The Best Way To Start With Affiliate Marketing – Be a Super Affiliate!

the best way to start with affiliate marketing how to make money online if you are a beginner

Does anyone even know for sure what's the best way to start with affiliate marketing?

Chances are, if you ask 5 affiliate marketers, you'll get 5 different answers.

And that's the way it's supposed to be:

Each of those marketers has its own affiliate journey.  While going through it, they have developed their own personal strategy that helps them make the best of affiliate marketing.

But forming a strategy after years of experience in the field is not what we're going to talk about today.

Because that's the end result, not the starting point - and that starting point is where you need to focus all of your attention now.

When you're a complete beginner, the way you start your business will influence greatly your chance for affiliate success.

Considering how saturated the filed already is...

Well, it's safe to say that building an affiliate marketing business on the right foot is not something you can afford to mess up!

Today, I'll do my best to make sure that your first attempt at affiliate marketing is not going to be a failure:

We'll discuss topics like how to start affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing examples, affiliate marketing for beginners, and so much more.

Most importantly, I'll share with you what's the best way to start with affiliate marketing in my own experience.

This post contains affiliate links, here is my affiliate disclosure.

Before We Start With Affiliate Marketing

First thing first, why you should be listening to me?

After all, I'm not an affiliate marketing "guru" and I have no intention to pretend to be one.

I started this blog in March 2018 and I pretty much ignored it for the first year.

OK, I didn't exactly ignore it, but I was posting sporadically and didn't take it as seriously as I should have.

Once I decided to look at it as a real business, things quickly started to change.

Let me show you what that change looked like:

affiliate marketing income example 1
affiliate marketing income example 2
affiliate marketing income example 3

Needless to say, what you see above are screenshots of some of my affiliate earnings.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not posting them to brag.

No, I'm showing them to you because they'll help me prove my point:

Anyone and I mean ANYONE, can start an affiliate marketing business and make money online from affiliate sales.

It's such a cliche, but I can't think of anything more truthful:

If I could do this, then so can you!

By all means, I didn't have the first clue about affiliate marketing when I launched this business.  Plus, I had no marketing background or any work online experience whatsoever.

Furthermore, I don't even have a college degree and I'm not ashamed to say that.

Personally, I don't think that having a college degree is a guarantee for a stable financial future nowadays, but that's just my opinion.

Anyway, the one thing that I had at the time (and I still do) is the strong desire to learn, grow, and succeed online.

With that being said, there is only one question you need to ask yourselves before we continue with the best way to start with affiliate marketing:

Are you determined to do whatever it takes, to work as hard as possible to succeed online as well?

Do you want to get results similar to mine and even better ones?

Hopefully, the answer is a big fat "Yes".

Let's do this then!

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

Basically, affiliate marketing is a process where you recommend products or services to an audience for a commission.

When a person completes a purchase based on your recommendation, you're getting paid.

This is affiliate marketing explained in the most simple terms.

If the concept of this business model is new to you or you know a bit about it but not enough, get the full scoop from my beginners guide to affiliate marketing.

Since I gave you access to the guide and you know where you can learn everything about affiliate marketing, I won't go into too many details here.

Still, in case you don't feel like reading the whole thing now, I would like to touch briefly on the basics by showing you a couple of examples.

the easy way to start making $1,000 per day with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Examples

Alright, since we're about to cover affiliate marketing for beginners real quick, you can relax if the concept is not that clear to you yet.

By using 2 affiliate marketing programs and how they work as examples, I think any possible confusion will be avoided.

With that being said, let's have a look at two of my all-time favorites:

Starting with Tailwind:

Those of you who use Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs are probably familiar with this scheduling tool.

What if any of your blogger friends would like to give it a try but can't afford to pay for a plan right off the bat?

Well, you can send that friend a Free Month Of Tailwind and you'll grab $15 when they redeem the gift. 

It's a win-win for both parties involved, isn't it?

Next, we have Shopify:

Another scenario we can imagine is if a person would like to build a profitable online store but it's short on cash right now.

You can send them a link to the Shopify free trial and when they upgrade, you can earn up to $2,000 depending on the plan!

Do you realize how many earning opportunities you'll face once you start working with the best affiliate marketing programs?

But that's not the whole story:

Above all, if you've been doing affiliate marketing all your life without even realizing it.

How many times a friend couldn't thank you enough for sending them to the hottest new restaurant that serves the most delicious meals they've ever tasted?

And how many times a girlfriend wanted to buy you a drink after you sent her to the shop where your new kick-ass shoes came from?

The bottom line is, you're already an affiliate marketer.  Shouldn't you be paid for that?

The Benefits Of Doing Affiliate Marketing

Patience, pals - I know I promised to show you the best way to start with affiliate marketing and I will.

Before we get there, though, are you totally sure that being an affiliate marketer is exactly what you would like to do for a living?

In case you need a push in the right direction, here is everything that makes affiliate marketing the most popular way to make money online nowadays:

  • You Can Work From Anywhere - as long as you have your laptop with you, you can do the job from any place in the world.
you can work from anywhere when you are an online marketer

  • There Is No Need To Create Your Own Products - being an affiliate marketing means being the middleman.  Therefore, you don't have to create the products, just recommend the ones you really like.
  • No Boss Anymore - you'll work for yourself, so you won't have to take anyone's orders ever again. 
  • Full Control Of Your Working Time - don't feel like working today?  Then don't, no one is going to fire you!
  • Build Passive Income - one of the best things about affiliate marketing is that it will allow you to make money while you sleep.
  • Anyone Can Do It - no further explanation is needed here, correct?

Do I have to say more or you're already on board?

The Best Way To Start With Affiliate Marketing - The Right Steps To Affiliate Success

First thing first, let's me give the best lesson about working online I was forced to learn the hard way:

Forget about everything you've ever read about affiliate marketing.  90% of all the info online is complete garbage.

To clarify, I'm talking about every nameless, faceless online seller who is pushing hard to convince you that you'll make lots of money thanks to their product.

Unfortunately, those people are all over the web these days - you can run, but it's really hard to hide from them.

Boy, the sales pitch those individuals are coming up with constantly!

You know, the ones selling a "done-for-you" system that will earn you thousands in affiliate sales immediately and with no efforts on your part...

By all means, that's not how affiliate marketing works - and every product that claims otherwise is a total scam.

With that being said, just because you won't be earning a lot of money in the next 24 hours, that doesn't mean that you'll never earn them at all.

Make no mistake, there is a way to claim a spot among the most successful affiliate marketers - and make 4,5, and even 6-figures income every month.

Plenty of people are already doing it, you can see for yourself:

how much money you can make online nowadays

Yes, that's a different version of my header photo - I wanted you to be able to see it up close.

Now, how is the curiosity working out for you?

Are you wondering where these excerpts are coming from?

They are coming from members of an online training platform.

That platform is called Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and it's going to play a key role in answering the question of what's the best way to start with affiliate marketing.

Create A Website

When you ask how to start affiliate marketing, the most common answer you'll get is to create a website first.

While I agree with that statement 100%, you should know that there are other options too.

For instance, the program 12 Minute Affiliate is your best shot if you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing without a website.

Plus, you can also use Pinterest to make affiliate sales without a blog.

However, the truth is that to have unlimited opportunities as an affiliate marketer, starting a blog is the way to go.

the best way to start with affiliate marketing is to create a blog

And no, you won't fail at that task if you're not tech-savvy.

Nowadays, creating a website is a piece of cake, so I'm sure you'll have no problem building one.

On that note, I could always advise you to read my tutorial for starting a blog.

But I'm not going to do that - the cost to start a blog these days is something that needs to be taken under consideration.

Why am I telling you all that?

Well, simply because you can build an online business for much cheaper than expected and you can get tons of perks for free if you join Wealthy Affiliate before you start a website.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

First thing first, I want to make sure that we're still on the same page:

Your end game is to build passive income, following the business model affiliate marketing provides, correct?

Considering that was my end game as well before I even started this business, here are some of the reasons why I did choose WA to help me achieve it:

  1. The platform showed me how to build a website without coding - I did it in 5 minutes.
  2. It provides professional blogging/affiliate marketing training - WA covers topics like choosing a niche, SEO, ways to drive organic traffic, finding the best affiliate products to promote, etc.
  3. I have access to a huge like-minded community (millions of people from nearly 200 countries) and 24/7 tech support - any time I need them.
  4. No need to pay anything - anyone can join WA and starts the affiliate marketing journey FOR FREE!

Of course, there is so much more WA is offering to its members.

Let's talk about that, shall we?

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Way To Start With Affiliate Marketing?

Quite frankly, the reasons are so many - you can read all of them in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Since I've just promised to show you what you'll receive when you join the platform as a free member, how about we concentrate on that?

what is wealthy affiliate offering to its members

  1. 2 free websites
  2. Free web hosting
  3. How to start affiliate marketing for beginners - training course (10 lessons)
  4. Full keyword research education + free keyword research tool 
  5. 1-1 coaching and help
  6. Website backups
  7. Access to the platform's affiliate program
  8. Video walk-throughs
  9. Traffic generation lessons

Now, is all this enough to help you launch your affiliate marketing business for free?

I'll let you be the judge of that!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy Affiliate

Chances are, you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

It's a lot to take in, I know!

With that being said, you'll learn most of it as you go.

Still, if you have some burning questions right now, see if you can find their answers below:

1) Is There Any Upsells?

As I've already said, you can join WA for free and you can stay a free member for as long as you like.

If you decide that you would like to take advantage of absolutely everything the platform has to offer, then you can go for the Premium Membership.

To clarify, the cost of being a premium member is $49/month (you can get the first month for $19 through this link if you upgrade within 7 days).

Plus, you can go for the Yearly Premium Membership that costs 359/year and that's even a better deal.

Keep in mind, that's less than a dollar per day.

Most importantly, there is NO UPSELLS or hidden fees in Wealthy Affiliate.

So, you'll never be asked to pay more than what you've been told upfront!

2) How Much Money Can I Make?

Generally, that's probably the one question I'll never be able to answer for you.

Because the amount of money you can make thanks to the training WA provides is entirely up to you and it depends on so many factors.

For example, how much time you can put into developing your business?  Are you willing to work as hard as possible to achieve your goals?

Remember the screenshots from my header photo?

Yes, a lot of WA members are making pretty good money as affiliate marketers.

At the same time, others are not doing that great.

In the end, whether you'll take a place in the former or the latter category, it depends on you and no one else!

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