Clickbank University – What They Fail To Mention

clickbank university 2.0 review

First thing first, there are just a few groups of people that should devote their time to reading my brand new Clickbank University 2.0 Review.

I'm talking about those of you who are determined to:

  1. Earn a full-time income every month with affiliate marketing but have zero experience in the field
  2. Make a 6-figure income from creating and selling their digital products online (even if they've never done this before)
  3. Master the art of traffic generation (and get even better results with number 1 and 2 on the list)

So, if you're not even remotely interested in any of that, there is no reason for you to stick on this page.

But if you are, you better absorb every single word that's coming your way!

This post may contain affiliate links, be bored to death with my disclosure.

What Is Clickbank?

Do you know what surprises me quite a lot these days?

Stumbling upon a review online where the writer focuses just on the product being reviewed and not bothering to explain the whole concept.

For instance, the majority of articles about Clickbank University will rush you with terms like Clickbank Webinar X, Clickbank Builder review, etc.

And they skip the part where they should explain what Clickbank is to begin with.

Yeah, we're not doing this today and here is my reason why:

Above all, if this is your first day testing the waters of affiliate marketing, chances are you have no idea what Clickbank is.

what is clickbank

I mean, I didn't when I was starting, and probably, neither do you!

Considering the newbie affiliates are the first group this article is designed for...

Anyhow, Clickbank is a performance marketing company that provides its clients with an extensive affiliate network, reliable tracking, and secure payment processing.

In case you need this in English:

Clickbank is an online platform that allows vendors to sell their digital products and affiliate marketers to promote them.

Currently, Clickbank is one of the biggest and top performers in the field.

Therefore, it makes sense that such a network will offer its own training, doesn't it?

Clickbank University 2.0 Vs. The Original Course

First of all, you need a bit of clarification before I go any further with today's topic:

The article you're currently reading is an update of my Clickbank University review 2019 that covered the original version of the course.

Truth to be told, the first Clickbank University wasn't that bad.

On the contrary, it was a valuable course.  Still, it left a lot of room for improvement.

Furthermore, the creators didn't share a lot of details I believe should have been told to the audience upfront.

And that's why "What they fail to mention" is a part of my title.

Now, I thought that I should change the headline so it would better reflect my current opinion about the product.

how to make money online with clickbank

But then I decided against it and for a very good reason:

Above all, the owners of Clickbank University forgot to mention some things about the second version as well:

It's so much better than the original.

Honestly, 2.0 is kicking the first one's ass!

What Is Clickbank University 2.0?

As I've already said, this is the new, improved version of the first Clickbank University course.

To sum up, the first one was mainly focused on teaching you how to create and sell your own digital products online.  Meanwhile, there wasn't much valuable training for people who would like to just be affiliates.

That being said, Clickbank University 2.0 goes above and beyond to get everyone covered, no matter what kind of online work you would like to commit to.

what is clickbank university 2.0

In short, this is an online training platform that will teach you how to make a 6-figure income with Clickbank - as vendors or as affiliates.

Plus, there is a whole brand new section that deals exclusively with traffic generation.  

At a glance, this is what you'll learn from the course:

  1. Create and sell your own digital product online (make money as a vendor)
  2. All the ways to earn a full-time income promoting other people's products (make money as an affiliate)
  3. How to drive massive traffic to your offers that will skyrocket your earnings

Basically, there is a lot to be said about each of these sections.

Let's talk about them one by one, shall we?

Articles About Affiliate Marketing You May Like:

1) Clickbank University 2.0's 1st Training - Make Money As A Vendor

Quite frankly, the first section of this course will most likely freak you out if you're a newbie marketer.

I mean, you barely know a thing or two about being an affiliate if you're just starting, correct?

As a result, the thought of creating your own digital product must sound ridiculous at this point in your online career.

Even more, if you already have the experience, you may not want to take your business in that direction.

And that's normal and perfectly understandable.

Currently, there are many affiliate marketers who are making a full-time income without selling their own products/services.

So, if you're a beginner or having your own products is just not your thing, you shouldn't dwell too much into the 1st training.

However, if becoming a successful vendor sounds irresistible to you, I'll say that you better jump with both feet!

How To Become A Vendor

how to become a vendor - 12-week publisher track

For starters, the training will teach all about creating your first digital product.  

Once you're done, you'll learn how to list your product for sale on Clickbank's marketplace.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why being a vendor has enormous earning potential.

Firstly, you won't just work for affiliate commissions.  Instead of being the promoter, you'll be the owner that other people will promote.

Secondly, it's a great way to build a passive income stream.  Because you'll do the work once and later that work will make you money repeatedly while you sleep.

Lastly, if you manage to create a solid product in a profitable niche, you can sell it for, let's say, a delicious price!

With that being said, the course will show you the best practices of becoming a vendor.

For instance, you'll learn how to attract affiliates to promote your product.

Generally, you'll have a hard time finding affiliates if those people have no clue who you are.

Naturally, you'll have to get your name out there and make yourself known.

On that note, the smartest move you can make is to contact the biggest businesses within your niche.

You can email them, follow them on Social Media, retweet their tweets, comment on their Facebook page or Instagram post, etc.

This way, they will get to know you and will be more willing to promote your product.

What Does The Vendor Training Include?

Well, quite a lot - it goes for 12 whole weeks:

  1. How It Works - an introduction to the training and finding out the goal behind the 12-week plan to success
  2. Finding Your Perfect Product - what type of products are currently the most profitable on Clickbank.  Naturally, this will give you ideas for your own perfect product.
  3. Creating Your Avatar - picturing who your customers are going to be.  To clarify, this week of the training will teach you how to get into the mind of your customers, so you would know what their problem is and how to come up with a product that will solve that problem.
  4. Creating Your Product - you'll learn how to choose in what form your product should be (an e-book, video lessons, etc.).  Next, you'll find out what the most successful Clickbank products have in common.  Plus, how to escape the writing part of your product through outsourcing.
  5. Creating Your Perfect Upsell - upsells are a great way to offer more value to your customers.  They aim to provide further assistance and more solutions for your audience's problem.
  6. Sales Copy+Conversion Maximizing - the course's copywriting expert will teach you how to write a sales copy that will convert like crazy.  The power of a brilliant sales pitch should not be ignored, even if your product is brilliant on its own.
  7. Easy Video Sales Letter - or how to create videos that will have a huge impact on your customers and their purchasing decisions.
  8. Finalizing Your Product - it's time to review and edit your creation.  This week is about making sure that you haven't made any mistakes up until now.
  9. Getting On Clickbank - a step-by-step tutorial on how to place your product on Clickbank's marketplace.
  10. Attracting And Managing JV Relationships - how to get tons of affiliates to promote your product.
  11. Split Testing - pin different ads and funnels against each other to see which ones will most likely convert better.
  12. Scaling Your Success - how to build upon your initial sales and take them to the next level.
  13. Bonus - these extra lessons will reveal to you the secret of selling high-ticket products ($1,000/sale) on webinars.

Clickbank University 2.0's 2nd Training - Make Money As An Affiliate

how to make money as affiliate marketer - 8-week affiliate track

Just so you know, the 1st and the 2nd part of the course are very closely associated with each other.

It's a smart idea when you think about it:

Once you gain speed as an affiliate, why shouldn't you step up your game and become a vendor?

Or, if you're already a vendor, what reason could you possibly have no not make even more money as an affiliate?

Anyway, the important thing to remember is that you don't have to create your own products if being a successful affiliate is enough for you.

So, let's check what your training will look like if you don't see yourself becoming a vendor!

What Does The Affiliate Training Include?

Now, this section of Clickbank University will keep you occupied for 8 weeks:

  1. Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank - your first week into the training will help you set your goals and prepare your affiliate profit plan.
  2. Understanding Affiliate Marketing - you'll get familiar with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.  Plus, you'll browse around the Clickbank's marketplace and find out what made the most successful products top performers.
  3. Finding Your Passion - you'll decide which part of the market is closest to your heart.  Also, you'll do niche research and you'll choose what kind of product is the perfect fit for you.
  4. The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel - your education will expand to affiliate funnels, building squeeze pages, and driving traffic.
  5. Always Over Deliver - all the ways to outsource and deliver free content.  Not to mention, week 5 will teach you how to establish a strong connection with the people on your email list.
  6. Writing The Perfect Swipe - you'll discover the secrets behind a huge opening rate where your list is being concerned.  In addition, you'll learn how to make your readers click on your links and the bonuses they would love to receive from you.
  7. The Email Blueprint - this one is about how to use an autoresponder for your email marketing and how to create broadcasts
  8. Scaling And Expanding - get ready for the toolkit traffic area!
  9. Bonus - tons of info about how to run affiliate promotions successfully.

Clickbank University 2.0's 3rd Training - Traffic Generation

traffic generation training of clickbank university 2.0

By all means, let's say that you have the most kick-ass product, just ready to be sold.

Or you've created an outstanding sales funnel for your affiliate promotions.

Make no mistake, none of that will matter for your income unless you can reach a wide audience.  

And the wider, the better!

Here is where the 3rd part of the course comes in:

To sum up, the platform will teach you not just how to drive traffic, but how to get tons of targeted traffic.

In order to do that, you'll learn how to use Facebook Advertising and Instagram Marketing.

First, Facebook Advertising:

Generally, this one is more than efficient if you want to get super specific about the audience you're going to target.

After all, that's what will produce the best results for your business.

Second, Instagram Marketing:

Here, you'll find out how to use Instagram Shout Outs and how to borrow the reach of the big influencers.

What Else Clickbank University 2.0 Has To Offer?

Personally, I don't get impressed that easily and probably, neither you do!

But I just have to give credit where credit is due.

And everything else that the course will provide you with deserves a lot of that.

How about I let you be the judge of it?

1) Bi-Weekly Expert Classes 

Let's face it, we all have moments when the whole "make money online" thing gets overwhelming and hard to deal it.

It doesn't matter what line of work you'll choose - to be a vendor, affiliate, or both of them.

Sooner or later, there will come a day when you feel like you're stuck or you're doing everything wrong.

To help you get through such days without losing your mind, Clickbank University has created the Bi-Weekly Expert Classes.

In short, every two weeks you'll get your dose of inspiration and motivation from people who have followed the training and have made it big.

Once you witness the real-life examples of a dream turned into reality, you'll have the strength and energy to work on achieving your own goals as well.

2) Special Curated Add-on Training

Quite frankly, if you think of this one as a "training within the training", you'll be totally right.

Because this section of the course will teach you specific, targeted strategies to help you focus on your chosen marketing area.

For instance, that area can be Facebook marketing, video marketing, copywriting, etc.

And you'll be able to learn all that from some of the biggest experts in their respective fields:

experts who teach inside clickbank university 2.0

3) Live Events - Questions And Answers

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that attending live events that will get all of your questions answered is not to be missed.

However, if your time-zone makes it inconvenient for you, there is no reason to worry:

You can watch those events later because they are being recorded.

So far, there are recordings that cover topics such as building an email list, opt-ins, autoresponders, squeeze pages, affiliate promotions and so much more!

4) Clickbank Toolkit

Well, it really seems like the course's creators have thought long and hard about those you who are less than tech-savvy.

I mean, this must be the reason behind the platform's toolkit, right?

Now, we're not talking just about blogging tools.

On the contrary, you'll gain access to all kinds of resources that will make your job online times easier.

Such as tools on outsourcing, design, optimization, split testing, video editing, demographic research, etc.

5) Exclusive Clickbank Community

OK, time to talk support system!

You didn't really think that you would be able to do this completely on your own, did you?

Even if you can, why should you when you don't have to?

Once you sign up for the course, you'll be invited to join its private Facebook group.

Not a bad way to hang out and exchange ideas with like-minded people, is it? 

In addition, you'll have full access to the platform's chat forum as well.

Who Is The Creator Of The Course?

As if you don't already know...

Earlier, I've mentioned that the owners of Clickbank University are Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz.

justin atlan and adam horwitz

If you're just starting to work online, those names probably don't mean anything to you yet.

But if you have some marketing experience, chances are you've heard them at some point in time.

During the sales presentation, Justin shares that he and his business partner (Adam) are one of the first marketers to generate millions with Clickbank.

And that's not an exaggeration of the truth!

Believe it or not, just one of their products (Mobile Monopoly) managed to score a $1,5 million in 78 hours!

I know, it's hard to wrap your mind around that, isn't it?

So, Justin and Adam decided to combine their knowledge and that's how CU was born.

In my opinion, it's safe to say that if you want to make money with Clickbank, those are guys to learn from!

Clickbank University 2.0 Vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Now, I feel strongly that I need to address the issue of Clickbank University Vs. Wealthy Affiliate and which of these trainings is better.

Generally, there is sort of a "feud" happening online where bloggers can't seem to agree which one of the courses is more valuable.

As a result, it's almost impossible to find an article devoted to one of them that doesn't mention the other.

That being said, here is my position on the matter:

First of all, I'm a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Joining this platform has changed my whole life in ways I didn't even consider to be possible.  

For me, becoming a part of this community is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

However, that doesn't mean that I would ever write a bad review on a competitive product just for the sake of it.

Furthermore, why there has to be only one marketing training on the web that is considered the "best"?  What's wrong with having a choice in the matter?

Personally, I believe that people must be given the opportunity to decide for themselves which one brings more value.

Also, comparing Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate shouldn't be happening at all.

Because these two platforms are very different!

I mean, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and stay a starter member for as long as you like.  And you'll still receive 2 free websites, free hosting, and affiliate marketing training.

But creating and selling your own digital products is not Wealthy Affiliate's area of expertise.

On another hand, you have to pay upfront to get Clickbank University and then you'll get your education.

The bottom line is, CU and WA - not the same thing!

Therefore, they shouldn't have to be pinned against each other constantly!

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Does The Course Really Work?

Well, answering that question will result in the biggest cliche ever, but here it is:

Above all, whether Clickbank University 2.0 will work as expected, it's up to you and you only!

Because the rest of the ingredients for success are already there:

Justin and Adam know what they're talking about, they've been making a fortune on Clickbank for years.

Hey, did you know that when Mr.Obama was still a president he invited those two in the White House to thank them personally for everything they're doing for the American Economy?

But let's not focus on the creators only.  Better yet, how about we look at how their students are doing instead:

does clickbank university 2.0 work

Not that I'm getting lazy, but sometimes a photo is worth more than thousands of words, right?

Who Will Have The Best Use Of The Course?

In short, everyone who would like to make a full-time income on Clickbank.

And that includes:

  1. Newbie marketers who would like to master the art of affiliate sales (and earn quite well in the process).
  2. Experienced marketers who are determined to bring their business to the next level (by creating and selling their own digital products online).
  3. Bloggers who would like to find success as both affiliates and vendors (and learn the secrets of massive traffic generation at the same time).

Clickbank University 2.0 - Pros And Cons


  1. A high-quality, detailed, and in-depth online course that will teach you how to make money online.
  2. It contains 3 separate pieces of training - affiliate marketing, creating/selling digital products, and traffic generation.
  3. Tons of tools and resources are provided to advance your education even further.
  4. All kinds of support available - chat forums, private Facebook group, live events, etc.
  5. The creators are one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.
  6. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee


  1. Not everyone will be able to afford it - the price of the course is $47/month
  2. A big part of the training is closely connected to the Clickbank Builder.  To clarify, this is an upsell that costs nearly $600.  However, buying it is not mandatory and you can go through the course without it.
  3. Only paid sources of traffic are discussed - there is no training on how to drive organic traffic to your offers.

Is Clickbank University A Scam Or Legit?

Generally, this section is kind of redundant today, don't you think?

Still, let me answer it anyway:

No, this product is not a scam.

You'll receive a hell of training for your money, that's for sure.

thumb up

And yes, the course has a price of $47/month and that may not be affordable to anyone.

That being said, Clickbank University 2.0 is one of those cases where the quality justifies the price.

Plus, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, in case you're not satisfied with the product, you can always have your money returned to you.

My Closing

Honestly, this Clickbank University 2.0 review is one of the biggest pieces of content I've ever written!

There is so much to take in, isn't there?

By all means, this product is one of the most valuable online courses you can find nowadays.

In my opinion, you won't regret taking it.

What's your view on the product? 

Do you believe that it's the right choice for you?

If you let me know in the comments, we can talk about it!

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  1. I have a question about hosting. I wonder is it fast and does it protect from the spams well? As my site is large and gets quite a few spam comments from time to time.

    1. Hey, Furkan, nice to have you back on my pages.
      When you are a part of Clickbank University your website will be hosted on their servers.
      That being said, no matter how good a hosting may be, the spammers are everywhere. I’m having quite a few on daily basis.
      The best thing you can do in my opinion is just to ignore them and always mark them as spam.
      Eventually, they’ll give up and move on somewhere else.

  2. Very helpful review, I think I clicked on clickbank during my training at WA but I never joined, I don’t remember why I did’t join.
    anyway, after reading your post i might go and check it out again, to see if its something that could work for me.

    1. Hey, Rose!
      If you are thinking of creating your own products, I would say to give Clickbank University 2.0 a try.
      They know what they are doing and you’ll learn a lot.
      Good luck!