the wealthy affiliate testimonials

The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials – Face The Truth If You Dare!

Alright, friends - prepare yourself!  You are about to read the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials - bare, naked, completely true!  And if this post presents me as an angry and frustrated person, that's because I'm!

Not all the time, but definitely today!  I've been reading so much crap about this community that I don't have a choice:

I need to take a stand for what I believe in.  And for what I know to be the truth.

"Never rebel for the sake of rebelling, but always rebel for the sake of truth.” 

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online teaching platform.  But this doesn't cover all of it.

Not even close!

It's the best place where you can learn how to create your own online business.  I should know - I'm a part of it!

It's not an accident that WA is My Top Recommendation to everyone who is interested to become his/her own boss.

You can try and look for a good enough alternative.  I doubt you would find one!

Again - been there, done that!

Wealthy Affiliate has no real competition.  And I can't get any more honest than that.

Which is the main reason why I've decided to write this article today.

Obviously, there are people online who are convinced that WA is not worthy of your consideration.

That's such a bull...!

And I'm gonna prove it to you!

the wealthy affiliate testimonials

The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials - Take Your Pick

Do you know what I love the most about this awesome community?

Being able to enjoy my friends' success stories every single day.

Because let's face it:

To be allowed to start a world-class education FOR FREE is awesome.  No argument can be made in here!

But to get help, share experience and get inspired on a daily basis means even more.

Every single person in WA is in a position to learn a lot.  And a big part of that is posting an article about our progress regularly.

Let me show you what it really looks like on the inside.

And why I'm getting pissed every time I read that WA simply doesn't work.

Well - it DOES!  And here is how:

#1 Testimonial - We Know How To Rank!

Meet Rick - a fellow member of WA, just like I am!

I had a pleasure to talk to him a few times.  There is nothing that he loves more than playing his guitar. 

And he found the way to turn his passion into a successful business.  

Thanks to WA, his post ranked on the first page of Google.

Position 1 to be exact!

I wasn't surprised.  I get to read about success just like Rick's pretty often!

And that's because being a member of WA gives you an access to Jaaxy - the ultimate keywords research tool.

Yeah... I must admit:

WA makes the online job so much easier!

Especially where SEO in being concerned!

You can register and start with WA FOR FREE!

#2 Testimonial - We Are Good With Getting Our Websites Indexed.  Fast!

Since we are on the subject of Google...

To rank on the biggest search engine in the world is an experience beyond any words.

But before rankings, what you need to worry about is your website being found from Google.

Normally - you worry.  It may sound bold, but honestly - I didn't!

Google found Cash Embrace in less than 24 hours.

That was a day to remember...

What can I say:

When I told you that WA is all about the best education there is, I wasn't over-reacting.

A big part of this learning process is focused on getting your site ready for the search engines.

And I'm not the only one who gets to celebrate...

Here is what happened to another member of WA:

Four pages at once!

Not bad, huh?  Not bad at all!

#3 Testimonial - We Are Determined To Take The WA Experience To The Next Level

Who can tell you what your online business should be about?

It's the kind of question that doesn't need an answer.  Just because it's obvious:


The only person in the whole world who knows best what to do is always going to be yourself.

But what if your biggest passion is not that common?  Maybe you think that WA won't be able to give you what you need?

Then let me tell you:

There is no such thing!

The training you'll get can be used on just about EVERYTHING!

How about I take a step back and let Fabian to do the talking:

My point is:

Even if you are not sure yet what's the thing you really wanna do, WA can always give you a hand!

#4 Testimonial - We Are Over-Achievers!

OK - I was one of them too!

I'm talking about those people who believe that ​growing a successful blog will take at least a few years.

But that changed instantly!  As soon as I saw this in my feed:

That post belongs to Lunatrix -a lovely lady I gotta say!

On the top of that - so impressive!

I mean - how many websites out there have 60,000 page views a month?

And all that being accomplished in a single year...

Feeling inspired already?

Welcome to the WA's world!

#5 Testimonial - We Know How To Drive Traffic

If getting traffic to your website just wasn't the big bad wolf in the blogging world...

But it is!  It ain't that easy.

So many bloggers are struggling with that part of the business.

It's totally understandable.  

Personally, it took me quite some time to get the traffic thing down.  And I'm still learning every single day.

Because you can always do better.  

WA will push you to go beyond your limits.  And it's working:

This post belongs to Tony from

He managed to get 900 visitors in a single day...and the day wasn't even over yet!

Told ya - the inspiration never stops inside WA!

#6 Testimonial - We Know A Thing Or Two About Multitasking

So - you think that with your day job and social life there is just not enough time to make the blogging thing work?

Think again!

We are all in the same position!!!

It will take months, maybe, even more to be able to make your website the primary source of income.  Does this discourage you?

If it does - pull yourself together!

So many people are working non-stop in the name of their success.

Nobody said it's going to be easy.

But everyone will tell you that it's going to be worth it!

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. - Michael Jordan

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Plenty of WA members are developing their blogs alongside job, families and raising children.

And if they can pull through that much pressure, then what is your excuse?

#7 Testimonial - We Know How To Make Money!

Ain't that the reason we all went into the online business in the first place?

Important note:

One of the things that provoked me to write this article was reading online that WA doesn't deliver on the cash front.

Not sure who the person behind those lies exactly is.  But I hope that she/he will get to see this:

The screenshot above was uploaded by Jerry, the owner of

A dear friend of mine, who also happens to be one of WA's shining stars.

Such an inspiration for all of us, Jerry simply can not be stopped!

Most of his articles are sitting proudly on Google's first page.  That's how good he is!

And his bank account is showing it as well.

So much about not being able to earn money from the training provided, right?

#8 Testimonial - It's All About Supporting Each Other!

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a training online program.

It's a whole community.

A warm, loving and supporting one!

Blogging is not a one-way street.  The more people around you just like you, the better.

Not sure if connecting with fellow bloggers is such a great idea yet?

Let me show you why it is:

This lady's post went to occupy the first page of Google.

And we all helped her get there!

She asked for comments on her article and we were happy to be there for her.

Personally, I can't imagine doing what I'm doing completely on my own.

You'll always need people in your corner.

And even more of them in your blogging corner!

The Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials - My Closing

Hopefully, I'm not gonna sound bold when I tell you:

I could be writing about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate all day long.

But as online money-makers, time is the most precious asset you'll ever have.

So I won't be wasting yours.

I believe I managed to deliver on my goal today:

Showing you that not every online platform exists with the single purpose to steal away your money.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the good guys.  

That good that it will allow you to start your education and online business completely for free.

Keep your credit card details for yourself!  

And give yourself the best chance you know you deserve to have!

Any thoughts about the Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial?  I can't wait to read them below!

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