Affiliate Bots Review – Affiliate Commissions Of $6K/Month Joke No More?

affiliate bots review scam or legit

Truth to be told, this Affiliate Bots Review and its current headline don't go hand in hand like they used to.

When I wrote the very first version of this article, $6,000/month in affiliate sales was the best Affiliate Bots could do.

Now, though, Affiliate Bots 2.0 is here, drastically increasing the potential for affiliate commissions.

We're not talking about expected earnings of $6K/month anymore but of more than $400/day.

I have no doubts that you can do the math yourself and realize that the product swears to deliver for you +$12,000/month.

But is a single program capable of earning you that much?  Isn't the claim a bit unrealistic to say at least?

Let's find out!

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Affiliate Bots Review - The Basics

Product: Affiliate Bots

Owner: Chris X

Price: $17

Cash Embrace Rank:

You'll Be Amazed How Good It Is!

affiliate bots review - introduction of the product

First and foremost, referring to Affiliate Bots as one product doesn't do it nearly enough justice.

Because this system is so much more than a singular program.

In short, Affiliate Bots 2.0 is a freshly updated, well-developed, and the most efficient package every affiliate marketer needs to take his business to an entirely new level.

Even if you're already scoring decent affiliate sales, you wouldn't mind if they keep increasing, would you?

And that's what Affiliate Bots is here for:

To keep growing your affiliate commissions month after month until you reach a 6-figure status as an affiliate marketer.

What Is Affiliate Bots?

Affiliate Bots is an all-in-one toolbox that contains a total of 37 extremely valuable software tools, working together to achieve a goal that is anything but simple:

Advancing your affiliate marketing revenue to a level you could never reach completely on your own.

With that being said, this system differs big time from any other affiliate marketing tool you may have used up until now:

The product does what it does through automation and artificial intelligence.

No need to panic if you're not familiar with this new approach of doing Internet Marketing online.

You'll have a pretty good idea about how artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit your business before this Affiliate Bots 2.0 review is over. 

how to increase your affiliate sales fast

Originally, the first version of the program was released in 2018.

Since February 2019, the new greatly improved version is available to affiliate marketers all over the world.

And that's the version we'll spend quite some time discussing today!

What's Inside Affiliate Bots?

Honestly, I've spent quite some time just thinking about how should I construct this Affiliate Bots review so it will deliver the best user experience.

After evaluating all of my options, I'm placing my bet on this course of action:

Above all, I won't be writing down the names of the 37 software tools you're going to receive.

what is affiliate bots

Mentioning what they're called without instant clarification about what they do is not really helpful, is it?

Instead, I believe that showing you how they operate and in what order you have to set them in motion for maximum results is a much better choice, don't you agree?

So, let's start with the basic overview of what you'll face with as soon as you purchase the product:

  1. 10 tools that will drastically improve the conversion rate of your website
  2. 6 tools that will help you choose an affiliate program to work with from the hottest programs currently
  3. An entire search engine that was created to help marketers with their traffic generation
  4. More than 20 extra softwares that cover literally every aspect of the marketer's work - starting a blog, buying a domain name, creating videos, etc.

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How Does The Product Work?

The process of using the system can be separated into 3 major steps.

Each of these steps contains a few smaller ones you'll need to go through.

Here is the blueprint you should follow to make the best of everything Affiliate Bots has to offer:

1) Choose an Affiliate Program To Promote

affiliate bots review - first steps to use the product

To complete this step, have a look at which software tools you should be using and in what order:

  1. CB 250 Software (updated every 24 hours) - to display the top 250 ClickBank affiliate programs.
  2. Launch Pulse Software - to see the most anticipated launches that are about to happen on ClickBank, JVZoo, and Amazon in the next 30 days.
  3. King Of The Zoo - to find out hot JVZoo offers.
  4. Warrior 50 - includes the top 50 affiliate programs on WarriorPlus
  5. 2 More Steps - more about them a bit later.

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2) Create a Website

step two of using affiliate bots

Since you already know the drill, my Affiliate Bots review is going straight to the point:

  1. Website Widgets Tool - increase the conversion rate of any website when you copy and paste a single line of code. This code will help you to convert visitors into buyers in 10 automated ways.  You'll have to log in to the cloud software, create the widget, then copy and paste the code into your site to start building a buyers list.  The AI algorithm will flag your potential buyers - returning visitors, people who spend a lot of time on your site, etc.  It will also display coupons for people who visit your site at specific times, custom content for certain geographical locations, and so much more!
  2. 1-Click Video Pages Tool (10 pages included) - use the designs you'll be provided with and build highly-converting video websites.
  3. Rapid Website Builder Software - it will build mini-sites, filled with relevant content and affiliate links. To clarify, all you have to do is enter a keyword, your ClickBank account, and click "Go".  In less than 20 seconds, a unique landing page will be built for you.
  4. 1-Click Affiliate Software - pre-loaded with more than 100 pre-sale templates of HTML.  
  5. Affiliate Ads 2.0 Software - load it, search through over 1,600 affiliate programs, choose up to 10 banner ads to split-test, and copy/paste the code into your blog.  Your banner ads will automatically rotate, revealing the top-performing banners and affiliate programs.  These Affiliate Ads are pre-loaded with over 1,800 text ads, banner ads, and thumbnails for the top 1,600 ClickBank affiliate programs by gravity.
  6. Domainaveli Software - to find thousand-dollar domains in seconds + expired domains.

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3) Get Traffic

how to get traffic with affiliate bots

Now, to drive traffic to your pages, you'll be mainly using a tool Chris has spent 6 months developing - the AI Search Engine.

While working on it, he scanned the most-trafficked 100,000 websites on the Internet (with over 100 billion monthly visitors).

Those websites were scanned for a total of 16 exclusive traffic opportunities.

For instance, SEO traffic, PPC traffic, sites with advertising pages, sites with Google AdSense, and many more.

Here is how to work with the AI Search Engine:

  1. Enter a keyword to see all the key data.
  2. Start getting 16 types of targeted traffic.
  3. Monetize your traffic - one of the most popular ways is by displaying banner ads.  So, you'll be using the Banner Bots tool that will create for you unlimited banner images for any niche and affiliate program in just a few clicks.  When you enter a couple of words, the Banner tool will instantly build a dozen design templates.  Once that's done, you'll choose the one you like, download it, and upload it to your site.
  4. Drive more traffic from Google and YouTube - that's where the Rapid Rank Video Software comes in.
  5. Use FlipDb - a software that will display hundreds of websites from the auction site Flippa.
  6. Work with ResellDB software - a database of all the top resell rights sites.
  7. Lastly, use the AutoMail Software Bot - unlimited autoresponder that will let you an unlimited email list and send unlimited emails for life (works similarly to ConvertKit).

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Affiliate Bots Review - Pros And Cons Of The Product


  1. The complete all-in-one toolbox for bloggers - if you trying to develop a successful affiliate marketing business, these 37 softwares are a MUST!
  2. Fully-automated - which basically means that it will save you tons of time that will be better spend on a different aspect of your business.
  3. There is training provided - Affiliate Bots comes with a detailed PDF training that explains the best practices when using the system.
  4. Plenty of exclusive information about the hottest offers on the affiliate marketing field - another time-saver (you won't have to waste precious minutes doing the research on your own).
  5. An incredible price - you'll be granted access to such a valuable program for less than 20 bucks.
  6. Completely compatible - the product works on PC, Mac, iPhone, IPad, Android, etc.
  7. Chris X knows what he's doing - the creator has developed a couple of other hugely successful Internet Marketing products.
  8. 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee - no need to comment on that, right?
how AI will advance your online business in 2020


  1. Not beginner-friendly - in my opinion, automation has to complement your online business, but not replace it completely.

Therefore, you should learn all that you possibly can about affiliate marketing before you purchase the product.

You can start a FREE training on Wealthy Affiliate - a platform that provides blogging/affiliate marketing education, 2 websites, and hosting - all of that for free!

Who Is Chris X?

Let's face it, this Affiliate Bots review could never be complete unless I mention a couple of words about the creator.

Diving into Internet Marketing way back in 2006, Chris has been quite a busy bee.

And working for so many years has definitely paid off:

As of January 2020, Chris X has generated more than 2,000,000 in affiliate marketing revenue alone.

Impressive, isn't it?

I have a whole article about another one of his programs - Affiliate Titan X, which is also a pretty valuable system.

Personally, I'm not surprised that the products Chris has created are selling as well as they do.

He has a lot of experience, has learned a lot through trial and error, and now he has collected all of his knowledge into the latest version of Affiliate Bots.

Who Will Have The Best Of This Product?

Again, I don't think that it's a smart decision to grab the product today if this is a day 1 for you testing the waters of affiliate marketing.

But if you feel confident that you know a thing or two about making affiliate sales, then Affiliate Bots will come in handy.

So, if you already have an affiliate based website that is generating some income, the program will help you to increase that income big time.

affiliate bots review - expected results after using the product

Long story short, you should consider buying Affiliate Bots if you:

  1. Want to push your online business to the next level.
  2. Are interested to find out how to use Artificial Intelligence to advance your marketing efforts.
  3. Wish to automate the process of earning affiliate commissions.

Is Affiliate Bots A Scam?

Anything but a scam!

At this point in my Affiliate Bots review, I'm not sure what else I can say that you don't already know:

The product is excellent, it's a steal for its price, and it will make you a better affiliate marketer.

thumb up

Chris X has an outstanding resume after working online for years.

Whether you should steal his secrets for less than $20 is not the kind of decision to keep you up late at night.

Plus, don't forget the money-back guarantee - not that you'll feel the need to use it, but still...

Do You Need Help With Starting an Online Business?  That's What My Free Guide Is For!

My Closing

That's a wrap for my Affiliate Bots review.

Hopefully, all of your questions about the product have been answered.

In case they are not, drop them in the comments section below.

I'll take a look the first chance I get!

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Bots Review – Affiliate Commissions Of $6K/Month Joke No More?”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your review. I’ve also reviewed Chris X products in the past, and he does offer a lot of tools for a super affordable price.

    But it’s true that his results are not typical, and not everyone who gets this set of software tools will achieve those exact same results.

    Just wondering, do you know if these tools get updated regularly to give you access to the most up-to-date information?

    Thanks, and look forward to your reply.

  2. Sounds great. Im really interested in affiliate marketing and have been doing some research on it before I decide to jump in and give it a shot. Question…after the $17 is there and continual monthly fees or costs to run the software going forward?

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