million dollar replicator review

Million Dollar Replicator Review – $1 M In 365 Days Or Scam?

Wow, am I leaving 2018 with a bang or what?  Considering my choice to write this Million Dollar Replicator Review, one would say that I am.  Then again, why shouldn't we jump into the new year with a product that promises you to earn $1 million in just 365 days?

Apparently, some money making products online are bold enough to come out with such a statement.

And I really hope that you'll be pleased to find out what's really going on under the surface of the Million dollar replicator!

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Million Dollar Replicator - The Basics


Owner: Michael Sachs 

Price: $37 (Upsells, Downsells)

Cash Embrace Rank:

10 out of 100

million dollar replicator review

So, what's your first impression of this product?

Honestly, I have a little bit of problem to take it seriously.  I mean, to choose "Million Dollar Replicator" as the name of your business...

In my opinion, it's kinda too much thrown at people's face.

However, what I'm here for is to give you all the facts and details, not my gut feeling, right?

On that note, let's explore this system to its bits and pieces, shall we?

Million Dollar Replicator Review - At First Glance

Generally, I find this product fascinating.  But make no mistake - it's not because I'm its biggest fan.  Above all, my reasons are completely different!

Firstly, the sales video sounds too similar to other scam products that I've exposed already.  Although, here the owner is not a hidden figure but a real person who makes an appearance.

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Secondly, there are so many testimonials from real people who look more than genuine.  On the contrary, though, other faces show up in the sales page as well.  Faces, that we all know too well!

how to make money online

To sum up, Million Dollar Replicator will be much more difficult to dissect than most of the money making products online!

What Is The Million Dollar Replicator?

Quite frankly, there is no way of knowing what this product exactly is unless you buy it.

Which, I guess, it's what the owner is betting on considering the way this system has been marketed online...

In short, the sales video is the usual from any scam's menu:

Well, just click the button and you'll gain financial freedom, blah, blah, blah...Certainly, you'll make $1 million in the next year with a done-for-you system, blah, blah, blah...Most importantly, click the button and you'll see...

million dollar replicator review

By the way, don't forget to click the button and buy your way into becoming a millionaire!

Basically, the sales page is not going to show you what exactly this product is.  So, I will!

How Does The Million Dollar Replicator Work?

Obviously, to make your first million in a month, you'll have to go through training.

According to the website, you don't need to have your own product, email list or any experience on the Internet marketing.

To sum up, all that is required for your future success is to follow the step-by-step training provided:

training of million dollar replicator

In my opinion, that info doesn't really help to clear the nature of the training, does it?

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Therefore, some more answers are on demand!

Unfortunately, you can't find any on the sales page.

Except for a few vague words about "Multiplying Profits" and how to make $1,571 in your first week, there is nothing there to help you understand how this product really works.

So, it's time for me to step in!

Million Dollar Replicator - Why It Will Never Work

Long story short, let me your time and show you the facts.

And the facts are that the best thing for you right now is to forget completely about this product!

Most importantly, I'm about to justify this statement with real proof why this system is a complete scam:

1) Misleading And False Claims

As you can see, you're supposed to believe that you'll cash in 7-figure income in less than a month.

million dollar replicator claims

Personally, it took me a few months to make my first 3-figure income online.

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Don't get me wrong, I know that many people earn their living on the web nowadays.  Even more, some of my blogger friends have reached a 5-figure income already!

And each one of them will tell you the same thing:

It takes a lot of time, efforts, and commitment to make your online business profitable.  Especially, if you're a complete beginner!

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Until the photo above is still fresh in your mind...

2) Unethical Use Of a Well-Established Brands

Now, be totally honest with yourself:

How do the names of CNN, Forbes, etc. make you feel about the product?

In my opinion, being able to see that such a successful and wide-known companies are partners with the MDR will clear any doubts you may have had.

Ultimately, that's the effect that the Million Dollar Replicator is counting on!

That being said, you should know that in this case, the use of those brands is a complete fraud.

Not to mention, illegal!

Making Money Online Is Not a Daydreaming!  You Need To Take Action And Make It Happen!

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free guide on how to make money online

3) Fake Owner

Here, remember what I said at the beginning of this Million Dollar Replicator review?

Just in case you don't, let me refresh your memory:

Generally, I shared with you that in a difference of other scams, the real owner shows up on the product's sales page.

At least, at a first glance, he does.  Meanwhile, after a few hours of research:

fake owner of million dollar replicator

Wow, what a resemblance, isn't it?  These two men look kind of identical.

And that is because they are!

4) And Fake Expert Team!

Certainly, the "owner" of this product doesn't do all the job alone, right?  He has a whole "expert team" to back him up.

Well, he sure does!

That being said, the "expert team" visible on the sales page is just as fake as him.  

fake expert team of million dollar replicator

As a matter of fact, the fake stuff pouring out of the product just refuses to give me a break...

Believe it or not, there is more to come in this Million Dollar Replicator review!

5) The Social Media Proof Does Not Exist

Now, when you visit the official website, plenty of success stories can be seen on the page.

To clarify, I'm talking about the Twitter and Facebook comments that belong to users who've bought the product.

Supposedly, these people are real customers who are happy to share their experience with the Million Dollar Replicator.

On the contrary, just like the owner and the expert team, the photos you'll see are just images that can be found on other blogs.

In other words, the people in question have nothing to do with this system!

6) The Testimonials

Above all, the Million Dollar Replicator really fails to surprise you where video testimonials are being concerned.

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For instance, I lost count on how many time I've seen this guy recording for other low-quality products online:

million dollar replicator review

Seriously, how hard could possibly be to find an actor who is not that familiar?

Likewise, I wish the scam products out there would at least put on some serious efforts when they are trying to fool us!

7) The Downsells/Upsells

Basically, no surprise here either!

I mean, just visit the sales page and try to leave, would you?  As expected, you'll be suffocated with a few downsells.  The product is ready to reduce its price to squeeze any amount of money out of you.

But if you buy it, then let the upsells begin!

That is to say, you'll be offered all kind of other products that will "maximize your earning power" online.

Once you learn your way around the web, you'll find out that this is the typical strategy of every single scam!

Million Dollar Replicator Review - The List

In my opinion, a review is not complete unless you get to see the pros and cons of the product.

Honestly, I think I'll have a very hard time to place anything in the pro's column...

The Cons

1) Unrealistic and impossible to achieve claims

2) Misleading and trust unworthy sales page

3) A fake owner, expert team, testimonials, social proof...fake everything!

4) Too many upsells with the sole purpose to scam you out of your money

5) Unethical use of well-established brands

6) Get-rich-quick scheme without any value

The Pros

1) There is a money-back guarantee 

Well, look - I found one thing to put under "Pros"!  And that took some search on my part...

Million Dollar Replicator - Additional Thoughts

Generally, I feel like I should take the time to point out other disturbing facts in this Million Dollar Replicator review.

For example, I'm not going to bother and write about who will have the best use of this product.

Obviously, the answer is nobody!

On that note, if there is one thing that you should take away from this article, let it be this one:

As a rule of thumb, never trust a product that promises you tons of money in a short time and without work involved.

Most importantly, that is never the case with the money making business online!

Is The Million Dollar Replicator a Scam?

Without a doubt, a big fat YES!

By all means, the Million Dollar Replicator is no different than other scam systems I already reviewed:

1) 30 Minute Money Methods

2) Legit Online Jobs

3) EZ Bay Payday

Certainly, what amazes me the most is the fact that this product is selling quite a lot online.

Meanwhile, I wish more people would take the time to do proper research before falling for scams!

How To Make Money Online Then?

Naturally, this question may come to mind when we're talking about the latest scam online.

To be honest, this is the best advice I can give you:

Don't settle for just one product or system that may or may not bring you any income or affiliate sales.  Instead, create your own business online.

Personally, having my own website is working more than well for me.  If you want to follow my steps, you can start by reading My Top Recommendation for making money online.

My Closing

Hopefully, this Million Dollar Replicator review managed to answer all your questions.

Above all, always remember that there is no such a thing as money on autopilot or real profits without work involved.

Likewise, even if a product is too hard to resist, at least do some research before buying it!

If you have any questions or thoughts on this topic, leave them in the comments section below.

And I'll try to get back at you as fast as I can!

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