Million Dollar Replicator Review – $1 M In 365 Days Or Scam?

million dollar replicator review scam or legit

Who wouldn't wanna read a Million Dollar Replicator Review?

Haven't we all thought about what our life would look like if one day we suddenly wake up as millionaires?

I know I have and the fact that you're currently on this page makes me believe that you have too.

But let's slow down with the daydreaming and focus on the reality.

Will the Million Dollar Replicator offer you a legitimate way to make real money online?  A lot of money, if I may add!

Or maybe it's just a product that is nothing more than a hell of a clickbait?

The whole truth and nothing but the truth will be revealed in the next couple of minutes, so stick around!

Million Dollar Replicator Review - The Basics


Owner: "Michael Sachs" 

Price: $9 + Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Come On, Seriously?

million dollar replicator review - introduction of the product

It's not that you need further clarification, the name is enough of a giveaway, but still:

Today, we'll discuss a product that promises to make you $1,000,000 in the next 365 days.

To be more accurate, if you want to become a millionaire in a year, all that you'll have to do is "replicate" the entire system and let it work for you.

This doesn't seem like a complicate process that will require a solid effort on your part, does it?

And when you add the super-competitive price of $9, buying the Million Dollar Replicator is already a done deal, correct?

However, we won't be discussing whether you can buy the product or not.

Instead, let's talk about if you should, shall we?

What Is The Million Dollar Replicator?

Basically, this is a website that claims to be capable of earning you an incredible amount of an online income.

As I've already mentioned, the sales pitch circles around 1 million bucks in the time frame of 365 days.

According to the presentation, the creator of the product is a man called Michael Sachs.

Apparently, his whole team of programmers and mathematicians used their joined knowledge and expertise and invented a software that is now the main force behind the system.

Currently, MDR is a fully-automated money-making product anyone can use to earn online.

Since it does all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, you don't need any special skills or previous experience to work with it.

how to become a millionaire in one year the secret revealed

The product was launched in November 2018 and enjoyed an incredible amount of traffic for quite some time.

So many people didn't think twice before purchasing it - it looked like every newbie marketer just had to grab a piece of it.

Nowadays, though, the number of interested buyers is decreasing rapidly.

Why is that exactly?

You'll find out soon enough in this Million Dollar Replicator review!

Million Dollar Replicator Review - How Does The Product Work?

First thing first, don't waste your time watching the sales video - it won't give you any clear idea about how the MDR works.

Sure, there is a lot of explanation and persuading going on:

For instance, the spokesperson presses on the most important issues the product's target audience clearly has.

Such as gaining a financial freedom once and for all so you would never have to settle for the ordinary 9-5 job.

Plus, how you'll be able to reach this level of security in your life as soon as you buy the product.

how does the million dollar replicator work

Most importantly, you can finally sigh with relief because you won't have to do any hard work at all - it has been already "done-for-you".

No creating your own digital product, no building an email list either!

That's all sweet and great as an idea, right?

And how exactly will that idea be turned into a reality?

After all, the system is heavily advertised as a powerful machine that will generate for you passive income for life, correct?

Well, it turns out that what the software does is hunting the most profitable affiliate offers and then replicates them into your personal account.

Long story short, it's all about using affiliate marketing to make money online.

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What I Like About The Product?

Quite frankly, this is the section where my Million Dollar Replicator review doesn't hold back, not even a little bit:

Above all, there is nothing that I like about this system other than the fact that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

With that being said, do you consider the guarantee a good enough reason to give the MDR a try anyway?

In my opinion, you shouldn't and I'll give you plenty of facts that will prove my point.

Here they come:

What I Don't Like About The Product?

OK, let's do this - I have a lot to cover that will explain my mistrust to the program.

As if it's not crystal clear where most of it is coming from already...

Still, I would like for you to be able to see all of it black on white, so there you go:

1) It's a Nonsense System With an Unrealistic Income Potential

Honestly, do you really believe a single word that's coming out from the spokesperson's mouth?

It's hard for me to accept that your common sense is that far gone!

I mean, who could possibly fall for a promise that software is capable to turn people in millionaires on autopilot?

million dollar replicator review - fake income claims and expectations

On top of that, without any work whatsoever?

Let's get real about it:

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

Likewise, nobody would bother to spend hours working hard to develop a business online - we would all just buy the Million Dollar Replicator and problem solved, correct? 

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2) It Will Never Make You Real Money Online

Actually, someone will be earning a lot, but that's not going to be you!

The one and the only person who will ever benefit from the MDR is its owner.

Can't see why is that?  Alright, let me explain how the product really works.

Like it or not, the idea behind systems like this one rarely has anything to do with giving you an actual chance to make money online.

That's why the sales pitch is done the way it's done - it's called a marketing funnel (also known as a purchase funnel).

Here is how the marketing funnel of the Million Dollar Replicator operates:

Firstly, you're presented with the basic sales video.  Every single word of it is there for one purpose - to push your pain buttons and evoke enough curiosity so you would move up the purchasing cycle.

Secondly, once you've completed the first phase of your purchasing cycle (bought the core product), you're introduced to more and much bigger options to increase your future earnings.

To clarify, those options are usually improved versions of the core product that allegedly will allow you to earn more - the upsells.

Needless to say, they exist to convince you to spend more than what you originally intended to spend.

Finally, once a big portion of your hard earned-money has gone into the creator's bank account, you'll see that there is only one way to earn from this product:

By promoting it online and selling it to other people for an affiliate commission.

Considering how much you've already invested in the system, that may look like a reasonable way to get some of your money back, right?

Of course, going forward with this plan basically means selling your integrity for a quick buck - and that's exactly how the owner does its business.

So, if there is one thing you would remember from this Million Dollar Replicator review, let it be this one:

Don't sell your soul for money - there are much better ways to earn as an affiliate marketer.

Just use your money-back guarantee and forget about the product's existence!

3) The Testimonials Are Fake

Tell me, does this really surprise you after everything you've read so far in my Million Dollar Replicator review?

Nothing about this product is even remotely genuine, including the testimonials:

the testimonials of million dollar replicator are fake

Nowadays, it's a smart decision to get a job as an actor on Fiverr, isn't it?

Those guys are keeping pretty busy!

Generally, 90% of the scam products are using their services - I doubt that they will be ever short on work commitments.

For instance, fake testimonials are being given in other low-quality systems I've already reviewed.

Feel free to check them out so you would know what else you should avoid aside from the MDR:

4) Million Dollar Replicator Uses Well-Established Brands In an Unethical Manner

If you look carefully at one of the screenshots on this page, you'll notice something that I find quite disturbing:

The product claims to be featured on global companies like CNN and Forbes.

Well, that's simply not true!

There is no way that any of those brands have even heard of the MDR, let alone advertise it on their platforms.

In reality, that's just a desperate marketing tactic the owner is using to convince you in the authority of his product.

Speaking of the owner...

5) The Identity Of The Owner Is Unknown

According to the sales video, the Million Dollar Replicator has been born from the brilliant mind of a man called Michael Sachs.

Hey, you'll even have the chance to see him during the presentation!

Actually, you'll see a face, that's for sure.

But that face doesn't belong to the creator of the product:

who is Michael Sachs

As you can see, the image that is supposed to show you the identity of the owner can be downloaded for free on Pixabay.

Honestly, I wish that the people behind the product would try a bit harder and come up with a photo that can't found so easily!

With that being said, we'll most likely never know who exactly those people are.

6) There Is No Training Or Support

Going back to that notorious sales pitch...

Long story short, the video will constantly reassure you that you'll have access to all kinds of training and tech support once you purchase the product.

Again, that's just one more lie!

Because if you are crazy enough to invest in the program, the best your members' dashboard will be able to do is to provide you with a link.

Care to guess where that link is leading you?

I'll tell you - it goes straight to another page that offers the upsells.

So, don't expect to get any sort of training - that's not going to happen!

Million Dollar Replicator Review - Who Will Have The Best Use Of The Product?

Basically, no one and I can't be more honest than that!

Looking at the sales pitch and the whole marketing funnel, I can see clearly what type of audience the product is trying to target:

Newbie marketers who have no working online experience and don't know how to protect themselves yet.

In other words, the MDR is using every sales tactic imaginable to charm people who can easily fall for the promise of instant cash made with no effort.

Hopefully, you're never going to be one of those people!

Is The Million Dollar Replicator a Scam?

When ClickBank, a network that allows low-quality systems to be sold on its marketplace, removes a product from its platform, that says enough.

Yeah, you read that right:

Originally, the MDR could be bought directly on ClickBank - that's not the situation anymore!

And how about the fact that the price of the program has gone down drastically?

It used to be $37, now it's $9 - and there are not plenty of customers who are willing to pay even that!

To sum up, the Million Dollar Replicator is definitely a scam.

thumb down

There isn't a single aspect of it that doesn't scream "fake":

The testimonials, the income expectations, the identity of the owner - it's all one big lie!

Moreover, the images of people who supposedly share their success stories thanks to the product are royalty-free photos.

Just like the "team of experts" who allegedly developed the software!

Usually, at this point in my Million Dollar Replicator review, there was supposed to be a pros and cons list.

However, I can't really do that today, can I?

I mean, there is nothing I could possibly place in the pros section, so what's the point, right?

The Right Way To Earn Online

In my opinion, you should never rely on products like Million Dollar Replicator if what you're aiming at is a sustainable online income.

More often than that, such systems disappear as quickly as they pop up on the web.

All that it takes is the people behind them to put their efforts elsewhere and create the next BS program that will sell the same expectations under a different name.

So, what choice do you have if you're dreaming to make a full-time income from the comfort of your home?

Well, I always give the same answer to that question.  Mostly because it's the only real way I'm aware of to make money online:

Start your own business ASAP.

It doesn't require tons of money to lay the foundation - less than $15 is enough to buy a domain name that will hopefully become a successful brand.

Not sure if you can do this?

Don't worry - there is help available!

None of us has done this completely on our own.

And you won't have to either - find all of the help you may need inside my Free Guide to building a successful business from scratch!

My Closing

Hopefully, this Million Dollar Replicator review will be of great use to you when you're working online.

Knowing which money-making systems to avoid at all cost can't be bad for the balance of your bank account, correct?

As long as you remember that there is no such thing as easy money with no work, you will be safe online.

Now, it's time to give the word to you:

What are your thoughts about the product?

Do you find something that might be worth the try?

Or do you share my opinion that this system will only waste your time?

Let me know in the comments section and we'll discuss the topic further!

2 thoughts on “Million Dollar Replicator Review – $1 M In 365 Days Or Scam?”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post on scams. It’s a great piece. I have bought countless products which turned out to be scams. You had a nice touch on this post. Stay clear of products that can make you 7 figures in 30 days! Pure garbage. Thanks you did a great job.

    1. Thanks, Daniel, I’m trying!
      So sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed before.
      Hopefully, you won’t let that happen again.
      And about the Million Dollar Replicator…its title sounds ridiculous enough in my opinion!

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