Survey Money Machines Review: Scam Or A Decent Survey Site?

survey money machines review scam or legit

You don’t have to be a genius to get that this Survey Money Machines Review will be about earning cash online by taking surveys.

Spending a few minutes to complete a survey seems like an excellent way to make money without doing that much.

On the downside, many survey platforms create unrealistic income expectations or are apparent scams.

Knowing how to distinguish a legit survey site from a scammy one is the only way to be able to earn money by completing such small tasks.

With that said, Survey Money Machines (SMM) is allegedly one of these platforms that will connect you with many other well-paying marketing research companies.

But are Survey Money Machines legit or not?

Can you make a decent extra income by joining the site?

You’ll find out today, so let’s get to it.

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of Survey Money Machines. Every fact you’ll read in this article comes from research on information available in the public domain.

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Survey Money Machines Review – The Basics

How about I begin by clarifying a couple of misunderstandings about this survey platform?

These days, many people confuse Survey Money Machines with another survey site that happens to have a similar name.

I’m talking about Survey Monkey.

Now is the time to explain that these two websites belong to different survey companies.

Aside from similar titles, they don’t have that much in common.

So, if you’re on this page looking for information about SurveyMonkey, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

Type search queries like Is Survey Monkey A Scam or Survey Monkey scam and you’ll land on relevant pages.

Shall we continue the topic of making money with Survey Money Machines?

What Is Survey Money Machines?

what is survey money machines and how does it work

Nowadays, most make money online fast search results will advise you to register at survey sites.

More often than not, SMM appears at the top of search results when you’re researching survey platforms.

Hailey Gates is the owner of Survey Money Machines. Allegedly, she has earned thousands of dollars by taking surveys, and that’s why she launched the site in 2005.

While looking for a suitable job for a stay-at-home mom, Hailey discovered that taking surveys can bring a significant monthly income. And she created a platform that offers better income potential to its users.

According to the official website (, SMM is an online survey platform that works differently than competitors such as Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars.

That difference comes from the fact that SMM is not a survey site itself but a survey aggregator platform.

In other words, SMM is a platform you can join to gain access to a massive list of well-paying survey sites.

As an official partner to over 200 market research companies, Survey Money Machines will allow you to make money by completing surveys, previewing movie trailers, and testing products.

Also, you can use the platform to earn as a mystery shopper, online writer, and another work-at-home freelancer.

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What Happens After You Join Survey Money Machines?

Alright, I’ll continue this Survey Money Machines review by showing you what to expect once you decide to join the site.

With that said, the first thing you need to do is to create a free account.

Next, you’ll have to build your profile – that’s normal for survey sites since they need some info about you to match you with suitable surveys.

Survey Money Machines will ask you tons of personal questions – answering them will grant you access to the members’ area.

Once you have that access, you’ll receive a list of links to over 200 high-quality survey platforms.

Meanwhile, Hailey will send you an email course that lasts for seven days. Her course contains instructions to help you make the best of all survey opportunities.

Each survey site you’ll decide to join will require creating a separate account.

Such a process will be time-consuming, so you might want to begin earning by signing up for a couple of sites at first.

How Do You Get Paid?

how do you get paid on survey money machines

First and foremost, you need to understand that Survey Money Machines will not be the ones to pay your earnings:

Considering the platform is a survey aggregator, you’ll receive money from the survey sites SMM will direct you to after creating your profile.

However, Survey Money Machines come with a feature (Lifepoints) that will allow you to earn on the platform.

Lifepoints will reward you with your first 500 points as soon as you create a password.

Accumulating at least 2,500 points will bring a gift card, not PayPal cash.

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How Much Money Can You Make With Survey Money Machines?

Before my Survey Money Machines review show you the real tea about this website, let’s talk about potential earnings for a second.

Although SMM is not the one to send you earnings, it will connect you with other survey sites that will.

It turns out that Hailey Gates has a rough idea about the amount of money you’ll be able to make after becoming a member of her platform:

According to her, you can earn between $2-$5 per survey – the exact amount depends on the survey site you’ll pick.

Now, the owner will assure you that once you complete a few low-paying surveys, you’ll have the option to move on to better-paying ones.

Long story short, Survey Money Machines presents itself as a survey platform that will eventually allow you to earn as much as $50 per survey.

Quite frankly, cashing in $50 after completing a single survey sounds unrealistic to me.

Does it look the same way to you too?

Well, if it does, you might want to keep this Survey Money Machines review to its end.

SurveyMoneyMachines Warning Signs

1) Survey Money Machines Is Not A Real Survey Site

survey money machines review the platform does not offer any surveys

As you already know, SMM is a survey aggregator, not a survey site itself.

Most people expect to start taking surveys for money once they join a survey platform. But you can’t do that as a member of Survey Money Machines.

You can choose the spin the situation in any way you like, but that won’t change the fact that SMM is a portal site that exists to refer you to real survey platforms.

I can’t help but wonder – what’s the point of signing up for Survey Money Machines then?

After all, you’ll save so much time if you decide to go straight to the survey sites instead of doing it through a portal.

At the end of the day, Hailey Gates won’t give you access to high-paying surveys – she’ll only tell you where to find them.

A quick research online will deliver the same information, so her assistance becomes redundant, in my opinion.

2) The Links To Survey Sites Inside Survey Money Machines Are Affiliate Links

By all means, what I’m about to tell you is probably the most essential piece of information in this Survey Money Machines review:

Each link leading you to a survey site in the members’ area of Survey Money Machine is an affiliate one.

What this means is that Hailey will receive an affiliate marketing commission every time you sign up for a survey site through any of the links she provides.

Her email course, assistance, and recommendations exist for the sole purpose of earning her affiliate revenue.

For example, one of her emails will advise you to register for the survey network Ipsos.

That network is paying her $4 for each person she sends its way.

3) There Is Not Enough Information About The Owner

who is Hailey Gates

Speaking of Hailey Gates, it turns out that she might not be the owner of Survey Money Machines.

According to the site, Hailey Gates is the person you see in the image above.

Unfortunately, that’s not true:

That’s just a stock photo of a random person, and a Google reverse image search confirms it.

To conclude, if you decide to join SMM, you’ll have to accept that you’ll have no clue about the owner of the platform.

4) Survey Money Machines Don’t Pay Its Members With Money

Quite frankly, another disturbing fact I have to point out in this Survey Money Machines review is that the platform won’t send you PayPal cash.

Instead, all you’ll receive for completing surveys are points.

Now, one can argue that you can redeem these points for cash.

Be that as it may, offering points instead of money is not how most legitimate survey platforms operate.

I mean, what’s the point of spending time to complete surveys if you’ll not earn any real cash for the effort?

Survey Money Machines will allow you to gain the possibility to enter sweepstakes and bid on auctions.

Let’s not forget that it will take you hours until you accumulate enough points to do that.

Long story short, Survey Money Machines has a pretty clear design – making money for its owner and not for you!

Survey Money Machines Review – Pros And Cons Of The Website


  1. Earning a bit of cash is possible: However, you’ll need to wait a long time until you’re eligible to receive any PayPal money.


  1. SMM is a low-quality survey platform: As you already know, SMM doesn’t offer surveys since it’s an aggregator site.
  2. All links leading to surveys are affiliate ones: Every time a member signs up through any of the links SMM provides, the owner will earn an affiliate commission.
  3. Users will mostly earn points: While you can redeem your points for cash, it will take you days until you’re able to do that.
  4. Most of the survey sites have a very high threshold: The survey sites that offer real earnings will not allow you to cash them out fast.
  5. Some of the survey sites are not free to join: All legitimate survey platforms are free to join.
  6. Expect a lot of spam: Once you give your email address, you’ll receive tons of spam offers, even though that goes against the site’s privacy policy.
  7. There is no information about the owner: We’ll never know who the creator of Survey Money Machines is.
  8. Survey Money Machines are not available worldwide: You can use the site only if you live in the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada.
  9. Tons of bad reviews online!

Is Survey Money Machines Legit Or A Scam?

Basically, Survey Money Machines is a legitimate survey aggregator platform.

Considering the site is free to join, no one in their right mind can call it a scam.

However, I’ll advise you to avoid it:

thumb down

With so many well-paying survey platforms out there, you don’t need to waste your time with this one.

Time is your most valuable asset, and you’ll spend it better on a different earning opportunity that is worth the effort.

My Closing

Alright, this is it for today – I have nothing else to say in my Survey Money Machines review.

Again, don’t bother joining the platform – signing up will be a choice you’ll most likely end up regretting.

Do you have questions about this topic?  Is there anything about it you would like to share?

In case there is, you know what to do in the comments section!

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