Easy Retired Millionaire Review: A Scam Or $600 In 5 Minutes?

easy retired millionaire review scam or legit

Just so you know, going with the Easy Retired Millionaire Review as a headline of this post wasn't by choice.

When somebody decides to name their product Easy Retired Millionaire, I can only do so much.

Clickbait or not, we'll just have to deal with it!

Speaking of clickbait - is the power to attract attention the only good thing about this product?

Or maybe the possibility to earn a lot of money faster than expected is real and Easy Retired Millionaire is not just legit, but invaluable?

Don't wonder, start reading - I'll give you the answers in the next couple of minutes!

Easy Retired Millionaire Review - The Basics

Website: www.easyretiredmillionare.com

Owner: Chris and Kathy Wise (pen names)

Price: $47

Cash Embrace Says:

You Won't Retire As Millionaires Thanks To This Product!

easy retired millionaire review introduction of the product

For starters, let me share with you a bit about the system's history so far:

The Easy Retired Millionaire (ERM) was first introduced to the public in 2010.

Since then, the product had its ups and downs through the years, gaining and losing popularity among its fans and supporters.

Originally for sale on ClickBank, you won't find it there today.

These days, ERM is at home on ClickBetter - an affiliate marketing network that is currently paying some of the highest commissions in the field.

Does this permanent move mean that ClickBank is finally cleaning its house and getting rid of low-quality money-making systems?

Keep that thought in mind while my Easy Retired Millionaire review unfolds!

What Is Easy Retired Millionaire?

Quite frankly, it's understandable why this website receives huge spikes in traffic every time the product is being updated and re-introduced to the audience:

In short, the sales video is not selling a product - it's selling the ultimate dream.

I mean, would you say NO to a program that could turn your whole life around?  Allowing you to leave your 9-5 behind and never look back?

Most importantly, doing 99% of the job on its own so you'll barely have to do a thing to "retire easily"?

But enough with the daydreaming, let's look at the facts.

And the facts are loud and clear if you bother to watch the 3-minute long sales video:

how to become a millionaire tips and ideas

By all means, there is no way of knowing what exactly you're paying for just by listening to the presentation.

All you'll be able to take away from it is that ERM is a revolutionary system that will allow you to make $600 in 5 minutes.

Clearly, you can expect your earnings to exceed $1,000-$2,000 before the day is even over.

That's enough to pick your interest, isn't it?

How Does The Product Work?

Let me tell you, the explanation you'll get about how ERM works is unbelievable to say at least.

As soon as you play that sales video, prepare yourself to be amazed!

Firstly, the spokesperson will happily tell you that a special account has been already created for you.

Secondly, he'll reassure you that the only way to own such an account is through Easy Retired Millionaire - no other product will ever provide you with the same one.

While you're still focused on the sales pitch, the system is already working in the background, making money to show you how it's done.

how does the easy retired millionaire work

Lastly, before you part ways with the presentation, you'll be able to see your earnings - you have a couple of hundred dollars waiting in your account.

Without even lifting a finger...

See, making money in a legit way doesn't have to be so hard, does it?

Well, earning on the web is a reality for many people nowadays, myself included.

However,  it doesn't really work the way the product wants you to believe.

And my Easy Retired Millionaire review is about to show why is that exactly!

How Does The Product Really Work?

Nothing like it's supposed to, that's for sure!

Through the whole sales video, the spokesperson will tell you repeatedly that making money with the product is basically a child's play.

Apparently, you won't have to start a blog on your own.

Moreover, you won't have to bother and learn anything about advertising, marketing, or how to make affiliate sales.

Because that's what he's for and he's already taking care of all that for you in the background.

May I remind you, you would never know what kind of business your account is profiting from unless you buy the ERM.

online accounts that generate income from nothing do not exist

With that being said, I'll have to be the one to tell you what "Chris" is supposed to be telling you himself:

The Easy Retired Millionaire is going to use affiliate marketing to allow you to earn online.

Now, affiliate marketing is a legit business model thousands of people are using to make an income nowadays.

However, I've been doing affiliate marketing on this site for about 2 years now.

And let me tell you - it doesn't work the way "Chris" is suggesting.

Above all, a system that will deliver $60,000/month on complete autopilot from the start and with only 12 clicks/day from you simply does not exist.

I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but that's not how the Internet works!

What I Like About Easy Retired Millionaire 

As is it's not obvious by now that I don't like this product at all...

Still, there are a couple of things that my Easy Retired Millionaire review has to acknowledge as pros.

These pros are the 60-day money-back guarantee and the ability to contact tech support.

Personally, I don't doubt for a second that if you decide to purchase the ERM for some reason, you'll use the money-back guarantee soon thereafter!

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What I Don't Like About The Product

Quite a lot, almost everything about it!

Let's face it, how could we appreciate a system if that system doesn't provide any value whatsoever?

There are just too many red flags and its not in your best interest to ignore them.

How about I say a few words about each of those red flags?

1) The Sales Page Is Ridiculous 

OK, you're lead to believe that "Chris" managed to invent a product that makes a lot of money in no time and without any work involved.

He's talking about $600 in 5 minutes that anyone can earn just by clicking online 12 times.  

easy retired millionaire review false statements from the sales page

Again, there is not even a remote possibility for any of that to be true.

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.​​​​​​​

Unfortunately, it's not!

While affiliate marketing certainly works, it takes much more effort than 12 clicks to profit from it.

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2) The Income Proof Is Not To Be Trusted

During the presentation, you'll be able to see what incredible results the ERM is capable of delivering.

The amount of money is thousands of dollars made per day and you can see that cash into a ClickBank account.

I'm not comfortable uploading the screenshot considering the product is not even selling on ClickBank anymore.

Apparently, nobody cares to update that sales video...

Anyhow, let's imagine that the image shown has not been fabricated.

You see, the creator of Easy Retired Millionaire is a vendor, not an affiliate.

Therefore, he's showing you a vendor account, with money being made from a lot of products and not from ERM alone!

3) The Identity Of The Creator Is Unknown

Earlier in this Easy Retired Millionaire review, I mentioned that Chris and Kathy wise are pen names the creators are using.

Even the product's official site is stating that.

However, there is a bit of contradiction here:

If Chris and Kathy are pen names, why there is an actual photo of the happy couple in the sales video?

who are Chris and Kathy Wise

So, they're not feeling comfortable to reveal their names, but are comfortable to show their faces!

It looks like someone hasn't really thought this trough...

Actually, the image you see above is a stock photo anyone can purchase online.

Yeah, that's what a call a trust-worthy product!

4) Scarcity Tactics Are Used To Influence Your Purchasing Decision

Bear with me, I'll have to talk about the sales page once again!

To sum up, there is a moment during the sales video when you'll be advised to act quickly and buy the product right now.

Allegedly, only 15 people per day are allowed to take advantage of the system.

And if you don't want to wait until tomorrow, you better secure your copy as fast as possible.

That's a pure lie - a marketing tactic every second salesman is using nowadays to create a sense of urgency.

In short, Easy Retired Millionaire is available for purchase at any given time!

5) The Testimonials Are Fake

But that doesn't surprise you, does it?

After everything I've revealed so far, did you expect anything else?

There are no satisfied students, there are no happy customers sharing their wonderful experience with the product.

easy retired millionaire review the testimonials are fake

Instead, there are actors from Fiverr who are being paid to say anything the creator wants them to say.

Personally, I believe that ERM is mainly targeting newbies who have never worked online and who don't know much about Fiverr.

Easy Retired Millionaire Review - Who Will Have The Best Use Of This Product?

Basically, nobody.

Trusting such systems will only waste your time.

Thankfully, there is a money-back guarantee, so you won't be wasting your cash as well.

A piece of advice:

Every time you stumble upon a product that has "private, profits, minutes, or clicks" in its title, run as far as possible.

Those types of products are of very low quality and they never work.

I've reviewed some of them already and I had nothing nice to say:

The thing is, all of them are using the affiliate marketing business model one way or another.

But none of them bothers to teach you how to make money as an affiliate.

And everyone who is just starting to work online is literally left on their own devices!

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a Scam?

Not completely, but that's just because if the money-back guarantee.

Everything else about the product is completely useless.

People, they will even sell your personal data (email address) to third parties for profit and they have no problem telling you that.

Half of the time, the Easy Retired Millionaire login is not even working!

thumb down

At this point, I hope that you read enough and you'll stay away from the product for good.

Now, if you want to make money online but you don't know how, I'll suggest that you read my Free Guide.

This guide will walk you through the steps of starting your own online business from scratch.

I did my best to outline the process in a way that's simple and easy to understand.

My Closing

Well, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed my Easy Retired Millionaire review.

In case I didn't say it up until now, I'm not an affiliate of this product, nor I will ever be.

No matter how you want to look at it, using the system will not get you anywhere money-wise.

But that's just my opinion - one that I formed after evaluating all of the facts.

Maybe you have a different one?

Share it with me in the comments section so we would be able to argue about it!

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