affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid (Regardless Your Niche)

Talking about a change of direction...Here I am, almost done with my Christmas - centered post when a fellow blogger asked me: "What about affiliate marketing?  Is there a new article coming out soon?"  It got me thinking...I haven't written one of those in ages!  So like it or not, affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid are what you're getting out of me today!

For my sake, I hope that you're OK with today's topic.  Hello, by the way!

Being an affiliate marketer has turned my life upside down in ways I can't even begin to describe!  Certainly, to become one is in the Top 5 of the best decisions of my life.

If you're in the same boat, stick around. I won't waste your time!

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The subject of affiliate marketing is not a stranger on this website's pages.   My devoted readers (thanks a lot!) are more than familiar with it already.

In case I welcome you on Cash Embrace for the very first time today:

Affiliate marketing is a process where you recommend a company's products or services to an audience.  Acting as the middleman, you earn a commission when somebody makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

Quite frankly, this kind of business is awesome on so many levels:

- you don't have to create your own product, deal with inventory or delivery for that matter

affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

- some affiliate programs will pay 4 - figure commission for a single sale

- it's a great way to build a passive income

But you're not here right now to read about the fundamentals of the affiliate marketing!

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How To Approach Affiliate Marketing The Right Way?

Not to spook you or anything, but you should know from the start:

There are certain affiliate practices you need to turn your back on.  Forever and ever!

It goes without saying that I'll elaborate further on that, lol:

Let's say you're just starting your online business.  The website you're fast developing is ready to earn you some money.

Time to accommodate a good number of affiliate links on your pages, right?

Hell, yeah!  You're in the online game to pile up a profit, aren't you?  

But make no mistake about it:

A few moves in the wrong direction, especially in your early blogging days, and it's game over.

avoid bad affiliate marketing practices

OK, maybe not completely over.  Although, why would you risk to build your business on a doomed foundation?

Does this make any sense to you?  Not to me, it doesn't!

Especially, when it can be entirely avoided!

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid - The Big Bad 5:

Oh, boy...This is going to be a long, long paragraph.  That much I can tell you though:

I'll do my best to make it worthy of your time!

1) Working As An Affiliate Marketer In The Wrong Niche

It may seem to you that I'm taking an unnecessary detour around today's topic.  Actually, I'm dead on point!

To make sure that you don't start your affiliate journey on the wrong foot, we'll have to go back to the beginning.

Do you remember what exactly prompted you to chose the niche you're currently working in?  Is what you're writing about exciting to you?

If it is - awesome!  You're already ahead of most of the marketers out there.

But what if you created a website based on what you thought it's profitable to blog about?

Then, let me tell you:

Every piece of your content will reflect your disinterest and lack of passion.

affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

And you can't expect anybody to buy a product through you when the way you recommend it is less than heartfelt!

“If you want to be interesting, be interested.” -David Ogilvy

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2) Jumping Before You're Ready

Now, don't get me wrong:

I'm all for monetizing your blog sooner rather than later.

Before you do that though, make sure that you know what you're getting yourself into!

The affiliate marketing is not a math or chemistry.

It's a constantly changing art and you better have your thumb on the pulse of it!

What has worked years and even months ago may pretty much be outdated right now.

My point is:

You'll need the best blogging tools to advance your website.  Blogging resources - tons of it, every day!  And most of all, the right education.

Luckily, I got all of those covered.  There is an online platform that walked me through this whole process.  And in a few short months, I'm already blogging for a living!

3) Going For The Wrong Products

In my opinion, that's one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.

The products you chose to recommend have to be relevant for your business.

For instance:

If your website is focused on gardening, don't shove the latest diet products down your audience's throat.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you won't believe how many newbie affiliate marketers are doing it!

And you definitely shouldn't fall in the same trap!  It will hurt your business tremendously.

Making Money Online Is Not a Daydreaming!  You Need To Take Action And Make It Happen!

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4) Ignoring SEO

In short, to transform your business into an online empire you'll need Google on your side.

Any idea how many potential customers you can reach if your article is on the first page of the biggest search engine?

Not to brag, but I gotta few posts exactly there.  Let me tell you - it makes my (business) life worth living, lol!

To do that, roll up your sleeves and get to work:

On page and off page SEO, proper keyword research, post length, internal linking, building quality backlinks...There is so much you'll have to do!

Why don't you learn from one of the best?  Visit Brian Dean's website, he knows his stuff!

5) Relying On Only One Source Of Traffic

Although I believe Google must always be your number 1 choice, I'm far from the idea that it should be the only one!

Come on!  With all the Social Media and all?

But, hey!  Don't go blogging-crazy and try to optimize your site for every single traffic source that exists!

This strategy will backfire faster than you can imagine!

Explore and find what's working for YOUR business.  Then focus on it!

Personally, my thing is Pinterest.  I can't recommend it highly enough!

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More Affiliate Marketing Practices To Forget About

So far, I gave you the 5 biggest affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.

However, my work here is nowhere near over!

How about I show you what else you shouldn't do as an affiliate marketer?

Yeah, the learning curve never stops...

You better get used to it if you want to see those giant affiliate sales!

1) Being Careless With The Products You Recommend

I've already mentioned that the products you promote should be relevant to your business.

But there is something else, as equally important:

Don't recommend products or services that you're not trusting or using yourself.

Because if do just for the sake of making a sale, you'll risk losing your audience faith in you.

And your integrity for that matter!

2) Not Providing Enough Value

It goes without saying:

As an affiliate marketer, your primary goal should be to increase your affiliate sales as much as you can.

But in order to do that, a lot of people let themselves be carried.  They forget that the most important line of their work is to provide value to their readers.

So the next time you're writing a review, for example, mention the bad traits of the product as well.

Be as honest as you can get.  Help those people by giving them all the information there is.

affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

When you respect your visitors to the fullest, they will reward you!

“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” 
― Simon Sinek

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3) Delaying To Build Your Email List

Say what you will, but it's a fact:

The email marketing is still your winning ticket to affiliate success.

When you bet on emails as a way to connect to your audience, you're not just creating prospective customers.

You're creating relationships.  And you can't put any price on that!

Email marketing service providers like Convertkit (my favorite!) make the job of dealing with email campaigns a piece of cake.

Besides - when you build a huge email list, you own it.  No change of algorithm or disappearance of social media can't take it away from you! 

4) Just A Few Sources Of Income

Honestly, promoting every product relevant to your niche it's not a good idea.

Then again, limiting yourself to a couple of trusted products ain't that smart either.

So, where is the golden middle?

I wish I could answer that for you.  But you'll have to use your own judgement and go with your gut in here!

Just remember - not all the eggs in one basket!

You'll need to expand your pool of products to promote in order to grow your affiliate income.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes - My Final Advice

The last practice on my list is something I wish you'll keep in your mind before hitting the "Publish" button every single time:

Don't be afraid to use your true voice.  Let that personality of yours shine through every word you've ever written.

No character trait should be forbidden!

If you are snarky - that's fine.  Maybe sarcastic - even better!

Because your visitors need to feel that the content they read is coming from a person of flesh and blood.

And your style is one of the biggest reasons why they'll keep coming back for more!

My Closing

Truth to be told, you're going to make mistakes as an affiliate marketer.

Everybody does.  It's jut the way it is.

The best we can do is to help each other in every way we can!

Any thought on affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid?

Leave them in the comments section below!

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