ez bay payday review scam or legit

EZ Bay Payday Review – Scam Or Super Easy $500 Daily?

Impatient to read this EZ Bay Payday Review?

Considering how many emails I got from people asking about that money-making system, I'll say that most of you are.

It's natural to be interested in what looks like an excellent opportunity capable of delivering tons of cash in record time.

But is that what EZ Bay Payday really is?  

Will it justify all of your expectations and then some?

Well, stick around and you'll find out everything there is to know about this product!

EZ Bay Payday Review - The Basics

Product: EZ Bay Payday

Owner: "Steve Richards"

Price: $37 (one-time fee), Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Not Recommended 

ez bay payday review - introduction of the product

First thing first, I'll open the discussion by telling you the most important fact about this program:

Above all, EZ Bay Payday is an online platform that claims to be able to make you at least $500/day.

Supposedly, you'll be earning that amount of an online income passively, without spending more than 20 minutes a day on your laptop.

What separates the product from the rest of the money-making systems is the alleged existence of exclusivity:

Your earnings will become a reality by using a little-known, largely overlooked, but highly authoritative website.

OK, color me intrigued, right?

What Is EZ Bay Payday?

As you already know, the magic bullet that will fix all of your money concerns for life!

With that being said, here is what EZ Bay Payday is promising you:

Firstly, in its core, the product is a proven system that will teach you how to make money online using a "secret website".  May I remind you, we're talking about an income of $180,000/year!

Secondly, anyone can take advantage of this offer.  Meaning, you don't need to have any previous experience working online and no special skills are required.

Thirdly, you won't have to create digital products to sell, start a blog, or anything even remotely similar to that.

Lastly, you can begin earning as soon as today - the program needs 17 minutes to be set up and it will take about the same amount of your time every day.

make money dropshipping on eBay

Alright, the promise is definitely enticing, we can't deny that, correct?

However, trust is earned, so let's see if EZ Bay Payday deserves yours.

How Does The Product Work?

First of all, do yourself a favor and don't bother wasting time watching the sales video.

There is a reason I didn't provide you with its link - you'll thank me for that at the end of this EZ Bay Payday review!

That sales pitch is overloaded with hype, the sad life story of the creator, and the fact that the product over-turned his life is being repeated to death.

They've changed it a quite lot in the past year.

Still, that sales video is miles away from what a professional presentation should be in my opinion.

Anyhow, beneath all the claims, you'll eventually find out that EZ Bay Payday is using eBay to deliver the promised income.

ez bay payday - ebay is the secret money making website


What's so secretive about eBay?  

Exactly my reaction, but let's imagine for a minute that the system has found a new angle of earning on eBay.  More on this a bit later.

For now, let's focus on how you're supposed to use it:

Once you buy the program, you'll be able to log in.  Then you'll choose a product to sell and connect your EZ Bay Payday cash magnet.

And what is left for you to do is watch the money coming in!

Not big on info, are they?

Well, what they are not telling you, you're about to learn from me!

Inside EZ Bay Payday

I like to believe that I'm always fair when discussing a product.

So, I'll allow my EZ Bay Payday review to continue that tradition.

In other words, let me show you what does it look like on the inside so you'll get a much better idea.

Currently, the system offers training, bonuses, and available upsells.

1) The Training

Here, you'll receive a teaching course that contains 11 modules:

a training about starting a sropshipping business on ebay
  1. How to start a successful dropshipping business on eBay (3 videos)
  2. What is eBay + what is dropshipping (3 videos)
  3. PayPal - what it is, why you need it, and to set up an account (2 videos)
  4. Setting up your eBay account - choosing a name for your eBay store and store preferences (4 videos)
  5. Tips, tricks, and ideas on how to pick the best sources for your store inventory (2 videos)
  6. Find a profitable inventory to list (4 videos)
  7. How to list products on your eBay store (3 videos)
  8. Optimize your listings (1 video)
  9. Additional info about fulfilling international orders and how to use cashback sites to make money online (3 videos)
  10. Why tracking matters (1 video)
  11. Getting the shipment tracking number and uploading it on eBay (1 video)

Finally, the training clear the air about what you'll be doing if you buy the product and put it to work:

You'll be starting a dropshipping business on eBay.

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2) The Bonuses

To be honest, none of the extra money-making methods (bonuses) is something that offers any real value.

Four bonuses are currently included:

  1. 13 Best Apps To Make Money With Surveys
  2. Test Websites To Get Extra Cash Fast
  3. Freelancing/Virtual Assistant/Data Entry
  4. Cash Strategies - nothing uploaded here yet

Just so you know, all of those "bonuses" are simply links to YouTube videos, filmed by different individuals.

Meaning, there is no original content, just random money-making ideas you can find on your own online for free.

3) The Upsells

Now, there are 4 opportunities for you to upgrade your training:

  1. 100 X Special Traffic
  2. Gold Upgrade
  3. Platinum Upgrade
  4. Titanium Upgrade

Boy, you have no idea how much I have to say about them!

At this point, you know what the product is, what it does, and how it operates.

With that being said, it's time for my EZ Bay Payday review to show you the truth behind the carefully crafted claims.

Why The Product Doesn't Work As Advertised

Quite frankly, I'm not sure where to start!

It's not just that there are plenty of red flags about this program.

No, it's more like the whole system is one big red flag all by itself.

And I have tons of proof to support my statement:

1) The Product Is Fake

As much as I think about it, I don't believe that there is a better word than "fake" to express the nature of EZ Bay Payday.

I mean, nothing that the sales video is telling you can be trusted.

Even more, it creates a total misconception of what you're getting yourself into.

For instance, they tell you that you'll be making money on eBay.

But you need to buy the product to actually find out that you'll be starting a dropshipping business!

Why is that fact not transparent from the get-go?

Next, the way they're using eBay's name is completely unethical.

Yes, it's a fact that eBay has billions of users on a daily basis and that the platform gets an insane amount of traffic.

However, the spokesperson wants you to believe that the product has a secret way to redirect all of that viral traffic to your newly created business.

That's just not possible!

2) The Sales Video Is Spreading Lies

Honestly, I wish that the sales pitch was just the usual over-hyped and unrealistic presentation we're used to getting from the rest of low-quality systems.

Unfortunately, it's even worse - it's constructed upon lies and then some more lies!

Firstly, there is no magic "cash machine" that you just buy for $37 and it will repeatedly make you $500/day.

the unrealistic claims of ez bay payday

On autopilot, and barely any of your time...

It's not how the make money online thing works!

Secondly, there is no such thing as a "done-for-you system" that should be considered valuable and trust-worthy.

The truth is, such systems are designed to make money for one person and one person only - the creator.

3) The Creator Is Unknown

Speaking of the creator...

We don't know who that is and we'll never know - he/she has no intention to reveal itself.

Steve Richards is just a pen name and that's mentioned on the product's website.

At least they are honest about one thing, right?

Then again, if EZ Bay Payday was such an incredible program, why the creator feels the need to hide?

4) The Testimonials Are Fabricated

If you visit the sales page, you'll be overwhelmed by the number of satisfied customers who can't praise the product high enough.

Forgive me, I just can't upload screenshots for each and every one of them that will show you basically the same thing:

All of the images of the supposed customers are just Google images or royalty-free pictures.

Here is what I can do, though:

ez bay payday review - the testimonials are fake

I can show you how fake are the testimonials used in the sales presentation.

Yes, Fiverr actors will do the trick when no one else has a desire to do so!

5) The Product Is Heavy On Affiliate Offers

For starters, there are things I intentionally didn't mention earlier in this EZ Bay Payday review - I think that they are better suited to be discussed right now.

Firstly, before the training begins, there is an introduction video.

One would think that this is just the normal "Welcome" stuff, right?

Actually, no - it's an upsell.

Why they think that pushing you for more money is the best way to welcome you, I have no idea!

Secondly, after the introduction video, you'll be invited to watch a free webinar.

And that webinar happens to be a promotion of John Crestani's Super Affiliate System.

That's a pretty good affiliate marketing course, but in my opinion has nothing to do with doing dropshipping on eBay, correct?

Thirdly, after the webinar, you're ready to receive your FREE, done-for-you dropshipping website.

The thing is, it's not exactly free - you'll have to pay for a hosting provider and options will be offered to you (affiliate links).

Hey, remember when the sales video said that you won't have to deal with blogging?

It turns out that it was just one more lie!

Lastly, if you survive all that, there is one more step until you reach the training:

You'll be advised to buy the CB Cash Code, heavily recommended by the product.

Heads up, it's not a good product!

The bottom line is, all of these 4 steps exist just because the creator of EZ Bay Payday is trying to squeeze out from you as much money as possible.

6) The Training Is Of Very Low Quality

Actually, I'm quite generous by calling it training, because it isn't.

All of the 11 modules that are supposed to teach you how to master the dropshipping fail to deliver by all counts.

They give you the basic explanation of what dropshipping is, but they bother to really teach you how to profit with it.

the training of ez bay payday is incomplete

Even more, do you need EZ Bay Payday if you want to make money dropshipping online?

In my opinion, no - you don't!

Shopify is the industry leader in the dropshipping department and it offers a free trial - that makes paying for EZ completely redundant.

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7) The Upsells Are One Click Purchase

Remember when I told you that I have a lot to say about them?

Attention, please - this is really important:

If you buy the product against your better judgment, be extra careful when you're looking at the upsells.

They are completely useless, just like the main program.

But they are also a one-click purchase.

Meaning, just clicking on the links equals buying the upsells.

And that's the last thing you want to see happening to your credit card.

Personally, I think that this practice should be made illegal.

Until then, just keep your eyes open!

EZ Bay Payday Review - Pros And Cons Of The Product:


  1. 60-day money-back guarantee.


  1. A completely useless system - it can't be trusted because it will never make you $500/day.
  2. Over-hyped and unrealistic sales video - the better choice of words again will be fake.
  3. Unknown owner - there is a use of a pen name.
  4. Fake testimonials - the good old actors from Fiverr are performing!
  5. The product is pushing unrelated programs - just one more way to make money from you through affiliate sales.
  6. One-click purchase upsells - seriously, someone just makes them illegal already!
  7. Basic and outdated training - there are many better ways to start a dropshipping business nowadays.
  8. Scarcity tactics are being used - they want you to believe that the offer is "time-sensitive" so you would buy it quickly.

Sick And Tired Of Scams?  Try This Simple And Proven To Work Way To Make Money Online

Who Is The Product Best For?

Basically, for no one!

You already know the real facts about this system, I won't repeat them all over again.

Now that you have that knowledge, do you really believe that there is a chance to make any money with EZ Bay Payday?

Just have a look at one more example that clearly shows once again why this product is a BS:

ez bay payday uses the name of popular brands in a wrongful way

As you can see, their sign up form dares to use the name of brands like Forbes and CNN to give themselves more authority.

Needless to say, EZ Bay Payday has not been featured on any of these platforms.

And taking advantage of them is beyond unethical, isn't it?

Is EZ Bay Payday a Scam?

Yes, it is.

Even the money-back guarantee is not good enough to look at the product as anything else.

Above all, EZ Bay Payday is one of those systems that bring no value whatsoever.

It's clearly designed to make money only for its owner.

thumb down

That being said, I'll say to just ignore it - it's the best you can do to protect your wallet!

Now, if you're determined to earn your living online, don't get discouraged by the fact that EZ Bay Payday can't help you.

You can start your own online business, so many people are giving this option a try on a daily basis.

If that's what you would really like to do as well, you can begin the process by reading my Free Guide.

I've put together the steps I took when I was building this business and now you can use them to build a business of your own.

By the way, there are no hidden one-click purchase upsells included, lol!

My Closing

OK, that's a wrap on this EZ Bay Payday review.

Hopefully, I managed to deliver and now all of your questions have been answered.

But just in case they are not, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

It may take a day, but I'll answer them as soon as I can!

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