The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials – Face The Truth If You Dare!

the wealthy affiliate testimonials

First of all, my approach to the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials is going to be entirely different compared to what’s already online.

If you’re looking for a sugar-coated version of the topic, feel free to escape this page.

Or even better, just type “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018” or “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019” – both of them will do.

And both of them will tell you things that are either not exactly true or are a fraction of the truth.

Yeah, it’s almost impossible to find Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review these days.

That stops right here, right now.

Today, a lot of topics will be discussed and none of them will be filtered through rose-colored glasses.

Such as is Wealthy Affiliate worth it, is the platform even legit?  Furthermore, can you make money on it or you’ll be better off with the Wealthy Affiliate competitors?

Just give this article 10 minutes of your time and all of these questions will be answered!

Why Do You Need To Read The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials?

Quite frankly, because it’s in your best interest to know the whole truth.

Let’s face it, until you become a member and have a chance to see for yourself what’s really like on the inside, how would you know what WA is all about?

Who will you choose to listen to?  Likewise, will your source of inside information be completely transparent with you?

In my opinion, the odds of that happening are slim to none.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the members of Wealthy Affiliate are shameless liars.

However, a huge percent of them ( mostly the newbies) will tell you exactly what you need to hear to get you to join the program.

make money with wealthy affiliate how to become a six figure blogger

You don’t have to take my word for it, just read some of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews online as I suggested earlier.

Once you do that, you’ll find out that 98% of them will basically swear by the same thing:

Above all, Wealthy Affiliate is a heaven on Earth for anyone who wants to become a 6-figure affiliate marketer in no time.

And that’s the biggest BS ever!

How do I know that?

Well, that’s easy to answer – I’m a member too.

Most importantly, I won’t hide the fact that I’m promoting the platform as well.

So, what this basically means is that some of the links within this post will be affiliate links.

However, I’ve never tried to convince anyone that Wealthy Affiliate is perfect because it’s not.

Just read my Wealthy Affiliate Review – it’s not all hype and fuzz, is it?

This is why I want to address everything anyone absolutely needs to be aware of where Wealthy Affiliate is being concerned.

Long story short, my take on the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials is not a sales pitch.

No, it’s me respecting my readers enough to show them the nice, the not so nice, and the ugly side of WA.​​​​

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

For the purpose of this article, it goes without saying that I’ll have to explain what the platform is and what it does.

To sum up, Wealthy Affiliate University is an online teaching platform that provides blogging and affiliate marketing training for everyone who is interested to make money online.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried your luck with blogging before or you don’t even know what that entails:

Wealthy Affiliate is open to anyone who would like to build an online business from scratch.

the wealthy affiliate testimonials what is wealthy affiliate

The platform was first launched in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim who still own it to this date.

Most of the training is presented by Kyle while Carson mainly deals with the behind-the-scenes work.

Truth to be told, there is so much more that could be said about Wealthy Affiliate and its history.  But you’re not here for that, correct?

So, let’s keep the focus on the most essential parts.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Since this article hasn’t moved along enough to go straight to the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials, let’s do a quick overview of what the platform has to offer.

First of all, there are 2 types of business training you’ll be allowed to choose from – the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp.

While the information both of them provide is somewhat similar, it’s worth mentioning that there are key differences as well.

Personally, I’ve done them both – and you can do so too if you don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

In addition to the core training, there are plenty of useful tools, resources, and features to help you on your affiliate marketing path.

what is inside wealthy affiliate

Such as:

  1. Dashboard – that’s where you’ll find all of the content fellow marketers are sharing.  More often than not, the members tend to reveal events from their journey, tips, and ideas that are working for them, etc.
  2. Live Events – when you click on this tab, you’ll instantly gain access to the personal trainings created from members of WA.  Yes, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate are not the only ones who get to teach.  
  3. Research – this button will lead you straight to Jaaxy, the premium keyword research tool the members are using to choose keywords to target.
  4. Affiliate Programs – WA has collected the most profitable affiliate programs in one place that work for every niche.  This way, the members are saving a lot of time on research.
  5. Live Chat – you can use the “Live Chat” button to post live messages and to communicate with the rest of the members in real-time.
  6. Help Center – or where you’ll go if you have any sort of problem with your site or you need to contact the tech support.  To clarify, the tech support is working 24/7.

Overall, that’s what you’re getting from Wealthy Affiliate if you’re a member.

Now, you need to know that how much access you’re going to have to all that depends on your type of membership.

I won’t go into details here, you can read all about it in my WA review.

Still, the platform looks like a great place to learn how to be a successful blogger and affiliate marketer, doesn’t it?

Then, where all of the complaints, misguided perception and negative opinions are coming from?

Let’s dive into the ugly side of Wealthy Affiliate and see how ugly exactly is, shall we?

The Biggest Wealthy Affiliate Complaints – And How Valid They Are

OK, a lot of people will see what’s about to come as the real tea where the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials and complaints are being concerned.

Sometimes, though, things are not exactly what they seem at a first glance.

So, keep that in mind and read carefully what I have to say if you want to form a rightful opinion about Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate MLM?

Basically, to say that a company does a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is the same as claiming that the company is a pyramid scheme.

Allow me to elaborate further for those of you who are not familiar with the term:

Simply said, a pyramid scheme occurs when people are getting paid to recruit other people who go on to recruit more individuals into a company that doesn’t really have any other product/service to sell.

Likewise, that company doesn’t produce any results and it doesn’t provide any real value to the general public.

With that being said, is that how Wealthy Affiliate operates as well?  And if not, why there are people who claim otherwise?

what is a pyramid scheme

Alright, let me cut to the chase here:

Above all, Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM and the way the platform does what it does has nothing to do with the pyramid schemes.

In my opinion, claims like those ones originate from the fact that WA allows its members to promote the training and earn affiliate commissions in the process.

At the same time, though, the platform has one core product all on its own – a whole online business training that teaches its members how to make money online by building a website.

You tell me, is getting more people to join WA the only way you can benefit from the program?

Considering that even joining as a free member will result in receiving 2 free websites, free keyword research tool, free hosting, and other perks…

Well, I’ll let you be the judge on that!

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2) Does Wealthy Affiliate Push Its Members To Heavily Advertise The Platform?

That’s definitely rich…

But I’ve read it online on more than one occasion, so I feel obligated to address it when talking about the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials.

Generally, this is the most common negative opinion about WA you can find on the web:

The main part of the training is focused on advising the members to write trashy reviews on other money-making products in an attempt to promote the platform as the ultimate solution.

Before I go any further, I just have to say – such a statement is a complete BS and the people spreading it don’t really know what they’re talking about.

And here is why:

Firstly, when you’re working in the MMO/affiliate marketing niche and you write product reviews, publishing bad ones is an inevitable part of the job.

Because the truth is that 90% of the money-making systems being created nowadays are nothing other than get-rich-quick schemes.

Am I not supposed to reveal the truth and protect my audience from getting scammed just because that will make WA look good?

Even more, when suggesting the platform as a better alternative to a bad product, the main idea is to show where you can learn legit ways to make money online by creating a blog instead of relying on systems that won’t do that for you.

At least, that’s what I do on this site – I can’t really speak for any of the fellow members.

Secondly, promoting WA is an opportunity the creators give to the members, not an ultimate law you have to oblige if you want to stay in.

On that note, there are thousands of websites founded by members of WA who don’t actively promote the service.

It’s a choice, not a rule carved in stone, as much as some people would like to convince you otherwise!

3) The Wealthy Affiliate Lawsuit 

Yes, you read that right – Wealthy Affiliate was brought to court a few years ago, back in 2015.

It must be illegal then, right?  Why the company would be served with a lawsuit if it isn’t?

Here is what happened:

Kyle, one of the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, wrote and published an article about a company called MOBE.

According to him, that company was scamming thousands of people and stealing away their hard-earned cash.  

Obviously, it didn’t matter that his blog post was well-researched and backed up with facts and analysis.  Because MOBE ended suing him, WA, and WA’s members for defamation of their company’s name that resulted in a loss of revenue.

In the end, though, Kyle and Wealthy Affiliate emerged as the winners in the case.

the wealthy affiliate testimonials why the platform was served and won the lawsuit from MOBE

Simply because everything he wrote in that article was the truth.

A lot of people had to kiss a big portion of their money thanks to their investment in MOBE.

We’re talking about $125 million, stolen from people from all over the world!

Today, MOBE doesn’t operate anymore – it was shut done by the FTC.

So, it turns out that the Wealthy Affiliate lawsuit was a good thing:

It proved that Wealthy Affiliate and the people behind the platform care enough to fight for the right of a free speech and to protect their members.

4) Is The Training Of Wealthy Affiliate Working?

While I was doing my research, I realized that the most common complaint about Wealthy Affiliate is that its training is not that valuable.

What do people mean by that?

Apparently, I won’t be able to discover every single negative opinion ever expressed about the platform.

Still, here is the most repeated tune some people are playing online over and over again:

Firstly, a lot of the websites that belong to members of WA don’t get indexed that fast on Google.  Likewise, they don’t get decent rankings on the search engines or they don’t rank at all.

Secondly, 90% of the sites created on the platform are in the make money online/affiliate marketing niche.  As a result, given how saturated the field is, they are destined to fail or are already failing.

Thirdly, almost all of those sites are not receiving any decent traffic.  Even more, I’ve read that only 5% of them are getting any traffic at all.

Most importantly, more than 90% of the members are not making any money online after going through the training.  Like, zero income what so ever!

OK, that’s a lot of statements being made and to find how truthful they actually are, I’ll have to address them one by one.

The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials – Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Above all, you haven’t forgotten that I’m a member, right?

As such, I have full access to everything that’s going on inside Wealthy Affiliate.

With that being said, care to join me for a ride?

Let’s go around and see if any of the previously mentioned complaints will manage to hold their ground, shall we?

1) Do Websites Created On Wealthy Affiliate Get Indexed On Google Fast?

Making myself some coffee, getting comfortable on the chair, and clicking on the Wealthy Affiliate login…

What do I stumble upon straight away?

how the right blogging training will get your website indexed on Google fast

The way I see it, the first complaint about the quality of training WA provides is already dealt with.

Quite frankly, getting your content on page 1, position 1 in Google is an experience beyond any words.

But before you have the chance to go through it, your blog needs to be found and indexed first.

Usually, the process takes a while – it might be days, sometimes weeks. Rarely, but it does happen, your site might not get indexed for a month.

Personally, the blog you’re currently on got indexed in less than 24 hours.

And that’s not because I was SEO-savvy at the time.  After all, I was just starting to blog online for the very first time in my life.

It’s because there is a whole chapter early in the training that’s devoted to getting your website ready for the search engines.

By the looks of it, the fellow member seen above hasn’t skipped that chapter either!

2) Can The Members Rank Their Sites On The First Page Of Google?

Moving on with the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials…  Where were we?

Oh, yes – checking if WA’s websites can be found on the first page of Google.

the wealthy affiliate testimonials how the members rank their websites on the first page of Google

I’ll let the screenshot do most of the talking.

Meanwhile, you may want to acknowledge that the lady’s blog is not even in the MMO/affiliate marketing niche.

No, she’s blogging about holiday season words, folks!

How did she do that considering her article is a tiny 600-words piece of content?

Well, I happen to know one of the tools that is responsible for her success.

It’s called Jaaxy and it’s a premium keyword research tool all of us have unlimited access to.

You can try it out and perform searches even if you’re not a member of WA – the tool has a free trial.

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3) Do The Members Know How To Drive Blog Traffic?

Hey, here is an idea:

Maybe I should make my own contribution to the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials!

Hopefully, you wouldn’t mind me sharing a screenshot of the traffic my own blog is getting these days.

how I got nearly 5,000 page views in two weeks

Honestly, my numbers are not that impressive compared to other bloggers.

Moreover, both the average session duration and bounce rate need some extra effort on my part.

At the same time, though, it’s only been a couple of months since I really committed to this website.  And I still got nearly 5,000 page views in two weeks.

The most important thing for me is that my blog traffic is constantly increasing.

Slow and steady wins the race.

So, yes – there are members of Wealthy Affiliate who own blogs that are getting traffic.

Contrary to the popular belief, the training does a really good job explaining the process of traffic generation.

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4) Do The Members Of Wealthy Affiliate Make Money From Their Blogs?

Isn’t it time to address the biggest complaint ever made about the platform?

I’m talking about the statement that the majority of blogs created on WA are not generating any income after their owners went through the training.

You must be wondering, how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate and its education?

Here is how much:

the wealthy affiliate testimonials are the members making any money from their blogs

My colleague’s site is not in the affiliate marketing niche, doesn’t focus on promoting the platform, and it works exclusively with Amazon’s affiliate program.

And that site still made more than $5,000 in affiliate revenue last month!

For comparison, my own affiliate earnings have a long way to go until they reach the same level of success.

Yet, somehow, I personally managed to generate affiliate sales when this blog was getting 100 visitors per month.

If you want to find how to do that too, you can read my article about how to make affiliate sales when your blog is not getting traffic.

Anyhow, the bottom line is, if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, WA is perfectly capable of teaching you that!

Create Your Free Account On WA

Additional Thoughts About The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

OK, let’s revisit what you already know about WA:

A big part of the negative claims that have been written about the platform is simply not true.

Because you’ve just seen undeniable proof that the training is working – the members are taught how to rank their sites, how to drive blog traffic, and how to make money online.

With that being said, earlier I’ve mentioned that WA is not perfect and I stand by my statement.

Truth to be told, there are aspects of the training that could use some improvements.

For instance, up until now, there is no training on backlinks yet – and we all know how important they are, correct?

Still, I’m promoting the platform as the most valuable affiliate marketing training that can be found online nowadays.

These are my reasons:

Above all, WA is a great choice for complete beginners who have no idea how to build an online business and how to make it profitable.  If you’ve never blogged before, you’ll learn an awful lot.

Next, it’s the community.  In my opinion, the thousands of like-minded marketers who are always willing to help and support you are reason enough to become a member.

Ultimately, Wealthy Affiliate has no real competition on the web.  Meaning, there is no other membership site that does what WA does and provides as much as WA does.

I mean, who are the Wealthy Affiliate competitors?  Can you think of at least one?

So, my view on the platform is that while it’s not perfect, it still has so much value to offer!

My Closing

Yeah, this is going to be the final touch on the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this post is not a sales pitch.

Join the platform or don’t join it – that’s entirely up to you.

The only thing I was trying to accomplish today is to shed some light on what WA is and to show you what it looks like from the inside.

Hopefully, all of the confusion is gone now!

In case that it’s not, ask me anything you want in the comments section below.


  1. Your article is very detailed, great information, very professional, WA is such a great place, always have the best online business on the internet, thank you for this great article!

    1. Thank you, SkyPath.
      I think so too.
      Which is why I thought that my readers should be aware of that fact as well!

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to build your successful online business. It’s a four step process where you choose a niche, build your website, get traffic, and create income.
    They teach you everything you need to know and the training is the absolute best there is!
    And I’ve never seen a support better than this. This is a program that has a community of over 4 million members now!
    Join for free! You can get two websites hosted for free!
    Let me just say that your testimonials are exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about! Thanks for a great article!

  3. This is a great post! I hope that this reaches as many new affiliate marketers as possible!
    Most people that are telling you that a program is Bull.. does it to promote their own program.

    1. I completely agree with you.
      People should get to explore what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer before passing any kind of judgment.
      Thanks for your comment!

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