the best recurring affiliate programs to make money blogging

6 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – Generate Passive Income For Life

Do you need a list of the best recurring affiliate programs ASAP?

Both newbie and advanced bloggers should have one of those at their disposal.

And for a valid reason:

Making an affiliate sale and earning one commission is good.

But don't you agree that getting paid for the same sale over and over again is way better?

Come on, let's face it - none of us would really mind making money while we sleep, correct?

After all, generating passive income from affiliate marketing is kind of a smart way to earn online, isn't it?

Today, we'll talk about high ticket affiliate programs:

Which are the top paying affiliate programs, how much do they pay...

All this and much more is coming up right now!

This post may contain affiliate links, here is my disclosure.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

I know, probably 90% of you don't need me to answer that question!

Still, let's make sure that the rest 10% (the complete beginners) would be able to catch up quickly as well.

In short, affiliate marketing is a business model you can use to recommend products and services to an audience.

When a reader from that audience completes a purchase through your unique affiliate link, you're getting paid a commission.

Right now, I'm not going to dwell too much on the basics of affiliate marketing and how to make it work.

You can read all about it in my beginners guide to affiliate marketing.

With that being said, let's keep the conversation focused on the best recurring affiliate programs.

the best affiliate programs for bloggers that pay recurring commissions

Starting with answering what is a recurring affiliate program first.

What Is A Recurring Affiliate Program?

For starters, let's do a quick clarification about what is an affiliate program.

Simply said, you can think of it as an arrangement between online merchant websites and affiliate websites.

The basic nature of that arrangement is that the merchants are paying commission to the affiliates in exchange for traffic.

To become an affiliate for a particular merchant, you'll have to connect with that site to receive your affiliate links.

As soon as the traffic you're generating starts to convert, you'll be making your first affiliate sales.

Now, what's the difference between an affiliate program and a recurring affiliate program?

Well, most of the affiliate programs will pay you just once when a reader of yours makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

However, when you're working with a recurring affiliate program, you'll keep getting paid for the same affiliate sale.

Meaning, as long as the buyer keeps using the product/service month after month, you'll be receiving an income month after month as well.

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First Year Affiliate Programs Vs. Lifetime Affiliate Programs

Before we take a look at the best recurring affiliate programs 2020, let's discuss a few important details you should always keep in mind.

Not all of the recurring affiliate programs operate in the same way.

While they're still recurring, some of them will keep your commissions coming only for 12 months after the original sale was made.

Once the year is over, so you'll be your income from that particular purchase.

I know, we all would prefer the situation to be different.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it isn't.

the best recurring affiliate programs are the lifetime affiliate programs

Don't worry, though - there is a silver lining here and it's called lifetime affiliate programs.

And they'll keep increasing your bank account every month, for as long as the buyer is using the product.

It might be a year, 2, 5...  There is no limitation as long as your referral is enjoying its purchase.

So, keep your eyes open when choosing an affiliate program to promote!

The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Start Growing A Passive Income Stream Today

Since you already know what a recurring affiliate program is and what makes it a good one, let's get down to business, shall we?

If you've been doing affiliate marketing for a while, you're probably promoting affiliate programs that you absolutely love.

With that being said, there is no harm in getting familiar with well-paying programs you may haven't had the chance to work with yet.

How about I introduce you to my all-time favorites?

To clarify, each of the following programs is a lifetime affiliate program.

As such, rest assured that they'll keep your commissions going for much longer than 12 months!

Here they are: 

convertkit partnership program

Chances are, many of you know what ConvertKit is.

But just in case you don't, this is an email autoresponder service thousands of bloggers are using to manage their email marketing campaigns.

Personally, I got ConvertKit pretty much as soon as I started this blog.

Thanks, but no thank you to the free email services - ConvertKit offers such an amazing value for money that it made my choice a no-brainer.

Plus, it offers a free trial - pretty awesome, but not as awesome as its affiliate program:

ConvertKit pays 30% commission every month for every single sale you'll send its way.

Now, here are the most important details about ConvertKit's affiliate program:

  1. 60-day cookie
  2. Every affiliate has a 60-day window to convert traffic
  3. A first-click attribution (the commission goes to the affiliate whose link was clicked first, not last)
  4. No payout threshold - you'll receive your affiliate earnings on the 2nd of the following month through PayPal
  5. There are a full-time affiliate marketing manager and an official ConvertKit affiliate Facebook group where you can ask questions and exchange tips
the best recurring affiliate programs - thrive themes affiliate program

Since we're still on the subject of email marketing...

Quite frankly, Thrive Themes and building an email list ASAP have a lot in common:

The first one exists to help you with the latter.

Personally, growing my email list fast was and still is one of my top blogging priorities.

And that's why this website is proudly powered by Thrive Themes - the industry leader where higher conversion rates and catching email leads are being concerned.

Actually, I have the whole Thrive Membership - it's too good of a deal to let it pass me by.

But why Thrive deserves a spot among the best recurring affiliate programs?

Thrive pays 35% commission for every affiliate sale.

Let's see what else makes Thrive's affiliate program hard to resist:

  1. 25% recurring commission on yearly renewals
  2. Full affiliate support - none of your questions or suggestions will be left unheard
  3. Plenty of promotional materials - you'll have access to tons of affiliate tools that will boost your campaigns
  4. Analytics provided - so you'll be able to keep track on your conversion rate and work to improve it if necessary
  5. Low payment threshold - get your commissions as soon as they hit $20 via PayPal
elegant themes partnership program

Apparently, we're done talking about WordPress themes!

Truth to be told, I highly doubt that you've never heard about Elegant Themes.

They're hugely popular in the blogging community and rightly so:

The common opinion online is that Divi is the best WordPress theme any blogger can wish for.

To be honest, I'm a bit conflicted about that - I had it for a while.

By all means, it's a pretty awesome premium theme and it's almost constantly selling at a discount.

In my case, though, I just like Thrive so much better!

Anyhow, let's stay focused on why Elegant Themes offers one of the best affiliate programs to work with:

You'll make a 50% commission for every person you refer.

Again, more details:

  1. Recurring commissions on yearly renewals
  2. Long cookie duration - if a reader clicks on your link and ends making a purchase within a 6 months time frame, you'll get your commission
  3. Affiliate tools and support - you'll receive plenty of banner ads and text links
  4. It's an easy sell - Divi is the most popular blog theme in the world
the affiliate program of tailwind is one of the best recurring affiliate programs

Well, what do you know - another blogging tool your website will hugely benefit from!

Especially if you're driving traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Just in case you're not familiar with Tailwind, this is an automated scheduling tool that will help your business grow on Pinterest and Instagram.

There is no need to pay anything for it right off the bat - it does come with a free trial.

Personally, I'm using it daily - I can't really do my work on Pinterest without it.

But what about its affiliate program?

Currently, Tailwind offers a 15% commission for every sale you make.

Doesn't seem like much?

Actually, that's not the whole story - Tailwind's affiliate program can turn very lucrative once you add Tailwind Tribes into the mix.

Read more about it:

  1. 15% recurring commission - if a reader of yours pays for Tailwind once (yearly), you'll earn 15%.  However, if that reader is paying monthly, you'll be getting 15% every month as well
  2. Bigger earning from Tribes - the commissions vary, depending on the type of an upgrade you'll be able to sell
  3. There is a bonus for first-time creators + special promotional bonuses for new feature content
  4. Every new affiliate gets 2 months free trial of Tailwind
  5. 90 days cookie duration
wealthy affiliate offers very lucrative affiliate program

Alright, it's time to talk about the place that turned me into a money-making blogger faster than I thought it's even possible!

To sum up, Wealthy Affiliate is an online teaching platform that offers professional blogging and affiliate marketing education.

One of the most extraordinary facts about it is that everyone can create a free account and stay a free-of-charge member for life.

And that person will still receive tons of perks for free.

For instance, marketing training, keyword research tool, hosting, SSL certificate, website backups, Botnet protection, DDoS protection...

Yeah, like I said - it's all for FREE!

On top of that, WA offers one of the best recurring affiliate programs as well.

Firstly, if you are a free member, you'll earn $11,25 for every person you send to the university if that person upgrades its membership.

So, if you're able to deliver 10 premium members per month, you'll be earning $110,25 - without paying any membership fee yourself!

Secondly, it gets even better if you're a premium member:

Your earnings will be double.  Meaning, you'll get paid $23,50 for 1 premium member or $230,50 for 10 - per month!

Actually, all that information is just a small part of everything Wealthy Affiliate can do for you.

Maybe you should take the time and read the rest as well!

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shopify has one of the best recurring affiliate programs

It's a part of human nature to save the best for last.

And that's why Shopify is the final entry on this list of best recurring affiliate programs.

I mean, who else deserves the top spot if not the affiliate program that pays as much as $2,000/sale?

But let's slow down for a minute:

Basically, Shopify is an e-commerce platform you can use to build an online store and sell digital or physical products.

Make no mistake, if dropshipping is what you would like to do, Shopify is the obvious answer.

The platform is the industry leader in this field and it offers a free trial.

Now, about its affiliate program:

  1. Advanced Shopify, Shopify, Shopify Basic, and Shopify Lite - a commission equal to the merchant's subscription fee for the first 2 months, net of any discounts/credits
  2. Shopify Plus - a one-time commission of $2,000 you'll receive once the merchant has paid their first month's subscription fee

In addition, Shopify pays recurring commissions as well, depending on the type of plan your referral will go for.

If you have a minute, you can read all about starting a business on Shopify below.

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My Closing

I truly hope that you'll find my list of best recurring affiliate programs helpful.

There are so many programs that are giving a chance to their affiliates to earn a decent income online.

Sometimes it's so hard to make a choice!

Unfortunately, you'll have to - there is just not enough time to write about all of them.

With that being said, I believe you should always go for the lifetime affiliate programs that will reward your marketing efforts generously.

Now, which are your favorite affiliate programs you just can't stop blogging about?

And do you have any questions about mine?

Share with me in the comments section and we'll have a chat!

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