Passive Profit Pages Review: Scam Or Sure Enough $25,000/Month?

passive profit pages review scam or legit

Maybe this is the first Passive Profit Pages Review you stumble upon online, maybe it isn’t.

But it doesn’t really matter:

Even if you’re familiar with the program, you must be looking for further information about it to be on this page right now.

And reading more of your passive profits reviews is always a clever way to approach platforms that claim to help you earn online legitimately.

Is Passive Profit Pages capable of earning you nearly $1,000 a day?

Today, I’ll answer that question and many relevant ones as well. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the system:

  • What is Passive Profit Pages?
  • How much does Passive Profit Pages cost?
  • Can you make money with Passive Profit Pages?
  • Passive Profit Pages is it legit?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of the product. Every fact you’ll read in this article comes from research on information available in the public domain.

Passive Profit Pages Review – The Basics

passive profit pages review introduction of the product

First and foremost, I want to take a minute to clarify a couple of things:

Due to its name, the program often mixes up with other systems with similar titles.

For example, many people confuse it with platforms like 5 Minute Profit Pages, Passive Lifestyle Profits, and Stay At Home Profits.

Let me say it loud and clear:

These are all different money-earning programs. Therefore, you shouldn’t think of them as one.

To avoid any possible misunderstanding, have a look at the search queries I won’t be discussing today:

  • Passive Lifestyle Profits Legit
  • Is Passive Lifestyle Profits Legit?
  • Perpetual Income 365 Fake Or Real?
  • Plus, is Stay At Home Profits Legit?

If you want to learn more about Perpetual Income 365, you can spare a moment to read my review about it.

Now that we have this out of the way, let’s get back to the Passive Profit Pages review, shall we?

Is Passive Profit Pages Legit?

First and foremost, I’ll tell you all about the legitimacy of the product a bit later in this review.

There is a lot happening on that front – the information would be worth the wait.

Still, there is no point for you to keep reading if the system is illegal, isn’t that right?

Well, Passive Profit Pages is not illegal.

So yes – you can see it as a legitimate platform to earn online.

Again, the situation is a bit more complicated than that.

You’ll understand what I mean further down the line.

What Is Passive Profit Pages?

what is passive profit pages and how does it work

The official website of the platform is

That’s where you’ll find access to the Passive Profit Pages Login.

I’m not leaving a link to the site for reasons that will become obvious as this Passive Profit Pages review unfolds.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t waste taste watching the official sales video – it barely says a thing about the nature of the product.

I’ll have to tell you all about it instead:

Passive Profit Pages is an online platform that helps beginners learn how to make money fast.

It will provide you with a core product (website-building software) and business training.

According to the sales pitch, using both will allow you to start earning around $25,000 in a month after joining the platform.

Allegedly, Passive Profit Pages is a great fit for newbie marketers with no previous experience.

Considering no special skills are necessary to make it work, the program seems like a good earning solution for the mass audience.

Bill McRea is the owner of the system.

How about we take a look at him for a minute?

Who Created Passive Profit Pages?

As you already know, Bill McRea owns Passive Profit Pages. He happens to be its creator as well.

During the sales presentation, Bill spends a lot of time sharing his life journey and the process behind building the product.

Chances are, his life story will sound familiar. You may hear similar ones if you get to know CB Cash Code, Click Wealth System, or Silk Road Effect.

But I’ll tell you a bit about it anyway! It goes like this:

Living a satisfying life, Bill’s whole world changes when Starbucks opens nearby and destroys the income coming from his coffee shop.

With no possibility of supporting his family, he decides to look for alternative ways to earn a living.

Unsurprisingly, William starts exploring different opportunities to make money online.

Around this time, he meets Tony, an old friend who is more than willing to share his secrets of generation online income fast.

Using his friend’s knowledge, Bill creates a system of his own – Passive Profit Pages.

Putting that program to work is how he earns his first $300 on the first day and $1,000 on the following day.

At this point, you probably begin doubting the authenticity of this story. And so do I!

An Important Info:

Bill owns another online earning system, the Commission Code, that delivers questionable results, to say the least.

How Does Passive Profit Pages Work?

Up until now, you know that Passive Profit Pages contains software and training.

The system relies on affiliate marketing as the main method members can use to make money online.

Working with the product will not put you in a position where you’ll have to launch a website.

No, Passive Profit Pages will create a couple of one-page websites (landing pages) for you.

Each will contain pre-made affiliate promotions for products mostly selling on ClickBank.

Once you begin promoting your pages, people will click on the offers, purchase a product, and that’s how you’ll earn an affiliate commission.

With that said, you can complete the whole process of putting the program to work in four simple steps:

1) Sign Up For Passive Profit Pages

To gain access to the system, you’ll have to purchase one of its available options.

I’ll tell you all about the Passive Profit Pages pricing in a little bit.

Before I do that, let me show you how to start working with the product:

As soon as you join Passive Profit Pages, you’ll gain access to the members’ area.

Here is what you should do next:

2) Add Your ClickBank ID

inside passive profit pages

Now, you’ll need to enter your ClickBank ID in the box you see on the image above.

Doing that will automatically insert your unique affiliate links into the one-page websites you’ll receive from the platform.

These days, ClickBank accommodates tons of affiliate products in a variety of niches, which is a good thing for you as a marketer.

If I may add, the payout from most of them is pretty lucrative.

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3) Pick A Passive Profit Pages Website Template

Naturally, you’ll have to have your newly created site the kind of look you prefer.

You can do that by choosing a website template.

Currently, the platform will provide you with five templates.

It’s worth mentioning that each of them comes with pre-made content.

4) Choose Your Subdomain

Considering you’ll be working with a done-for-you website, it’s no surprise that this site will live on a subdomain.

Once you pick your subdomain, your business will be good to go.

Expect to receive around 20 pre-made articles containing 700 words each.

None of the articles are of high quality, so you should adjust your expectations.

5) Drive Traffic To Your Site

So far, you have your pre-made website and affiliate links within each of the articles you’ll get from Passive Profit Pages.

At this point, you must be wondering when the commissions of $1,000 a day Bill promises will start to roll in.

Well, they won’t – at least, you’ll not see any money coming in until a good amount of people begin visiting your site.

Meaning, to make lots of money from affiliate sales, you’ll need to drive thousands of page views to your offers.

But that’s what the training will teach you, correct?

Just give me a moment, and I’ll address the quality of the training in a minute.

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Inside Passive Profit Pages

Earlier in this Passive Profit Pages review, I mentioned that the platform provides a website builder and training.

There isn’t much about the builder that deserves a further explanation:

It’s a basic page builder that will create one-page websites.

How about we concentrate on the training?

When an earning platform claims to help you make $25,000 a month, one would think that the training will be in-depth and comprehensive.

Unfortunately, it isn’t:

All you’ll get are five videos, some of them with less than 30 seconds of content:

  1. Get ClickBank – This first video will show you how to create a ClickBank account and get your ClickBank ID.
  2. ClickBank ID – Here, you’ll see how to insert your ClickBank ID into the page builder.
  3. Use Lower Case – Video number three will remind you to use lower case letters while picking your subdomain to avoid a potential glitch with the software.
  4. Give It Time – During that video, the only thing you’ll learn is that you have to wait for six hours until the set up process is complete.
  5. Custom Domain – Bill will show you how to buy your own domain (if you choose to do so) and redirect it to your Passive Profit Pages site.
  6. Rebuilding A Page – The last video will tell you that you can delete your current site and start a new one if you want to change it.

In addition, you’ll also receive a 2-page PDF that will advise you to drive traffic from Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and Facebook Groups.

Long story short, the training has no value at all – it’s just an introduction with no substance!

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How Much Does Passive Profit Pages Cost?

At the time of writing this Passive Profit Pages review, you can join the platform for $9.

Make no mistake, though:

Your association with the product might cost you much more than that.

As soon as you purchase it, you’ll receive plenty of offers that prompt you to invest in upgrades.

Passive Profit Pages Upsells

  • Passive Profit Pages Pro ($197, downsell to $147): This upgrade will allow you to move your done-for-you website on your own domain. Also, it contains nine extra tools to boost your traffic and earnings with $7,400 in the first week alone.
  • Profit Pages X ($196, downsell to $146): Here, you’re looking at an upgrade that will allegedly bring you access to a top-secret traffic source.
  • Passive Profit Pages Online Community ($20 per month): Well, Bill calls this one an upgrade, but it’s just access to a private Facebook Group. It will mostly push you to purchase the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

Do the math yourself, and you’ll see the total cost of Passive Profit Pages if you invest in the main program and all of its upgrades.

I Earn Such Affiliate Commission Every Month. See How To Achieve The Same!

how I make money online

What I Like About Passive Profit Pages

By all means, there are certain aspects of this system you may consider as advantages:

  1. Affiliate marketing provides a legit way to earn online – that’s the business model Passive Profit Pages is using, so at least you won’t be doing anything illegal.
  2. There is no need to create a blog – the platform will provide you with pre-made pages with content.
  3. A 60-day money-back guarantee – the product is selling on Clickbank, and that affiliate network will give your investment back if you ask for a refund.

What I Don’t Like About Passive Profit Pages

Quite frankly, there are many things I don’t like about this program.

While most Passive Profit Pages reviews make good points about the negatives of using the platform, I would like to add a few more to the list.

Here is what I have in mind:

1) The Sales Pitch Is Unrealistic And Over-Hyped

passive profit pages review false claims from the sales page

I mean, how would you describe a sales page that promises nearly $30,000 in monthly income with only 20 minutes of work a day?

Considering the product markets itself as perfect for beginners, it’s safe to say that its target audience is complete newbies with no previous experience.

Therefore, we should all believe that a beginner marketer will earn over $1,000 a day by using only Passive Profit Pages.

I’m sure you understand the odds of that happening are not in your favor:

Firstly, because affiliate marketing is a quite saturated field – literally anyone who is working online is using it to monetize their business in one form or another.

Secondly, as profitable as this business model may be, it takes a while to start seeing a decent income coming to your bank account.

Lastly, no matter how good your landing pages are, it takes much more than promoting them to make lots of money from commissions.

What about increasing the conversion rate of your offers?

Should I even mention the importance of driving tons of organic traffic to your offers?

Unfortunately, Passive Profit Pages will not teach you any of that.

2) The Training Is Basic And Lacks In Value

Until I’m on the subject of things the platform won’t teach you, let’s discuss the training you’ll receive as a member.

I’m sorry if this is going to sound harsh, but there is no training:

Instead, the best Bill can do is give you access to a few videos talking about creating a ClickBank account and other little details.

Do you think knowing how to sign up at ClickBank is enough to earn you a full-time affiliate income?

And what about all valuable marketing strategies that will allow you to build a successful affiliate business for years to come?

There are all missing!

Don’t even let me start about the ways to drive traffic to your site:

Considering every member of Passive Profit Pages will get the same pre-made site, what you’ll end up with is duplicate content.

Such content will never rank on Google. So, prepare to spend extra money on ads!

3) The Testimonials Are Fake

the testimonials of passive profit pages are fake

Here is the deal:

If you think that you’re seeing real people sharing valid results after using the product, you’re not paying close attention to this Passive Profit Pages review.

Unfortunately, all of the nice things you’ll hear about the product are coming from actors.

Yes, the faces that take part in the sales presentation of the program are popular personalities for hire from Fiverr.

You can get them to say whatever you want them to say for a couple of bucks.

In my opinion, it’s always a red flag when a system uses actors to do the testimonials.

Just think about it – if a program is good, shouldn’t the real students express a desire to share their satisfaction?

Personally, the presence of actors doing the testimonials doesn’t surprise me:

Tons of low-quality earning platforms are fond of this practice nowadays.

Feel free to read about some of them below:

4) The Income Proof Is Fake

During the sales video, you’ll have the opportunity to see plenty of screenshots that prove the effectiveness of Passive Profit Pages.

To clarify, all of them show earnings of thousands of dollars that you’ll earn in a short period.

While those income proofs may seem promising for someone with less experience, they don’t look that way to me.

Say what you will, but certain pieces of information are missing.

For instance, you can’t see where the money is coming from, what product for sales is bringing them, etc.

Long story short, you can’t be sure of the legitimacy of the income proof Bill shares in the sales pitch.

5) The Identity Of The Owner Is Unknown

who is Bill McRea

Until we’re on the subject of Bill, let’s discuss him a bit more for a second.

Sure, we’re already familiar with his sad life story he is more than willing to talk about in the official presentation.

However, what else do we know about him?

Actually, it’s impossible to discover any additional information about Bill other than the facts he states about himself.

There is no photo or credentials of the owner on the product’s website.

As a result, can we be sure that such a person even exists?

Even more, should we just ignore the lack of transparency here we have no choice but to face?

I’ll let you decide that for yourself!

6) There Are Upsells

Quite frankly, I understand why many products offer upgrades to their users.

And I have nothing against that if those upgrades add a considerable amount of value to the original system.

Be that as I may, I can’t accept upgrades that exist only to get as much money out of you as possible.

That’s the situation with Passive Profit Pages:

None of the upgrades is worth a dime, in my opinion.

Is Passive Profit Pages A Scam?

No, Passive Profit Pages is not a scam.

There is a money-back guarantee that comes with the product. Likewise, I can’t call it a scam, no matter how much I wish to do so.

thumb down

But that’s not the point of my Passive Profit Pages review:

Regardless of the fact that I have to see the platform as legit, I still don’t think you should invest in it.

I’m sure you understand where my opinion is coming from after everything you know about the program so far!

Scam Systems To Avoid:

Passive Income Ideas That Work

By all means, the idea behind the system we’re discussing today is to help you build passive income.

I mean, the name of the platform speaks for itself!

The truth is, you don’t need Passive Profit Pages to start making money while you sleep.

No, all you need is an effective blueprint to follow that will show you how to build a profitable business online.

Once you develop that business, earning cash passively will be just a step away.

So, I suggest taking the time to read my Guide To Launching A Successful Business.

It will walk you through the process and show you the necessary steps you need to take on the way.

My Closing

Hopefully, you get to enjoy everything I have for you in this Passive Profit Pages review.

Again, the product is not your best shot if you’re trying to create a successful affiliate marketing business online.

Therefore, I’m sure you’ll be better off without it!

Now, what do you think about Passive Profit Pages?

Do you love it, hate it, or something in between?

Please, let me know in the comments so we can talk about it further!

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  2. someone recently recommended affiliate marketing to me and I’m just starting and so far its been amazing plus lots of knowledge to grasp from this post, thanks alot…

    1. That’s great, Newton.
      Keep going – affiliate marketing has so much to offer as a business model.
      I doubt that it will disappoint you ever!

  3. It`s an interesting read, what never stops to amaze me is that website owners will still go to Fiverr for fake reviews, not to mention that it only helps devalue a trusted website, I don`t think I`ll trust a site if I find that they have fake testimonials.
    Really informative and worth reading, thanks so much for sharing.

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