps so you would know what to expect:

1) Landing On The Sales Page

Currently, there are many ways to stumble upon any of the adds associated with the training.

You may be seeing some of them on Social Media or probably this is not the first Six Figure Mentors review you've ever read.

Most likely, though, you'll discover the product on YouTube.

six figure mentors review introduction to the training

Personally, that's how I did.  That's not surprising - there is a lot of content on YouTube talking about the course or its creators.

Anyhow, it doesn't really matter how you're going to land on that sales page:

As long as you're there, you're basically ready to move on to the next step of starting the training.

2) Providing Your Email Address

Generally, signing up with your name and an email address is always necessary when starting an online course.

To clarify, the Six Figure Mentors are not just asking for your email without giving anything in return.

No, the reason why they need your personal data is to be able to send you a free gift.

Your free gift is a 7-day video training lessons on how to start living the "laptop lifestyle".

3) Going Through The Free Video Training

Make no mistake, they won't share with you a lot of the good stuff here.

And that's understandable - no one would buy the cow if you give away the milk for free, right?

Still, if you're a complete beginner, you'll learn about what affiliate marketing is and the income potential of this business model.

The videos are filmed by the creators and they're pretty good at getting you excited about their product.

Of course, that's all a marketing tactic.

Before the week is even over, chances are that you'll be already convinced in the quality of the training and you'll be eager to take it.

4) Purchasing The Basic Membership

Since you're ready to jump in, there is no stopping you at this point, correct?

Therefore, it's a smart decision to go for the Basic Membership.

Why wouldn't you considering it only costs $29,95?

Be that as it may, the fact that you're already a paying member won't do you a lot of good.

Because the Basic Membership will give you kind of limited access to the training.

Meaning, you'll be able to grab just a tiny piece of the program.

If you want more, you'll have to pay more by upgrading your membership.

5) Upgrade

Truth to be told, it's not mandatory to upgrade the level of your membership.

You can choose to stay a basic member if that's what you want.

But that's not the best-case scenario for you:

Above all, if you want to unlock the training to its last piece and to earn as much money as possible as an affiliate, the only choice you have is to surrender to the upsells.

Each and every one of them.

Needless to say, we're coming to the point where my Six Figure Mentors review is about to get really interesting...

The Membership Options Of Six Figure Mentors

As I said, they're quite interesting and I don't mean that in a good way.

Currently, there are 4 levels of membership the course will ask you to choose from:

Affiliate access, student access, essential membership, and elite membership.

six figure mentors review the levels of membership

Let's talk about each of them for a minute.

1) Affiliate Access - Free Of Charge

This level of membership is heavily advertised as a free trial.

Personally, I don't see it that way considering you won't be able to try much of anything.

All that you're getting here is a single introductory course.

Unfortunately, most of the tools and resources will be kept out of your reach.

You may wonder, what's the benefit of the Affiliate Access for you?

In my opinion, this level of membership is not designed to benefit you, but to get you further on board with the training so you would start to work to benefit the creators.

Firstly, because the only road ahead of you after signing for the Affiliate Access is to upgrade your membership - that benefits the creators.

Secondly, because you'll be allowed to start promoting the training with all of its membership levels - and you making a sale doesn't just benefit you, but again the creators as well.

2) Student Access - 30-Day For Free, $25/Month Afterwards

OK, let's see what you're getting once you upgrade your membership - 'cause let's face it, you don't have any other choice!

On this level, you'll gain a bit more access.

To clarify, that access is to the Online Business Success Module, the Visionary Call, and the Digital Skills sections of the training.

So, you'll receive something of value here education-wise.

But as you can see, it won't be much!

3) Essential Membership - One-Time Fee Of $297 + $97/Month

Hell of a numbers, aren't they?

And what's in it for you after paying that much money?

Well, you'll have access to everything from the previous membership plus some additional features.

Such as the Digital Business Lounge, live weekly training, and your own personal business coach.

Now, maybe you feel like you're not getting enough value for your money.

If that's the case, you'll most likely change your mind once you look at your potential affiliate earnings as an Essential Member.

While you can earn affiliate commissions on the previous levels as well, on this one the training's affiliate program is getting really lucrative.

For instance, if you recruit a person who upgrades to the Essential Membership, you'll earn $200 upfront and $20 for each month that person keeps paying the membership fees.

Next, if you recruit a person who upgrades to the Elite Membership, you'll make $250 upfront and another $250 for each year that person stays an Elite Member.

Suddenly, your own Essential Membership fee doesn't look that expensive, does it?

4) Elite Membership - $2,500/Year + $97/Month

Yeah you - you're officially at the top of the pyramid...  Oops, I meant the training!

As an Elite Member, you're having a spot at the "private mastermind".

Meaning, you're having access to literally every part of the training.  Not to mention, your lessons are much more focused and quite often are coming from the creators themselves.

That's nice but not as nice as the level of your affiliate earnings at this point:

Here, if you manage to recruit another Elite Member, you'll earn $1,000 upfront and another $1,000 for each year that person stays an Elite Member.

How about that?

The Digital Experts Academy

In short, this Six Figure Mentors review would never be complete unless we talk about the Digital Experts Academy as well.

What these 2 online courses have in common?

digital experts academy

Firstly, they share owners - the  people who created the SXM, Jay and Stuart, are the creators of the DEA too.

Secondly, when you sign up for the Six Figure Mentors, you'll be introduced to the Digital Experts Academy - it's integrated into the course.

Basically, the creators will tell you that if you want to make the best of their training, you should take part in the DEA as well.

However, that will cost you - like, a lot!

Because Digital Experts Academy also offers 4 levels of membership:

  1. Silver - $2,500
  2. Gold - $8,000
  3. Platinum - $11,000
  4. Black - $20,000

No matter how you want to look at it, Stuart and Jay have mastered the art of high-ticket upsells to perfection.

I mean, if you decide to purchase both of those courses and pay all of the upgrades, you'll have to spend around $25,000 in the first year alone!

What I Like About The Product

  1. More than a valuable online marketing course - no matter how I may feel about the Six Figure Mentors, I can't deny that the training is of a high-quality.  The lessons are professional and go in great depth to teach you the essential skills to succeed online.
  2. No need to create your own products - the training focuses mainly on the affiliate marketing business model.
  3. The creators are successful marketers - they both are well aware of what they're talking about.
  4. A possibility of huge affiliate commissions - the affiliate program of the product is quite lucrative to say at least.

What I Don't Like About The Product

  1. Way too many upgrades and upsells - the reason I don't like the course is mostly because it's very aggressive in the way the upsells are being pushed to the students.
  2. Too expensive - no doubt about it - the Six Figure Mentors is too expensive by all account.  Purchasing all of the upgrades will cost you thousands of dollars per year.
  3. The training heavily pushes the students to promote it - even though the affiliate program pays a lot, I don't think that newbie marketers should promote something they don't quite understand yet.

Is The Training Too Expensive For You?  Read My Free Guide And Learn How To Start A Successful Online Business For Free

Who Are Stuart Ross And Jay Kubassek?

As you already know, these two men are the creators of Six Figure Mentors.

Here is an interesting fact from their background:

Not that long ago, both Stuart And Jay were involved with MLM companies (Multi-Level Marketing).

To explain, by being involved I mean that they were running them.

who are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

On that note, it's worth mentioning that these low-quality companies no longer exist.

With that being said, I believe that we shouldn't hold someone's past against them.

Still, if you have a look at the way the SFM operates, it kind of reminds us of a pyramid scheme:

Above all, the people on the top (the ones with the highest level of membership) are also the ones that make the most money - for themselves and the creators as well.

Is Six Figure Mentors A Scam?

No, it's not - it's a legit affiliate marketing course that is valuable by all counts.

However, that's so not the main conclusion I would like you to take away from my Six Figure Mentors review.

Ask yourself - is it really worth it?

Regardless of the training and knowledge it may provide, should you be paying thousands of dollars to become a successful affiliate marketer?

In my opinion, you shouldn't.

thumb down

Especially considering that there are other online business courses that are far more affordable and can match up in quality.

Personally, I got all of my affiliate marketing training from Wealthy Affiliate.

This online teaching platform offers only 2 levels of memberships - a free one (you can use it for as long as you like) and a premium one (that costs $0,82/day).

So, no - you don't have to invest $20,000/year just to learn how to make affiliate sales!

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My Closing

We're done for today, folks - my Six Figure Mentors review has nothing else to say.

Hopefully, you're ready to form an informed opinion about this training.

Is there something you would like to ask me about this topic?

If you do, drop me a comment in the section below and I'll get back to you.

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