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Explode My Payday – Shameless Scam Or Chance For $1076/Day?

With Christmas just around the corner, I should probably give it a rest...But I know that you, restless money makers, are always on the lookout for the next source of income.  So, I thought that I should steal you away from the festive preparations for about five minutes...Just enough time to dissect Explode My Payday.

Well, what do you know?  As expected, all the elements of a super-hyped, trust unworthy, and manipulative product are in presence here.

However, we should never judge a book by its cover, right?

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Explode My Payday - The Basics

Product: explodemypayday.com

Owner: Meaghan Harper (not really!)

Price: $47 + Upsells

Cash Embrace Rank:

5 out of 100

explode my payday introduction

Basically, this product is similar to hundreds of others you can find online:

The general premise of the sales video is that you'll able to make a huge amount of money with barely any effort on your part.

In other words, once you buy the product, all your money problems will be taken care of.

Not that you can see me, but I'm grinning as I type!  And not in the respectful kind of way...

But, hey - innocent until proven guilty, correct?

Before I go any further:

What Is Explode My Payday?

As I already said, this product is a money making system.  To clarify, your input into the process is not going to be needed.  

Firstly, because some miracle "loophole" is already making money for you.  All that is left for you to do is to claim that cash.

explode my payday claims

Secondly, your entire experience of earning with this product is going to be on autopilot.  If we're to believe the spokesperson, your income will be thousands of dollars per day.

Now, here is the moment where you need to start reading between the lines!

Everything up until now is targeted to serve as a call to action:

You, excited as hell, will have to enter your personal info in order to see the second video and move one step closer to the big bucks!

The Second Video - The Secret Revealed

Surprise, surprise - you're already the owner of a brand new website!

But I shouldn't skip a single detail, so let me go back a bit:

In short, the second video reveals how the system works:

Explode My Payday will drive traffic to your newly done-for-you website and that's how you'll make thousands of dollars in commissions.

Meanwhile, what products you'll be selling and to whom you'll be selling them - I doubt that even "Meaghan" could tell you!

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explode my payday

How Does It Work?

Actually, the answer here is pretty simple:

It doesn't!  At least, it's not going to work for you!

Certainly, it will work for some people.  And by that, I mean the people who own this product, no matter who they may be.

Now, allow me to explain why is that:

1) The Website

Let's assume that you're a complete beginner into the money making business online.  Here is what you need to know:

As a rule of thumb, many scam products use what they call "done-for-you secrete website."  In reality, this might as well be a landing page, software, or even an app.

explode my payday numbers

Once again, let's imagine that 100 people just like you buy Explode My Payday.  

So, a hundred people will try to make money from completely identical websites, with completely duplicate content!

2) The Traffic

Similarly, the situation with your traffic is no different.

If you want to make any affiliate sales, your website needs to have a lot of visitors.

The way I see it, why would people visit exactly yours when your content is not unique?  Chances are, they've probably already seen it!

Most importantly, it's doubtful that there will even be any traffic sent to your site.  Google's algorithm is too smart to give high rankings to blogs with duplicate content.

Explode My Payday - Why You Shouldn't Buy It

Usually, in each of my reviews, this is the point where the pros and cons list comes in.  But I'm not going to do this here.

I mean, what kind of pros I could possibly add when the product doesn't have any?  

Therefore, I'll present to you all the cons instead!

1) Useless And Manipulative Product

Honestly, you'll never make the amount of money the sales page is pushing down your throat.  Even more, the sense of urgency that the video uses so skillfully has a simple marketing goal:

To manipulate you into buying this product before you can think straight and do some research first.

So, no matter how tempting this product may look, do not fall for that!

By the way, anytime you visit their website, the sales video is still there...

2) Fake Testimonials

Seriously, do you know what could eventually leave me speechless?

If someday at least one scam product shows a bit of imagination and uses unreal testimonials that no one will be able to find on Fiverr!

explode my payday fake testimonials

In addition, so many people nowadays are willing to say all kind of crap for a few bucks...

3) Upsells, Downsells

Let's imagine that for some reason you decide to buy this product.  No harm in just trying it out, right?  Besides, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you're all good!  Well, not exactly...

Because when you try to leave the page, suddenly you'll be able to get this product for $37 and even for $17!

But if you make it to the members' area, expect all kind of upsells and links to a dozen other products.

That is to say, Explode My Payday does its best to squeeze out of you as much money as possible.

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free guide on how to make money online

4) Unethical Use Of Your Personal Information

Basically, most of the scam products on the web work in a similar way:

If you decide to get your money back for this product, your personal data will be sold to programs that sell relative scam products.

In short, once you wash your hands off Explode My Payday, your email will be attacked with similar offers!

5) And The Owner Is...

Generally, I have no idea!

During the sales video, the voice you'll here supposedly belongs to a woman named is Meaghan Harper.  On top of that, the lady states that she's a multi-millionaire.

Meanwhile, quick research online will show you that there is no super-rich marketer with that name.  At least, I wasn't able to find one!

As far as we know, anyone could be hiding behind that name...

Is Explode My Payday a Scam?

Certainly, it is!  

And if this is not your first visit on my blog, then you already know that I don't use that word lightly.

To the contrary - I'm doing my best to try and find at least a little bit of value in a product, so I won't have to call it a scam.

But with Explode My Payday, I'm out of luck!

This product is in no way different than some other scams I exposed so far:

30 Minute Money Methods

EZ Bay Payday

- Day Job Killer

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

Honestly, before I started this website, I spent a long time trying to make money online with products like Explode My Payday.  Needless to say, all my efforts (and money for that matter) crashed and burned.

Well, not any more.  Today, I get to blog for a living.  Ain't that cool, huh?

So, if that's something you're interested in as well, here is my best advice for you:

In my opinion, the best legit way to make money online is to create your own website and develop a business online.

And I can you tons of time in research!  Just borrow my experience:

You can start by checking My Top Recommendation, it's where my blogging journey began.  Or you can go straight and read the same teaching platform's testimonials.

My Closing

To sum up, Explode My Payday is one of those products you need to avoid at all costs.

Regardless what the sales video wants you to believe, the get-rich-quick schemes simply don't work!

So, no matter how shiny a money making opportunity may seem, do yourself a favor:

Don't skip the research before buying anything online!

Any thoughts on the product?  If you leave them in the comments section below, I'll be glad to have a look!

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