Make Money Online Scams: 10 Tips To Easily Recognize Them

10 ways to avoid make money online scams

Who really wants to talk about make money online scams?

The word "scam" is scary enough as it is.  

And when you add money into the mix...

Why should we dwell further into this topic?

Can't we just pretend that the easy money-making schemes do not exist?

Well, you can always bury your head into the sand and hope for the best where keeping your money intact is being concerned.

Or you can accept that currently there are so many types of Internet frauds.

While there is probably nothing you can do to eradicate them, you can learn how to spot and avoid them.

That's what we'll be discussing today, so you might want to pay attention for the sake of your bank account!

What Are The Make Money Online Scams?

You know how some questions are meant to have simple answers?

This isn't one of them.

Basically, providing you with the exact definition of the word scam is not that easy.

Yes, you can always visit Wikipedia and find out that a scam is "an attempt to defraud a person by gaining their confidence".

But that explanation is not satisfactory in my opinion.

Sure, gaining someone's confidence must be a skill straight out of the "How to be a successful scammer" book.

The thing is, abusing your trust is just half of the game.

Making you buy something that you'll regret buying is the other half.

10 smart ways to avoid scams online and protect your money

Believe it or not, that's not the worst thing about the make money online scams.

No, the real tricky part happens to be that recognizing each and every one of them is somewhat of a mission impossible.

Especially considering the line between an over-hyped product, a bad product, and a pure scam is getting blurred by the minute.

What Can Be Called A Scam?

Chances are, most of you are convinced they know what's hiding behind that word.

I would say, don't be so sure:

Let's imagine that you've ordered take away from the brand new place around the corner. Led by the irresistible photos on the menu, you can hardly wait for your order to arrive.

Just to be hugely disappointed once you finally open the box.  

Whatever the source of your dissatisfaction, what you did end up with has barely a thing in common with what you were promised to get.

If you feel scammed at that moment, your feelings would be totally justified.

Do you know what this real-life situation and an online scam have in common?

False Advertising.

With that being said, the most popular internet fraud examples can be placed in 3 categories:

  1. The Complete Scam - when you pay for something and you receive absolutely nothing in return.  Plus, there is no possibility for you to receive your cash back.
  2. The Sort-Of-Scam (The Over-Hyped Product) - you're getting a product/service, but they are not what they are supposed to be.  Moreover, they don't provide you with the same amount of value that has been promised to you.
  3. The Start-Of-The-Funnel Scam - you're enjoying a good enough product, but that product is more of a stepping stone than a last resort.  Meaning, to make it fully work, you'll have to buy the add-ons or upgrades associated with the original product.  And you weren't told about that upfront.

No matter which type of a scam you'll stumble upon, they all suck:

All 3 of them will waste your time and, in most situations, your money too.

Hey, there is good news as well:

No matter in what way one scam may differ from another, they all share common traits.

Knowing what those traits are will stop you from making really bad judgement calls money-wise.

10 Easy Ways To Spot The Make Money Online Scams

Living the laptop lifestyle is the ultimate dream for thousands of people.

Being able to earn an income no matter what's going on outside of your screen is quickly becoming a necessity, now more than ever.

But with the increased number of people starting to work online, one could easily see that there is an increase in the number of scams appearing on the web as well.

When you have slim to none working online experience and you need money ASAP, it's easy to fall into a scam's trap.

However, there are ways to avoid that.

Keep your eyes open for these 10 things and being a victim of a scammer would never become a part of your journey:

1) A Scam Will Try To Sell You A Lifestyle Rather Than A Product/Service

Seriously, I doubt that I'm the only one who has ever watched a sales presentation that goes like that:

Luxury cars, houses, and vacations are quickly filling up your screen.

Happy people are enjoying some of the finest things and experiences life could offer.

the low quality online products will promise you a luxury lifestyle to gain your trust

The picture presented to you is perfect on all counts.

And you find yourself in a position where your guard is instantly down for the most simple reason ever:

You want to do what the people you're watching are doing.

That's just normal and there is nothing wrong with wanting a better life for yourself.

While you're caught up in daydreaming, though, you're missing the whole point behind such a sales video:

Whomever the person who created it may be, they are showing you what you want to see just to connect with your emotional side.

People buy for emotional reasons much more often than for logical ones.

From there, you're on a slippery slope!

2) You Have No Clear Idea What Exactly You're Paying For

Another common trait of the make money online scams is that they are always being vague about the nature of their products.

Basically, this trait is closely connected with the previous one on my list:

Yes, you'll be shown or told what the product/service would do for your lifestyle.

But no matter how many times you watch the sales pitch, you'll still have barely any idea about what you're buying.

Maybe they will tell you that their product will provide you with financial independence and you'll be able to leave your 9-5 tomorrow.

Even more, chances are you'll be promised that you'll never have to answer to a boss ever again.

Still, you'll be left with no clear understanding of what type of miracle product will do all that for you.

List Of Scamming Websites Or Low-Quality Products To Avoid:

3) You Don't Know What You'll Be Doing

OK, this happens quite a lot once you start researching how to make money online.

Especially if you add "fast" to your search query.

It won't take you too many clicks until you land on the official website of some scammy product.

And that product clearly has no intention of letting you know how you'll be earning your income.

For instance, all that a scam will share with you is that you'll be seeing money in your bank account in a matter of 24 hours.

Some might even try to persuade you that it will happen faster than that.

Still, none of them will bother to explain what you'll have to do to earn that cash.

What your new job description will look like is the kind of question that is meant to stay unanswered.

Until we're talking about making money fast:

4) You'll Be Promised To Start Making Money In Minutes

Believe it or not, I've lost count on how many reviews I've written on scam products that are all about earning money lightning fast.

Just to be clear, by fast they mean as little time spent working with their "product" as possible.

I think the most common time frame I've seen is 20 minutes.

the make money online scams will assure you that you will earn cash fast

Yes, you're supposed to believe that such a product will never require more than 20 minutes of work every day.

Plus, you'll be able to see instant results as soon as you purchase the "product".

May I remind you, in most cases, you'll be promised to make thousands of dollars in less than half an hour.

Now, common sense will tell you that there is no situation where earning such an amount of money this fast may be done through a legit way to work online.

Then again, the dream sequence from point 1 in this article prevails and it's all downhill from there.

5) You'll Be Earning A Fortune Without Working Hard

As a matter of fact, the make money online scams will be more than happy to inform you that you'll barely have to work at all.

According to their common tune, you'll never have to sweat a lot to see your wallet getting fatter and fatter.

On the contrary, their magical systems are all about making you money while you sleep.

In other words, you'll be sold the idea of building a passive income stream.

While passive income is awesome for so many reasons, building it doesn't work that way.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there is no such a thing as passive income - I'm earning it myself.

However, normally a lot of work goes into transforming a source of income into a passive one.

And it definitely won't happen in minutes or days like the scams would very much like you to believe that it will.

6) You'll Be Using A "Done-For-You" System

Generally, I'm having tons of fun every time I'm reviewing a "done-for-you" product.

It's happening every other day - 90% of the scams will try to sell you such a thing.

So, here is everything you need to know about this latest scammy format:

Firstly, there is no "done-for-you" system.  None of them were specifically designed to meet your needs.  

Do the owners somehow know who and when is going to buy their products so they would adjust it accordingly? Of course not.

Secondly, by "done-for-you" product what they usually mean is a landing page or something similar you're supposed to use to make sales.

From what I've seen so far, the quality of such landing pages is...  No words necessary.

Lastly, these "done-for-you" systems are the reason why there is so much duplicate content nowadays:

All the people who purchased the system will receive the same thing.

Hate to break it to you but yours is not going to be any different! 

7) The Creators Of Make Money Online Scams Hide Their Identity

I bet most of them have researched "how to start scamming" and have come to the conclusion that hiding their real names is a good place to begin.

Seriously, even if some sort of name is provided for you, always check how truthful that name is.

Because the majority of low-quality products tend to use pen names and even completely fabricated ones to introduce their owners.

In my opinion, that's one of the easiest ways to spot a scam on the web.

As soon as you discover that the owner's name is not real, ask yourself:

If that product is as good as advertised, why the owner is using a fake name?

Why they could possibly feel the need to hide who they really are?

Scammer Alert Website:

8) They Use Fake Testimonials/Reviews/Income Proof

At least the actors from Fiverr will never be unemployed, that's for sure!

Now, when you work online for a while and a bigger part of your job is reviewing affiliate marketing products, something happens:

You're becoming able to write a review in your sleep, metaphorically speaking.

Yeah, I believe that I've included a screenshot of Fiverr actors in 90% of my reviews.

The scam products make my work really easy - more often than not, they hire the same faces!

To sum up, so many of the low-quality products are giving you fake testimonials.

the make money online scams are using fake testimonials

Never purchase a product online until you visit Fiverr - and check if the product's testimonials are not done by some of the actors there.

In addition, the same goes for the reviews:

A simple Google Image Search will show you that photos of random people are being wrongfully used pretty often.

9) Make Money Online Scams Like To Use Scarcity Tactics

We've all seen them, right?

I'm talking about phrases like "This offer will disappear in 24 hours".

Or "The seats are limited, so grab yours now".

My personal favorite is "If you're watching this video now, that's because you've been selected.  I'll be taking it down before the day is over".

Meanwhile, you know what to do - a.k.a. buy my product until you have the chance.

By all means, a scarcity technique is often used marketing tool that many business owners are taking advantage of sometimes.

And there is nothing wrong with that - when the product being sold is legitimate and valuable.

When talking about scams, however, this tactic is solely being used to push you into a purchase as soon as possible.

You know, before you take the time to think and check the reviews first!

10) A Scam Is Usually The Start-Up Part Of A Funnel

Like it or now, when you purchase a low-quality product, that's rarely the end of it.

More often than not, you'll find yourself at the start-up point of a marketing funnel.

Meaning, pretty soon after you bought the product, you'll be offered at least a couple of upsells.

Again, when the product is good, securing an add-on that will deliver even more value is totally acceptable.

But with if the scams, the upgrades are never meant to add value.

No, they exist for one purpose and one purpose only:

To get as much money out of you as possible.

So, do yourself a favor and avoid them altogether.

On that note, be extra careful with the one-click upgrades.

A lot of the make money online scams are offering them and you might end up with an unwanted purchase before you even realize it.

How To Make Money Online For Beginners

Quite frankly, the very first thing you need to do is making sure that you have the right mindset:

Earning money online and building a source of a full-time income is a long process.

It's not going to happen over-night and it won't happen without tons of work, contrary to everything the scams are telling you.

With that being said, making money on the web is completely achievable if you're willing to put in the work.

Speaking from personal experience, the process can be quite overwhelming if you're trying to do this for the first time.

When you're a newbie, it's just too much - you don't know where to start and how to build a business from scratch.

Here is where I can give you a hand:

Start by reading my Free Guide to making money online.

This guide is easy to follow for beginners and it will show you the exact steps you'll need to take to build a profitable online business.

My Closing

We can talk about the make money online scams the whole day.

Unfortunately, they are here to stay - nothing you can do about it.

What you can do, though, is keep your eyes open for the red flags.

And never buy a product that is promising to make you an instant millionaire.

Because that simply won't happen.

Do you have any questions about this topic?

Is there anything you would like to share?

You can always use the comments section below and I'll happy to talk some more!


  1. Some really relevant points are mentioned. I love this point “Sell You A Lifestyle Rather Than A Product/Service”. Yes, there are so many affiliate programs that promise to make you rich overnight so that you can spend your entire life on a luxury cruise :)!
    With a little bit of observation and experience, you can easily identify the scams.

  2. Now thois the most wonderful article on scams that I loved. Going to give your blog a shoutout on my blog site man. Keep up the good work.
    It was pretty insightful and definitely there are some major key takeaways.

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