Rich Dad Summit Review: The Best Wealth-Building Webinar For $1?

rich dad summit review scam or legit

For starters, this Rich Dad Summit review will cover an informational product from none other than Robert Kiyosaki. Robert Kiyosaki is a personal finance genius and one of the most prominent teachers of building long-term personal wealth from nothing.

His book Rich Dad, Poor Dad doesn’t leave the best-sellers lists and continues to be the go-to guide to managing personal finance for millions of people worldwide.

Why am I telling you all these facts about Mr. Kiyosaki? You need to know them to comprehend the value of Rich Dad Summit:

Rich Dad Summit is an online event you can attend to gain Robert’s knowledge and expertise in living a life of financial abundance. The event is a personal finance masterclass and a keynote address that covers many topics, such as starting a business, managing cash flow, building passive income streams, etc.

Nowadays, most online courses that teach financial literacy or simple ways to earn additional income are expensive. However, you can learn invaluable information on the same topics by investing in cheap products – joining the Rich Dad virtual summit will cost you only $1.

It might be hard to believe, but the price tag of Rich Dad Summit is not the most extraordinary thing about it. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

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Rich Dad Summit Review: The Basics

rich dad summit webinar introduction

Nowadays, most people live paycheck to paycheck. Inflation is going through the roof all over the world, and it doesn’t seem the situation will improve much any time soon.

In times like these, having a second source of income besides your full-time job can help you sleep easier at night. And that’s one of the first things Rich Dad Summit addresses:

By all means, Robert does his best to teach you the difference between money and income. During the summit, all his effort goes into trying to change your perception of money:

While you might believe you need a job to have money, the truth is you don’t – you need an income, and that might come from other sources than an occupation.

Overall, the whole point of the Rich Dad Summit is to teach financial intelligence to as many people as possible. Ultimately, the event does an excellent job of showing you how to use your current and future income to create more money.

Is Rich Dad Summit Legit?

Before this Rich Dad Summit review goes any further, let me reassure you of the legitimacy of the program:

RDS will not scam you out of your money. I shouldn’t even have to mention that – watching the event costs $1, remember?

Ever since the Rich Dad Summit was created, the webinar was available for purchase on ClickBank. Anyone can access it by visiting the official site (

That said, you can always choose not to pay the one dollar necessary to access the training. However, that would be a mistake on your part:

Everything Rich Dad Summit teaches on managing personal finance and building wealth is worth much more than a dollar.

What Is Rich Dad Summit?

what is rich dad summit and how does it work

Alright, shall we start from the beginning?

Rich Dad Summit is a 2-day online seminar that will change your perception of money, teach you the importance of financial literacy and intelligence, and cover risk management. The original Rich Dad Summit event was held in 2017, but the recordings are still available, and you can access the entire event for $1.

Once you gain access to the webinar, you can watch it as many times as you wish. That webinar is 16 hours long and contains finance lessons from the creators (Robert Kiyosaki and Anik Singal) and other prominent and successful entrepreneurs like Fred Lam.

Do you wonder why the webinar’s price is so affordable? Here is why:

According to Robert, high-ticket online courses make it impossible for a lot of people to learn about personal finance and managing wealth. Placing a one-dollar price tag on the Rich Dad Summit allows him and the rest of the team to help as many people as possible.

I have to say that Rich Dad Summit goes beyond inspiring and motivating you to manage your income sources better – Robert offers practical advice on different topics and key metrics like the IRS, the tax code, and most tax savings options, and covers risk management.  More importantly, he shows real examples of people who know how to make money work to reach financial independence.

How Does Rich Dad Summit Work?

Overall, Rich Dad Summit offers a wealth of information about personal finance and building a fortune from scratch. Each speaker shares many evergreen money-making strategies you can start implementing today to avoid common mistakes people make when dealing with finances.

Firstly, the speakers introduce you to the basics of money management and creating a source of passive income. Their main idea here is to rewind your brain in a way that will completely change your whole perception of the money factor.

One of the biggest takeaways is that you don’t necessarily need an ordinary job to have money. No, you need income sources, and they come in different forms, shapes, and sizes.

Secondly, you’ll learn how to use your current and future sources of income to make more money. It’s all about increasing your financial intelligence and having the right system to guide you through the process.

All information does much more than inspire you to pursue your goals. You’ll receive a practical blueprint you can follow to start walking on the path to financial success.

Who Is Rich Dad Summit For?

I want to pause this Rich Dad Summit review for a second and discuss the type of people who will benefit from the webinar the most.

By all means, Rich Dad Summit is for individuals who want to:

  • Stop struggling financially
  • Achieve more career-wise
  • Quits their current nine-to-five job
  • Have more than one source of income
  • Make money while sleeping
  • Become an entrepreneur but don’t know how
  • Be their boss
  • Stars living a life of financial freedom and independence

To sum up, the live event will work for everyone who wants to forge a new path in life where money will no longer be an issue.  Likewise, the secrets Robert uses to teach can help everybody from young people living on college campuses to unemployed individuals who want to develop a successful professional life.

With that said, Rich Dad Summit won’t do a lot for you if you already know how to do that and have different sources of active and passive income.

Who Is Robert Kiyosaki?

who is Robert Kiyosaki

At this stage of my Rich Dad Seminar review, you already know that Robert Kiyosaki is the creator of the richdad summit event. But he is much more than the man behind the webinar:

Aside from writing Rich Dad, Poor Dad (a book that has changed the lives of thousands of people), Robert has an impressive body of work that speaks for itself.

Here are some of the most notable facts about Robert Kiyosaki:

He is a worldwide known and hugely successful American businessman, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. Robert has written nearly 30 books, including the best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad. That book has sold over 27 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 51 languages.

Also, Robert is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company and has an estimated fortune of over $100 million.

The list of Robert’s achievements doesn’t end here, but I can’t spend the rest of this Rich Dad Summit review to tell you all about them!

Anyway, the bottom line is that listening to everything Robert has to say about building wealth is not something you want to miss. I was lucky enough to hear him explain the difference between Assets and Liabilities, and that alone has changed my whole approach to dealing with money.

These days, Robert is active on social media where he covers the simple things the richest people in the United States do to escape the rat race and solve the biggest problem that comes from not having financial security.

Robert’s real estate investing coaches are another topic he talks about – listening to him on that subject provides a great opportunity for people interested in the real estate investment industry. Kim Kiyosaki (Robert’s wife) is the one who often interviews him!

Rich Dad Summit Event Topics

As you already know, the webinar lasts two days. During that time, the speakers covered plenty of topics. Let’s look at them closely, shall we?

Day 1: How To Create Passive Income Streams

  • What are the secrets to building long-term wealth?
  • Getting familiar with the Cashflow Quadrant
  • The difference between creating a job and being an entrepreneur
  • Best online and offline business opportunities
  • Fastest ways to start a business
  • Assets Vs. Liabilities
  • Diving into the Do’s and Don’ts of the stock market
  • Is an email list your most precious asset?
  • Creating your dream team for ultimate success

Day 2: How To Get Money To Work For You

  • Success is simple
  • Profiting from real estate
  • Bitcoin and the opportunity in it
  • Leveraging the global economy to develop a successful business
  • Soft assets and using them to the fullest
  • Tax saving strategies once you become an entrepreneur
  • Protecting your assets
  • The power of contribution

Rich Dad Summit Speakers

rich dad summit speakers

Earlier in this Rich Dad Summit review, I mentioned that nine speakers (including real estate experts) took part in the webinar.

All these people are well-known experts in their respective fields and the best possible teachers.

Each lesson and expertise they’ll share deserves your time and undivided attention.

During the webinar, these experts talk for sixteen hours, and listening to what they have to say will have a massive impact on your life in a short time.

Rich Dad Summit Pricing

You already know you can register for the webinar and watch the whole thing for $1. It’s hard to believe the amount of knowledge you’ll be able to gain in exchange for a single dollar – it feels like you’re getting a free seminar.

But what if you decide that all that knowledge is not enough? Is there a way to pick the brains of all those experts a bit further? Can you witness other specific examples of successful people?

Yes, there is such a possibility:

At this time, Robert and the team offer two upgrades for people who want to take their financial education to the next level, achieve high income, and don’t mind the hard work.

1st Upgrade: Rich Dad Insider

Rich Dad Insider is an advanced training that will teach you to leverage different business opportunities to secure a bright financial future. It covers self-development, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, taxes, passive income, and many other topics.

That 15-module training course comes with monthly updates – expect to receive exclusive money-making tips and insider secrets.

If the Rich Dad Insider sounds interesting, you can learn more about its content without paying anything. There is a free trial that goes for two weeks and all you have to do is provide your email address.

Assuming you decide to continue learning on that expert level, you can stay a fully committed member for $67 per month.

2nd Upgrade: 5 Money Rules

Basically, the 5 Money Rules is another of Robert’s courses students are raving about. To clarify, that course covers mainly the process of requiring the right mindset as a necessary tool to help you attract money and keep increasing it.

You’ll learn how to become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

The 5 Money Rules will cost you a one-time fee of $97. However, if you can’t afford that, get its Lite version for $47.

Again, investing in any of the upgrades is not mandatory.

Paying $1 will get you the core online summit, and you’ll receive every piece of knowledge that goes into it.

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Rich Dad Summit Review: Pros And Cons Of The Webinar


  1. Perfect for beginners: If you want to make money online but have no idea how to do it, the Rich Dad Summit is one of the best ways to start.
  2. Attendees learn from great people: Robert Kiyosaki’s name speaks for itself, and the rest of the speakers are experts as well.
  3. More than affordable: Watching the event will cost you only a dollar.
  4. Available to watch on your own time: Since the event is happening online, you can access it at any time.
  5. Many topics are open for discussion: Feel free to check the subjects again in the content above.
  6. A great opportunity to learn fast: Anyone can start implementing the strategies of Rich Dad Summit immediately after watching the webinar.


  1. Even though its information is invaluable, this online summit is not the best fit for rich people with an already established business.

Is Rich Dad Summit A Scam?

No, the Rich Dad Summit is not a scam.

On the contrary, the webinar is a legit product that costs $1.

With that said, I highly recommend watching it.

thumb up

The number of expert tips and financial ideas you’ll receive is unbelievable.

The number of expert tips and financial ideas you’ll receive is unbelievable.  You have the chance to see what the rich do and how they do it to avoid common mistakes middle class people make when managing their finances.  

Considering paying a dollar is the only thing you must do to overcome common challenges when starting your own business or launching a niche website, what do you have to lose?

Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Home:

Alternative Way To Make Money Online

I’m adding this paragraph to satisfy the people who don’t have 16 hours to spare for the webinar.

Between a daily job and home commitments, not everyone can find the time to watch the summit.

That’s why I have an alternative option that will show you how to start earning online – my free guide to launching an online business.

Reading it will take you just a few minutes, and you’ll still discover the necessary steps you’ll need to take to create a passive income source.

While I’m no Robert Kiyosaki and my name is not a product name with its own merits, I still know a thing or two about making money online!

Rich Dad Summit Review FAQs

Is Rich Dad, Poor Dad Really Worth It?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a valuable book that will teach you financial literacy and income source management. Additionally, the book will help you develop the right mindset to use the money to make more money.

In a nutshell, the book talks about Robert’s real father and the father of his best friend.  While Robert’s dad wasn’t poor, he didn’t have as much money as the other dad.  Realizing that prompted Robert to investigate what these two parents did differently and how the richer dad approached the money subject.  

Everything Robert has learned through the years made him the best possible teacher of financial literacy.  Any book review will tell you that Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the right place to start learning the craft behind financial success in today’s business world that constantly goes through technological changes.

What Is Rule #1 In Rich Dad Poor Dad?

Rule #1 in Rich Dad, Poor Dad covers the difference between Assets and Liabilities.

Assuming you want to become rich, the first thing you must learn is how to invest in assets and avoid spending money on liabilities.

What Is Robert Kiyosaki’s Method?

Robert Kiyosaki’s method is the BRRRR Method – a real estate investing strategy involving buying properties, renting them out, and eventually selling them.

What Is The Best Investment As Per Robert Kiyosaki?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the best investments are not paper assets but real asset investments like gold and silver. Gold and silver are less unpredictable investments, and inflation doesn’t impact them as much.

What Are The 4 Quadrants Of Wealth?

The Four Quadrants Of Wealth Are:

  • Employee
  • Self-employed
  • Business owner
  • Investor

My Closing

OK, it’s time to wrap up my Rich Dad Summit review since you already know all about the webinar.

Investing $1 to listen and learn from the biggest financial brains in the world is the best decision you’ll not regret.

But that is how I feel about the Rich Dad Summit event.

How do you feel about joining the webinar? Do you think watching it will teach you all the right things money-wise?

Share with me any questions that need attention, and we’ll keep the conversation going.

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