Simple WiFi Profits Review: Scam Or Legit System To Earn $10K/M?

simple wifi profits review scam or legit

This Simple WiFi Profits Review will cover an online training platform that constantly goes through many changes.

It seems like the creators of Simple WiFi Profits are on a mission to keep their course up to date. And that’s not a bad thing:

On the contrary, the Online Marketing industry is evolving all the time. Subsequently, platforms that teach legitimate ways to earn online have to do the same.

The Simple WiFi Profits program teaches beginners how to make a 6-figure income with affiliate marketing. Supposedly, an internet connection and a bit of time are all you need to make it work.

Today, I’ll reveal everything you need to know about Simple WiFi Profits:

  • What is Simple WiFi Profits, and how does it work?
  • Can you make money with Simple WiFi Profits?
  • How much do Simple WiFi Profits cost?
  • Is Simple WiFi Profits legit or a scam?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of Simple WiFi Profits. Every fact you’ll read in this post comes from research on information in the public domain.

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Simple WiFi Profits Review Summary: The Basics

simple wifi profits review introduction to the online course

For starters, I want to ensure there won’t be any misunderstandings about the system we will discuss in the next few minutes. Here is what I have in mind:

These days, many readers confuse Simple WiFi Profits with WiFi Money (also known as WiFi Money Course, Wifi Money Network, and WiFi Profits a.i).

While the programs have similar names, the courses have different content and teach different money-making strategies. Quite frankly, the only thing Simple WiFi Profits and WiFi Money have in common is the world WiFi.

I’m here to talk about Simple WiFi Profits – don’t expect to find WiFi Profits A.I. review or WiFi Money Review. If you want to learn about the WiFi Money Net Worth, WiFi Money affiliate program, or the WiFi University affiliate program review, you should look for them elsewhere.

Now that I have that out, let’s get to the point:

Is Simple WiFi Profits one of the best affiliate marketing courses? Will the training help you earn a full-time income as an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products? Keep reading this Simple WiFi Profits review to find out:

Is The Simple WiFi Profits System Legit?

Take it from someone who has had a fair share of awful experiences with online scams:

No matter what, never invest in training courses or earning platforms before checking their reviews and testimonials first. Nowadays, many online scams exist that will do anything to get your money without providing any value whatsoever.

Nevertheless, if an online program gets predominantly negative reviews, avoid it at all costs. So, is Simple WiFi Profits legit?

By all means, Simple WiFi Profits is a legitimate training course anyone can join to learn efficient ways to make money online. At the time of writing, the Simple WiFi Profits course comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

In other words, you can always use the refund policy to receive your investment back if Simple WiFi Profits don’t deliver on its promises.

Feel free to search for the product on the marketplace of ClickBank.

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What Is Simple WiFi Profits?

what is the simple wifi profits training program

Simple WiFi Profits is a Private Affiliate Marketing Mentorship Group you can join to build a successful online business (even if you have no prior experience).

The program was created in 2019 by Chris Eom and Andrew Wright (one is an immigrant from South Korea, and the other is a college dropout). None of the matter, though:

Once they launched the course, these two online marketers earned nearly $1 million within the first month. Yes, both Chris & Andrew and self-made millionaires.

Not long after the launch, the creators registered their Private Mentorship Group as a consulting business. Most people already familiar with Simple WiFi Profits were introduced to it by Mike Balmaceda through his video sales letter.

Overall, Simple WiFi Profits is a step-by-step training that will teach you how to make money online via the affiliate marketing business model. It’s an online course available worldwide (not only in the United States) to benefit from, even if you have little experience in the field and no technical skills.

According to the sales page, Simple WiFi Profits can help you earn over $10,000 daily from affiliate commissions without creating and selling your own product. All Simple WiFi Profits members make money by promoting ClickBank products.

Earning thousands of dollars from affiliate sales is the ultimate dream of any affiliate marketer. But can you achieve it through Simple WiFi Profits if you’re a complete newbie?

Without further ado, my honest Simple WiFi Profits review will provide an answer to that question:

How Does Simple WiFi Profits Work?

Here is an interesting fact about the platform that not many Simple WiFi Profits Reviews bother to mention:

Andrew and Chris went from $0 to $6.7 million after implementing the methods and strategies of their system. These numbers will give you an idea about what is achievable through Simple WiFi Profits.

The reason SWFP exists is to help you replicate the success of the creators and reach financial independence once and for all. What amount of grueling work is necessary to do that?

According to the creators, you can start making $10,000 daily in your spare time without putting in tons of hard work. And the best part of your working process is that all you need to do is to follow the instructions of Chris & Andrew.

While you can launch a business in any industry and turn it into a passive income source, the creators suggest choosing the weight reduction field. Weight reduction is one of the most profitable niches, and the earning possibilities it provides are limitless.

Long story short, you’ll launch an online business in the weight loss niche and earn commissions by promoting weight loss products through Facebook Ads.

Of course, if you prefer other evergreen niches, you can choose an industry from the thousands of suggestions you’ll find inside the members’ area, such as making money online, dating, and relationships.

Who Are The Simple WiFi Profits Course Co-Founders Chris Eom And Andrew Wright?

I keep mentioning Chris Eom & Andrew Wright, but telling you just a couple of words about them is not enough.

As you already know, creating Simple WiFi Profits helped them become millionaires fast. Unlike most online scams that hide the identity of their owners, the Simple WiFi Profits founders are real people with their history and experiences.

How about we pause this Simple WiFi Profits review and learn more about them?

Andrew Wright

the co-founder of simple wifi profits Andrew Wright

The first Simple WiFi Profits co-founder I want to talk about is Andrew Wright. Chances are, his background has a lot to do with the person he grows up to be:

Most of the people in Andrew’s family work as accountants, doctors, and lawyers. Try to imagine their reaction when Andrew decides to drop out of college to find a way to create his empire instead of doing a corporate job for someone else!

His first attempts failed big time, but this didn’t discourage him. Andrew kept working hard online until he reached a level where he was making over $1,000 in a single day from affiliate sales.

Quite frankly, paying off his parent’s mortgage with his first substantial earning speaks a lot about Andrew’s character, in my opinion.

Chris Eom

who is Chris Eom

Chris Eom is a South Corea native and the other creator of Simple WiFi Profits. At the tender age of ten, his whole family moved to the USA.

Relocating to the States turned out to be a life-changing experience for Chris in more than one way – it allowed him to meet and become friends with Andrew.

Unlike Andrew, Chris has no choice but to start a corporate job. As a matter of fact, he had no experience with making money online, and Andrew was the one to give his first financial advice and guidance to Chris.

So, Andrew invited Chris to participate in the creation of Simple WiFi Profits, and the rest is history. Nowadays, Chris & Andrew are two of the most prominent online marketers with a combined fortune of nearly $7 million from the Simple WiFi Profits system alone.

Simple WiFi Profits Target Audience: Who Is Simple WiFi Profits For?

Generally speaking, Simple WiFi Profits will satisfy the needs of a certain category of people. These people are:

  • Workers who need to escape the 9-5 routine
  • Individuals who want to build a successful business online
  • Future entrepreneurs who see themselves as owners of Internet empires

If you’re one of these people, you should seriously consider taking a closer look at Simple WiFi Profits and benefiting from everything the platform has to offer.

Once you do that, you’ll realize that even Simple WiFi Profits won’t turn you into millionaires overnight. However, the system will give you all the necessary tools and skills to succeed online and start making a lot of money.

Instant Millionaire Programs To Avoid:

Simple WiFi Profits Review: The Four Steps To $10K Monthly

As soon as you become a Simple WiFi Profits member, you’ll be ready to begin your journey to earning $10,000 a month.

And that journey will take you through four steps:

1) Look For A Problem Millions Of People Have

how does simple wifi profits work

Any online business can become more than successful if it discovers the pain buttons of its target audience and presses them. Can anyone think of a more common issue than the overweight problem?

According to statistics, nearly 2 billion people worldwide have to deal with obesity. That’s a gigantic pool of potential clients – we can all agree on that.

It’s no accident that Chris and Andrew’s blueprint to success will put you on the path to earning massive online income by promoting weight loss niche products.

2) Find A Solution (Product) To The Problem

Since your new business will be in the health and wellness industry, the problem it will be solving is losing weight efficiently. Discovering a solution to this problem is the next step toward building your empire.

To clarify, you don’t have to create weight-reducing products yourself. Instead, you’ll begin promoting high-quality dieting and weight loss products to earn affiliate commissions.

Don’t expect to sweat over this section of the training – the creators have done most of the work that goes into completing it.

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3) Promote The Products

During the third section of the training, you’ll learn how to promote weight loss products on Facebook. Facebook has over 2.5 billion monthly users – a large enough playground for your promotional efforts.

Again, you won’t have to deal with creating Facebook advertisements yourself. Andrew and Chris will show you the exact products they promote, what category of people they target, and what type of ads convert best.

All you need to do is follow their example.

4) Earn Revenue When People Purchase The Product You Promote

Unsurprisingly, the last part of the training covers earning revenue once your clients start buying the products you promote. One of the key takeaways here is to remove Facebook Ad Campaigns that don’t convert well and adjust your Ads Marketing strategy.

The creators will present you with done-for-you campaigns, help you scale your business, and share their exclusive marketing tricks with you. Also, Simple WiFi Profits provides its members with a tech support team, group coaching phone calls, and a mentorship group.

Marketing Tools That Will Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your Offers:

Simple WiFi Profits Training Program & Tools

At the time of writing this Simple WiFi Profits review, each member of the platform will receive training courses that contain seven chapters. Expect step-by-step directions about everything you need to do to complete each chapter.

Chris and Andrew provide job-based guidance and many industry resources to get the best out of Simple WiFi Profits, such as:

  • Done-for-you products
  • Done-for-you ads
  • What keywords to target
  • Support and V.I.P. concierge help
  • Monthly guidance call (twice a month)
  • Private membership team

Additionally, you’ll get familiar with ClickFunnels and experiment with everything they have to offer. Let’s move on to the training chapters now:

Simple WiFi Profits Step-By-Step Training

Overall, there is a lot of lurking curve to get through as a Simple WiFi member. Once you gain access to the members’ area, you should do the work and take action to complete each step.

Quite frankly, the Simple WiFi Profits training throws a lot at you, and if you want to succeed, you must take each chapter seriously.

Simple WiFi Profits Introduction

Each new member of Simple WiFi Profits begins the course by watching the introductory videos. Even though these videos are short, they’ll help you get into the right mindset and show you what is about to come.

During the welcome videos, the founders describe all the templates, Facebook Ad tricks, winning campaigns, and bonuses you’ll receive from the program. Also, they touch on the most profitable niches right now (they go into much more detail about that later). See the first three lessons in the Welcome Chapter:

  • Introduction to Simple WiFi Profits
  • About the WiFi bosses
  • The Private Facebook Group

Chapter 1: Affiliate Marketing

As you can expect, the first chapter of the Simple WiFi Profits training explains what affiliate marketing is and how it works compared to other online business models. Members will hear about the pros and cons of doing affiliate marketing in today’s internet world.

Moreover, Chapter One will introduce you to a few affiliate programs accepting first-time affiliate marketers. Feel free to think of it as an Affiliate Marketing 101. Now, let’s look at the lessons:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How ClickBank works
  • Know your ClickBank numbers
  • How to get paid
  • Top 3 evergreen niches
  • Identifying the best offers
  • Digital vs. supplements
  • Exclusive commission boost for Simple WiFi Profits family

Chapter 2: Funnels

After you learn what affiliate marketing entails, you’ll move on to creating sale funnels to get leads. An effective sales funnel is a valuable tool all professional affiliate marketers use to double and even triple their sales within a day.

In other words, the second chapter will introduce you to the 3 Step Funnel – you’ll post a Facebook Ad that will redirect your visitors to a landing page where they can buy the product you promote. Other subjects the creators discuss during the second chapter are what makes a great video sales letter and how to ensure that your Facebook Advertisements are effective.

Ultimately, students will learn psychology and product sales persuasion techniques.


  • Introduction to Chapter 2
  • Simple 3 Step Funnel
  • What makes a good VSL
  • What makes a good Facebook Ad
  • What makes a good lander
  • Are you ready for action?

Chapter 3: Landing Pages

Naturally, the third chapter covers the creation of your landing page (you can complete the process through ClickFunnels or HostGator). You’ll use previously provided swipe files you can insert into the done-for-you landing pages and add your affiliate links.

For those who don’t know, a swipe file is a digital (or physical) folder that contains marketing ideas. In this case, you’ll use Andrew and Chris’s ideas. There is no need to do any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or submit your landing page to the search engines.


  • Introduction to a landing page
  • Choosing the right hosting service for you
  • Landing page set-up
  • How to add a Hoplink
  • Facebook compliant Hoplinks
  • Bonus: ODAAT mentality

Chapter 4: Facebook Ads

The fourth chapter of the Simple WiFi Profits training will introduce you to the world of paid advertising. More specifically, you’ll see how to use Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your offers.

Chris and Andrew do an excellent job explaining the process of creating ad accounts and the way the Facebook advertisements business model works.


  • Facebook business overview
  • The Facebook business manager set up
  • Facebook page set up
  • Pixel set up
  • Advertisement guidelines
  • Market research and detailed targeting
  • Million-dollar ad swipe files
  • Change your habits – change your life
  • Let us pay for your first ad

Chapter 5: Targeting & Split-Testing

It’s time for my Simple WiFi Profits review to tell you what’s inside chapter five, which is video training about launching your first ad and customizing your columns.

Expect to receive specific Facebook Ad techniques, including reading the breakdown report and using split testing. The creators provide templates, texts, and images from their hugely successful campaigns, and they’ll pay for your first ad campaign.


  • Launching your first ad
  • Customizing columns
  • Bullseye targets – scale or kill?
  • Breakdown report
  • Split testing
  • Ad account immunity
  • Become an ad account digger

Chapter 6: Scaling

By all means, creating your first Facebook Ad is not enough to succeed as a business owner. Experienced online marketers constantly scale their businesses to increase sales and make more money.

During the sixth chapter, you’ll learn when to remove an ad campaign that doesn’t work and come up with a new one. Plus, you’ll see why reinvesting your early earnings into more expensive marketing campaigns is the better way to scale your business.


  • Scaling myths and facts
  • Double-down principle method
  • The Clone Method
  • The Lookalike Method
  • Zero Targeting Method
  • $400 Ad trick
  • Retargeting ads for extra profits

Chapter 7: Affiliate Hacks

The final chapter of the Simple WiFi Profits video training contains exclusive affiliate marketing hacks and many additional tips to boost your sales.

Also, that chapter will give you plenty of bonus materials, such as templates for ads and landing pages, a list of fast-selling products, untapped niches with high-income potential, etc.


  • The 1:1 Alpha Ad
  • Luna Pic’s color variation
  • Hiring a VA
  • Travel the world for free
  • How to create your own image
  • Blocking out the negativity

Simple WiFi Profits Price And Cost Structure

simple wifi profits cost

At the time of writing this Simple WiFi Profits review, joining the platform will cost you a one-time fee of $1,497. However, over $1K payment is lots of money at once, so Chris and Andrew offer a monthly payment option:

You can gain instant access to the online course for three easy monthly payments of $577. Let me remind you again that the Simple WiFi Profits online program has a refund policy and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Now, let’s recount everything you’ll receive if you decide to become a member of Simple WiFi Profits, shall we? Have a look for yourself:

  • Step-By-Step Core Training: Since you already know all about that training, there is no need to repeat myself.
  • Intelligent Ad Targeting: Artificial Intelligence will boost the performance of your ads by giving you data that covers views, clicks, conversion rate, etc.
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support: Students can ask for help via email and receive a reply in less than 24 hours.
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls: These are monthly group training sessions where you can ask the creators different questions and expand your knowledge further.
  • Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Calls: Chris and Andrew offer professional one-on-one coaching sessions every Wednesday.
  • Private Facebook Group: Joining Simple WiFi Profits will give you access to the Private Facebook Group of the course.

Simple WiFi Profits Upsells

Currently, Simple WiFi Profits two upgrades – DFY Best Products and DFY Ad Swipe File.

As you can guess, each of these upgrades will cost you extra.

Simple WiFi Profits Bonuses

One may argue that the owners ask for a lot of money from their future students. While such a statement is not without merit, I have to point out that the course offers quite a lot.

For example, every member will receive five bonuses from the program:

  • $1,220,680 DFY Ad Campaign: This bonus will allow you to copy the whole ad campaign that has generated over $1 million for the creators.
  • DFY VA Training: That training will show your virtual assistants how to handle different aspects of your business.
  • VIP-Commissions Club: These days, all members of the VIP-Commissions Club make higher profits (15%).
  • High-Ticket Commissions: During this training, you’ll learn how to boost your affiliate commissions to a brand-new level.
  • Get Your First Ads Paid: Believe it or not, Chris and Andrew will purchase your first ads, so you won’t have to pay for them yourself.

Simple WiFi Profits Review: Pros And Cons


  • High-quality training course
  • Successful owners
  • Evergreen teaching information
  • No additional tools
  • Bonuses
  • Money-back guarantee


  • It covers mostly the weight loss niche
  • Expensive upgrades
  • Not affordable
  • Extra expenses on ads
  • There is no training on free traffic sources

Simple WiFi Profits Negative Reviews

So far, there aren’t many negative reviews of Simple WiFi Profits. Getting more positive reviews from the majority of people is a great thing for any online course.

With that said, we all know that such thing as the perfect training does not exist, and some Simple WiFi Profits users are vocal about their complaints.

For instance, certain members feel that customer support can use an improvement, while others require more clarification about using the refund policy.

Overall, the course’s price seems to be getting the most complaints. Then again, Chris and Andrew are being transparent about the training’s cost from the start.

Is Simple WiFi Profits A Scam?

No, Simple WiFi Profits is not a scam. On the contrary, it’s a practical course that teaches affiliate marketing to beginners in a way nobody else in the industry does.

Unfortunately, not anyone would be able to afford it, but those who can will benefit greatly from the knowledge, strategies, and secret sauce they’re going to receive.

thumb up

The creators are more than successful online – their results and the ones of their students speak for themselves.

Also, the course offers a money-back guarantee, so you can get your investment back.

Simple WiFi Profits Alternatives

Here is how you can start earning online without a huge investment:

Build an online business on your own and make money using the affiliate marketing business model.

Maybe you don’t know how to do that?

Then take a moment to read my Guide To Starting A Succesful Online Business.

That guide will teach you a simple 4-step model you can set in motion today to build your affiliate marketing business.

Now, what about the Simple WiFi Profits alternatives? The good news is that other online courses also teach the affiliate marketing business model:

Simple WiFi Profits Review: My Closing

By all means, Simple WiFi Profits is a valuable affiliate marketing training course. However, the training is quite expensive so think a lot before you decide to buy it.

It’s a good thing you already know how the Simple WiFi Profits system works – that knowledge will help you make an informed decision about purchasing the course.

What questions do you have about Simple WiFi Profits? Do you see it as invaluable and worth the cost?

Let me know, and we’ll talk further about it!

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