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Affiliate Bots Review – Affiliate Commissions Of $6K/Month Joke No More?

Well, what do you know - second entry on affiliate marketing in 2 days!  I guess I'm trying to make up for the lack of posts in that department in the last couple of months...In this affiliate Bots Review, we'll have a look at the most anticipated marketing release this year.

It's all about making money online, folks!   To be exact, the promised amount is more than $6K/week.

Usually, when I hear about a single tool that allegedly can do that, I sneer, roll my eyes and move on.  Or, write an article that goes straight into my "Bad Guys" category.

But this post is going to be different, I can tell you that much!

This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.

Affiliate Bots Review - The Basics

Product: Affiliate Bots

Owner: Chris X

Price: $17

Cash Embrace Rank:

97 out of 100

affiliate bots review

In short, Affiliate Bots is the hottest marketing product online right now.

The system combines an impressive number of 17 software tools.  Working together, they will supposedly make you thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

How much of that is exactly true?  Is there a ray of honesty in such a bold statement?

Let's find out!

What Is Affiliate Bots?

As I said, this product contains software tools.

Eight of them are marketing tools that will track the most profitable affiliate programs on ClickBank, Amazon, and JVZoo.

The other nine devices are all about helping you to create web pages and videos to advance your efforts as an affiliate marketer.

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But why only ClickBank, JVZoo, and Amazon?

affiliate bots review

Well, I can't speak for the creator, but here is a thought:

These 3 networks are the largest and, I dare to say, the most wide-known affiliate networks in the world.  

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So far, they've paid in commissions more than $390 Millions to its affiliates!

Making Money Online Is Not a Daydreaming - You Need To Take Action And Make It Happen!

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What Features Does The Affiliate Bots Come With?

Wow...I've got a lot of writing to do in here!

How do you feel about doing all the reading?

Hopefully, you have some free time - there is so much to cover:

​The First Eight Features

1) Warrior 250 - the 250 most desired affiliate programs on WarriorPlus, updated on a daily basis.

2) King Of The Zoo - shows you exactly which programs are making thousands of dollars today

3) Launch Pulse - most anticipated launches about to happen on ClickBank, JVZoo, and Amazon in the following 30 days.

4) Rapid Video Ranker - creates on autopilot bankable YouTube videos for any potential buyer keyword in less than a minute.

first eight features of affiliate bots

5) King Of The Zon - a total of 200 newest (and hottest!) Amazon's product, with daily updates.

6) CB 250 Database - the top 250 affiliate programs that produce 7 figures/month in sales on ClickBank

7) One Click Affiliate - creates landing pages for any kind of product, completely on autopilot again.  And in 60 seconds - again!

8) Auto Affiliate Ads - comes up with banner ads for more than 200 products within ClickBank's affiliate programs.

And The Rest Of The Features

1) Christmas Affiliate Bot - products expected to be top-selling for Christmas.

2) IM Affiliate Bot - currently most profitable affiliate programs in the online marketing niche.

3) Resell Database Software - thousands of extra products can be downloaded and licensed for you.

4) Domainaveli - search for hidden gems of domain names with the help of ultimate website name software.

features of affiliate bot

5) Hosting Affiliate Bot - affiliate programs offering the biggest payouts in the hosting niche.

6) One-Click Video Pages - will allow you to create viral video sites, 10 templates included.

7) AutoMail Responder - unlimited emails to rapidly grow your email list.  Works just like Convertkit and all the other email providing services.

8) Flip DB - a database of 360 sites earning up to $26K/month from Flippa.

How Does It Work?

Although there are video tutorials included, how about I walk you through the process myself?

At first glance, there are 3 big steps to get your business started:

1) Pick A Hot Affiliate Program

Currently, there are more than 6,000 affiliate programs to choose from!

To secure the best results possible, you should use the tools provided in this particular order:

1) CB 250 + King Of The Zon - to explore the top-selling products on ClickBank and Amazon

2) Launch Pulse + King Of The Zoo + IM Affiliate Bot - to steal a steal a glimpse of the expected new launches, which products make the big bucks, and the top promotions for the last 6 months

3) Hosting Affiliate Bot - don't forget to check the top hosting affiliate programs

4) Christmas Affiliate Bot + WarriorPlus - to find out the top 100 selling Christmas gifts and new product launches with more than 50 sales/day

In my opinion, that's the best way to manage with your first step.  But you can always mix it up to your personal preference.

2) Create Your Website In Less Than A Minute

Finally, time to lay the foundation of your business!

affiliate bot review

And you do that in 60 seconds:

1) 1 Click Affiliate - to choose one of the 100 templates

2) 1 Click Video Pages - to generate your videos, squeeze pages, and landing pages

3) Domain Aveli - to pick your domain name

3) Grab Free Traffic With Your Video

So far, you've picked an affiliate program and built your website.

Now, what is left for you to do is getting traffic!

1) Rapid Rank Video Software - this tool will allow stepping closer to your future buyers:

- import the script you've just made with 1 Click Affiliate

- play around with the settings

- create a video for your target keyword 

2) Decide on banners to help you monetize your site

3) Brainstorm website and traffic ideas with Flip DB

There Are Bonuses Included!

Come on - how much more can a person get for $17?

Well, it turns out that Affiliate Bots is kind of generous:

- a 37 pages guide to get you started

- Chris's own secrets on getting traffic revealed in a series of videos

- 3 bonus systems

- 100 pages of PDF training on making profits

- training videos on how to use each software

- future upgrades

Speaking of the price...

For now, it's $17.  But Affiliate Bots has been released exactly two weeks ago.

Considering how fast is selling already, the price won't stay that low for too long!

Affiliate Bots Review - The Pros And Cons Of The Product

And here comes the list...

Personally, it always helps me to decide on a purchase.  Nothing like staring at the facts black on white, don't you agree?

The Pros

1) One-in-one box of software tools

Actually, me referring to Affiliate Bots as a product is far from correct.

As we've already established, your purchase will enable access to a total of 17 affiliate marketing tools.

2) Perfect for beginners

If you have no clue how to create a video, landing page or a website for that matter, Affiliate Bots will show you the perks first hand.

3) Done - for - you...almost everything

With all the available features and its functions, you won't have to spend ages on developing your business.

4) Inside look at what is hot online

Considering you'll have an instant access to what's really selling and profitable on the market, you'll tons of time on research

5) More than affordable

We're talking about the average cost of 3 cups of coffee...

6) 60 - Day no questions asked money - back guarantee

The Cons

1) There is work to be done

Like every other business venture you can think of, you won't get rich just by staring at the product.

Although a big part of the process is automated, you'll still have to move your b... if to make it work.

2) Some of the claims are a bit too hyped

I like Affiliate Bots, I really do!

However, don't expect to get this kind of commissions overnight:

commissions earned through affiliate bot

To elaborate further on that, let's look at the man behind the product.

Who Is The Creator Of Affiliate Bots?

Chris X is a guy who has managed to earn more than $2 MILLION in affiliate commissions!

Personally, I don't get impressed that easily, but right now I am!  I mean - how many people in the world have achieved this kind of mind-blowing results?

My point is:

The fact that Chris is behind Affiliate Bots speaks a volume.

But this doesn't mean that you'll be able to make the same amount of commissions Chris does:

affiliate bot review

In short, that's the only thing I hate about the way Affiliate Bots is presented to the public.

To use the personal stats of this one man who has years of experience in the online affiliate marketing is more than misleading.

And you deserve to know that!

Is Affiliate Bots A Scam?

I dare to say - not a chance!

Contrary to the fact that the sales page is misleading, you'll still get an awful a lot out of this product.

For the $17 that you pay, there are 17 marketing tools falling in your hands.

A quick comparison:

The email service responder I use is awesome.  Even though I can't imagine doing my business without it, it still costs me $29/month.

And a free email service is just a tiny part of what you're getting with Affiliate Bots.

Do I need to say more?

My Closing

Ultimately, Affiliate Bots is a product worth writing about.

Considering all the marketing tools, training, bonuses, and not to forget its price of $17 (plus a money-back guarantee, lol!), I don't think I've wasted mine or your time today.

Maybe I'm wrong?

What do you think after reading this Affiliate Bots review?

I'll keep an eye on the comments section below if you would like to let me know!

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