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6 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – Generate Passive Income For Life

Who is interested to make some money?  Or probably the better question will be - who isn't?  Let's just agree that we all are, right?  Because I'm kind of impatient to get to today's topic - the best recurring affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing, anybody?  Not sure how you feel about it.  Personally, it's my favorite source of income.

Why wouldn't it be?  I'm getting paid for recommending products that I don't have to create myself.  

And the best part is - I'm getting paid over and over again.

Does this sound delicious or what?

Want a piece of the pie as well? I bet you do...

Not just a piece actually.  More like 10 of them are coming your way!

This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.

Why Recurring?

Because it's the name of the game if you are interested in building a solid passive income for life.

Here is a redundant question for you:

What would you prefer?  To get paid once or to get paid forever?

Told ya - redundant!

And even though there are tons of awesome affiliate programs, not all of them are working in exactly the same way.

Let me you some time and show you the ones that do:

best recurring affiliate programs

The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Let The Countdown Begin!

For the purpose of this article, I should make something perfectly clear:

I'll be presenting you the affiliate programs that basically work like this:

- you get paid once when a person makes a purchase through your affiliate link;

- you continue to get paid as long as this person is using the product.

Most of them at least!

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Needless to say - that's how your passive income will pile up in time.

Do the work once and welcome the commissions month after month.

All clear?  Good.  So let's get to it:

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1) Elegant Themes

Still a newbie blogger?  How is that free theme working out for you?

If I have to guess - it won't work for much longer.

As soon as you get the hang of the blogging game, your next step should be to purchase a Premium Theme.

Tons of extra functions.  Countless possibilities for customization.

Pro look for the pro blogger you are meant to be.

Elegant Themes is an excellent choice.  Trusted by more than half a million bloggers.

Everything your blogging heart aches for, Elegant Themes have it:

Likewise, Elegant Themes have a kick-ass affiliate program.

They will pay you 50% commission.  Plus, extra commission every time the person you referred renew his subscription.

best recurring affiliate programs

How about this:

When you manage to sell a lifetime theme pack, say hello to another $150!

I can see you on board already...

2) Thrive Themes

Wondering why Cash Embrace is not powered by Elegant Themes?

I purchased the Divi Theme in my second month as a blogger.  And don't get me wrong - I loved it back then and I still love it now.

The thing is - I love Thrive Themes even more.  As soon as I found them, that was it for me.

"You do not find love (Theme!).  It finds you!

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Talking about love at first sight...

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Seriously - Thrive Themes turned out to be the perfect solution considering what I was trying to do as a blogger.

And that is - focus on conversations.  Boost my email list.  Have on my disposal as many opt-in forms as I please.

Is what Thrive Themes specialize in.  

I'm the proud owner of their Membership.  You can see what I'm talking about yourself:

As expected, the Thrive affiliate program is more than generous:

thrive themes affiliate program

Not bad, I believe...Not bad at all!

Speaking of building an email list...

3) Convertkit

Have you heard the saying that everything is in the list?

I used to hear it even before starting this website.  Didn't really understand what it meant at the time.

Boy, do I understand now!

"Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale." 
David Newman

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To build a strong email marketing, you're going to need a decent email provider.

I'm using Convertkit.  To say that is decent it will be the understatement of the year.

Let's put it this way:

Convertkit will offer you more than you've bargained for.  

One of the perks is that it offers 14 days free trial:

And the affiliate program?

For every account you secure for Convertkit, they will pay you 30% monthly recurring commission.

4) Shopify

Just in case you are not aware of what Shopify is:

An online platform that will allow you to build your own online shop.

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Shopify is more than popular among those who are interested to sell products or services all around the web.

shopify reviews 2018

But did you know that Shopify has an excellent affiliate program as well?

It does.  It's just that it works in a slightly different way than what you probably expect.

You'll be paid 20% recurring commission on each customer you have referred every month.

But only if you've created your own development store first.

Relax, would you?  These rules apply for the recurring commissions only.

You will earn from every person who signs through your affiliate link:

- $58 for a paid plan

- $2000 for each Plus referral read that right.  $2000 per sale...

The word that seems appropriate in here is mind-blowing, don't you think?

5) Tailwind

All the Pinterest fans know what I'm talking about...

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You are not of them?  Alright then:

Tailwind is a tool that will help you to automate your presence on Pinterest.  It will schedule the pins you wish to upload and will do the work for you while you sleep.

At the time that the Pinterest users are the most active on the platform.

tailwind app

So many reasons I can't imagine my life without Tailwind:

- TW increases the traffic to my website.  Like crazy if I may add!

- helps with getting more Pinterest followers

- grows my business constantly, etc.

You get the picture.  In other words:

If you are committed to driving traffic to your website from Pinterest, then Tailwind is a MUST!

It doesn't hurt that the affiliate program is more than worth it as well:

How does 30% recurring commission sound to you?

You can try Tailwind right now.  It has a free trial, no time limit!

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - My Favorite One

Those of you who've been following Cash Embrace already know:

I'm a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate.

It's not only because this online platform has been teaching me everything I know about how to build a successful business online.

It's My Top Recommendation for everyone new to the blogging scene.

Even more - Wealthy Affiliate will give you the chance to make money within the platform itself.

best recurring affiliate programs

Considering it's all about affiliate marketing, you shouldn't be surprised that WA has the best affiliate program you can wish for!

I mean - which another platform will give you:

- credits that you can exchange for real money every time your referral concludes something as simple as account set up

- $4 the first time, $11,75 recurring commission each month for a single referral - if you are a Free Member

- $8 the first time, $23,50 recurring commission for a single referral - if you are a Premium Member

Not to mention the size of your commissions when your referral upgrades to an annual membership... You'll be amazed!

To get a clear idea of what numbers we are talking, you should simply read How to make money on Wealthy Affiliate.

Or you can have a look around what's really like on the inside:

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is completely FREE:

My Closing

Here is the deal:

There are and always will be amazing affiliate programs that will allow you to earn money online.

But I keep thinking:

Is there something wrong in the desire to be paid more than once for a work well done?

I don't think there is.  That's what we are all trying to do anyway, right?

Not to rely on a lucky sale here and there, but on a solid source of a passive income for years to come.

You agree with me?  Maybe not?

Whatever the case, I'll be glad to read all about it in the comments below!

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